The Amazing You Review: Marion Neubronner’s Program For Creating A Better You!

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The Amazing You Self-Development Program is an innovative and complete approach to self-transformation. The authors claim it is something ‘totally new.’ (I think most of us have been around long enough to realize that this may be a slight exaggeration.) However, once you use it and start achieving results, it will reawaken within you a love for learning, achieving, and dreaming bigger.

This Mind Enhancing program is the result of Marion Neubronner’s work as a Brain Coach to some of the world’s top achievers. They include Fortune 500 executives, Olympic Superstars, Top Gun pilots, and First Responder Heroes….. and these people don’t keep paying big money for coaching if they don’t keep getting top results! These one-percenters only pay when they gain an insurmountable edge over the other 99 percent of us….. and they are still paying Marion!

However, this program, The Amazing You, has been created for us, the other 99%. It is a clinically developed 3-week protocol designed to effortlessly ‘remap’ an ordinary mind and turn it into an extraordinary “Miracle Mind.” And, yes the program is credible, and it is based on the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and behavioral resilience.

The author, Marion Neubronner, is a Harvard-trained applied psychologist, and the information provided can change your life…… as it has done for more than 10,000 people like you and me already.

Marion has spent over a decade developing and refining the quick, simple, and effective brain-remapping secrets she has loaded this course with. She has made it fun, easy to use, and totally affordable for anyone who wants to radically improve their life outcomes…… and it’s designed to create lasting positive change as fast as possible……. (it takes about 3 weeks.)

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The Amazing You Review: Marion Neubronner’s Program For Creating a Better You!

Can you imagine ‘Future You’ waking up, loving life every day, excited because of the success, health, and abundance that you have achieved? Well, it’s not going to happen by accident…. and luckily there is a course, This Course, that reprograms your mind so that You Can Achieve All That You Now Only Dream Of! Mp3 Sonic Harmonizing Audio tracks are combined with an e-book and exercises to quickly and effectively ‘remap’ the neural networks of your brain to promote success, abundance love, health, and the other good stuff you desire for a better life!

What is The Main Premise Behind The Amazing You Program?

Having the key to unlocking the ability to get everything you want is better than just working towards an individual goal, like wealth, health, or a great relationship. If we focus on only one aspect of our lives at a time, (say money) we’ll probably achieve it. But at the same time, we may be missing out on the great relationships, awesome health, and happiness that add together to make all of life truly fulfilling and satisfying.

What if there was a key that allows you to manifest everything you want, together, and to do it sooner? The loving relationship, improved health, greater wealth, and the solutions to all your current problems. Would you want this key?

Well, the truth is that You Already Have It….. But You Have Been Using It Incorrectly…… and that’s why you have not yet manifested all your goals and dreams…… But now with The Amazing You Program, you can unlock all the potential that is within you…… you can turn the switch on, the key that is Your Amazing Mind, and have it begin working for you to bring health, wealth, happiness, and all the other good things you desire easily into your life.

Why Have Other Programs, Like The Law Of Attraction, Not Worked For You Already?

The Amazing You banner adOur predominant subconscious thought patterns, (the programs we revert to when we are not consciously engaging our brains) are responsible for attracting the content, the people, and the circumstances of our lives. In other words, we get what we are thinking about most often.

You may say this is not true, because you are thinking about being rich, being in an awesome loving relationship, and being slim, attractive, and toned. And yet this is not your reality…… I know it’s not….. because I had the same issues as you…..

…….. I was thinking about the stuff I wanted, using the Law of Attraction, Positive Affirmations, Visualizations, Vision Boards, Meditation, etc….. to make it happen…… and I still wasn’t getting it!…. and it was making me lose faith in all this ‘New Age’ stuff that was supposed to make my life better!

I lost faith in the process of manifestation UNTIL I UNDERSTOOD THE KEY!

The reason why the Law of Attraction and the other processes are not working for us is that according to psychologists, we are only ‘consciously’ thinking for up to 5% of our day! So for 5% of our day, we are actively choosing our thoughts…. what to wear, where to go, who to see, what to write in the report, dinner, kids, cat (2%, haha) price of petrol, blah, blah, blah,…..

……. oh yeah, and positive affirmations, the Law of Attraction, etc…. well, if we are lucky, we can dedicate about 0.5% of our 5% of conscious thoughts to improving our lives. Great, that should make us invincible, right?…. Wrong! It simply just isn’t enough dedicated thought energy to change anything…. and this means our lives are not going to radically improve if we continue to think and do as we have been doing in the past.

And it’s been the same for every top achiever….. They all had to find a way to remap their brains before they became the success they are now!

They all had a brain that was operating on autopilot for up to 95% of their days that was spitting out negative programming, self-limiting beliefs, and bad habits, just like us! And it’s those old habits and beliefs that are preventing us from achieving the awesome lives we desire….. they keep us repeating the same old cycles of defeat, pain, and struggle…… and will continue to do so unless we change them!

How Can You Change Your Brain’s Habitual Patterns to Manifest The Better Life You Want?

The Amazing You Review Gift adOur brains are the most amazing technology…… we are fortunate that they are alive, dynamic, and ever-changing. They are a hub of ‘information pathways’ that are always growing, flowing, and changing. And ‘where our attention goes, neural firing flows and neural connections grow!’

And that’s why our old habits and old beliefs dominate the content of our current lives….. they are the neural pathways that are ‘firing’ for the majority of the time (95% of our day) when we are not consciously thinking new thoughts. This is why it’s really difficult (not impossible, but takes time) to break old habits.

The Amazing You program provides a proven ‘shortcut’ for remapping your brain for success. The magic happens, (you transform your life for the better) when you take your thoughts beyond the automatic and mundane….. beyond what you have been habitually doing that has got you to where you are now.

You can only make Real Positive and Lasting Improvements when you start to Actively Direct Your Attention to the specific thought patterns and habits that you want to create… the things you want to manifest as your New Life circumstances, including love, abundance, health, and success.

How Does The Amazing You Program Help You Achieve Your Goals?

The Amazing You program has many facets and this is why it is effective in creating quick and lasting changes to your neurological patterns. And this means that by using the program for just minutes a day, you can begin creating a better life for yourself from the moment you start.

There are 3 Empowering Stages in the program and each one runs for a week:

The Amazing You Review MP3s1) Clearing Away the ‘Un-You:’ This 15-minute Sonic Remapping Audio ‘mind reset’ phase is necessary. The process is about removing all your negative programming, painful memories, and stress that has kept you stuck. You can finally become free of toxic relationships, bad debts, health problems, and the struggles that have been plaguing your life and keeping you down.

With each passing day, you will feel lighter, more confident, and more alive than ever before. And this newfound energy prepares you for the next stage.

2) Awakening the 100% YOU: Once your mind is free from negativity, you can begin reprogramming it with new safe supportive beliefs, ones that align with the ‘perfect life’ you desire. During this week, you will embody the energy, compassion, creativity, purpose, and presence of the most successful achievers in the world. And you will take on the attributes that you find desirable as your new belief systems.

This is also a 15-minute sonic remapping audio file….. so easy to use as you just need to ‘press play.’

3) The Amazing You: This is where you connect with your unique gifts, the ones you were born to share with the world. This is the stage that transforms you into the winners, the high achievers, and brings all your goals and dreams to fruition. Again, this is a 15-minute sonic blast that will program your mind for success and positivity.

Three weeks to a new you, and the beginning of a new life……. It’s quick, and it’s easy because the program does most of the work for you. How? By using several unique tools.

The Amazing You e-books– The ‘jumpstart guide’ e-book should be read so you will understand how to get the maximum benefit from using the program.

– The first tool is the Sonic Remapping Soundscape Series: These are professionally engineered MP3s using the latest neuroscience technologies. You just need to use headphones or earbuds to get the ‘remapping’ benefits of advanced meditation within minutes.

– The second tool is Marion’s 21-day Remapping Protocol: This life-changing road map (a 183-page e-book filled with exercises) takes you through 3 distinct phases to clear negativity, and deliver you quickly and safely to YOUR NEW MIRACLE MINDSET….. This is where you get to choose your thoughts and beliefs and therefore YOUR FUTURE LIFE…..

Within the e-book, Marion provides dozens of her clinically-tested techniques and exercises that will ‘remap’ your brain for the specific traits that YOU desire….. success, wealth, love, health, confidence, strength, etc….

They include her ‘Happy Millionaire’ secret that will clear away your resistance to receiving wealth. You will be able to work less, make more, and enjoy life in the ways you choose; The ‘Revealing Mirror’ technique will cultivate deep love within you, for you, and for others, so you can attract the relationships you desire, and the ‘Vibrationally encoded Mantras’ which are used to specifically create the new thought pattern you desire to create.

A Bonus Pack Includes Interviews With ‘Miracle Makers,’ (Marion’s Dream Team)

The Amazing You Review Bonus items1) Minimal Effort, Maximum Gains: For 25 years, Michael McNeil has shared his genius and taught CEOs, Entertainers, and even Royalty, how to tap into their deepest inner wisdom to create successful and abundant lives. Now you get to benefit from his wisdom firsthand.

2) The success Multiplier: Yanik Silver shares his unique vision, ‘Evolved Enterprises,’ to show how you can put out your most meaningful work, earn a great income and have fun at the same time.

3) The Ultimate Restoration Secrets: Matt Rieman shares his personal experience with ‘switching off pain’ through the health science of epigenetics. Matt reveals how YOU can take control of your “genetic switch” to lose weight, avoid disease, and overcome any health challenges that may be holding you back.

This program is all about taking action. And because most of us don’t know what action to take to begin the process of IMPROVING OUR LIVES, Marion and her team have made it easy. They have provided this course, The Amazing You, in an easy-to-follow format and if you follow the program, you will get results!

In my years of searching, I have realized that there is no one big secret to magically changing our lives….. Real and lasting change can only come about if we make many smaller and more consistent changes to our thoughts, habits, and beliefs….. which will, with time, lead us to live the lives we desire for ourselves.

Self-transformation is a process….. it’s an ongoing journey…… and if you are prepared to get on the path TODAY, your life will begin to improve immediately…….

However, if you don’t step up and become accountable for your future (by doing something today) then you are going to be living tomorrow (and in 5 years, and 10 years) in pretty much the same way you are now!

If you listen to these brainwave entrainment audios, read the e-books, and complete the exercises….. all of these small things together will add up to HUGE IMPROVEMENTS in your life….. starting NOW….. but here’s the crucial thing……

You have to do it! Get the program and follow it through for 21 days for 20 minutes a day.….

….. Are you willing to do that to radically improve your future circumstances for you and your loved ones??????

The Amazing You Review Complete Package

It’s your life, and It’s up to you…. You haven’t got to where you want to be yet because your current ‘brain mapping’ is not supporting where you want to go…. However,  now you have the key to remapping your brain so that it will support the better future you are wanting to create….

…….. so what will it be? More of the same stuff tomorrow, or the beginning of A New Amazing You?

2 thoughts on “The Amazing You Review: Marion Neubronner’s Program For Creating A Better You!

  1. The Amazing You Program sounds interesting to me since I am a big fan of the Law of Attraction. It’s so true that people only have 5% of the day to choose their thoughts, and that’s probably why we still dream to fulfill our lives.

    The content for each week is well-organized. I love the first week’s training since if we don’t eliminate the old self, how can we embrace the new us? People fail most of the time because they cannot let go of the passive thoughts that drag them down. So, I love how the training is designed. 🙂

    1. Hi Matt,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my review. The Amazing You is a great course, well designed, and capable of delivering results.

      However, as I have always said, it is up to us whether we achieve the results we desire or not. Any course is only ever a ‘path’ to what we are ultimately capable of…. the courses are reminders of what we already know we are capable of….. and yes, most of the time we need to do a course or two, or three, to help us bring out the best in ourselves.

      So enjoy The Amazing You and the other courses you have, and yes, you will wake up every day as a better, more capable, more confident, version of yourself who is able to design your life the way you want it to be.

      I wish you all the best on your journey,

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