The game of life! Do you want to know how to win?

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All is one. Everything is connected. We are all one spirit!

If you understand this, then you are well on your way to enjoying life to the max! If you do not realize that you are connected to EVERYTHING, that NOTHING is separate from you, then read on to understand how you can win in the game of life.

Life: Nothing but a journey of self-discovery.

Not one of us is different from anyone else on this journey of self-discovery. We all came into this life like everyone else- a blank journal to be filled and evolved by all of the information that is poured into each and every page by every experience that we are exposed to. To live, to be consumed by emotions, and to learn to embrace the journey is often quite challenging.

Navigating the ups and downs in the hope of not being destroyed by them can seem like a roller coaster ride at times. But this is the purpose of it all – to learn who we are, what excites us, what motivates us, and what it is that we can love about ourselves and the experience of being alive in this body, in this reality, here and now.

It takes time for our conscious mind to remember what our soul already knows. This wisdom has to filter through our resistance and ignorance so that it can eventually manifest into physical reality. This is perfect. This is how we experience life in a linear reality, thought by thought, and day by day.

This journey is at times fun, painful, interesting- full of love and laughter, loneliness, sadness, despair, and every other emotion imaginable. And it is this diversity that makes life infinitely valuable as a learning experience.

We are all connected by the same energy: However, most of humanity has forgotten this connection.

Nature, (with the exception of the vast majority of human beings),  adheres to natural cycles and rhythms of universal energy. The ocean knows it is connected to the pull of the moon, to the sand on the beach, to the fish that live within, to the rain the falls filling the rivers and cycling back to the ocean……. The cycle is endless and connects all of life. The rain falls, is collected and consumed by plants and animals, nourishes them, and is released once again to continue its journey.

The different aspects of nature accept their natural connection with all of life. However, mankind has forgotten that he is just another part of the natural cycle of things, and is intimately connected to the same energy that is within all of creation. The same atoms that were created at the beginning of this universe are in existence today, and they make up all matter, including these bodies that we call ‘I.’

Much of humanity’s pain and suffering can be avoided if we just let go! When we let go of who we think we are, our ego-self, and accept our spiritual/energetic nature, we will come to know that we are ONE with the Prime Creator.

How to win the game of life: Pay attention, because it’s your life at stake!

Many different words are used to describe the Prime Creator of all that is, but it’s unimportant which name is used. What is important is to understand the essence of what is behind the name. That is: The Omnipresent, Omniscience, the Divine presence, the Source of all that has existed, exists, and will continue to exist forever.

This essence makes the sunrise, gives warmth, and makes the rainfall to quench the thirst of us all. Those considered ‘saints or sinners’ by our judgments are ALL considered equal in the eyes of the Creator, as the Creator knows that life is just a journey of self-discovery.

Man standing on top of mountain banner for Midas ManifestationSelf-discovery involves learning. The learning process requires that we do different things to that which we already know. Sometimes we may do things that we judge as ‘bad, not good, or terrible.’ However, we should just learn not to repeat the same mistakes and move on without punishing ourselves.

When we judge ourselves as ‘bad’ or ‘currently not good enough,’ this very self-criticism prevents us from realizing that we are and have always been good enough. Here and now we do deserve to receive our own absolute unconditional love– just as the Creator loves us all.

By releasing all judgments and accepting the universal truth that the Creator does not judge anybody, we can also learn how to love and accept ourselves within any moment. We win by becoming our own best friend, and realizing that we are here to enjoy this journey of self-discovery. Then we can fully embrace the journey and ALL the experiences that we participate in.


The illusion of separation: The spell is broken by self-acceptance.

It is the intellectual trap of seeing all life as separate that creates isolation and allows for judgments against ‘others.’ Whereas true intelligence is holistic and sees life for what it is: a diversity of ONE. Knowing that how we treat any aspect of this oneness is a reflection of how we treat ourselves is our key to moving beyond this cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

By constantly choosing to accept self, through unconditional love, we can surrender the need to search for who we are and escape the illusion that SELF can be sought. When the need to know the enlightened ‘SELF’ is replaced with absolute trust and surrender, our journey will come to an end.

two asian boys playing in a streamHowever, for many reasons as a species, humans have adopted an unhealthy habit of self-judgment and self-criticism that is not found in the rest of the animal or plant kingdoms. A rock, a tree, a raindrop, or a tiger would never lose sleep tormented by the belief that they somehow do not measure up to the ideal of all that they could be. The idea is in-comprehendible that nature, except for mankind, judges itself unworthy to receive all that they need for life- exactly as they are.

Nature simply continues to live in the moment, responding to any immediate stimuli in the most appropriate way. It is only humans that get caught up in their own self-judgments and lost in thoughts of the past and future.


The journey does not end here: Let’s help others to remember their own connection!

When we come to understand how we have become our own worst critics we can begin the process of healing ourselves. We can then assist with the transformation of all other beings on the planet back to existing in a state of health, abundance, and beneficial co-existence.

Since it is a voyage of self-discovery that we are here to experience, this not directly knowing our true spiritual origins,Indian Shadu sitting has been a necessary omission to our memories.  Being able to play and experience life on an identity level, instead of a spiritual level, allows us to play a very small part within the whole game. However, our soul knows the truth of our spiritual being and continues to experience life on a much larger scale, all the while overseeing our preoccupation with this limited physical reality.

Where would the fun be if our intellect knew the truth from the beginning? After all, how could we fully immerse ourselves in a game when we already know the outcome with certainty?

Our Soul is adventurous: Currently, it is involved in being a limited human being on planet Earth. Our adventure did not begin here, and it will not end here. This is one small act in a much larger never-ending play where our Soul (and the universal consciousness that we are part of, is evolving with every experience that it participates in- the good, the bad, and everything else in between.

Relax, and when you can see life for what it truly is, you will release the need to be distracted by all of the details, and instead focus your energies where they will do the most good- Your evolution as a magnificent Soul that is ONE with All that exists!

Love and light to all beings,


20 thoughts on “The game of life! Do you want to know how to win?

  1. I absolutely love this article! I have been learning that we are all connected by the same energy force over the last year or so on my personal journey to self-discovery. Just when we think we have ourselves and our lives figured out, things take a turn and we are right back to trying to figure it out again. But if we can connect to that inner energy and inner light then we can find a sense of calm and strength to keep going!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Amber. Life is continuing to unfold and present more stuff to us to help us understand what we have learned, and then to prompt us into new cycles of learning all the time. Isn’t that great! It ensures that our lives can always be an adventure to something new, something more than we had or understood before. In this way, we will never ever be bored with life. If we can understand that life is forever unfolding, we will never get stuck in habits of repeating the same stuff over and over again, and we will learn to love and embrace change and newness. Our inner light is the one that is guiding us to what is best for our continued growth and development. You are wise to embrace it and keep moving forward. With love and respect,

  2. As a therapist who has had a spiritual awakening, I agree wholeheartedly with this post. I have felt that we are all vessels for love to flow through – a love that is indiscriminate and infinite. Since having that experience, I’ve been shedding off layers that no longer serve me, and am opening up to my own light. The vast majority of us have so much resistance to our own light, and yet have no idea that this is the case. It’s not even us who have the resistance, but our egos. The ego is so scared of who we might become if we would let go of it.

    1. Hi Kirste. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. Awesome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. I imagine many readers look forward to a similar spiritual awakening for themselves. However, our ego’s do make it difficult for many people to experience the infinite love that is always present and is everywhere at all times. But times are changing, and we will all reach our destination, a state of union with all of creation, in our own good time. Light and love to all beings,

  3. Hi Andrew!
    I was awed by your article! This is something I have given much thought to in my own life as I dealt with near catastrophic issues. And as I have aged and watched my children and grandchildren grow I am even more aware of creating a non-judgmental and supportive environment for them.
    I look forward to reading more from you.
    All the best.

    1. Hi, Kyle Ann. Many thanks for the kind comments. Your children and grandchildren are very lucky to have grown up with the guidance of someone who is supportive and understanding.
      Kind regards

  4. Pain and regret are some of the heaviest chains people carry around on a daily basis. It took me a long time to learn to finally let go of the past and keep moving forward. Looking back can sometimes be healthy, but we simply have to acknowledge it and learn from it just like you said in this article. I really enjoyed reading this article, and I look forward to the positive change that will occur because of it. Take care.

    1. Hi Joseph. Many thanks for the kind words. You inspire me to write more. I wish you well on your journey and would love to hear about some of the positive changes that happen to you.
      With much respect,

  5. What a great article. I feel as though these days with the birth of technology people have never been further from our origins. I find the part where you talk about how we all start with an empty slate interesting, and insane to think that the people that raise us and we are round the most truly create who you end up becoming good or bad. Great article!

    1. Haha, yes the people we grow up with and around have a huge influence on what absorb and then formulate as our fundamental beliefs about life. However, by becoming self-aware, we claim the power to change our beliefs and therefore change the direction our life is unfolding in. Create the life that you want for yourself Huy, in each and every moment by remaining mindful.
      Kind regards

  6. Very interesting article on self discovery. I agree that we are all on our own evolutionary path of self awareness. I also agree that we are all connected to all things. Seeking truth is an end we should all pursue. Thanks for sharing this. Tom

  7. Beautiful thoughts Andrew. “All is one”. Indeed. We are here to live this life as a beautiful journey. Your article sums it up as our magnificent soul that traverses across time and space. Problems are only temporary and we should learn from them and move on. Thanks again for these thoughts.

  8. Your statement about “Self-discovery involves learning. The learning process requires that we do different things to that.” “However, we should just learn not to repeat the same mistakes and move on without punishing ourselves” really got into me. Yes self discovery is important but thank you on emphasizing that we should move on and not punish ourselves. Thank you for posting this, it means a lot to read such valuable content. Thank you!

  9. Hey, Andew!

    I agree with you 100%. And thank you, this was truly invigorating to be reminded of this. Okay, I’m off to do some more learning.
    But cheers, man, and have an awesome day!

  10. Thank you for reminding me where it all starts and from where all life projects and how important it is to allow my life to continue evolving without the disappointment that comes from distractions and which may momentarily take me off my true path.

    1. You got it! Distractions are only momentarily. They will continue to come and go. Whatever is happening in our life, we should always remember the bigger picture of growth and development, and always, always remember to love and respect ourselves.
      Kind regards

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