The Medici Code Review: How This Program Helped Me Transform My Life!

I’m going to start by telling you about the two very obvious and positive benefits I have personally received from using The Medici Code.

One: The Medici Code gave me the extra boost that I needed to REALLY focus on my goals and the kind of life that I desired to be living. More of my time each day is focused on thinking about, and taking action, on stuff that will actually get me the things I want, instead of just wishing I had them!

Two: My dreams have changed. My unconscious mind is showing me, in my dreams, the new reality that is being rewritten for me. This is a profound change as it shows that my unconscious mind has been successful in receiving the new ‘abundance and success suggestions’ embedded within The Medici Code program.

Because the beliefs in my unconscious mind have changed I know my success is assured- as our unconscious mind is so much more powerful than our conscious mind when it comes to attracting the content of our lives. This is because our subconscious mind is responsible for up to ninety-five percent of the thoughts we have every day.

And when ninety-five percent of our thoughts are changed away from thoughts of limitation, lack, hardship, and unease, to thoughts of abundance, success, self-confidence, and overall well-being, then be assured that this is what we will begin attracting into our lives!

How The Medici Code Helped Me Change My Life!

You see, it is impossible for the neurons in our brains to make connections to anything else than what they are programmed with. So, regardless of how much we want abundance, self-confidence, power, love, etc. our minds simply CANNOT manifest these things if it has no established neural connections for them!

Silhouette head filled with positive affirmationsLuckily, The Medici Code program provides a remedy.

Anthony Medina (the creator of the program) understands that our subconscious brains are simply “manifestation machines”… And that they can only manifest the reality they’ve been programmed to reveal. They have no other choice!

This means that our current life circumstances are a direct result of the subconscious programs currently in our brains. AND IF WE WANT TO BE LIVING A BETTER LIFE, WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS!

And that is exactly what The Medici Code can do for you!

What is The Medici Code?

The Medici Code is a powerful tool that we can use to change our subconscious programming. Our magnificent minds will then have no choice but to begin manifesting our new life for us according to the new programs.

The Medici Code is a 3-week audio ‘brain entrainment’ program that removes our scarcity and self-limiting subconscious beliefs and programs us for success and abundance in all areas of our life.

The main program consists of three different seventeen-minute audio tracks; one to listen to each week for three weeks.

The first is called ‘Foundations.’ It is designed to ‘re-frame our foundation beliefs’ concerning our self-worth, wealth, and abundance. Our new beliefs will be: free and untainted by old limiting beliefs, purged from self-destructive patterns and self-sabotage, so we will gain a fresh and clean ‘canvas’ to create the awesome life we desire to be living.

The second track is called ‘Apprenticeship.’ Apprenticeship is about seeing ourselves as the joyful creator of our abundant future!

The final track is called ‘Mastery.’ This is where we are no longer just building the foundation of abundance, but where we create the environment for beauty and abundance to thrive in our life.

What was my experience with this program?

I was excited when I downloaded the material and eager to begin improving my life with the help of The Medici Code. So, I was filled with anticipation and had nothing but positive expectations about the outcome as I have already read a lot about how ‘brainwave entrainment’ can potentially rewire the 100 billion neurons in our brain.

Maybe, like me, you have been using other techniques without much success or mixed results.

When I first read ‘The Secret’ many years ago, I believed that all I needed was a positive mindset to miraculously improve my life!

Candle flame with possitive affirmations

However, many years of positive thinking and affirmations did not give me the results I wanted in the real world. Let’s just say that nothing significant changed in my life.

The Law of Attraction, as I understood it then, was only about positive thinking. And although, my life was better because of my attitude, I was still unable to attract the financial success, time freedom, and absolute health, etc. that I desperately wanted.

Don’t get me wrong: There is nothing wrong with The Law of Attraction. It works constantly and consistently in all of our lives. The problem was that I did not fully understand it.

How can The Medici Code help YOU manifest YOUR dream life?

For our life to change, we need to change not only our thoughts but more importantly our subconscious beliefs!

Research tells us that we are consciously thinking for only five percent of each day. It’s not much, and certainly not enough to have a significant impact on the direction our life is heading.

Therefore, the greatest impact we can have on our lives is to change our subconscious mind, which contains deep-seated beliefs and is responsible for ninety-five percent of our thoughts. This will automatically change how we act and behave in our daily lives and therefore SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGE THE CIRCUMSTANCES WE ATTRACT INTO OUR LIVES!

The creators of The Medici Code understand this principle all too well and have designed this series of sound recordings to specifically upgrade our old beliefs. To achieve this they use brainwave entrainment principles and technology.

What does science say about the technology used by The Medici Code?

Scientific research has proven that we can change the state of our brain waves using sound. We don’t need to be a scientist to know this, as we can all remember certain times when some sounds have relaxed us and others have irritated us.

The Medici Code is unique in that it leverages the power of two revolutionary neurological breakthroughs. Small face whispering into a giant ear

The first one is the discovery of the “theta tone.” This is the frequency that “locks” our brain into a state of deep relaxation. This is the neurological state where it’s possible to “overwrite” our existing beliefs and behavior patterns.

The second neurological breakthrough is the discovery of how to reprogram ourselves. This is based on

research that shows that our subconscious mind can process 500,000 times more information than our conscious mind

….. as long as our conscious mind doesn’t get in the way…….

This is why the new patterns of belief and behavior are “whispered” directly into our subconscious mind, bypassing our ears audibly, but loud enough for our subconscious mind to absorb.

The Medici Code audio tracks achieve this by playing a slightly different pitch into each ear, which enables us to quickly and easily be transferred from a ‘beta brain wave state (or busy thinking state) into a ‘theta’ brainwave state (deep relaxation or meditative state.)

This is vitally important as it is while in the theta brainwave state that our brains can make the vital creative connections needed to solve problems, make money, and take action.

The subliminal messages embedded within the music are speaking directly into our subconscious minds while in the theta state. This means the life-affirming and success-driving meditations can take root and begin to grow, weeding out any old beliefs that do not match the new programs along the way. And the best part is: ALL THIS HAPPENS WITHOUT US HAVING TO LEARN A THING.

Back to my experience…..

Right from the very first time I listened to ‘Foundations’ (track one), I knew I had found a system that would live up to the marketing hype promoted in their sales material.

I sometimes prefer to lie down when meditating, and decided that I would be able to reach a deeper state of relaxation and therefore get more benefit from this course by lying down.

Womans figure rising up above flames

I took a few deep relaxing breaths and willed my body to completely relax. (This is relatively easy as it has been part of my yoga practice for many years.)

My body, when I normally meditate, will sometimes gently vibrate, and I am aware of sensations of release in different muscles and tissues, normally on the surface (skin). My mind can sometimes lose consciousness and can ‘disappear’ for periods of time, with no awareness, except of coming back. (Not sure what that is all about, except when I am conscious again I am very, very, relaxed, both in body and mind!.)

I turned on the music, using my smartphone and earplugs, and blissed out. I focused intently on the relaxing sounds, (remained conscious at all times), all the while knowing that the real magic was happening on a subliminal level that is beyond the range of my ordinary senses.

The different tones playing into each ear drew me into a deep meditative state MUCH QUICKER AND MUCH EASIER than I have ever achieved before.

It felt great! I didn’t lose consciousness and was taken for a wonderful ride listening to the gentle, beautiful, nature sounds of the audio track. It was an awesome experience!

Remember, the magic is happening on a subliminal level, so I was consciously unaware of the positive life-enhancing messages being implanted directly into my subconscious mind. But I came away feeling very refreshed and inspired!

The promotional material suggests that we listen to the tracks once a day for seven days before moving on to the next track. However, I listened to the ‘foundation’ track three times that first day and at least three times every day for the following week! Once, when waking in the morning, at a convenient time during the day, and once again last thing at night before sleeping.

Do you know why I did this?

Because I am serious about achieving my goals and receiving the things that I desire for myself- NOW. Not maybe next year, or maybe in ten years’ time, BUT NOW!

We are all different and our brains will respond differently, so our results will also vary. Some of you, like me, will experience powerful results the very first time, while others may take longer. However, if you stick with it, and use it as directed, 17 minutes a day for 21, you will experience results. Luckily, the results become cumulative, and so the longer and more consistently we use The Medici Code, the more dramatic our results will be. For this reason, I intend to use the Medici Code program again to further strengthen the positive neural connections I have already made so that my life will continue to improve!

So, what about you? How serious are you about receiving the things you say you want, or the things you have only been dreaming about until now?

Have you reached a point in your life where you are tired of settling for stuff that just comes along? Is it time to actually become the MASTER CREATOR THAT YOU WERE BORN TO BE and to begin living the life of your dreams?

Woman looking at light coming from her fingertipsIf not, don’t buy this program, or any other that claims it can help you. You may as well just give your money away to someone who will make better use of it than you!

It is we alone that has the power to create our future the way we wish it to be. However, it’s really, really difficult to do it alone, and it may take us many lifetimes if we go it alone.

The magic of The Medici Code is that it greatly enhances our ability to focus our brain’s neurons in such a way as to overwrite any self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors we currently have and replace them with new positive beliefs that will work for us.

As mentioned, The Medici Code achieves this by using brainwave entrainment to talk directly to our subconscious mind programs….. The ones that are responsible for creating all the dramas and limitations we currently have in our lives!

If we do not change these subconscious programs, our lives will likely be a continuation of what we are currently living, regardless of how much positive thinking we engage in.


I say this because this program alone, and all the other programs out there, similar to the Medici Code, are not able to change our lives for us! BUT THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL TOOLS THAT CAN HELP US CHANGE OUR LIVES IF WE USE THEM TO OUR ADVANTAGE.

I feel I need to stress this again: The most important factor about the success of this program and other programs like it is your readiness to make significant changes to your life

SO: What are you willing to do right now, at this moment, to achieve financial success, a fantastic relationship, awesome health, a great work-life balance, and everything else that you desire?




If YES, get your copy HERE!

Along with the three-week audio program, you will also receive these valuable bonuses when you purchase your copy of the Medici Code, discounted from $97 down to only $27 today!

  • Quick-start Guide: Lets you know how to use the program to achieve maximum benefits,
  • The Empire Tracker: enables you to keep track of your progress,
  • The Medici Shield: A 5-part program to help open the way and allow freedom, power, beauty, influence, and unlimited potential to flow,
  • Pure Sleep Prime: An audio track designed to move your brainwaves into the ‘delta’ state to help you relax and achieve better quality sleep.
  • Anxiety Buster: An audio track to help you relax and overcome anxiety.

There is zero risk when purchasing The Medici Code as it comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee! If at any point during that 60-day period, you decide it’s not for you, you can return it for a full refund. However, changing your life takes time, and I urge you to complete the full 21-day program so that you will begin to see real results in the real world!

I wish you all the best on your journey and encourage you to do everything you can to have a really great life experience. MAY YOU NEVER STOP INQUIRING AND LEARNING!

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10 thoughts on “The Medici Code Review: How This Program Helped Me Transform My Life!

  1. I wasn’t a big believer in reprograming my brain at first, but things have changed and I finally think I’m ready to give the Medici Code a chance. I’ve been overwhelmed lately and I finally thinks it’s time to set new goals, think of new ideas, and most importantly, relieve some of the stress that I’ve carried for such a long time. ‘

    Thanks for the post, I had a blast reading it!

    1. Hi. I’m glad you found the information in my post useful.
      Our subconscious mind is an amazing tool that we can use to recreate our life. And, really if we want to achieve different circumstances than we currently have, we have to begin generating the appropriate thoughts from deep within. The trick is to implant the thoughts within our subconscious so that they will become part of our unconscious thought patterns.
      We are fortunate that techonology is advanced enough to allow us to do this with the help of subliminal brainwave entrainment tools like The Medici Code.
      I wish you all the best in releasing your stress and mapping out new directions for your journey through life.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Let me start by saying that I have always been somewhat cynical whenever I hear the words, “Law of Attraction” and “Manifestation”, but for some reason, I am always drawn to reading your articles, plus I find them extremely informative and insightful (maybe there’s something at play here). So, please take that as a compliment.

    I will also say that I am very new to personal development and self-improvement, but it is something that I have actively been seeking to do over the last couple of years, so I am learning to be more open to things that I have previously shut-down in an instant.

    What particularly interested me about the Medici Code is the use of brainwave entrainment. I myself, have actually researched and written about brainwave entrainment, more specifically binaural beats.

    I am also becoming far more aware of the subconscious mind – in fact, I now regularly meditate and recite affirmations, and I believe it is having a positive effect on quietening down that annoying negative voice. However, I still struggle with meditation (that wandering mind), and I haven’t worked out if my preference is complete silence, guided, or music. Do you have a preference?

    To be honest, the Medici Code does sound like a wonderful program, and the positive impact it seems to have had on you, Andrew is definitely inspiring.

    Now, this is going to sound a little catch-22, but I’m still a little wary (purely from a personal point of view) about trying something such as the Medici Code, which I know is simply that negative voice chatting away in my head, although I’m aware that following through on a program such as this could potentially help me to conquer (or at least have more control over) the negative chit-chatter. LOL.

    As always Andrew, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, I have learned something, and you have certainly given me plenty of food for thought.


    1. Hey Partha,
      Thanks for taking the time to read another of my articles.
      This one was written purely to share what I have personally experienced by using the Medici Code program.
      Having said that, as I mentioned in my post, it is important to know that all of us will receive different results, according to our beliefs! So, if you already know that it won’t work for you, don’t get it.

      However, an open and receptive mind is an attitude that may be enough for you to achieve life-changing results.
      This is the first brainwave entrainment tool that I have used. Like you, I have been skeptical about their value for many years, but now science can actually prove that what they say about changing brainwaves is correct, so I took the plunge. And I’m glad I did!

      It’s good to know that you a couple of years into your journey of personal growth and development. I’m in my mid-fifties now and have spent half of my life so far seeking answers to ‘the big questions.’ It’s a journey that never ends and just gets more interesting as we learn more.
      Probably the most important thing that I have learned is that: Life is a journey and we will never get answers as to why we are here. So, we need to learn to enjoy the journey- as we would any holiday that we looked forward to when we were young. If we can enjoy each and every moment, we are winning this game of life, because what can be better than having a fun-filled, loving experience?

      Meditation is very important, and something we should all engage in regularly. It is the doorway that helps us understand the ‘role’ we play in this life experience. We come to see ourselves, and this role/ego for what it is; primarily a set of beliefs that have been programmed into us by other people. They taught us how ‘they wanted us to behave’ so that we wouldn’t frighten, upset, or confront them. These beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind and unless we directly confront them with the intention to change them, these beliefs will continue to limit our potential for the rest of our lives!

      Potentially, I know it is within all of us to become ‘Christ Conscious,’ ‘Buddha Realized,’ or ‘enlightened.’
      I do believe this is as close to a purpose as we can get, but still realize that it is by enjoying the journey/experiences along the path that we can achieve this.
      For me, now, meditation is very different than what I was doing many years ago. To begin with, I think it’s easier to seek silence, as there is less to distract you, and you can just become the observer of your thoughts. Now, I can be practically anywhere and enjoy a peaceful mind. However, I cannot achieve inner peace at all times. For whatever reason, occasionally I still find it difficult to still my busy/monkey mind.
      I find sitting on a beach, listening to the waves, feeling the breeze on my skin, and hearing the sound of children playing to be very beneficial and peaceful.
      Whatever method you choose, stick with it, and know that you can do it! Attitude is the most important factor in determining your level of success. Also, I suggest that you give up all of your pre-conceived ideas on what you should be achieving. More often than not, these ideas have come from others who are not that proficient at achieving inner peace.

      I am grateful for your compliments and continued support. As for the Medici Code, it doesn’t really matter if you go for this product, another similar product, or no product at all. What is important is ‘What have you learned about yourself by reading this, and having this interaction?’
      ‘How does this make you feel?’
      ‘What kind of person do you want to become in the next few years?’
      ‘And what are you going to do to become this person?’
      We are all doing things all of the time….. and if you just do more things that will get you to where you want to go, and by doing this, you will be enhancing your life experience!

      I wish you all the best, my friend 🙂
      To our continued success,

      1. Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for such a wonderful and detailed response. There are certainly a few points you make that have struck a chord with me.
        Along my short “journey” thus far I am learning more-and-more that my attitude, and perhaps even pre-conceived ideas/beliefs (some of which probably aren’t even my own), can be a huge hindrance to life in general.

        It’s weird to say it now, but I wasn’t even aware of the “monkey mind chatter” for many years. Don’t get me wrong, I was aware of the conscious and subconscious mind, but it wasn’t until very recently that I realized what a controlling factor this had become.
        I am learning more each and every day, especially about myself and the workings of my mind. It’s an interesting lesson and certainly one that I wish to delve deeper into.

        As for meditation, I’m definitely still a work in progress. I have days when everything runs smoothly, goes to plan, and I feel deeply calm and relaxed. Then there are the days when my mind’s racing and no matter how much I try to recognize my thoughts and simply let them pass, they are soon followed by another and another…
        With that said, I have noticed a huge difference when I go a few days in a row without meditation (fortunately, this hasn’t happened now for a good 8-9 months). I typically feel demotivated, irritable, and over cynical of others.
        So, this tells me, irrespective of whether I feel I am “any good at meditation”, it’s definitely making a difference in my life.

        Andrew, it’s a real pleasure to read what you have to say on various topics here. I always appreciate your insights and indeed your responses to my thoughts and queries.
        I look forward to the “next installment”, LOL.


        1. Imagine if everything went your way all of the time. Imagine you felt on top of the world every day. And imagine eating your favorite meal every time you were hungry. I know that it would not be long before we became very bored with the same meal over and over again, day in and day out!
          It’s the same with our thoughts and emotions. We only know we are having a great day because we have experienced other days when we did not feel so great.

          It’s the same with meditation and all other aspects of our lives. It is the ‘contrast’ that gives meaning to our journey. Without the good and bad, the up and down, the in and out, the dark and light, etc. we would have no frame of refernce for anything. We only know we are feeling happy because it feels different to what we felt the day before. And we only know that meditation is working for us as we an compare how we are now to how we were at an earlier time.

          The point I want to make here is tht we should never ever, under any circumstances, be hard on ourselves because we ‘are not living up to our expectations.’ This sort of attitude is self defeatig, and it implies that we consider ourselves ‘not good enough.’ And do you know what you will attract into your life as a result of thinking like this? You will attract circumstances that mirror your beliefs.

          It pays to always frame experiences in a way that they support our personal growth and development. So, when you have a busy mind, just become aware of it, and observe it with detachment and compassion.

          Our minds are not our enemy, and therefore they do not need to be defeated. Every thought we have had and are having now is for our benefit. It doesn’t matter how ‘undesirable’ we may think those thoughts were, they have all contributed to who we are now, this aware person who is seeking more…… And this is a good thing!

          Meditating or living our daily lives, it becomes easier to recognize if we are thinking in our own best interests if we just turn to our feelings. How am I feeling now! If we are aware of how we are feeling we can adjust our thinking to ‘create’ our desired state of being. i.e. If I notice I sad, I can change my thoughts to become happy by thinking about things that make me happy. If I notice my mind is busy, I can remember a time when I was really calm and relaxed, and recreate this feeling with thoughts that will support this state of being.

          Often, people who consider themselves on a spiritual path, learn that they must overcome their mind, but this is not the case. Our mind does not oppose us! Sure, it often feeds us with thoughts that we don’t want to be thinking, but our mind is only acting according to it’s programming. Once we reprogram it with the information we want, our mind will have no choice but to direct us in creating our dream life for us!
          When we love and accept ourselves unconditionally, we come to ‘know oue-self, and it is then that we realize that our mind has never worked against us, but has been our greatest teacher all along.

          Hah, I think I’ve said to much, considering you never really asked any questions 🙂
          But my point is this: Take it easy on yourself, and remember to enjoy the journey…. each and every step of the journey, and you will have a very rewarding life experience 🙂
          Have a great night,
          All the best my friend,

  3. Hello Andrew. I never heard of the Medici Code before and found your post very interesting. It is something I could easily add to my current meditation. My daily practice already includes listening to Abraham-Hicks, and Medici Code would compliment that very well. It will be interesting to see if I can manifest my desires more quickly using the 2 programs together. I do have one question though. You state that “The different tones playing into each ear”. Does this mean I need to use headphones to achieve the desired effect?


    1. Hi Denise. Abraham is great:-) Lots of fun and lots of wisdom, what an awesome combination.
      Anything we are learning and reinforcing with our conscious mind, regardless of how fantastic the material is, has limits as we are only consciously thinking for about five percent of each day. This is why a program, like The Medici Code, that directly implants ‘upgraded’ information into our subconscious mind is so powerful. Because ninety-five percent of our thoughts are unconscious and are coming from our subconscious mind, we are able to change the quality of our lives just by changing our deep-rooted beliefs. This is necessary so that we can attract to us, through The Law of Attraction, the life we desire to be living.
      In answer to your question: Yes, headphones or earplugs are necessary, as your mind needs to hear the sounds playing into each ear distinctly. Listening to the sounds from a single speaker in front of you will not have the desired effect of flipping your brain waves into a deep meditative (theta) state.
      I wish you all the best,

  4. Hi Andrew,
    I am a huge believer in the power of the subconscious mind. I have heard of The Medici Code but I have never taken the time to learn about it. I honestly get frustrated sometimes because I know that I am not utilizing the full power of my brain. This looks like something that could help.

    The price of $27.00 seems pretty fair, does it matter what kind of device you have? I would be downloading it to my iPhone but it would be great if I could listen to it on my desktop as well.

    1. Hi Scott. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my review of the Medici Code.
      I know what you mean about being frustrated; knowing that we have so much potential to create awesome lives for ourselves, but not living up to the dreams. I think it’s interesting that most people I talk with have no idea that they are actually responsible for the content of their own lives, and that they have the power to choose to begin living a different/better life anytime they choose to. I think our education systems have failed us miserably on this front!
      However, we are very fortunate to be living in a time when we have many opportunities to better ourselves because of the vast amount of research being done, and information that is easily available to all of us.
      The fact that we can flip our minds into a receptive meditative state with binaural beats and reprogram our subconscious beliefs (something that has not available to previous generations) is absolutely awesome! Technology like this, and reprogramming with The Medici Code and other programs, is going to help the world evolve into a better place to live as more and more people wake up to the fact that, YES, I CAN ACHIEVE MY DREAMS!

      I downloaded The Medici Code into my computer directly from their website and then transferred it to my phone. You can listen on any device, anywhere you want. However, it is important that you be comfortable, relaxed, and receptive to the messages playing into your subconscious mind. Headphones or earplugs are necessary, as your mind needs to hear the sounds playing into each ear distinctly. Listening to the sounds from a single speaker in front of you will not have the desired effect of flipping your brain waves into a meditative (theta) state.
      Let me know how you get on and if I can help you with anything else.

      $27 is a very small amount to pay for something that can potentially improve your life in so many ways.

      All the best,

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