The New Happiness Code Review: (Will Becoming Happy Help Me Get Everything Else I Want?)

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If you are like me, you have tried at least half a dozen other manifestation programs in the past, with questionable or disappointing results…… Unfortunately, it was our predominant subconscious beliefs that prevented us from achieving the happiness, wealth, and success that we desire. Mostly because we never truly believed we deserved to attain all our goals. I want to know if The New Happiness Code can remedy this problem for us.

So, here we have another program that makes big promises to be different and to actually deliver the results we want….. increased happiness, greater wealth, improved self-confidence, time freedom, and peace beyond compare. Who doesn’t want these things….. after all, they are the measure of a successful life, aren’t they?

Yes, they are. However, according to The New Happiness Code, and also what I now believe, happiness is the most important precursor to living a satisfying and fulfilling life. And as our happiness grows, our ability to NATURALLY MANIFEST all the other good things we desire will also grow and multiply.

When we can wake up every day with a smile, with eager anticipation for what the coming day has to offer, free of fear, doubt, and worry….. and when we are comfortable with our ability to create our life as we want it to be….. this is what winning is, and this is what it is to be truly happy on the inside….. and surely, this is a state of being that’s worth pursuing…….

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So let’s see in this ‘The New Happiness Code Review’ if investing in this program will get you any closer to achieving happiness as well as ALL your other life-long goals including wealth, health, confidence, and THE ABILITY TO MANIFEST ALL YOUR DREAMS.

The New Happiness Code Review: (Will Becoming Happy Help ME Get Everything Else I Want?)

The claims are that this program is different because it capitalizes on research done by Harvard professors that show two things: 1) That ‘happiness is the foundation of wealth’…. (wealth is not the basis for happiness) and, 2) There exists a neurological ‘Polarity Switch’ in our brains that we can activate to change our magnetic resonance from negativity to abundance…… and that this switch can be activated by using the specifically engineered ‘audio cues’ in The New Happiness Code Program.

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Does it work? Is there a ‘Polarity Switch’ that we can switch on to quickly and easily change our mindset from one of scarcity consciousness to abundance consciousness?

Our brainwaves are a series of magnetic frequencies. Happiness is a specific frequency, as is fear, doubt, anger, love, etc. Throughout our day, we may go through many different emotions (change frequencies often.) And the particular frequencies that we use the most are almost ‘hardwired’ into our subconscious minds. These are the patterns of thoughts and behaviors, (our habits) that we unconsciously return to the most often.

Therefore, our habitual responses are the substance that makes up the majority of the content of our lives. So when we are hardwired for fear, scarcity, and low self-confidence, these attributes are part of our makeup. But it doesn’t have to remain to be this way…. We know, even if we are hardwired to be mostly fearful, that we also have moments when we can be stronger…..

Our existing neurology does not need to define us or be the predictor of our future life!


Now, whether there is a ‘Polarity Switch’ like the one being described by the Harvard researchers or not is something that I can’t confirm. But what I can confirm is that the Brainwave Entrainment Technologies, like the ones used in these specifically engineered audio tracks in The New Happiness Code, can alter your brain neurology in a positive and lasting way. And, by using them, you will get to live your dream life quicker and easier than ever before!

There are other ways to change our brainwaves to a positive beneficial state. We can meditate and do yoga for years, practice countless hours of visualizations and affirmations, or spend heaps on hypnotherapy sessions to slowly change our brainwaves to a positive state, ….. OR we can take advantage of modern technology and the latest cutting-edge research and…..


Why is it important to address happiness before our other aspects, like wealth, will fall easily into place?

I was taught from a young age that I need to work hard, make money, and then I could expect to be happy. So I did…. I worked really hard, made lots of money, and was happy for periods of my life. But at a fundamental level, I wasn’t genuinely happy….. so eventually, when I was tired and broken, I asked myself the question:

“What good was working hard and having money if I wasn’t enjoying my life?”

The New Happiness code Review 'Alignment'What I know now, and have personally experienced, is that when we are happy, the other aspects of our lives become effortless. Happiness is like a magic pill that amplifies the goodness in everything around us. The conversations we have are better, the food we eat tastes better, the places we go seem to shine brighter, and we are more appreciative of all that we have.

When we are happy on the inside, we can laugh at life because we know there is nothing that can break us, or keep us down. Sure, not everything is always going to turn out the way we want it to, but when we are fundamentally happy, we get up and move on….. AND WE REMAIN HAPPY….. AND NO ONE, EVER, HAS THE POWER TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US!

I want to know why they don’t teach ‘Happiness Classes’ starting from primary school? Surely, happiness is the most valuable state of being we should be pursuing?  Because, when we are happy, our relationships are more plentiful and fulfilling, we remain healthier, and we are much more satisfied with our lives.

The New Happiness Code is engineered to tune you into happiness and abundance….. however, if it was just happiness alone, I would still recommend it as one of the most valuable personal investments you can ever make…… This is your life…… Why not invest in your happiness today…… because another day of not being happy just sucks! (and what’s the point to living a sucky life when you don’t have to??????)

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What is the underlying premise of The New Happiness Code Program?

All manifestation coaches and programs will tell you the same thing: That we can only manifest what we are tuned to, what we are programmed to receive, and what we resonate/vibrate in sync with. And yes, this is just the way the universe is programmed to work……

We live in an attraction-based reality. Therefore, it is us, and us alone, who are responsible for attracting the circumstances, events, and people who are in our lives. And being a powerful attractor is great…..

….. if only we were consciously thinking solely of the things we wanted to attract!

However, for up to 95% of each day, we are operating in ‘autopilot’ mode. Therefore, it is our subconscious minds (our old limiting/negative beliefs, patterns, and behaviors) that are attracting crap we don’t want. And, unfortunately, it is this crap that becomes the majority of the content of our daily experiences.

If you are not aware of what your predominant subconscious thought patterns are, just take a look at the results you have attracted as your current life experience. Are you struggling with love, finances, health, motivation…… All the conditions you are currently living are RESULTS of your current subconscious mind programs…….

So if you don’t want your future to continue pretty much as you are living now, you need to change the programs/vibration that your subconscious mind is emitting out into the universe….. because your vibrations are the signal that is ‘asking for’ your life’s conditions….. and the ‘results’ are the life you are currently living.

You cannot manifest a new and better reality by using the same old mind programs…..You need to upgrade your subconscious mind programs (how you predominantly think and behave) to begin living a better life. And The New Happiness Code can help you do this!

How will The New Happiness Code help me upgrade MY life?

The New Happiness Code Review 'Limitless'We all have limiting beliefs that are hindering our ability to manifest the awesome lives we desire to be living. And the fact is that there is nothing wrong with us. However, we have been programmed with poor quality information…. which is why we are manifesting sub-standard lives for ourselves.

We need to realize that our current mind programs do not represent our potential for success. They are just beliefs that we have picked up on our life’s journey, and they are neither right nor wrong….. And, with a little time and effort, they can be changed! Changing them means we can live a life that is consistent with our goals and dreams.

Better information has always been available, but if we have never been exposed to it, how could we possibly benefit from it? Well, you could go on a sabbatical as Jesus Christ did. He’s disappeared at an early age and is not mentioned in the Bible again for many years- until he was 33 years old…. and already enlightened. Or go and spend 7 years wandering the forests of India as Buddha did, then sit under the Bodhi tree for days on end to reach enlightenment……

…….. Or you could take advantage of the latest cutting-edge neurological research and use The New Happiness Code Brainwave Entrainment Audio Tracks to do the hard work for you and substantially reduce the time needed to switch the polarity of your brain to positivity, success, and abundance.

This three-week ‘therapy’ program, The New Happiness Code, uses magnetic resonance as a way of communicating with our subconscious mind. And our old limiting beliefs and patterns are rewritten so we can attract the lives we desire….. more wealth, happiness, love, success, confidence, etc…..

Want to give it a go? Check it out at The New Happiness Code official Website

The program creators, David X (wants to remain anonymous) and Jeff, collaborated with premier audio professionals, meditation experts, and top psychologists to create this mind-changing program to help us achieve success and happiness. The New Happiness Code is based on neurological studies from Harvard research into how the brain works and learns, and seeks to reprogram our brains for a winning mindset.

What is included in The New Happiness Code Product?

The core of the program is three brainwave entrainment audios (18 minutes each.) They are to be listened to daily, for a week each, in a quiet and distraction-free environment.

1) Alignment: Tuning into, or ‘resonating’ with what we wish to manifest is the first necessary step to getting it. This track released us from trying to force abundance when we are not resonating at the correct frequency. The unique ‘Alignment’ audio dissolves the limiting beliefs and stories that are currently preventing us from achieving the life of our dreams.Visual of 'Expansion' audio track

While listening, our brains get reset to resonate with abundance so that it becomes a natural aspect of ‘ourselves.’ We begin to understand that we live in a plentiful and ever-expanding universe and that we are deserving of all the good things we desire.

The process ensures that we become comfortable with who we are and what we have (happiness begins here) while ‘tuning us up’ to prepare us for attracting our bigger goals.

2) Expansion: We can’t attract what we are not a match to….. simple Law of Attraction stuff…. (yes it is real and it works, but we have just been using it wrongly or incompletely.) These tracks help to open us up to greater possibilities and ‘expand’ our definition of success. We then become free to achieve more goals and bigger goals than we ever thought would be possible.

It’s an amazing feeling to KNOW that scarcity, fear, lack, struggle, etc. no longer need to be part of our experience…. because Universal Law states: “Ask and you shall receive.”…… and our problem, until now is that we haven’t been asking correctly……

…… we have to ask with our resonance, our vibration….. we need to flip The Happiness Switch on so that we can align energetically with all that we desire.

….. AND THEN WE WILL GET IT! It’s not a possibility, it’s inevitable….. but it’s not going to happen until we are a vibrational match to what we are asking for……

3) Limitless: After we have already expanded our minds’ ability to dream of and receive MORE, we need to ‘cement it in.’ We need to keep bombarding our subconscious mind with this ‘maintenance track.’ It reinforces the New Story we have created for ourselves…. The one where we are happy, abundant, prosperous, successful, confident, and wise.

Bonus Tracks: YOURS FREE when purchasing The New Happiness Code for ONLY $39 TODAY!

1) The New Sleep Code: (Value $79) Research proves and practical experience knows how important sleep is for us to perform at our best. Without sufficient quality rest at night, our days are sub-optimal, to say the least. This Powerful audio should be listened to for about 24 minutes before sleep to set your brain into a relaxed and peaceful brainwave state.

2) The New Peace Code: (Value $57) This 18-minute audio track addresses our anxiety issues and replaces them with blissful peace.

3) The New Confidence Code: (Value $79) This magnetic resonance trace is designed to help you discover and develop your inner confidence. This means living with the truth of who you are and being happy with that.

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Will The New Happiness Code help me become happier and wealthier?

Yes. Maybe for the first time in your life, it’s not only possible but probable that you will be able to make major shifts in your subconscious brainwave patterns…… and this means achieving happiness and wealth, freedom, and confidence are more likely for you than ever before!

However, you have to use this program as intended. You have to do something….. even though it is only to relax for 18 minutes a day and listen to the tracks for at least 21 days. I say for at least 21 days because I know some of you won’t achieve the full benefits of the program within the initial 21 day period. But that does not mean that you won’t change your lives for the better, because you will.

For me, I know that the results achieved are accumulative, so the more we listen, the more powerfully we will become aligned to a mindset of happiness and abundance. So, listen twice a day, and listen for several months like I have to really change your brain for the better……

….. and then you can relax in the knowledge that you are now a magnet for happiness, love, abundance, confidence, etc. all the good things that life has to offer……

If you’re serious about your future being better than your current circumstances, invest only $39 NOW and start using The New Happiness Code today!

Get started today call to action button“Wellness that is being allowed—or the wellness that is being denied—is all about the mindset, the mood, the attitude, the practiced thoughts. There is not one exception, in any human or beast; because, you can patch them up again and again, and they will just find another way of reverting back to the natural rhythm of their mind. Treating the body really is about treating the mind. It is all psychosomatic. Every bit of it, no exceptions.” – Abraham Hicks

2 thoughts on “The New Happiness Code Review: (Will Becoming Happy Help Me Get Everything Else I Want?)

  1. Happier AND Wealthier!
    I could use a little of both.

    Are the track’s music? Just curious as to what the actual sounds we will be listening to are?

    1. Hi Brianna,
      The sounds you hear are mostly very relaxing nature sounds. However, it is the sounds that are embedded in the tracks that we don’t hear with our ears that hold the secrets to us becomming happier.
      I know you will enjoy them 🙂
      Have a great day,

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