Traffic Endgame Review: (Getting Quality Traffic Is Easier Than You Think)

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This Traffic Endgame Review will show you how Tim Ikels has been building his online business. He makes no secret of how he has successfully ‘cracked the code’ for getting FREE organic traffic (that converts to paying customers) to his offers. And he shares how he has done this in the hopes that you too will quickly learn and apply what has taken him years to learn.

Why would Tim be interested in your success as well as mine? And….. Why is he willing to teach you how to be successful with a $0.00 upfront price? When I asked him, he shared this with me…… He said:

“Listen, Andrew, I will become a millionaire by making other people 5-6 figures…. That’s my plan. If you want to be one of them, go out there and copy me!”

I know he wants me to be successful, and I know that he wants you to be successful as well. Because when we win, he is also winning…. 10 to 100 X’s over. And his products are all set up to make it easy, even for beginners in this game, to succeed, quicker and easier than ever before.

Also, Tim’s not stupid! He knows that when he provides massive value for FREE upfront, some of you will follow his advice, make money and come back and buy some of his upgrades…. Even though they are not necessary for you to succeed, they will make your journey to success even quicker and easier.

So, What Is Traffic Endgame?

Traffic Endgame is an educational course, (including many valuable free resources), teaching you how to take advantage of THE TOP 3 TRAFFIC SOURCES that pro-affiliate marketers use to get rich. Through years of trial and error, success and failure, Tim has arrived at a formula that works.

And the best news is that it does not involve Facebook ads, Google ads, creating YouTube videos, TikTok, etc.

I know that you are here in the hopes of learning how you can increase your traffic. Why? Because you already understand that more online traffic leads to greater income…. You know that some people are making a killing in the online business world, and you want your share of it…. Yes?

Tim is one of the up-and-coming success stories. And he shares with you in a casual and easy-to-follow way, how you can replicate his success by doing what he does…..

One of his, and my biggest online gripes is that so many courses out there will tell you how to make money online… but the guys teaching you are not actually making money in the way that they are teaching you….

….. What’s that all about???? Talk about a con! They are saying “Do as I say, not as I do!” (Hasn’t worked for many people yet!)

With Tim, it’s “This works for me, and I’ll not only show you how (with results) but I will even provide you with all the tools you need to copy my success!” Talk about AWESOME! And it can work for everyone!

BUT……. It will require some time and effort from you. And if you’re not willing to invest any energy into making your future better than your current reality, then stop reading now. Go and waste even more money on yet another ‘SHINY NEW OBJECT’ that almost certainly won’t live up to its promises.

YOUR secure future requires you to begin doing something NOW! And what a great way to begin…. A free product teaching you how to make money, providing the free tools to do it, and with an endless amount of support from the product creator, Tim Ikels.

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Traffic Endgame Product at a Glance

Product Vendor: Tim IkelsTim Ikels Profile Picture for Traffic Endgame product

Launch Date: 2022-Aug-07

Front End Product Cost: $0.00

Commission for you: 100%

JV Page:

Support Network: All you ever need!

Recommended: 100% Yes

Associated Products: Lazy Commissions

Upgrades Available: 3 upgrades are available for purchase

Traffic Endgame is a FREE online course, featuring 9 videos of Tim talking for approx. 1 hour in total. The material teaches you how to get free traffic and begin earning money or provides a boost to your existing income…… MORE FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC = MORE MONEY FOR YOU!

The Traffic Endgame Website Menu Includes:
  • Welcome videoTraffic Endgame Review Proof of Earnings
  • Quickstart guide


  • Overview
  • The Ultimate Traffic Source
  • 3 Best Ways To Get Traffic
  • Maximum Leverage
  • The Perfect Grind
  • The BuilderTraffic Endgame Proof of Earnings
  • Conclusion & Next Steps


  • Products To Review
  • Epic Offers
  • Direct Marketing Secrets

UPGRADESTraffic Endgame Review- Proof of Income

  • Ultimate Marketing Vault
  • Secret Affiliate Insider
  • Product In A Weekend
  • Affiliate & JV Center
  • Helpdesk & Support

Who Will Benefit From Using The Free Traffic Endgame Course?

Traffic Endgame is set up for anyone who is trying to make money in the online world.

Not everyone is successful, and in fact, most people will fail to make any money online. Why, because they spend time doing the wrong things….. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted in the past ON THE WRONG STUFF…. I was following the advice of so-called ‘gurus’ and ended up doing a lot of stuff that would never make money for me…..

If I could turn back time, knowing what I know now, I would take a system that is already proven to work, (Traffic Endgame) and focus on it to build FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC THAT CONVERTS TO BUYERS….. There is nothing else to do! That’s it! Do what works, and stop wasting time searching for the next, and the next, and the next SHINY OBJECT!

So, if you are into:

– Affiliate marketingTraffic Endgame Review Picture of Computer

– Have a website for your business or hobby

– Are into social media marketing

– Have a business you are wanting to grow

– Are in the business of building other people’s businesses

– Making money promoting Amazon, drop shipping, etc.

– Are wanting to venture into your first online business,

Then the information and resources included in Traffic Endgame can help you quickly establish yourself so you begin making money in record time.

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Traffic Endgame Includes the Option to Purchase 3 Upgrades

It’s necessary to enroll and get Traffic Endgame for FREE before you can purchase any of the upgrades. Why, because only people who are serious and who follow the training will be 100% supported on their journey to success. Please, no time wasters wanted!

#1: Ultimate Marketing Vault ($7)

This is for those of you who are not afraid of a little work and are in a hurry to begin making money. Just watch a few more instructional videos, use the resources provided, and repeat.

Tim has already spent the time to produce for you to use, splash pages, landing pages, lead magnets, and a series of follow-up emails you can send to your growing lists THAT CONVERT!

  • 100% Free, Professional Hosting
  • Training Included
  • Frequent Content Updates
  • Done-For-You Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages, Bonus Pages
  • DFY Emails (Follow-up, Educational, Promo/Aggressive)
  • DFY, Valuable, Fully Editable Lead Magnets (MMO Niche)
  • CPA Landing Page Library (Insane Value)
  • Tutorial / “How To” Videos
  • Priority Support

Traffic EndgameReview-Ultimate Marketing Vault Picture

#2: Secret Affiliate Insider ($27)
  •  Join the Exclusive, Private Discord Community of like-minded, friendly & helpful people
  •  Accountability Channel
  •  Review Access Channel
  •  Advanced training on traffic, lead gen, email marketing, and more
  •  Direct access to Tim
#3: (Triple) Special Licence Rights ($97)

If you’re not yet ready to build and market your own products, you can get 100% Commissions on this (and 2 more) entire funnels that Tim has developed! AND…. Tim will give you ALL YOUR LEADS AND BUYER DATA! (No one else in this industry is doing that!)

  • 100% Affiliate Commissions On Everything
  • Traffic Endgame-Special Licence Rights Funnel
  • Not 1 But 3 Entire Funnels
  • Lots Of Opportunities For Cross-Promotion & Ongoing Upgrade Sales
  • Get Your Entire Leads’ And Buyers’ Data (Via Email Once Per Week)
  • Nobody Is Offering Something Remotely Powerful Like This
  • Priority Support

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Advantages of Learning The Traffic Endgame System:

– No investment is necessary… Free training to quick start your online success

– Evergreen and highly targeted traffic sources are always available


– Once you learn how, you will no longer struggle to get traffic that converts

– There is a 30 Day 100% money-back guarantee for all the upgrade options.

What’s next?

Well, you either take advantage of this FREE training that can significantly boost your online earnings….. OR you can keep looking for something that you think may be better. Good luck with that!

In my book, you can’t beat FREE! And after paying for and getting pissed off with some other courses out there, I wish I had stumbled upon Tim’s easy-going and generous nature a lot sooner…. I would now be several years ahead of where I am now…. Instead of making 1000s online, I’d be making 10’s of 1000s, or even more…..

So what are you going to do?

Traffic Endgame is Evergreen, constantly updated, FREE, and teaches you how to get highly targeted traffic sources….. and if you follow the content, you will get results!

You do realize that I said ‘follow the content… do what is proven to work.’ Yes, you have to do something…. A little work and effort is required by you to build your business. So follow the training, step by step. And ask questions if you have any. You can email Tim directly here:

Traffic Endgame Review-Get Started Today Button

And if you see value in Traffic Endgame, you are sure to love Lazy Commissions which is another free course put together by Tim. You can check out my review HERE  or go directly to the product by clicking on the image below.

Lazy Commissions is a comprehensive online course designed to teach affiliate marketers How To Generate $100/day, easily and quickly. The course consists of a mix of text, audio, and video files that cover everything you need to build a highly profitable and successful online business from scratch. Also, those with existing businesses will learn how they can generate organic targeted traffic to their affiliate links so they can take their business to the next level of income generation. AND, CURRENTLY…. YOU GET ALL OF THIS FOR FREE!

Lazy Commissions product by Tim Ikels

FAQs for Traffic Endgame

Is Traffic Endgame Really Free? ($0.00)

Yes. Please test and use any or all of the traffic sources, take massive action, and become successful with it. Furthermore, Tim hopes that you fall in love with Traffic Endgame and consider becoming an affiliate for it.

Is This A Scam? Are You Trying To Trick Me?

No. It’s FREE and Tim couldn’t charge you even if he wanted to, because he doesn’t ask for your credit card or other payment information on the (front-end) checkout page. The idea is rather to provide massive value upfront, and maybe then you will consider buying something else later on.

Are There Additional Offers? Can I Buy Something Here?

Yes. After the free checkout, there are currently 3 upgrade offers. However, you absolutely do not have to buy anything in order to make the traffic sources work. However, the upgrades could help you speed up the process of making money significantly. That’s why I recommend considering the upgrade options.

I have a different question!

No problem. Just get in touch with Tim here However, if you go through the training, you will find that your questions will more than likely be answered.

14 thoughts on “Traffic Endgame Review: (Getting Quality Traffic Is Easier Than You Think)

  1. Hello Andrew,

    It’s free, so there is nothing to lose. What a comprehensive review. Well, there are upsells, but you can choose not to. You mentioned that you had already met Tim in person. I would gladly take it and see what I could learn from it and apply it to my existing website and niche.

    Who wants free and more organic traffic for a free course? I know I am. So thank you, Andrew, for this review. This is on my radar now.

    1. Hi Lemuel,

      Good on you for recognizing a FREE opportunity that will give you up-to-date information that helps you get more traffic! I know you will be happy that you reviewed the information…. because the game is always changing and we need to continually be up to date to get ahead and win.

      I have to say, I am surprised by how many people will not even look at the information…. free information that takes about an hour to go over and could really help them get more traffic….

      I wish you all the best,
      Have a great day,

  2. The phrase “you get what you pay for” comes to mind and most free systems provide only basic information that’s designed to eventually get you to upgrade to the paid course. Have you actually used the free system or any of the upgrades yourself? And, if so, what kind of results have you had?

    While your article is informative, it only talks about what the product and upsells are and includes none of your own experience with it.

    1. Hi Gary,

      I know what you mean… free is not typically that good!

      However, Tim’s idea of free is to provide great information, that works… in the hopes of gaining you as a lifetime friend and user…. and yes, as with all things that require our time and effort, all of us do hope to make some sales from the products/information that we create that benefits others. After all, isn’t this why you and so many others are in the MMO niche?

      I personally do use and endorse Tim’s free products because they are producing results for me. I’m not yet earning a full-time living from my site, however, my list and sales continue to increase on a month-to-month basis because of the information from this course and others.

      And yes, I actually have all three of the upgrades. The special licensing rights are the best as it gives me access to 100% commissions for all my sales on all three of Tim’s Funnels, as well as access to my buyer’s data. Talk about a fantastic deal!

      Did you check out the Free information to see how valuable it is before commenting?

      Have a great day,

  3. Hi Andrew,
    This is a really interesting platform – Traffic Endgame and you have provided a very comprehensive review of it. It seems to offer and provide a lot of value. I note however that the program is brand spanking new as it was only launched a few days ago on 7 August 2022. I wonder if there are any testimonials online yet?

    1. Hi Ceci,

      Yes, the product is brand new. And therefore, there are no ‘reliable’ testimonials online yet.
      However, I suggest that anyone interested in learning how to get increased traffic to their online business do what I did…… Traffic Endgame is currently FREE and therefore I got it and went through the training. It only took an hour of my time to learn new stuff that helps me grow my business….

      What are you doing to grow your business?????

      Have a great day,

  4. This does not seem like a bad product, however, the fact that there are many upsells just puts me off.
    If it is just one it is okay but more than two just makes it obvious that they are after the money.

    I am sorry I have been scammed a lot so that is why I say this.

    1. Hi Thabo. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my Traffic Endgame Review.

      I know what you mean. We have all been scammed and wasted our money buying courses and products that haven’t worked in the past.
      This is a legit product, and its front end is free…. With this, you get all the information you need to make your own business work for you. There is no scam here.

      Upsell number 1 is DONE-FOR-YOU pages to make your journey quicker and easier…. and it’s only $7. Nobody needs to buy it….. but it will speed your journey up, that’s all… No scam here!

      Upsell number 2 is also not necessary. However, joining a community of like-minded people who are willing to share what’s working for them and what’s not, is a hugely valuable resource. Again, it can save you heaps of valuable time and help you avoid wasting money with other scammers out there.

      Upsell number 3… again it’s not necessary. But don’t you want to know who is purchasing from you? Why wouldn’t you want to add them to your own email list… after all, this is why we want the traffic in the first place…. to build a list of qualified buyers.
      Has any other affiliate you deal with given you the email addresses of your buyers?
      And… with a 100% commission rate, you will regain the cost of $97 back much quicker than if you were only getting 50% commission… Definitely not a scam for those who are making sales…. in fact, it’s a huge bonus allowing you to make MORE MONEY FROM ALL SALES FOREVER!

      I hope that helps clarify a few things for you. Maybe my review was not clear enough about why Traffic Endgame is a valuable resource made even better with the upgrades. the product.

      Have a great day mate,

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing I think Traffic is definitely something I could do with more of. I really like the sound of Traffic Endgame but I guess my concern is that it’s just something else on top of other things.

    When you say about getting it wrong in the past this does make me wonder if this is really the game changer I never knew I needed. Has this helped you make many commissions? I am starting to see more nowadays personally from just my blog becoming more developed but I think I would consider something like this if it really could make a difference.

    1. Hi Alex.

      Yeah, it sucks when we realize that we could have been doing things a little differently and got a much better result!
      You are right… there is so much information out there that promises to make the difference we need to get the results we want…. and it becomes really tiring to try and keep up with it all.

      So how do we know which information or courses are the best ones for us and which ones we should avoid? Well, probably like you, I put a lot of faith in my friends… not all of them, just the ones that are making it! And Tim is someone I’ve met on quite a few occassions now (as he is a traveling digital nomad and passes through my base in Thailand often.) We hang out, talk about lots of stuff, and have a few beers together.

      Tim’s an awesome guy who’s on a mission to succeed and drag others along with him. That’s why he’s developing these products around stuff that’s helped him make it in the online world… There’s no unnecessary bullshit, just what to do, and how to do it…. The information, if applied correctly will definitely return positive results. I’ll continue to learn from this guy!

      However… any information is only as good as the person using it. So as you know, there is never any guarantee that what works for one will work for everyone else…. mostly because of what WE choose to do with the information.
      Traffic Endgame is FREE and it’s current, not old… and that’s important now more so than ever. Because the digital world we are operating in is evolving rapidly…. To learn more about how smart AI is becoming, you can check out Tim’s most recent FREE course, Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit.

      Traffic Endgame is FREE and it will take just over an hour of your time, and who knows, maybe you will learn something that will help you rech your goals sooner rather than later. Wouldn’t that be great!
      And Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit is also FREE and it will take bout an hour and a half of your time…. I learned some interesting stuff that I had not come across before, and I’m sure others will too!

      All the best mate,

  6. Lots of information for anyone who wants to try making money with an online business.
    These days people want to experiment first before committing to any agreement.

    Yes, thanks for the great information 👏

    1. Hi Christy.
      Thanks for reading my Review on Traffic Endgame.
      Yes, there is so much information available for anyone working in the online business field these days.
      And, unfortunately, not all of it is good.

      However, when something is free, it doesn’t require any commitment from you…unless you actually want to improve your business! Then, you need to commit to doing the work (still free.. no money down!)

      Or you can do what many people get into the trap of doing. Buy a product here, but don’t commit to it because it requires some work, so go and buy another Shiny Object, and then another and another.
      A real key to success is to actually find something that is already proven to work, copy it, and keep at it! And, because it’s FREE, why not commit to the system as taught by Tim for a while and see how it will improve your online business?

      Thanks for sharing.
      Have a great day,

  7. Well, free is in my wheelhouse so that is attractive. I do believe there are people who are actually upfront about what is free and what is paid and I appreciate the honesty.
    I am curious…Is this a funnel system?

    1. Hi Brie.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review of Traffic Endgame.

      Is it a funnel system? Well, yes… in the way that you attract customers and get them to benefit from using the product. Then the hope is they will realize how they have benefited from the free information, and see the value of becoming a customer for some of the upgrades and more related products.
      I hope that answers your question.

      Have a great day,

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