Ultra Manifestation Review: How To Quickly Rewire Your Brain For Success

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In this positive Ultra Manifestation Review, I’ll give you my thoughts about this program and why I believe it can help you manifest more of the good things you desire. There will be a little technical information because this is the only way to explain how this program interacts with our brains to actually ‘rewire’ them for success. However, you do not need to understand it all to have Ultra Manifestation work for you.

We consider ourselves successful when we have what we want and when we can do the things we enjoy. And this ‘success’ is different for each of us. This is not a difficult concept to grasp, and yet there are many people still struggling to attain success on their own terms. So, we will also look at ‘What is success?’ and ‘How can we become successful.’ Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief because I know you are only interested in achieving the RESULTS.

The good news is that because you are reading this review, you already have what it takes to achieve your dreams…. You are already asking the right questions like ‘How can I achieve more of the things I desire?’ And ‘How can I live a lifestyle that is fun and fulfilling?’ Right? SO, LET’S FIND OUT IF ULTRA MANIFESTATION CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE TO BE LIVING!

Ultra Manifestation Review: How To Quickly Rewire Your Brain For Success

Ultra manifestation promotional bannerSuccess is something we all have the potential to achieve. However, many of us have struggled for far too long because we are not following the best path to achieving our goals. And when we are not getting the desired results, we may give up on our dreams, thinking that ‘we can’t do it!’

This is simply incorrect thinking… a belief arrived at because we were not following a proven method of attaining results. We learned most of what we already know (our predominant subconscious habits and beliefs) before we reached the age of seven when our brains were in a ‘learning receptive mode.’ And if we can put our brains back into this ‘super learning’ mode, we can rewire ourselves for success in all aspects of our lives.

Ultra Manifestation is a program that uses isotones (sound waves) to put us into this super learning mode once again. And once we are receptive, our brain’s neural circuitry can be positively influenced so that we become a ‘matching component’ to the outcomes we desire. Then our goals and dreams will be ‘attracted’ to us. (Law of Attraction in action.)

What Would You Like To Achieve With Ultra Manifestation?

To achieve anything, and then say we have reached our goals, we first have to know what we are wanting. This seems like a no-brainer! However, you would be surprised to learn how many people don’t have a definition of what they want to achieve……. And then these same people complain because ‘life isn’t fair,’ and that ‘nothing is working out for them.’

How do you know if nothing is working out for you if you don’t have a clear definition of what you are wanting to achieve?

It’s important to know what we want from our life experiences. And once our goals and desires are defined, we have a clear direction to head in…… and then we just need to align THE MAJORITY of our thoughts, words, and actions in this direction to achieve success.

However, this is not as easy as it seems (more about this in a moment.) If it was easy, then we would already be living our dream lives.

So, first, define your goals by thinking about what you want to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to ask, because the reality is that the universe is always expanding and has no concept of ‘lack.’ Lack and scarcity are only human concepts that have been programmed into us for generations…… (not all of us- as witnessed by the ultra-wealthy 0.01 % of the population….. they have different mind programs from us!)

However, the truth is that greater wealth, better health, improved relationships, success at work, confidence, weight loss, mental clarity, problem-solving, etc. are attributes that are achievable for all of us once we follow proven methods to align ourselves with the outcomes we desire….. it’s all about our energy (the vibrations/emotions we are emitting.)

How do we become successful: (A bit of technical stuff about why Ultra Manifestation will work for you!)

Ultra manifestation phone apSo, how do we align ourselves (our energy/vibrations) with the outcomes we desire?

We cannot continue to have a negative mindset and expect to be happy or continue to think in terms of lack and attract wealth or continue to be shy and expect to be a successful TV presenter. Why, because the energy of our thoughts and actions does not match the outcomes we desire!

It’s easy for us to understand that if we are afraid, we cannot at the same time be confident, right? So why is it that people don’t seem to understand that when they have a negative self-image that it is impossible to attract true love into their lives?

Or that if we complain about not having enough money to pay the bills or buy the new dress we want, we are actually preventing ‘enough’ money from coming into our lives….. instead, we are vibrating out a signal to the Universal Mind that we don’t have enough, and therefore, The Law of Attraction has no choice and will continue to supply us ‘not enough.’

We receive according to our asking, (our deep-seated beliefs) which is our vibration. Life simply cannot be any other way!

It is our thoughts that determine the way we feel…… and our feelings/emotions (energy in motion) vibrate a signal that attracts matching conditions into our lives. Don’t believe me? What conditions do angry people attract compared to loving compassionate people? What about ‘lucky’ people compared to those who consider themselves unlucky? Is there a difference between those that think and act upon ‘healthy’ thoughts compared to those who are often sick? Yes…. There is!

Do you get the point? Thoughts have specific vibrations and they attract matching conditions into our lives!

Therefore, if you want to change your lives, you have to begin by changing your predominant thought patterns….. and this will in turn change your vibration so that you can begin receiving the things and people you want in your lives!

How can I achieve the things I desire by using Ultra Manifestation?

Ultra Manifestation head attracting desiresIt is your subconscious mind that is responsible for manifesting the life you are currently living. And most of the time you are unaware that you are getting the life you are ‘attracting’ because of your current deeply hidden thought patterns. And this is making us ‘unsatisfied’ with our lives….

Unless we do something to correct our stuck thoughts and unsatisfying life conditions, they will continue to compound year after year…….

Ultra Manifestation is a program designed to positively influence your subconscious predominant thought patterns. This ‘upgraded mind software’ will then cause you to vibrate a better signal into the Universal Mind. This allows you to attract events, circumstances, and people into your life that you desire, which align with your goals and dreams.

The reason Ultra manifestation works is that it solves our problems at the core level…. in our subconscious.

The isotonic MP3s are embedded with powerful sound waves that begin changing our old imperfect programming within 60 seconds.

The theta, alpha, beta, and delta waves combined with ancient chant mantras and sacred sounds, enter our minds and dissolve the limiting beliefs that were previously holding us back. And in their place, a brand new empowering Internal Roadmap will be created.

With Ultra Manifestation there is nothing new we need to learn. The process is literally as easy as putting on headphones (or not) and listening to the tracks before you fall asleep at night or any time during the day you have time.

Ultra Manifestation will work for you by altering your thought waves and brain consciousness at a fundamental level to allow you to attract more money, gain greater health, find the love of your life, etc.

What is included with the Ultra Manifestation Program?

Ultra Manifestation, works because it focuses on tuning your subconscious mind towards maximizing your ability to attract wealth, health, and many other positive manifestations into your life. At the same time, it helps keep negative manifestations out of your life.

Track 1: Aligning Yourself With The Universe: This soundscape allows an open connection to your subconscious mind in order to begin the retuning, rebalancing, and reprogramming process.

Track 2: Neural Genesis: This is the process in which the neural blockages preventing you from receiving abundance are removed. Your known and unknown negative emotions melt away as you start to retune and reprogram your subconscious.

Track 3: Your Natural State: This track talks directly with your subconscious mind and begins the process of “syncing” both sides of your brain, (the analytical and creative) so that they begin working in harmony. You need to listen to this track once per day, for at least 7 days to unlock the true potential of these healing sounds.

Track 4: Unlimited Abundance: These specific combinations of sounds, and frequencies, are designed to change your mindset to create a new reality for your subconscious to accept….

…. The improved mindset is one where you can manifest abundance, love, and wealth using nothing more than the power of your will.

Track 5: Neural Guardian: This track protects you from negative energies and will ensure that your subconscious does not regress back to thinking in your old negative beliefs and habits. And it helps to keep your conscious and subconscious minds running at optimum efficiency.

Ultra manifestation complete package

If you purchase Ultra Manifestation now for just $37,

you’ll also receive This Fast Action Bonus:

Manifest Your Destiny

Included is an illustrated guide that teaches you to reshape and then control your destiny in the way you want, as well as 5 separate audio modules. These 5 soundtracks utilize the power of hypnosis to also rewire your subconscious mind.

This Bonus Package, Manifest Your Destiny, perfectly complements and increases the effectiveness of the Ultra Manifestation package.

The 5 audio tracks are:Ultra Manifestation books picture

– Automatic Stress Relief

– Effortless Love Attraction

– Motivation in Minutes

– Instant Habit of Transformation

– Mind over Money

Can Ultra Manifestation Help You Make Your Life Better?

The short answer is: Yes it can!

But you know what? YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING…… You have to listen to the tracks every day, and I recommend not just for 60 seconds, and not just once a day……

Why would I say this when the creator of the program (David Sanderson) says that 60 seconds a day is enough to improve your life???????

Because I know that you are going to listen for 60 seconds, and then go and repeat the same things you have been doing for years and years…. the very same things that have got you to where you are now….. Is this what you want???? More of the same life circumstances that you are currently living?????

No? If you are serious about changing your life for the better, then you had better listen more often, read the supporting materials in the bonus guide, and do more research by yourselves…. AND THEN implement the new improved thoughts you will have gained into your life.

Then you are guaranteed to succeed….. because your new thoughts, when repeated often enough will become your new personality and set of new improved habits…..

……. and it is at this point that your vibration is raised to come into alignment with the new life you want to be living

..…. the better version of yourself that includes greater wealth, better health, more love, confidence, skills, etc….. and if this is what you want, then you need to do what it takes

…… otherwise don’t waste your $37 on this program…. Just go and do what you have always done and then wonder why your life isn’t getting any better!

However, if you are not currently experiencing the great life experience you desire for yourself and your loved ones, AND YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT ‘UPGRADING YOUR EXPERIENCE’ THEN YOU HAD BETTER TAKE ACTION NOW!

For just $37 you can upgrade your life…. for the rest of your life!

(the makers of Ultra Manifestation are so confident that you’ll love their program that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who aren’t)…… so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Big red Button with PUSH

It’s important to understand that it’s taken your whole life for you to create your current mindset….. the one where your subconscious programming IS NOT giving you the experience you desire. And it will take time and commitment for you to reprogram your deep-seated beliefs to align with your desires for a better life.

However, if you begin today, then you are one day closer to achieving all your dreams. THEY ARE ATTAINABLE, BUT IT REQUIRES THAT YOU COMMIT TO BECOMING A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF ON AN ONGOING BASIS…. not just for 60 seconds once a day……

Relief from stress, worry, lack of money, poor health, etc. are all available for you…. But you have to choose to grab the opportunity and then do what it takes to get what you want….. because no one else is going to give it to you or do the work for you…… Are you ready yet for a better life?

Get started today call to action button

Shared with love and respect for all souls playing the game of life,


6 thoughts on “Ultra Manifestation Review: How To Quickly Rewire Your Brain For Success

  1. I’ve been interested in manifestation for a while, and come across binaural beats as a way of reprograming the mind before. Although I’ve never tried it, Ultra Manifestation sounds interesting. I have found visualisation a great help as it helps refocus the mind. It’s very true though, most people drift through life complaining. Without clear goals and a strong desire to achieve, nothing changes.

    1. I love binaural beats and am listening to at least one track each day, often like now when I am working on my computer. They really help me to focus my mind and stay focused on my goals.

      It seems that 99% of the people on the planet want to have better lives, but the sad reality is that for most of them their lives are not going to get any better….
      Why??? because they won’t get off their ass to help themselves. As you mention, they a drifting without focus, and just want to complain about everything instead of doing something proactive to help themselves.

      And the interesting thing is that It’s not that hard to make a better life for ourselves, and with a program like Ultra manifestation it is in fact really easy…… you just have to follow the program!

      I wish you well Kathy. It seems like you know what needs to be done to make your life better,

      All the best,

  2. I’ve been seeing more and more of these manifestation things as I’ve been on my path to self-improvement, and I have to say… I’ve found it to be more and more true with every step down my own path towards enlightenment.

    I also know I will never be done on this path, but I am more convinced than ever that this kind of system can truly make a difference in my life! I’ll get out of it what I put into it, and I look forward to seeing my progress from this system!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Randi.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my review.

      Haha, yes. We will never be done on the path of self-improvement… and that is not because there is so much wrong with us, but because with every new discovery, we reach a new higher point to evaluate life from.
      And as more and more is revealed to us and we will desire more and more of it. This is what makes life so much fun because as we deliberately create our lives the way we want them to be, they just continue to get better and better.
      It is as you say, “the more you put into your own life, the more you will get out of it!”

      I wish you a great journey,

  3. When I was little I got some very bad programming and it took me decades to undo the damage that was done. Although I am now more aware of my thoughts and the vibrations I send out I sometimes cannot stop negative thoughts and I think that a program like this would really help. It amazes me that this program can alter your brain waves and help you align with the Universe!

    1. Hi Christine. If you think about it, everything that we are exposing ourselves to has an effect on our energy, because at the core level is energy.
      This means that the music we listen to, the people we hang out with, the food we eat, and the places we go, etc. all have a unique vibration, and these energy fields are constantly interacting with and influencing our vibrations…. just as we are influencing theirs.
      So, yes, when we listen to sounds (energy vibrating) at levels that equal peace, calm, tranquility, and peace, etc. if we allow them to, these isotones will help induce these states within us.
      I have found that the easiest way to stop negative thoughts is just to change what I am doing. This just distracts our thought processes away from the negativity and gives our brains something else (something positive) to think about.

      I wish you all the best,

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