We are the cause of and solution to all our problems!

When asked: ‘Who are you?’ most of us will answer with our name, where we live, what employment we do, a list of family members or significant accomplishments, characteristics that we think define us…… and so on.

However, all these things are not who we are. They are stuff that we have learned since birth or have accomplished because of that learning. This means that how we define ourselves and the life we are living (because of what we know and can do) is a direct result of the environment that we were born into. I say this because if we were born in a different time, different country, or different socio-economic class, we would be living a very different life and would consider ourselves to be a very different person.

What I want to impress upon you with this article is that: Who you think you are and the problems you think you have are very personal and are totally within your ability to change any time you are ready! To best help ourselves, we must be willing to stop looking at problems and instead, begin seeking lasting solutions that will result in us living the life we were born to live!

How can I be the CAUSE of my problems?

A ‘problem’ can be thought of as ‘a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.’ For us, this means we generally consider we have problems if there is a perceived gap between the ‘existing state’ of what we want or feel and our preferred or desired state.

This means that we have problems when we THINK that things are not working out for us in the way that we want them to. Therefore, stuff becomes problems ONLY BECAUSE OF THE THOUGHTS we are having about the perceived difference between our wants and desires and the way our life actually is.

Learn how to hear and understand the quidance from your soul and other spirit guides.Not everyone has the same problems as us because: The way we think is based entirely on the viewpoints and attitudes that we have acquired during our life, which may not be accurate or in line with actual reality. In other words, we see stuff and react to it as we have been programmed to – not as it actually is!

The information and experiences we have been exposed to throughout our lives and the subsequent ideas and beliefs we developed about ourselves are only a tiny portion of all information that exists. Therefore, when we judge ourselves, others, events, and circumstances based on what we currently believe, we are discounting many other possibilities, opinions, and beliefs. The interesting part of this is that MOST OF THE TIME, MOST OF US ARE NOT EVEN AWARE THAT WE ARE CONTINUALLY PASSING JUDGEMENT ABOUT THE STUFF GOING ON DAILY IN OUR LIVES! It’s just become our habit, or default process, to do so!

We only judge stuff as a problem when it doesn’t match our expectations!

Most of our earlier programming is buried deep within us (at an unconscious level of the mind) but is still playing an essential role in guiding our lives every day. This conditioning may have programmed us to believe things like: True love is hard to find, I have to work hard to make money, I’m not good enough or smart enough, I’m not deserving of a comfortable life, etc.

It’s important to note that our programming or beliefs, and therefore our ‘problems’ with life not meeting our expectations, are specific to us.

Let’s take a look at a couple of extreme examples just to help get the point across that ‘we are essentially a product of the environment we grew up in.’ This is important because the ‘problems’ that we perceive we have are a result of our thoughts and beliefs due to our environment (everything we have learned about life and living in the world).

If you were born in the highlands in Mongolia two hundred years ago, would you still believe the things that you hold to be true today? You could have been born into a European royal family or a tribal village in Indonesia. What if you were raised on an isolated tropical island where food was plentiful and free, would you still be thinking about what someone said about you on Facebook, what color car you want to buy, or does this outfit make me look fat?

No, these things would be beyond your comprehension and would not register as a problem. However, we would not be without our problems, and they would be related to the environment and culture that we are part of.

Will changing my environment solve my problems?

Our problems are solved when we eliminate the gap between what we see and want, and, what we experience and have. However, difficulties arise when the means are not obvious or not immediately available. For example: How do we solve our financial problems if working two jobs does not give us enough money to pay all our bills, or how we do fix our relationship problems when our partner doesn’t take the time to listen to us?

We place a great deal of importance on the stuff that is happening outside of ourselves (in the surrounding environment, our outer world), and then live our lives continually acting upon and reacting to this stuff. We do this because we have been led to believe that by doing so, we may be able to overcome our problems and achieve our goals and dreams for a fulfilling, happy, and successful life.

Sure, as part of the solution, we can change our environment by moving to another city, country, changing our spouse, changing jobs, and even our diet, etc. There are endless opportunities to make changes in our environment that will help fix some of our issues, and more than likely, add some new problems to our lives.Up-level your life by learning a new skill!

However, changes made to our ‘outer world’ can never provide real and lasting solutions to our problems. This is because the world outside of us is ever-changing and is ultimately beyond our ability to control.

Therefore, we must turn our gaze within, and it is here, in our ‘inner world,’ that all solutions to our problems are to be found. If we can achieve harmony in the world within, we WILL achieve harmony in the outer world.

What is the real cause of my problems?

Most of us are so focused on, and distracted by, the exterior world that we have forgotten that we have an ‘Inner World.” Our ego, or the illusion of self, totally dominates our psyche to such an extent that we believe we are nothing more than the thoughts that are continually traversing our busy minds. This ego-self loves all the drama (the good and the bad) that the outer world provides for our constant entertainment!

It is our ego that causes us to suffer or have ‘problems’ in our lives. Our ego lets us believe that we are living our lives according to choice. However, the reality is that most of the time, we are like robots, mindlessly reacting based upon our programmed beliefs– beliefs installed into us by others when we were young and impressionable.

It is these beliefs that are responsible for us ‘magnetizing’ to us the current circumstances of our lives through the universal LAW OF ATTRACTION. And it is our ego that perceives specific stuff as ‘problems’ when the experiences we are attracting to us, by the Law of Attraction, do not match the life our ego wants to be living. Ahhhhhhh, Time to stress out!

Or is it?

How do we stop creating problems for ourselves?

Once we realize that it is a waste of time to try and change the world and the people in it to suit ourselves, we can begin to put our focus where it belongs: WE CAN BEGIN TO RECREATE OUR LIFE THE WAY WE DESIRE IT TO BE! We do this by changing our thoughts and feelings to match the way we wish our outer world to be.

It is impossible to live in a world of peace, love, and harmony when our thoughts are of anger, pain, suffering, and fear. We must change our thoughts and feelings to match the reality that we want for ourselves.

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world!” Mahatma Gandhi.

Real change can only begin when we understand that our thoughts and beliefs are just a collection of ideas that we have adopted for ourselves. Therefore, our remedy is the knowledge that WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE OUR THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS AND THEREFORE THE WAY WE SEE AND INTERACT WITH THE WORLD, WHICH WILL, WITH TIME, RESULT IN A NEW REALITY FOR US.

Problems manifest in our lives when we are thinking negative thoughts, which result in us feeling unwanted negative feelings and emotions. So when we disapprove of a situation or event, our negative thoughts will return negative feelings to us. Conversely, when we don’t see problems, we are free to have happy thoughts and the resultant happy feelings 🙂

It then becomes evident that: A problem is only a problem if we think it is! Therefore, our solution is to be found in the way we think about stuff.
Manifesting is as easy as 1, 2, and 3Like all great spiritual people throughout history, we can come to understand that the universe is neither good nor bad, and as such, there is nothing to fight- apart from our illusions of good and evil, right and wrong. So if we adopted a different attitude to things we ‘disapprove of, we could save ourselves from suffering due to our negative thinking.

We stop seeing problems when we see all events and experiences as something separate from us and separate from our attitude towards them. The ‘stuff’ is happening out there in the outer world, and as such, does not have any power over us. So, if we don’t label things as bad or undesirable, we will not create negative thoughts in our minds, and we can maintain our inner peace and harmony.

Living consciously is the only way to achieve all your dreams.

We need to become a conscious thinker, someone who can observe and select our thoughts, actions, and feelings. This separates us from being a slave to our past conditioned responses as when in a conscious state of mind we can make choices in the present moment that best serve our goals and dreams for a better life.

By consistently focusing our thoughts on what we desire, we achieve a matching vibration, and then what comes back to us in the outer world is what we already possess in our inner world. However, conscious thinking, by itself, is not enough to reprogram our mind to vibrate at the frequencies that will attract our goals to us.

This is because the conditioning we have received throughout our lifetime is very potent, and it is our subconscious thoughts that pervade our mind for up to ninety-five percent of each day. We just need to look at the current state of the world and the people in it to conclude that not many of us can attract to us ‘our dream life.’ However, some people are living with peace, abundance, love, and joy as their experience. And because they are, it is within all of us to create our own version of our dream life…. And then live it! We can learn from their examples.

If we go it alone, lifetimes of study may be required by most of us to learn the necessary information and then apply it into our lives to make the progress we desire. However, we are very fortunate that we live in an age where we have access to an unprecedented amount of information, and luckily a small percentage of that information can help us evolve ourselves at a faster pace so that we can soon be living the life of our dreams.

One such recent program is The Medici Code. Part of their blurb states that “Once your brain has been programmed to see… feel… and know scarcity… It becomes physiologically impossible for the neurons to make anything else but “scarcity connections. They simply don’t know how to make “abundance connections” because they haven’t yet been programmed…”

The Medici Code is a series of theta frequency audio tracks with wealth building and abundance secrets embedded into them. This ensures the information to help you reprogram your mind, to get you what you want, is put directly into your subconscious mind- not your conscious mind. This is important because brain-scientists know that it is our unconscious mind that is active for up to ninety-five percent of each day. So, imagine how your life can change when you over-write your limiting beliefs about scarcity, lack, and fear and reprogram yourself for confidence, wealth, love, and joy.

The Medici Code is a three-week audio course, requiring 17 minutes a day, and promising to change your life, or your money back. The good news is that it only costs twenty-seven dollars to begin changing your life today! Click here or on the book if you are serious about upgrading your life experience NOW!

Shared with love and respect for all souls who are playing the game of life, here and now. I wish for you that all of your dreams come true:-)



12 thoughts on “We are the cause of and solution to all our problems!

  1. I agree that the inner world is where real and sustainable change takes place. A really comprehensive article. Our conditioned thinking and beliefs have such a huge impact on how we experience life and what we can do, be, and have. The key is awareness. At least with that, we can do something to make a change and change our experience of life.

    1. Hi Martine. Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, awareness is the key ingredient for change. Then knowing what we want to achieve so that we can head in the right direction is also vitally important. If we are not focused on our goals, it is impossible to achieve them in any meaningful and life-changing way.
      I agree that we can change our life experience, and the direction and speed of change are totally up to us!

      Have a great day, and thanks for sharing,

  2. Hi Andrew, I enjoyed this post as I truly believe in the law of attraction. It can be hard to overcome past conditioning from childhood. Negative experiences can leave their mark and are difficult to break free from. It’s so true that answers to many problems lie deep within. Mindfulness can help to some degree, and the Medici Code certainly sounds interesting.

    1. Hi Kathy.
      Yes, I know from previous experience how difficult it can be to break free from deep-rooted negative conditioning. But, as the saying goes, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’
      All the solutions lie within our minds and that’s why I’m happy to use and recommend tools like The Medici Code because they go directly to the root of the problem and help us to reprogram our minds with new beliefs that help us to achieve the outcomes we desire.
      I wish you a good night or happy day wherever you are 🙂

  3. Hi Andrew,

    What a great article! It is true, our thoughts influence our emotions which in turn influences the way we behave. Our negative thoughts can stop us from being who we really are. We are a creation of all the experiences and choices we made in our lives and we can always make another choice and change the course of our life. Many times, what really stops us from positively handling our life has nothing to do with external factors, but with the way we think about ourselves.
    Change your thoughts to change your life.

    Great insight. Many thanks,

    1. Hi Yoana. Yes, I agree with you. It is we who need to change if we wish to create a better life for ourselves. And the first step is realizing that there are better options available for us and they are totally achievable.
      The world is a huge and interesting place, filled will diversity, so why is it that so many of us choose to live such narrow and constricted lives?
      I wish you a great life where all of your dreams are realized.

  4. Hi Andrew, The essence of your article is something I have been thinking about a LOT over the past 30+ months. I have spent many years ignoring my own personal development, but I guess I started a journey just over two years ago.
    Many of the concepts that you mention here would have been alien to me previously, but through reading and learning more about the workings of the human mind, and indeed how I myself tick, they now make a lot of sense.
    I still have a long way to go, but I am now far more aware of how I speak to myself (subconsciously) and have a set of questions that I tend to ask myself if I believe I am being overly self-critical or negative.
    I must admit that I have also recently read a lot about theta frequencies, although this was more attuned to how we sleep, I can certainly see how a program such as The Medici Code can positively impact the subconscious mind.
    A thoroughly enjoyable read Andrew.


    1. Hi Partha. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I great to hear of the progress you are making on your journey of self-discovery. It’s a path that once started will never end. This is a great thing as the more we learn about ourselves, we realize that there is so much more to keep learning and developing. Our potential is amazing and only limited by the restrictions we put upon ourselves. So for me, the journey is always about moving forward into more freedom. And it is freedom in our mind, a mind unrestricted by beliefs about how things should be, that will lead us to a life of unconditional joy and love.
      I wish you well on your journey and look forward to hearing more about it sometime.
      Cheers mate,

  5. Mahatma Gandhi Quote: “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”- a slightly differently put quote, but in essence, bears the same meaning. We rarely can change any of our circumstances, which we usually blame for not achieving our goals (if only that wasn’t like that, I would’ve….) Our dreams stay forever-dreams, never fulfilled. We need to change something in ourselves and then, we have the chance.
    The point is, as you say-our perception of the “problems” is our problem. When we take a step back and understand those problems are only problems because of how we see them, maybe we’ll change the way we think and lay down a foundation for a “problem-less” way.

    1. Hi Kerryanne. So true that problems are only problems if we choose to look at them that way. Some people would look at the same situation and see an opportunity! The only difference between them and use is the way we have been programmed to think. So the solution to all of our problems is in changing ourselves, which essentially means to write new programmes that will better serve our desires for a fantastic life experience.
      I wish you all the best,

  6. Great points you make in this article. When you say “Will changing my environment solve my problems?” I had to think of friends in the past that were unhappy in their marriage. It took courage to decide a divorce would be a solution (it would also have taken courage of course to work on their problems!). And in the end, the new partner turned out to be a (younger) copy of the other one.
    If we don’t turn inward first, as you state in your article, a change won’t help.
    I am wondering where the name Medici comes from. Do you have any idea? They were art lovers, so at first, I thought that was what the program would be about. 🙂

    1. Hi Hannie. To stay or to go? That is a big question! As you have pointed out in your example above, it really doesn’t matter. What is important is that if we want a different result in our life, it is us that needs to change, not external circumstances, events, or people. And we can only change when we turn inward 🙂

      Here is a quote from the website (http://medicidynasty.com/medici-family/) to give you an idea of who they were; “The Medici Family is the most important family in Florence history. Thanks to the support and influence of the Medici, Florence became the birthplace of the Renaissance. The Medici were the godfathers of the Renaissance. The Medici in Florence were patrons of the arts, they frequently commissioned work from talented artists such as Michelangelo.”
      They were a powerful banking and textile business family, and by the sounds of it, basically ruled Florence for about three hundred years! Other famous artists that the Medici supported include Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo da Vinci.
      They were a family who understood how to create reality as they wanted it to be.
      I wish you all the best 🙂

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