What Are The Downsides To Raising Your Vibration? 5 Things You Probably Haven’t Considered!


While raising your vibration is a really great thing to do, there are some negative side effects that you should be aware of. When I say ‘negative’ in this context, I’m talking about things that may be difficult for you to transition through, but once you do, they are ultimately for your benefit.

So, there is nothing to be afraid of here…. By raising your vibration, you will be transitioning to a more aware state of being. This means you will come to know yourself and better understand that what you think and do matters. And you will come to realize that your presence can positively impact those around you and therefore help to lift the vibration of the whole world.

So, it’s all good,….. but only after you get through the not-so-good bits.


First, What Does It Mean To Raise Your Vibration?

Cutting-edge science and ancient spiritual traditions agree that ALL that exists, is at its essence, energy. So even though we are bio-electrical beings, even our biological components, when broken down, are just Universal Energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Everything in Life is VibrationAlbert Einstein.

The slower any energy vibrates, the more solid it appears to be. For example, a block of ice has a low vibration and is solid. As the vibration rises in frequency, it becomes less dense and will transition to become water. And then as the molecules vibrate even faster, what was once solid will turn into mist or steam.

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quizThe scale of low to high vibration also exists for everything, even people. When we are vibrating at low frequencies, we are resonating with, or matching, the emotions (energy in motion) of fear, anger, hate, guilt, etc. And at the high end of the scale are people who resonate with love, joy, satisfaction, success, abundance, etc.

So, by this, you can understand that raising your vibration is going to have an overall positive impact on your life. And to learn how you can raise your vibration, you can check out my post What Are the Three Best Ways to Raise Your Vibration.

What Are The Downsides To Raising Your Vibration?

Immediately, when we think about raising our vibration, we think that life is magically going to get just get better and better…. And while this is true, there are consequences of changing your state of being that you may not have considered.

You cannot raise your vibration and remain who you are…..

Yes, raising your vibration constitutes a change in your mental, emotional, and physical state of being. You will necessarily let go of the bad habits that have been keeping your vibration low and develop better habits that resonate with your goals and dreams for a better life.

We all have a ‘base level’ vibration that we fluctuate around depending on what we are giving our attention to. Therefore, our vibration is already in constant motion, and we can tell where it is by how we are feeling at any given moment. If we are angry, our vibration is low. If we are feeling love and appreciation, our vibration is higher.

When we talk about wanting to raise our vibration, it is the base level that we are wanting to rise to higher and higher frequencies. And when this begins to happen, most people will experience some discomfort, uneasiness, and maybe even regret while they go through the process for several reasons. These reasons include the following:

1) Your Life Will Often Feel Like It Is Falling Apart or Becoming Worse.

Wealth DNA Code-Find out more buttonThe ‘old you’ (lower vibration version) often needs to be broken down before it can be rebuilt. And for those people who make a rapid transition from a low to a higher vibration, this often means that they think that they are doing something wrong because they can end up feeling like crap!

Rapid change is always uncomfortable and unstable as your mental, emotional, and physical energies are changing. However, they rarely change in harmony with each other.

Mentally, you may have made a shift to pure positive loving thoughts for the majority of the time. While this is a good thing, your body (unless you have trained it properly) will not yet be able to accommodate the rapid increase in cellular energy. And if you are not emotionally intelligent, you will feel like you have lost control over your emotions as they bounce around all over the place.

Therefore, you may experience periods of mental, physical, and/or emotional pain which will continue until all aspects of your vibration become stable again at an increased rate….. and of course, since you are human, and growth is good, you won’t stop there. You will do it again and again…

2) You May No Longer ‘Fit-In’ With Your Family and Friends.

If your habits use to be to sit around with your family and friends and drink, smoke, watch crap on TV, eat junk food, and complain about everything, and then you decide you don’t want to do this anymore… Guess what? They are not going to support you!

I imagine your reaction is going to be ‘Why Not?’ After all, you are becoming a better version of yourself, right?

The problem is that they know, like, and understand the old version of you… and who the hell is this new person that doesn’t want to do the things that we’ve always enjoyed together!

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Yes, you will find that as you desire to improve your life by raising your vibration that you will need to find new people to hang out with. And initially, this realization can be really difficult for most people.

If you are lucky, maybe some of those who you are close to will also be raising their vibration. However, everyone’s journey is unique and it will take some time for you to find new people and places to ‘fit in’ with. (And this is perfectly OK and actually very normal!)

3) Other People May Try to Pull You Back Down!

If you are lucky, you will have some encouraging and supportive voices among the people you know. But more than likely, most people that you associate with often will have a vibration that matches who you used to be. And some of them are not going to like the fact that you are no longer like them! This point crisscrosses with the point above but includes a warning which I’ll get to in a minute….

You may no longer want to go to crowded bars to listen to bad music, binge-watch mind-numbingly dumb horrors on TV, or take the drugs you used to. But your friends still do. And some of them are not going to allow you to escape their group mentality easily.

“You just can’t live that negative way. You know what I mean. Make way for the positive day. Cause it’s a new day…”Bob Marley

They will want to try to pull you down for a couple of reasons. One is so that they don’t lose the influence they may have over you so they can continue to ‘feed off’ your energy. And another is that you are making them feel bad about their own shortcomings and failures.

Yes, they may see you are a successful ‘tall poppy’ that needs to be cut down to size all so that they don’t feel so bad about themselves. The warning is to be aware of those who say they want to help and support you but instead, have ulterior motives!

4) Your Thoughts Will ‘Manifest’ Quicker, Both the Good and the Bad!

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As you increase your vibration, your thoughts, emotions, and actions will become more focused…. That is to say, they will manifest into reality more quickly and easily than if they were of a lower vibration. This happens because you are capable of having more thoughts focused on the things you desire, and fewer random thoughts about other crap.

However, until you are enlightened, there is always going to be a time delay between the thoughts you habitually think and the manifestation of those thoughts into reality. And this delay often makes people think that their new positive outlook is not working, so they may become frustrated and even negative.

You need to be aware that if you do think a series of ‘negative’ thoughts that there will be consequences for you…. It’s called karma and The Law of Attraction will ensure that at the appropriate time, those thoughts will manifest and basically come back to bite you in the ass (in the most appropriate way.)

5) You Will Build a New Ego Around Your ‘New and Improved’ Personality.

Initially, and maybe for quite some time, you will go around annoying everyone with your new attitude of ‘you are now better than them.’ And while this is absolutely not true, you won’t be able to see it yet…. that is until you get to an even higher level of vibration… so you’ll believe you are wiser, smarter, and have all the answers to all their problems, etc.

So, yes… you are going to piss a lot of people off until you mature enough to realize what an ass you are being. (Personal experience is a wonderful thing, hahaha.)

banner ad for Midas ManifestationOf course, it’s only natural when you find a better way of living your life that you want to share it with anyone and everyone who will listen. And this is great. The problems begin when you think you are better than everyone else because of your new healthy habits, your new and improved mindset, and your ability to ‘get high’ when you meditate….

…. and then you start insisting that they do as you do, and you even start ‘sharing’ your amazing life-improving ideas with those who are not yet interested in changing themselves. Ummmm. This is a really good way to annoy people and not get invited to gatherings anymore.

So, some really good advice is to just keep to yourself and enjoy your journey as it unfolds and only share with those who are generally interested in listening to what you have to say. It’s also a good idea to seek out people who have gone through a spiritual awakening if you need to talk with someone who can understand what you are going through.

So, is it a Good Idea to Try to Raise Your Vibration After All?

Hell yeah…. Because your life experience is going to improve every time you move up the vibrational ladder. And it’s a journey that doesn’t end while you are in a physical body on earth….. In other words, it’s going to happen, and if you don’t begin it now while you have the intuition to do so, you will regret it.

So, if I haven’t put you off yet and you’re not broken down by the negative downsides to raising your vibration, there are some things you can do to make your journey easier.

1) Realize that everyone is a sovereign individual and as such, each of us is entitled to live our lives any way we wish.

2) Know that the world is not broken. The people are not broken… even if they are suffering a lot! Yes, suffering is a necessary part of life as it helps individuals to become balanced through many lifetimes of diverse experiences. Both Yin and Yang are needed for balance to exist.

“Let it challenge you to change you!” – Unknown

Selection of MP3's from Hypnosis LiveSo don’t think you know better than anyone else…. You haven’t walked in their shoes and you don’t know what lessons they are here to learn at this time. Just be there to support them if they ask it of you in the best way you can…. without giving away your power to them. Do not allow the ‘Energy Vampires’ to lower your vibration!

3) You can best help others by looking after yourself first. When you have strength, money, energy, wisdom, balance, etc. then you can share. But until you have it, don’t deplete yourself in the aid of others, because by doing so you will become useless to yourself and others when they need you in the future again.

4) Learn to see life through the eyes of someone who is already enlightened…. They see ALL life as already perfect! Yes, all the poverty, war, hunger, disease, etc are just experiences that we go through to help us grow and expand as spiritual beings. And as spiritual beings, we can never be hurt, never suffer, and never die.

It is only our limited ‘human’ perception that allows us to think we are suffering something…. However, our souls are actually reveling in ALL experiences because, from a higher perspective, they understand that this diversity is what we came here to experience. And that without the balance, including the ‘suffering,’ we would not be able to form desires for something better…. and this is how the Mind of God evolves, by desiring something better than we already have.

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