What Are The 3 Best Ways To Raise Your Vibration?

The best thing any of us can do in this life is ‘go for it,’ and by this, I mean to grow and develop ourselves beyond who we currently are. For no matter who we are, there is always a huge potential to learn, understand, and experience more of life. The neat thing is that the more you actively engage in life, with intention, the higher you will raise your vibration.

However, most of us seem content to live each day limited by what we think we can and can’t do. We are constrained by so many rules, within societies, families, religions, and most importantly, by our own deep-seated beliefs. And it is the beliefs we hold onto that are responsible for the circumstances that have manifested as our current lives! This includes our level of abundance (or lack of), our satisfaction with our relationships (or not), and if we are happy with the employment we have, or not.

It’s essential to notice that not everyone believes the same things, and this means that not everyone has the same life experiences and circumstances. Some people out there, right now, are living a better life than you, doing the things you wish you could do, and they are having a blast! So, why is it possible for them, and more importantly, why aren’t you fully immersing yourself and having the incredible experience that you dream of?

What Are The 3 Best Ways To Raise Your Vibration?


By Default, We Unconsciously Limit Ourselves Many Times Every Day!

How often do you take the time to listen to the voice in your head, the one that never shuts up? This voice is usually busy just recycling old thoughts over and over again and again. This voice is our unconscious mind and it takes control of our thoughts every time we are not actively thinking for ourselves. The unconscious mind tells us things like: we’ll start going to the gym tomorrow, just one more cigarette, and then I’ll quit, I’ll apply for that better job next year when I have more experience, I don’t have time to go on that holiday now, it’s hard to make lots of money, etc.

When we are in this autopilot mode (allowing our unconscious mind to run free), our vibration is dependent on our old programs. And it is these programs that have created the lives we are currently living.

Our unconscious mind is made up of a set of programs that act as an operating system, that drives our daily lives. Now, we need to understand that we are not our conscious mind! Having said this, it is interesting to note that most of the time, what we do and what we won’t do is still determined by the unconscious beliefs we hold. Our unconscious mind likes to be in control at all times; it wants the ‘known’ and doesn’t like change or being challenged. Its job is to keep us safe and keep our life plodding along, just as it is, business as usual, so to speak.

Wealth creation is easy once you have reprogrammed your subconsciousIf our unconscious mind had its way, we would never challenge ourselves. We would continue to work to make money to pay the bills, spend time with family and friends, enjoy two or three weeks’ holiday a year, and get ourselves heavily in debt buying stuff that makes our ego feel good about our ‘accomplishments.’

This means that when we are living our lives according to this voice inside our heads (on autopilot mode- recycling our most prominent thoughts), our lives will follow a predictable pattern based on things we already know. This is because if we allow the unconscious mind to guide us, we will only be operating from information already stored in our mind as the unconscious mind is not capable of doing anything outside of what it already knows or believes.

Nothing Ever Happens By Chance!

So: our unconscious mind is continually running a set of programs that we have adopted throughout our lives, and just like a computer, you cannot write a program for one thing and then expect to get a different result! Or a garden; if you plant flower seeds, you would be crazy to expect an oak tree to grow.

Our minds are no different from the computer or the seeds that we plant…. We will reap what we are sowing. That is the universal Law of Attraction at work in our lives at all times. We can only ever attract to us that which is a vibrational match to the vibrations (thoughts and Feelings) that we are emitting!

If these programs (our vibrations- most repetitive thoughts and feelings) do not match what we desire for ourselves, it will be impossible for us to achieve our desires. The good news is that once we understand this, we have the key to achieving anything and everything that we desire for ourselves in this lifetime. The key is this: We must match the vibrations of what we want, and then by The Law Of Attraction, these things will become our reality.

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“Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein.

This is not magic, it’s just the way our physical universe is programmed to operate. All manifest things are energy and all things resonate at specific vibrations. Abundance, fun, and love have a different pulse than poverty, depression, and fear. You already know this and have already experienced it many times in your own life. When you are angry or standing next to an angry person, the feeling within you is very different from when you feel loving or are in the company of someone who loves you! Think about it for a moment, and get a sense of what it ‘feels’ like when you are aware of these different emotions (vibrations).

Our whole life is made out of our vibration, the thoughts, and the feelings that we have…. And our current life circumstances are the result of the accumulation of all these vibrations…. Every time we have been fearful, self-deprecating, worried, lacking, or depressed, these thoughts and feelings have added to our vibrations and have become part of our unconscious programs. The most predominant reoccurring thoughts and feelings naturally become the most substantial aspect of who we are, and it is these that have attracted our current life circumstances to us.

This means that you cannot spend the majority of your time thinking thoughts of lack, fear, and worry, and then expect to live a dream life of wealth, abundance, and happiness. The two simply do not match! And you will receive according to your vibration, which equals the majority of your thoughts and feelings!

How Can You Change Your Vibration So You Begin Attracting The Life You Want?

We will keep our existing vibration if we watch the same mind-numbing entertainment, meet the same mates for a drink, engage in the same conversations, overeat the same foods, or continue to live life as we have been doing for the past few years. Life will just continue pretty much the same as it is now!

We cannot expect our lives to change if we do not change the things we have been doing that have led to the creation of the life we now have! Our vibration can only change after we have changed….

There are three sure ways to increase your vibration and therefore allow you to attract the life circumstances that you dream of. From the easiest to the most difficult, or least effective to the most effective, they are:

Easiest Method: Positive Thinking

So simple, yes? Everyone knows this! Then just do it, starting right now. Change the way you are thinking and feeling now. Begin it now so that you will raise your vibration to attract better things into your life. Do it now! And now. And now. Do it as often as you can, and by doing so, you will notice that your life begins to improve in the direction of your desires…..

However, changing your thoughts alone will not guarantee that your life will dramatically improve, and it’s still more than likely that you will not receive everything that you desire. This is terrible news for everyone who thinks that positive thinking alone will lead to a positive life.

           Why would I say that?

Positive thinking that leads to positive feelings is excellent, and I thoroughly encourage everyone to do it as often as possible. However, there is an essential piece to the puzzle of The Law of Attraction that many proponents of it overlook. More is needed if we wish to achieve all of our dreams, and it involves our learning to become the master of our minds.

Scientists know that up to ninety-five percent of the thoughts the average person thinks every day are unconscious. They are a repeat of the same ideas we have been having that have created this life we currently have attracted to ourselves. So, if you are consciously thinking for only five percent of the time each day, and only a few of those minutes are spent thinking positive thoughts about how you want to create a better future for yourself, do you really believe that those few minutes are enough to cancel out, or overwrite, the other ninety-five percent of thoughts that got you to where you are now?

No, they are not! We don’t need to be a scientist to realize that positive thinking for less than one percent of each day will have minimal impact on our existing deep-seated unconscious mind programs. So, unless we change the way we interact with our unconscious mind, our life is likely to remain more or less a continuation of what we are currently living.

Second Method: Introduce New Experiences Into Your Life

If we wish our circumstances to change in any way, WE WILL NEED TO LEARN NEW THINGS AND HAVE NEW EXPERIENCES TO ADD NEW INFORMATION TO THE HUGE RESERVOIR THAT IS OUR MEMORIES. Don’t worry; learning is not scary! It’s actually a lot of fun and the beginning of new adventures, so it’s something we should enthusiastically look forward to! Continual learning is essential if we wish to enjoy our lives, for, without new information and new adventures, we soon become stale, predictable, and boring.

New experiences give rise to new thoughts and feelings, and if repeated often enough, will rewire our automatic, unconscious responses as we interact with the surrounding environment. In other words, we are learning new ways of ‘being.’ By choosing experiences that build confidence, self-esteem, trust, love, and other positive emotions, we will unconsciously begin to raise our vibration and slowly evolve into a better, healthier, and more confident person than who we currently are!

Third Method: Go Hard-Core

At the extreme, we can go hard-core and remove ourselves from our known environment, as Jesus Christ and the Buddha did. By separating ourselves from everything that we currently know, we can begin to reprogram our unconscious minds without the distraction of what we now believe to be true.

If we can come to recognize definite unconscious programs (within our primary operating system) that are not supporting our desire for a better life, we can introduce specific experiences, thoughts, rituals, exercises, etc. into our lives. This is to purposefully confront these beliefs that are not benefiting us to break their hold over our responses to life. This will allow us to move more quickly toward beneficial changes.

I think most of us would find this option too challenging, so the best alternative is one of compromise, and the extent to which we wish to better our lives will determine how much effort we invest in upgrading our mind programs.

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All Of Us Can Do Something, Starting Now, To Improve Our Vibration!

We cannot attract to ourselves a new and improved situation when we are focusing on all the problems we are having in our current situation. It is in our best interests to stop focusing on issues (negative vibrations) and instead focus on solutions (positive vibrations). We need to become consciously aware more of the time and choose all of our conscious moments to focus our powerful thoughts on how we wish our future to be.

We have the ability at all times to choose, either to accept more of the same or to challenge ourselves and choose more that will help propel us toward who we want to become. Choosing more of what has got us here is easy, (and boring) because life conforms to a probability pattern based on our beliefs and habits. More of who we could be will challenge us.

We can begin now by engaging in media that will uplift us (instead of the horror and action movies), eat wholesome foods that support a healthy body (instead of eating comfort foods and alcohol), find new friends that support our future goals (instead of those who want to keep us down at their level). Most importantly, we need to learn to love and respect ourselves, unconditionally.

We are fortunate to be living in a time when there are scientifically proven technologies available that can help us ‘fast-track’ our personal growth and development and spiritual self-awareness. The best tools I have come across to date are ‘Brainwave Entrainment’ products and the ones I have used, and continue to use include:

  • The Medici Code: is a 3-week audio program that removes our scarcity and self-limiting subconscious beliefs and programs us for success and abundance in all areas of our life.  Check out my review and personal experiences here: How the Medici Code helped me change my life, or go directly to their website HERE.
  • The Raikov Effect: helps us to literally ‘turn on’ any skill or talent we desire including creativity, problem-solving, motivation, confidence, success, self-mastery, millionaire mindset, etc. by using techniques like deep trance states, visualizations, hypnosis, modeling, deep relaxation, suggestion, and positive thinking, to access your influential subconscious mind so that more of its power becomes available for use in everyday life. Check out my review here: How can I hack my brain for success? or go directly to their website HERE.
  • The Light Code: stimulates and enhances our potential by creating new neural pathways in our minds. This program uses 432Hz frequencies to ‘entrain’ our brains to quickly achieve a manifestation mindset. Once achieved, the manifestation mindset allows us to consistently attract into our lives, events, people, and circumstances, to help bring our dreams and goals to fruition. Check out my review and personal experiences- How can we thrive in these uncertain times? or go directly to their website HERE.

Engaging in practices like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, Tai Chi, conscious breathing, sacred sounds, and connecting with nature are also proven ways to slowly but surely raise your vibration.

All of us need to understand that life is a journey. There is no fixed destination to arrive at, and we, by our nature, seek to continue to evolve… this means that when we achieve one thing, we will then desire to do more, grow more, and achieve more. It’s built into us to continue to grow and develop our potential, or continue to raise our vibration.

Shared with love and respect for all souls who have chosen to participate in the game of life!


10 thoughts on “What Are The 3 Best Ways To Raise Your Vibration?

  1. Great article Andrew, although I am not in full agreement.

    It’s right what they say, that we only use about 10-15 percent of our brain but really do we need to be able to access more?

    What we have been taught is not what is and everybody should question everything.

    Raise your vibration to a certain point through meditation and you can slip out of the physical body but I think that is for another day. Reikie and deep meditation tell me this!

    The subconscious or spirit holds all the answers, you just have to know how to tap into it.

    Imagine if the brain could communicate with the subconscious in its entirety with all the knowledge from past lives, I think we would be in for a very rough ride.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Mick. I don’t agree with or know that we only use 10 to 15% of our brains. What I do know, and what science has proven, is that we are only actively conscious for about 5% of our waking hours. This means that we are actively engaged in the thinking process for 5% of the time. It’s quite possible that our whole brain is being used in some other ways that we are currently unable to measure….. It will take a much wiser person than me to prove this one.

      I’m in complete agreement with you that if we were to have conscious access to all the information stored in our subconscious, we would indeed be in for a very rough ride.
      Our consciousnesses are separated for a reason, and that reason is so we can focus on this current life experience, what is here and now right in front of us. Past life memories, what we ate for lunch last year, what our best friend did seven years ago, is all irrelevant to what is in front of us now, and having access to all this information would overwhelm us so that we were unable to operate optimally in the present.
      There is nothing wrong with the way our minds are set up! They are the perfect tool we need to enable us to have this physical experience. However, the way they are programmed, and the way most people are currently using their minds leaves a lot to be desired.
      It’s said that heaven and hell both exist here and now on earth, and either state is accessible to us. Whether we are enjoying our life experience (living in heaven) or not is directly due to the interaction we have with our minds!
      We can program our subconscious to achieve a life of misery or a life of abundance and joy….. Which do you choose?
      Thanks for sharing mate.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Hopefully you’re getting to know me a little now, and understand that in the most part I am a positive person, and that I actively “work on myself” on a daily basis.

    With that said, I really needed to read this today (actually come to think of it, yesterday would have been better, LOL).

    I’m not entirely sure what it is, and I can’t put a finger of it, but let’s say that I’ve experienced a “wobble” over the past week or so.

    It was very much a “I just can’t be bothered” kind of attitude, and many of my good habits took a dive.

    I even realised a couple of times that my mind was telling me to do things that I didn’t really want to, and it kept telling me that I could get back on track tomorrow.

    I believe sometimes the monotony of life can sometimes get to me, and occasionally I just want to break-free, cut loose, and just do whaever I want.

    This is actually fine every-once-in-while, but I am a creature of habit, and so one bad day can often lead to another, then another, and so on.

    I also think the fact that we have gone into a second lockdown (today in fact) in the UK hasn’t helped.

    However, I’ve actually taken your number one and number three methods here to give myself some focus over the coming month.

    I have set out a number of 30-day challenges to keep me on the straight and narrow. I have re-embraced positive thinking and admittely some may feel that my 30-day challenges are a little hardcore, but that’s just me.

    With that said, your method number two, “Introducing new experiences into life” is probably what I need, although current circumstances restrict this somewhat.

    However, I’m going to spend a little time listing out some of the things that I really want to do and experience (that I’ll be able to do with current worldwide restrictions).

    I think just doing something a little different some days, or experiencing things I haven’t before will help to break the current monotony of life. And this is what I currently need.

    As always Andrew, you certainly provide me with plenty of food for thought and generally inspire me.

    I actually want to go and read your “constrained by so many rules” article that you have linked to above, but I’m scared I’m just going to be nodding the whole way through and saying, “Yep, I do that all the time”, LOL.


    1. Mate, everyone has a ‘wobble’ every now and then. I think it’s just a normal part of life… nothing at all to be concerned about, or to beat yourself up over. Just get over it and get on with it, haha.
      A wobble is good. It’ our bodies and mind’s way of telling us to ‘break it up,’ and take a little time out and do something different for a change.
      By nature, we are a playful, fun-seeking species, and if we are doing the same things day in and day out, the wise all-knowing aspect of us tends to get a bit bored, and then throws a ‘spanner in the works.’ It’s a good sign that you recognized the wobble, it means that you are listening to your ‘self.’
      If you think one bad day will ruin all of your good habits, you are in for a rough time…… always fighting with yourself.

      Why not just start believing something different…. After all your beliefs are just a collection of your most habitual thoughts. And just because you believe something, doesn’t mean its true.
      It’s time to change a belief like this because it does not support your overall well-being, and it is actually working against you by causing you some angst in your life!

      Your subconscious mind is just like the codes that are used to program a computer. So just replace this unsupportive code with new instruction like: “My body is super intelligent and it knows what is best for me. I’m happy to listen to it and react accordingly because I know that it has my very best interests at heart. When it asks for a day off or a change in routine, I will give it what it wants knowing that it is for my overall health and well-being. The intelligence that is inherent in my body will never lead me away from my goals…. unless my goals do not align with my higher life’s purpose.”

      Yeah, great idea! Go and do something different, your soul will appreciate the growth and expansion created by doing and learning new stuff 🙂
      My article about ‘being constrained by so many rules’ alludes to the fact that many of the rules we live by are unwritten, and are in fact just habits that we conform to that severely limit our experiences of life!
      One theme that I hope comes across in my posts is that ‘We are living within a very limited framework of all that is possible for us to experience.’ My message, I hope, is that we are capable of experiencing so much more of life that we currently are, and to do this, we just need to expand our awareness to see the unlimited possibilities that are within our potential to experience…… We just need to wake up to our greatness as a species!

      Anyway, don’t go crazy during the lockdown. Keep smiling, because there is always so much to be in awe of!
      The last lockdown we had was really beneficial for me because it allowed me to become ‘very still and quiet.’ I learned a lot about myself, and about my thinking habits. This revealed to me the subconscious thought patterns that it was time to upgrade because they were no longer supporting the direction I wanted my life to take. The ‘bad’ (lockdown) is always complemented by ‘good.’ It’s a dualistic world, my friend.

      Be good to yourself!

  3. Hi Andrew.
    Your article really resonated with me.
    You referred to the vibration we each emit and this led to quite a discussion with my husband about resonant frequency and it’s link to ‘Law of Attraction” principles. I think it is fabulous that your article was able to spark such an in-depth and fascinating discussion. I thank you for that.
    I whole-heartedly agree that until we are able to master control of our thoughts, emotions, and inner dialogue, we will not find the true happiness and success in life we are seeking.
    I regularly practice yoga and I find that if I “get busy” and miss a day, I feel quite “off” for the entire day. For me, meditation is an essential part of every day. I have also found that I am able to run on the treadmill on “auto-pilot” while turning my thoughts inwards for quiet reflection.
    What are your thoughts about meditating while running?
    Have you tried it yourself?
    I love your articles, you are doing great work here. Definitely keep the articles coming.

    1. Hi Deb. Many thanks for your comments.
      I think it’s awesome that you can run on the treadmill and be at peace. A calm state of mind throughout the day no matter what we are doing is a huge advantage over a distracted mind.
      However, what we give our attention to, and the degree of focus we have, will determine the results we get. When I am exercising, I am trying to focus my attention on the desired results of the exercise, i.e. I AM fitter, stronger, faster, more toned, healthier, etc.
      This has become my reality now because that’s what my point of attention is attracting into my life now. Years ago, I remember thinking: Ohhh, I don’t have time to exercise now, this is hard work, I not seeing results like I want to…… and what do you know, my progress when I was younger was nothing like the results I am achieving today!
      Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, however, if you are exercising and desire a certain result, act as if the result is already yours when you are exercising. When you are meditating, know with all of your thoughts that you have achieved what you set out to achieve, and The Law of Attraction has to comply!
      I wish you all the best 🙂

  4. Hi Habib. So true that our inner world is creating our outer world! Garbage in can only ever result in garbage out! remember that change is a process, a journey that will last the rest of your life, because as you learn more and your life improves, you will just keep raising the bar, so to speak. What you will desire for yourself will continue to evolve as you expand your potential. I wish you all the best on your journey.
    Kind regards,

  5. What a great article. We all need a reminder sometimes that we should be living our life on purpose, not on autopilot. It’s so easy to just let your mind run riot and get carried along with it. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of meditating every day. As yet I’m still not doing it regularly enough. But every time I do it I really notice how restless and crazy my thoughts are and how it’s so easy to get wrapped up in them. Any suggestions on how to make the habit of meditation every day stick? I find that I often forget for a few days and am only doing it about twice a week.
    Cheers x

    1. Hi Debbie. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who has problems sticking with a regular meditation practice. It’s very common initially for many, many, people. The issue is: our unconscious mind has been doing its own thing and running amuck unchallenged for so long that it thinks it is in control. With meditation, we are attempting to gain control of our thought processes, consciously, which means we are trying to put the unconscious mind out of job! It does not like this!
      Our unconscious mind is a very important aspect of who we are, and it serves very important functions to keep us well and safe and is also the storehouse for all our memories. WE need it, however, when we are functioning on autopilot for up to ninety-five percent of our day, we are not learning anything new that will help us make improvements in our lives.
      When sitting for meditation, we can become the observer of our repetitive thoughts (our unconscious mind at work) and come to understand why we react and act the way we do to events in our lives. We can come to ‘know ourselves.’ This is vitally important as it gives us an understanding as it why our life has turned out the way it currently is. From this point of understanding, we can begin the process of reprograming our mind tune into the vibrations of the things that we wish to attract into our future experience.
      So, sticking with the meditation practice will yield to you untold benefits in terms of you being able to reprogram yourself to attract into your life all that you desire…… but you have to stick with it!
      If you can set the same time aside each day (use an alarm clock to remind you) and do it for thirty days in a row, it will become a habit and from then on, it becomes easier and easier, and even pleasurable. Your mind and body will actually crave to sit in meditation because of the benefits you receive by doing it.
      Set up a space in a comfortable environment where there are no distractions, or as few as possible, use your alarm to remind you, and then just commit yourself to do it.
      If you go in with an attitude of boring, hard work, frustration, etc. you are doomed to fail from the beginning. Do it with a joyful feeling, create the feeling of looking forward to it because you know the benefits you will receive by committing to a regular meditation practice.
      I wish you well, and please let me know how you are getting on.
      Andrew 🙂

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