What is cymatics, and does sound healing work?

Our bodies, thoughts and feelings have unique vibrations

What is cymatics? Put simply, it’s ‘the science of sound made visible,’ or ‘a scientific method that shows how matter is influenced by sound.’ When we ask “does sound healing work” it’s helpful to be able to see how sound affects us and our environment.

The understanding that sound and vibration are important tools for healing is not new. However, our ability to visually record the effects that specific sound vibrations have on us is still an evolving science. The recent ability to graphically represent the effects of sound on matter has resulted in many scientists and medical practitioners changing the way they think about personal health and disease.

What is Cymatics?

What began as a visual study of sound (cymatics,) is continually developing and has grabbed the attention of metaphysical researchers, philosophers, and environmentalists who study the interrelationships connecting all life on earth.

Even my late father, who was an acoustical engineer, was researching in the late 1990s the possibility of using sound to eradicate viruses from horticultural crops in New Zealand.

So, why is the study of cymatics catching the attention of such a diverse range of researchers, professionals, and other enthusiasts around the world? And how is the knowledge they are gaining significant for each of us?

First, what is sound and how do we obtain a visual representation of it using cymatics?

According to the experts at Wikipedia: In physics, sound is a vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave, through a transmission medium such as a gas, liquid or solid. In human physiology and psychology, sound is the reception of such waves and their perception by the brain.
Only acoustic waves that have frequencies lying between about 20 Hz and 20 kHz, the audio frequency range, elicit an auditory percept in humans…… Sound waves above 20 kHz are known as ultrasound and are not audible to humans. Sound waves below 20 Hz are known as infrasound. Different animal species have varying hearing ranges.”  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound

So, typically when we think of sound, we are talking about a vibration that reaches and stimulates our eardrums causing them to vibrate and transfer signals to our brains for interpretation. This is not something that we normally visualize, but ‘hear.’

Cymatics is the science of making our audible and also inaudible sound vibrations visible by using various physical substances. Precise and repeatable visualizations of sound effects are achieved by passing electronically produced sound through oscillating crystals to vibrate a plate.

The plates are typically metal, upon which rest various substances, including sand, metal filings, liquids, or powders. These substances, when vibrated, move around and form into patterns precisely and repeatedly to represent the emitted sound frequency.

Different sound tones produce different patterns in the substances, and the patterns also vary due to the different substances used on the plates. This is because….

…. the effect sound has on matter is influenced by the particular properties of the matter/substance it is interacting with.

Pure sound tones create visually stunning geometric patterns, typically representing shapes including spheres, hexagons, and spirals. They mimic natural shapes that are prevalent throughout nature including shapes found in flowers, plants, and animals.

This has led many researchers to conclude that vibration is the underlying cause manifesting all of creation. This idea is also confirmed in the first verses of The Bible where “God SAID……” It seems to indicate that God used sound/vibration to bring all things into being!

When vibrating the metal plates, as the sound frequencies are slowly increased, the structured patterns of the mediums break down and chaos occurs until a new pure tone is reached and the medium rearranges itself into a new complex form. As higher frequencies of sound are used to stimulate the plate, the mediums are ‘excited’ to form more complex patterns.

This is evidence that shows undoubtedly, that matter reacts to sound, and that the ‘quality’ of the sound has a direct effect on the quality (complexity) of the matter being vibrated to form into either harmonious or chaotic structures.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nicola Tesla

What is the study of cymatics revealing to us about our place in the universe?

We are pure energyQuantum Physicists tell us that everything in the Universe is energy and that ALL energy is always vibrating. Every atom that makes up the trillions of cells in our bodies, every tree, every grain of sand….. and even the thoughts and feelings we have, all have their own unique vibrational frequency, and all of these are governed by The Law of Vibration.

“Nothing rests. Everything moves. Everything vibrates. At the most fundamental level, the universe and everything which comprises it is pure vibratory energy manifesting itself in different ways. The Universe has no ‘Solidity,’ as such. Matter is merely energy in a state of vibration.”  www.thewisdompost.com/compelling-guide-law-vibration/2006

Are you thinking that this sounds pretty much like The Law of Attraction? That’s because this law is the foundation for The Law of Attraction.

What this means for us is that ALL vibrations that we contact at any given time are affecting us. Every sound, every smell, everything we see, feel, taste, and touch, are all imparting their unique vibrational signature onto us, just as we are also affecting the world around us with our own unique vibrations.

Cymatics is only visually revealing to us how sound vibrations are influencing matter (including the molecular structure of our bodies.) Sound is only a small part of the whole spectrum of vibration. However, we can see how it has profound implications for us in terms of not only our physical health and wellbeing, but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

The reality for us is that we are just another ‘medium’ or substrate that is continually being affected by sound waves and other vibrations when they contact us. We cannot choose which sounds to ‘accept or reject’ once we are aware of them, because by the time we are aware of the sounds it is too late. They will have already ‘become one with us’ by imprinting their invisible energy signature upon us.

So what is the significance of this for us?

When we understand that disease (mental, physical, and emotional,) is a result of disharmony or incoherent resonance, we can then imagine the remedy to all of our ills and ailments. In its grossest (slowest vibration) form, energy ‘appears’ as solid matter. This includes our bodies…. and there is no aspect of our physical form that is not affected by sound, music, and ALL other forms of vibrations.

Therefore, to facilitate our healing, we can use ‘good or harmonious’ sounds to change our vibrations. The aim is to bring our energy into a state of balance and harmony, within ourselves, and with our environment.

“See what sound does to matter…and again, imagine how sound affects your body on a cellular level…” – Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.

Are there currently any practical applications derived from the study of cymatics?

A search reveals how cymatics has been turned into a healing modality for our bodies and minds.

Cymatherapy is a therapeutic application derived from the pioneering work of Swiss scientist, D. Hans Jenny, who in the 1960s coined the term Cymatics from the Greek word for ‘wave’. Dr. Jenny spent over 14 years documenting his experiments in great detail, publishing books and films showing many intricate and elaborate forms that sound produced in various powders, pastes, and liquids.

Although Jenny was a medical doctor, his primary interest was studying the way inanimate matter responded to sound from a physical perspective, rather than directly exploring the therapeutic effects of sound. However, his extensive body of work did, in many ways, lay the foundation for much of today’s burgeoning field of sound healing, vividly showing how sound can restructure matter into a more coherent form.”  Quoted from Jeff Volk at cymaticsource.com

Nature is full of repeating geometric shapesJeff then goes on to explain the origins of cymatherapy and how it is being used successfully in some dental clinics, and therapy clinics to provide rapid recovery from muscle and bone injuries.

A growing number of professional athletes have recognized the benefits of sound therapy, and are now using cymatherapy, not only for recovery from injuries but also as part of a general health maintenance program to prepare a ‘psychological edge’ for their demanding professions.

However, Sound Therapy and Vibrational Therapy are not new to humanity and have been understood and used by Sharman’s, Wise Women, Healers, and Holy People, probably since the beginning of time.

They somehow understood that by using particular vibrational medicines, (also including plants, sounds, mystical places, and colors, and scents) a collaboration of energy could be achieved that would allow balance and harmony to be restored in patients suffering from dis-ease, resulting in health being restored.

How does knowing that I am a VIBRATIONAL BEING affect my life?

The understanding that we are vibrational beings has massive implications regarding health and wellbeing for each of us, and we can use the knowledge gained from cymatic research to improve our lives in numerous ways.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. Each cell has its own sound (vibration), an optimum frequency for health, and many variations for DIS-EASE (or not healthy.) Cells form together to create organs, muscles, brain tissue, skin, etc. all of which have a group vibration.

Within these groups, the cells are harmonically related to each other. Our cells, tissues, and organs, (our entire body’s) are a collection of all the resonating parts, which add together to give us our unique sound, or frequency.

I’m sure we have all seen paintings of Christ, Buddha, and other spiritual beings, depicted with a glowing halo? This is their vibration as seen by a person sensitive enough to see higher vibrational energy. It’s the evidence of a healthy life force, (spiritual energy, aura,) and we all have it. However, for most of us, it’s resonating at a much lower frequency and is not visible.

By understanding that we are energy, and all that exists is energy, we can choose where we go, who we see, and what we think at all times to consciously keep our vibration up which results in us being happy, healthy, and abundant.

How can knowledge gained by seeing the effect of sound on matter benefit us?

The Sacred Sound Healing System The images produced with cymatics are truly amazing and awe-inspiring. By revealing to us the indisputable connectedness of matter and sound, they are revealing to us that we, as individuals, are just another part of the same complex ‘vibrational soup’ that permeates ALL THINGS.

Therefore, we have to conclude that ALL THAT EXISTS IS INTIMATELY CONNECTED (ALL IS ONE,) and that everything is constantly influencing and being influenced by ALL else that exists- (because of the Universal Law of Vibration.)

This means that everything we sense in every moment of our life journey is exerting some ‘influence’ on us and our energetic makeup…..

ALL things are ‘messing’ with our vibration, in a beneficial way or in a way that does not support our overall health, wellbeing, and our desires to achieve our goals and manifest our dreams.

A simple example to help understand this concept is: We can either sit on a beautiful beach on a warm sunny day listening to the children running around having fun, or sit on an uncomfortable bar stool, drinking our sixth beer, smoking our tenth cigarette while loud disruptive music is playing.

One situation, (I hope,) is obviously better for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and we all intuitively can recognize this.

While this example shows two extreme situations that produce markedly different outcomes in terms of what we are thinking, what we are feeling, and how we are acting, it’s the message here that is important! And cymatics has proven beyond a doubt, by visually showing us, how our decisions (do we sit on the beach or the barstool?) are having an undeniable direct effect on our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This is The Law of Attraction at work in our lives with respect to everything we are doing, thinking and feeling at all times!

I want to impress upon you here, that the way we choose to live our daily lives is creating our future. We are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational universe, and all of the thoughts, feelings, and actions we take every day are themselves vibrations and have the ability to uplift us or deplete us.

Negative thoughts and actions will deprive us of vital life force energy (lower our vibration) while thoughts of love and compassion, acceptance, and tolerance will uplift our vibration.

Therefore, the message is clear…. Choose your thoughts, feelings, and actions wisely for your PERSONAL well-being and the betterment of the environment surrounding you, and ultimately ALL of creation is affected by it.

How are we affected by different vibrations?

The subtle difference that sounds (vibrations) make when assimilating with our bodies can be the difference between us feeling great (and having great thoughts) or feeling sad, lonely, and depressed.

As an example, some music moves me to tears because it is so beautiful, and yet some sounds are so awful that I just want to remove myself from their presence…. like the old aunt who’s always complaining about aches, pains, the neighbors, why don’t we visit more often…….

Every situation that we are exposing ourselves to leaves an imprint, and some of the imprints can have significant effects on us for many years to come or even lifetimes!

THE PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING GREAT LIVES ARE THE ONES WHO ARE TAKING CARE OF THEIR VIBRATION. By this I mean that they interact with, as much as possible, vibrations that support their health, wellbeing, and the achievement of their goals and dreams…… after all, why wouldn’t we?

Evolved people understand that THEIR LIVES ARE THEIR CHOICE and that the circumstances they attract to them are a direct result of the vibration they are emitting. Therefore, to have a great life, all we have to do is to become a vibrational match to that which we want to manifest. This is easy to do.


Our feelings are our best guide to what is working for us as they let us know if we are on an uphill track (feeling good) or a downward spiral. So, why not begin to help yourself now by becoming more aware of, and consciously trying to create, a higher vibration frequency for yourself.

It’s easy to begin. Just pause before doing anything and ask yourself: After I have done this, am I going to feel better and be a step closer to my goals, or not? If not, seriously, why would you do it?

So how do we raise our vibrations and enjoy the best that life has to offer?

Does sound healing work - figure of a man surrounded by energyIn times gone by, the world was a lot less complicated. However, now many of us are living in cities that are constantly filled with noise pollution, light pollution (unnatural vibration), overcrowding, stress, air-conditioned offices, and exhaust fume filled motorways, etc.

We are eating foods laced with hormones, pesticides, BPA’s, watching war and horror on the nightly news, spending hours drenched in 4G and now 5G EMF’s, looking at computer screens, shuffling bits of paper from desk to desk……. On and on it goes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why we are not feeling our best every day!

Sound is just one aspect of vibration that is imprinting its frequencies on us, the one we are talking about today.

So just imagine for a moment all of the unnatural sounds that you are exposed to each day, and now remember the chaos that is caused by just one un-harmonious sound. Add them all together and what do you get? DIS-EASE. And what do we, as modern societies, have an ever-increasing incidence of? MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, AND PHYSICAL DIS-EASE!

The combined effects of all the unnatural sounds upon our bodies are negatively impacting our ability to live happy, fulfilling, and satisfying lives. However, let’s not get hung up on this because where there is a problem, there are also solutions. And cymatic research is showing us one option to help us return to the healthy state that our bodies and minds yearn for!

The answer, of course, is to immerse ourselves in positive vibrations, the more the better! The natural sounds of nature are great to help heal our incoherent frequencies, and we can also use sound healing tools like Tibetan sound bowls, tuning forks, ‘brainwave entrainment tools’ (containing binaural beats and isotones,) all of which will positively impact our vibration to help us heal.

Sacred Sound Tuning Forks for healing

 “Once you’ve objectively observed how a stable structure can dissolve into chaos, but then in just a matter of seconds, re-configure into a more complex and finely-ordered form, you can begin to view your own tumultuous circumstances a bit more objectively as a purposefully evolving process leading toward greater personal equanimity and coherency.” Jeff Volk  cymaticsource.com

Positive thinking and reducing or eliminating negative thinking will also help to raise our vibrations, as will seeking out situations and events that make us ‘feel’ good.

My favorite form of therapy is sound, specifically hypnotic subliminal suggestions that are designed to imprint positive health and abundance beliefs directly into our subconscious minds.

Check out my reviews on the best products currently available below:

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Can The Sacred Sound Healing System help me manifest my dream life? Or go directly to their website here: The Sacred Sound Healing System (uses short bursts of pure tones to re-tune our vibrations so that we will attract to us the manifestation of our goals and dreams.)

That’s a lot of information. Break it down for me.

All things that we sense as solid are in fact oscillating fields of energy that are constantly acting and interacting with each other, without exception.

The field of cymatics has given us a brief visual representation of the creative and destructive potential that sound has on our wellbeing and how we are being affected by, and are affecting, our immediate environment and, in fact, the planet as a whole.

Sacred Sounds produce lasting abundanceScience is beginning to understand how vibrations are interacting to create the world as we physically experience it (outside of ourselves) and how we are subjectively perceiving it with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

With this knowledge, regarding the effects of vibration, we come to realize that we have opportunities to take greater control of our lives.

We can actually change the way we perceive the world by changing our inner world of beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. If we can bring them into a state of coherence, physically, mentally, and emotionally, we can become of ‘sound health.’

Many of us are stuck in repeating cycles of life and believe that this is just the way things are. However, it is our frequency of beliefs, thoughts, and actions that keep drawing to us the circumstances of our lives, through The Law of Attraction. In order to get different results in our lives, we need to change our vibration.

Cymatics shows us that sounds can either be used to raise our potential or limit and reduce what we are capable of achieving. We are currently receiving the life that our vibration is attracting to us. So if we change our vibration, we can change what we are attracting to us, and thereby change our world.

Beware: If you understand this, then you know you are not, and have never been, a victim of circumstance! Your ‘circumstances’ are YOU being surrounded by YOUR ‘STANCE,’ your unique perspective of the world, (what you perceive as happening and how it is affecting you.)

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

The Kybalion

Summary: The takeaway is this

All that exists in the universe, seen or unseen, is at its essence pure energy (including our bodies, thoughts, and feelings.) All energy is resonating and exists at unique vibrational frequencies. (Some of which we can ‘see’ using cymatic techniques.)

The particular vibrations of our thoughts, feelings, and actions set up resonance with matching frequencies. This means that as we choose to think healthy life-affirming thoughts, through The Law of Attraction, we will receive more thoughts to match, as well as circumstances in our lives to equal our vibration.

So, what are you thinking NOW, and NOW, and NOW?

             Do you want to positively raise your vibration in the easiest way possible?              Check out The Sacred Sound Healing System HERE:

Use these sacred sounds to manifest your dream life.

Shared with the hope of making the world a better place for all beings, one soul at a time.


12 thoughts on “What is cymatics, and does sound healing work?

  1. I like this article especially when you mentioned that we are vibration beings. This is good because it shows that we are powerful beings.
    I have been doing meditation a lot ever since lockdown and I can tell you that vibration is elevated the more meditation one does and it is great.
    I did not know about cymatics, thank you for this.

    1. Hi Mate.
      Meditation is also my prefered method of ‘getting in the zone’ or raising my vibration. There are lots of different ways of approaching it, but I think the simplest method is to focus on thoughts that make us feel good…. It’s the good feelings that we want to achieve, so any thoughts that we can have, repeat and expand upon that make us feel better ad better are ultimately for our benefit.

      Keep it up and soon enough you will be reaching for good feeling thoughts throughout the days. It becomes addictive…. wanting to feel good, that is! And you will very quickly notice when you are no feeling good and then changing your thoughts to produce the desired state of a higher vibration becomes easier and easier.

      I wish you well on your journey, my friend.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    I found your article intriguing as it shed a totally different light on sound vibrations and their relation to disease.

    I can now begin to understand the reasons for the high prevalence of disease in this day and age. We are living in environments that are constantly lowering our vibrations causing disharmony or incoherent resonance. Our smog-filled air, cramped buses, and trains, hustle and bustle of life lead to stressful conditions. We further compound this with what we eat – foods bursting with hormones and pesticides, and a lot of it being processed too!

    It seems to me that the way out should be relatively simple – reverse the sound vibrations back to normal by choosing different lifestyles. This requires effort on our part to make these changes.

    1. Hi Ceci.
      Many thanks for taking the time to comment on my article. I have to agree that our modern lifestyles are actually the cause of most of our health problems.

      Sound is just one source of disharmony and ill-health, and because we are all familiar with sound, it is a good example to use when explaining the nature of vibration and its effects on our reality.

      However, all reality is a result of our thoughts. Our thoughts are the creative element for our societies and, as the saying goes, ‘we get what we deserve.’ So, it is the mindsets of individuals within our societies that add together to create the outer reality we are currently living. It follows then, that to change our outer world we all must first create a better version of reality within our minds.

      And herein lies the problem. The majority of people alive today do not accept responsibility for the circumstances of their own lives, and so are not yet evolved enough to consider that they may be contributing to the ‘mess’ that the world is currently in. They consider that it is someone else’s job to clean up the mess and make the world a better place.

      However, the reality is that the world will only become a better place when we as individuals become ‘better’ people! By better I mean, more loving, considerate, compassionate, mindful, tolerant, and caring. This should be something that is easy to achieve, right?
      After all, we all say we want to live in a better world!

      I wish you all the best on your journey of helping the world become a better place,
      With love and respect,

  3. Hi Andrew, before reading blogs on this website I had never thought consciously about vibrations. I do know everything is energy. Just never made that connection. That’s why your information is always so interesting – it’s different from what I am used to. 🙂

    I was wondering about this: I have tinnitus. I listen to soft music all the time in order to not get distracted by the scratching and scraping sounds in my ears. And to be honest, sound therapy wouldn’t be my first choice. Do you know of others with this experience?

    Meditation has helped me deal with the tinnitus. To listen to silence is not possible, but trying to incorporate the noises into the meditation and not to fuss too much about it helps. 🙂

    1. Hi Hannie. Different information is good. However, you don’t have to accept it all, but it just so happens that this time, I’ve got science on my side 🙂

      Ah, Tinnitus….. where to begin!
      I’m not sure what you are going through, but as I understand it, tinnitus is a constant ringing of just one frequency in the ears?

      My story: The ringing in my ears began about 28 years ago. There are many different frequencies playing in both ears at any given time, and …… At first, the sounds were all over the place. Both ears are mostly always different, and sometimes the sounds would be very loud, other times just audible, and sometimes they would not be present.
      However, life goes on 🙂
      Over the years the frequencies have settled down and are a lot more consistent. The very loud bursts are now infrequent and the frequencies are a lot closer together (now missing the very high and low ones).
      Although the sounds are loud in my head, they don’t interfere with me being able to hear what is going on outside my head. They never stopped my having conversations, hearing noises in the distance, etc. and this has always fascinated me.

      I have never been to a doctor about this, because I intuitively know that there is nothing they can do about it, and at best they would give me some toxic medication to ‘try’ and help me.
      I must say that I have never really had the opinion that this ringing is a problem, although I have spent many hours researching it to try and find out what is going on…. if it is a medical condition or something else. (I have worked renovating houses for many years, and though it may be related to all the noisy equipment I have been exposed to.)

      However, the best explanations I have been able to come up with are these two.
      1) It’s ‘the music of the spheres.’ Everything is energy, and all things vibrate. vibration causes ‘sound.’ The spheres are the planets. Our beautiful earth resonates at a frequency of 7.83 Hertz and all other spheres have their own unique frequency. We cannot hear the Earth because we are tuned to this frequency, (our mother,) but some people believe we are hearing the other planets in our solar system and far beyond. (I like this idea)
      2) It’s Electromagnetic pollution from our environment. We are literally bathed in a sea of unnatural EMF’s. 3G, 4G, and now 5G plus many many more man-made frequencies pollute every inch of the earth now, and it’s becoming worse daily. And maybe some of us are just more sensitive to hearing these sounds?

      So take your pick. As I said, these are the best reasons I have been able to come up with after much research. I’m not sure why more information about this condition is not available?

      Suggestion: Things are only a problem if we view them as such. I’ve never viewed this as a problem, so it never has been.
      I have spent many hours in meditation just trying to isolate one frequency and focus on it, or trying to get them to change by ‘my will.’ But most of the time I no longer notice them, not because they have gone away, but because my attention is placed elsewhere.

      I use sound therapy because it works for me. The sounds of nature are very healing and beneficial regardless of what else is going on in our heads 🙂

      I hope this helps in some way.
      I wish you all the best 🙂

      1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your story. Nowadays a lot more information about Tinnitus is available as it is finally recognized as a problem. In my case it is probably a genetic thing; my mother had it, my son has it too.

        My mother went to a (Dutch) doctor about it and he said it would be over once she turned deaf. Stupid remark, driven – I think – by the facts that he didn’t take it seriously and that he didn’t know about the condition. And it was not true. When my mother turned deaf, the ringing got louder.

        My son went to a Spanish doctor and the Spanish indeed know nothing else but to describe medication. Which he took and didn’t help.

        I read news articles about people that committed suicide because they could no longer stand the sounds. I am not sure if for them it would have helped to say to themselves it was no problem. On the other hand, for me, it does help to a certain extent.

        I don’t ignore it and like you, I am (sometimes) able to make it part of the meditation. To accept it as just being part of me. But I must admit, if I for instance can’t sleep and everything is quiet, I really get crazy from the sounds in my ears.

        1. As advanced as we consider ourselves, it’s very apparent that we still have so much to learn- about our world, and even the vehicle we use for our daily earthly experience.
          It just seems that with every new discovery that is made, it opens the door to more that we don’t understand.

          I like to consider that we were made perfectly and as such we are given all the ‘information’ that we need to live perfect lives. However, the issues we have and problems we are experiencing are because we are not interpreting the information correctly.
          We all know that when we experience pain, it is an indication that something is wrong, and if we listen to our bodies we can take the appropriate measures and restore ourselves to a state of balance and wellbeing.

          I tend to look at tinnitus in a similar way. It’s not something foreign that needs to be medicated to death, but rather something that is there to teach us more about ourselves. I for one, am not currently able to interpret the messages from the vibrations, but do believe that the sounds we are hearing are ultimately for our benefit.

          Everything that exists is just energy vibrating and we are part of this integral sea of constantly changing information. I don’t believe that ‘fighting’ it is our best option….. we somehow need to understand the messages and use them to our advantage for our own evolution.

          I know that most people won’t share my views on tinnitus, but I consider learning to live with it is better than being driven mad because we don’t want the sounds to be part of our experience.

          Have a great day Hannie 🙂

  4. Hi Andrew,

    I am not usually one to take an interest in these topics. I have never really thought a lot about frequencies in the universe and cymatics. But, coming across your article today, it really is interesting. Your videos are very inspirational and I love the passion that the people have in talking about their topic. I can feel the passion coming from the page in reading your words too.

    I am going to pay more attention to this and read a bit more into the universe and the cymatics techniques. I’m not sure I will invest in the programmes you have discussed just yet, but if I do I will let you know.

    Thank you for sharing such an interesting article and keep up the amazing work you do.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom. Thanks for your comments.

      I know that cymatics is a topic that most people have ever heard of. However, for me, it’s the root of our existence. Vibration is the language of the universe, and if we want to work out how the universe works, we need to understand about energy and vibration.
      Tesla, Einetein, and recently Elon musk, all talk about how freguency is the basis of all things. And if we can work out how to change our vibration to match what we want, we cannot help but get everything we want…. Yes I am passionate about this, because this is the secret to achieving everything that we want in this life, and I’m using the best tools that I can find to help me achieve my dream life 🙂

      Cheers, mate. I hope you have a great day!

  5. As a technician for 40 years, I for one know the power and benefits behind sound or frequency. I also know the dangers it can cause when not used right. Everything in the universe is made up of frequencies. The more things you join together becomes more complex and therefore have more frequencies. Like a bridge can fall apart if exposed to the resonance frequency, or cause a crystal wine glass to shatter. So will the body have problems when exposed to certain frequencies.

    Like some music just has the perfect sound to make you feel really good and crave for more. Frequencies have a lot of benefits in our lives and yes I do believe they can be used to heal parts of the body as in muscle repair which I have had done.

    I love your article, the videos help a lot to see the real picture as well. Thanks

    1. Awesome Rick. Many thanks for your input.

      Since all that exists is energy, vibrating at different frequencies (some which have the potential to heal and others to destroy,) I guess the main challenge in life for us should be to learn how to recognize the difference.

      Because we are conscious beings, we can choose what we are exposing ourselves to every moment of every day. It becomes quite obvious then that if we want to live a healthy, happy, and abundent life, that we should be exposing ourselves to frequencies (experiences, thoughts, actions, and words) that will attract these results back into our lives.

      Any vibrations that we knowingly participate in that are not to our benefit, could be considered ‘self abuse?’ The is because these unbeneficial vibrations will just take us further away from our goals.

      If we really understand this concept, it helps us to get rid of indicisiveness, and enables us to become very clear as to what choices we should be making….. We should be making the choices that will lead us down the path to achieving our dreams and goals.

      Many thanks for sharing Rick.

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