What is My Life Story, and Why Is What I Tell Myself So Important?

The story we tell ourselves creates our lives

When we take a really close look at the circumstances of our lives we discover that they are a reproduction, or mirror image, of the predominant stories that our subconscious mind is constantly playing. ‘My Life Story’ (our inner dialogues) are a collection of ideas and thoughts we have repeated to ourselves so often that we now believe them to be true. We then behave or ‘act’ out our lives in ways that reinforce our beliefs, and as such, they become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Therefore, we are manifesting our lives according to our beliefs, (most of which are subconscious and not easily available for scrutiny) which we have formed because of the stories we have come to believe about ourselves and our place in our world.

This means that who we are is nothing more than the amalgamation of our predominant thoughts and feelings (which lead to our actions,) all of which add to and define our personalities. And what’s important to understand here is that all these components that define us have unique resonate energies that draw matching conditions, circumstances, events, and people, into our lives.

This means that we are accountable for all the good things in our lives- as we have created them through the vibrational signals that we emit which attracted the desired results back to us. And, it also means that the opposite is true. All of the conditions in our lives that we are not happy with are also of our making and are therefore our responsibility.

So, what’s your life story? And how can we change what we believe about ourselves and our lives, in order to attract more of the stuff we want and less of the stuff we don’t want into our daily life experience?

Why is understanding ‘My Life Story’ so important?

When I’m asking what your life’s story is, I’m not referring to where you were born, what school you went to, where you work, how many kids you have, etc. What I really want to know is how have the events of your life shaped the narrative that you now believe about yourself? Because WHAT WE TRULY BELIEVE ABOUT OURSELVES IS THE ENERGY, THE MOMENTUM, AND THE DRIVING FORCE, THAT DETERMINES THE OVERALL QUALITY OF OUR LIVES.

With this in mind, it becomes obvious that it’s important to pay attention to our particular stories. Why? Because, if our inner dialogue is not supporting us in manifesting the lives we desire for ourselves, we realize that we can change it to direct ourselves towards achieving our desired goals and dreams.

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To learn where our current stories came from, you can check out some of my previous posts including: What is the consensus view of reality; Your life is a result of the programming you received when young; and Can our thoughts really affect our reality?

I won’t repeat myself here, but we have all been programmed and conditioned to become the unique individual we are today, AND WE DO HAVE THE ABILITY TO REPROGRAM OURSELVES TO ACHIEVE BETTER OUTCOMES FOR OURSELVES.

The stories that play through our unconscious minds are made up of our deep-seated beliefs…..

…….and more often than not, these are not the outcomes we want to attract into our lives!

Life is all about stuff happening. Sometimes it’s stuff we want and at other times we would rather that things didn’t happen the way they did. Ok….. so, this is just life. It continues to unfold and change in expected and unexpected ways, and it is HOW WE THINK AND FEEL about what’s happening to us and around us that makes us and our story unique.

We, and therefore our future, are being shaped by how we interpret events and the level of impact they have on us. And the interesting aspect of this is that any group of people can witness the same event and yet all the individuals can interpret it differently and therefore be influenced differently.

Our life story is what we do inbetween birth and deathAn example of this may be when an elderly family member passes away. Some family members may consider this a blessing that the individual has passed from this life and onto something better. And yet others may deeply mourn the loss and consider they cannot go only without this person in their lives. While one experiences a sense of relief and completion, another may be saddened by the loss and a sense of separation. The same event viewed through different eyes can create vastly different ‘feelings.’

Or, as children, many of us were frequently told by our parents that there is not enough money for the new toys we wanted, that we have to work hard to get ahead, or rich people are greedy and selfish. What influence would those thoughts have on a young and impressionable mind…. and did those words sink in to become part of our beliefs around money, wealth, and general wellbeing?

When parents and early life influencers repeat their beliefs often enough, children absorb them and take on similar deep-seated unconscious beliefs for themselves. This is an automatic process and just a natural aspect of growing up. We are born with no ideas, and so need to have ‘programs’ implanted into us so that we can function within families, communities, and societies at large.

It was the frequently repeated ideas we were exposed to when young, added together to make our story, and still contribute to influencing the outcomes we achieve for the rest of our lives. However, not everything is set in stone and our mental energy is always fluid and changeable. Therefore, if we choose to, we can modify our stories (our internal dialogues) to effectively change the direction of our lives to match our evolving goals and desires.

‘My Life Story’ influences the outcomes in our lives…..

….. and this gives us good reason to be more aware of our inner dialogue.

Narrative psychology is a field of research that conveys to us that the stories we tell ourselves are THE CRUCIAL FACTOR in determining our overall success and wellbeing, or lack of it. How we interpret life’s events has a profound effect on who we become and therefore what we are capable of achieving and doing.

The way we talk, and the way we do things, also reveal who we are to others. They can see if we are strong of character or shy, a risk-taker or predictable, or optimistic or pessimistic by nature. And although we may often say things that we do not believe…..

…… our circumstances ALWAYS reveal our true character and beliefs.

Although we have predominant narratives for our life as a whole, we may also have different sub-narratives for general aspects of our lives- specific to beliefs we form over time from experiences. Our predominant narrative may be that we consider ourselves as confident overall, but a sub-narrative may believe that we are not confident when it comes to finding a lasting loving relationship. We may be a magnet for success but unable to enjoy the benefits of time and financial freedom, etc.

The Raikov Effect for reprogramming our brains for successIt’s important to realize that all these stories and sub-stories are just made up of our interpretations of the information we have received from everything that has happened and is happening all around us. We have fashioned this information into our own narratives so that we can try and make sense of the world around us. And this is great………. Because once we realize this, we have the key to rewriting our lives to tell a different story, one that reflects the lives we desire to be living.

So, understanding this gives us options. We can live a ‘stable’ life that conforms to the stories we were given by our peers and end up living a similar life to those we were influenced by when we were young and impressionable, or….. we can rewrite our scripts to change and evolve as we mix with others, are exposed to new experiences, and as we confront our fears to grow and develop our character.

A consensus reality exists as a framework of ‘common understanding’ to enable us to ‘play’ together.

As a collective, the majority of the developed world has accepted some common narratives that have become part of our culture. One such blueprint that is embedded deeply into us is that we need to go to school to be educated, get a good job, fall in love, get married, buy a house, have kids, and work hard until retirement. Then we can live out our much-deserved golden years in happiness because of all the hard work and sacrifice we have given in the past.

This is all well and good as it allows for common ground, a sense of belonging to a ‘greater’ purpose, and gives life a sense of direction and accomplishment. However, one size does not fit all, and the prevailing consensus realities, even if they are followed, do not always lead to a satisfying and happy life experience.
They can also leave those who don’t ‘fit in’ feeling depressed, alone, and believing they are somewhat of an outcast.

We can write our story any way we want!However, it is we alone who are scripting our story. If we are allowing ourselves to be influenced and adversely affected by others, and their narratives, then this is just an option we have been programmed to accept. And now, maybe it’s time to upgrade some of our programs?

Think about it for a moment….. If it’s true what psychologists are telling us that ‘the stories we tell ourselves are the crucial factor in determining our overall success and wellbeing, or lack of it,’ it’s also true that if we change our life story we could become healthier, wealthier, happier, and wiser!

Our life stories are not written in stone and therefore can be changed.

The trend for most people (not all) is to become more set in their ways as they age. We become comfortable with routine and therefore less adaptable because, based on experience, we know what we like and what works for us. In contrast, younger people are more spontaneous and eager to learn new things, and these traits are crucial for gathering new information and skills so that we can continually adapt our stories and grow in experience.

The great thing about our stories is that we are both the main character and the narrator of our stories. So….. what script have you been writing for your life? Is your journey full of adventure, love, happiness, success, and health? Or does your story tell of hardship, struggle, sickness, and lack? This is important to understand, because, either way, YOU ARE LIVING OUT THE STORY YOU HAVE BEEN TELLING YOURSELF.

Knowing that you are in charge of your own story, do you want to begin creating a better future for yourself? Well, the good news is that you can, and you can begin right now! How?…..

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The past has happened and cannot be changed. However, how we think and feel about some aspects of it may not be serving our desire for an abundant and successful life. And this is where the field of ‘narrative therapy’ is beneficial. This is when we can re-interpret negative experiences with a more positive spin in the hopes of changing our future into something better than our present…..

This works because how we interpret (and can re-interpret) the events of our lives has measurable effects on our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. You can read more about this here in my post: Reinterpreting the past to create a better future. (yet to be written.)

My Life Stories BECOMES My Life!

So…. we think thoughts, and if they are repeated often enough, they become part of our story. Then, through the universal Law of Attraction, matching events and circumstances are drawn to us.  This further reinforces the validity of the very story we are telling about ourselves. Therefore, the conditions of our health, finances, romances, work environment, body shape, mental clarity, etc. are all as they are because of the repetitive themes of our internal dialogue.

And if we pay attention to those around us we will also notice that their lives are a reflection of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Those who speak of health and wellbeing, generally have it. Those who speak of hardship and suffering, generally have it, while those who ‘feel’ prosperous, are. It cannot be any other way- Because……… we live in a vibrational universe, where everything runs according to set laws.

The law is the law, and therefore there can be no other outcomes, other than our lives conforming to our vibrational offerings, and IT IS OUR FEELINGS THAT ARE OUR POINT OF ATTRACTION. And since our thoughts are determining how we feel at all times……. DOESN’T THIS COMPEL YOU TO WANT TO BECOME MORE AWARE AND MORE CONSIDERATE OF WHAT YOU ARE THINKING?

Thinking better thoughts attracts more well-being into our lives.

My life story- Good feelings equal good livesSure, there is stuff we need to deal with and give our attention to. The kids need to be fed, going to work is unavoidable for most of us, and it’s a good idea to pay our bills……. So, do these things, and do them with positive feelings. Why not imaging that the kids are growing up in the best possible way to have fantastic lives, the job is satisfying, the bills are paid on time, and there is always, always, more than enough to go around!

If we can reframe ALL THE MOMENTS of our lives to be uplifting and wonderful (and achieve the matching ‘feeling’) then it won’t be long before our reality begins to transform to equal our new and improved vibration. And, although at first, this may seem like magic, it isn’t. It’s just US demonstrating an understanding of the natural universal Law of Attraction, and deliberately aligning with it to manifest OUR desired outcomes.

After all, we are just vibrational beings, and as such, are nothing more than magnets drawing THE LIFE WE ARE FEELING towards us! When we feel poor, we attract poverty. If we are feeling lonely, we will attract more loneliness. When we feel sick, sad, unhappy, or depressed, we get more of the same.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true. We can attract health, wealth, vitality, success, confidence, love, and so much more…….


Simple? Yes? So, NOW is the time to begin transforming YOUR lives into the lives you want to be living…..

Why don’t you begin adding to your story by making yourself the hero, the one who thrives and has a fantastic life! Begin now by thinking more about the things that are important to you….. because if what the psychologists say is true, that WE ARE THE AUTHOR AS WELL AS THE LEAD ACTORS OF OUR STORIES, wouldn’t you want there to be a happy ending?

What have you got to lose…..

Shared with love and respect for all souls that choose to play the game of life!


6 thoughts on “What is My Life Story, and Why Is What I Tell Myself So Important?

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Yet another insightful post, I gained a lot from it.

    One thing I was particularly struck by is this thing about the stories we tell ourselves. I am familiar with the saying that, “as a man thinks, so is he” but the concept has not been put across to me like this before – that the way we think is very much in terms of stories.

    I will be reflecting on what I’m telling myself, first to see what the stories are and second to consider the morale of those stories. And of course, I will be looking to imagine new stories.


    1. Hi Femi,

      Thanks for commenting on another of my posts. I’m happy you are getting a lot from reading them.
      We can spend a lot of time reviewing our stories and of course, this is all very interesting. However, if we want to move forward with achieving our goals and dreams quickly and without ‘interference from our past’ the best thing to do is to just make up new stories that match the future conditions we want to be living.
      So, begin now by imagining where you want to be living, how big is your house? who is sharing it with you? happy marriage? awesome kids? work status, financial status, free time activities,…. etc. There are really no limits to what we can imagine….

      However, to get to live the lives we are now only dreaming about, we need to be consistent in the story we are telling. Because if we mix our messages up, the universal mind (vibrational energy)will not be sure what we are asking for, and will therefore not be able to deliver it to us. Therefore, it’s important to know what we want and to then imagine it as clearly as possible.

      I wish you happy dreaming my friend,

      All the best

  2. Hi Andrew, great post! It is so true we tell ourselves stories all the time. And that we were told stories all the time when we were young. The unconscious stories are the hardest to fight against, I have discovered.

    And you are so right we can rewrite these stories. Not that it is easy, yet it is so useful to live a happy and fulfilled life, that it is definitely worth the trouble.

    For me, the hardest thing is not to ruminate on what can’t be changed. How does that saying go again; change what we can and accept what we cannot change? Reprogramming takes time. Accepting does as well.

    Thanks again for the inspiration. 🙂

    1. I have to agree with you, Hannie. It is the unconscious beliefs that we are often not aware of that are the hardest to change, and yet they are the ones that we will benefit the most from changing.

      Reprogramming does take time, and I’ve found that the best way to do it is just to focus on feeling as good as we can as often as we can. This gives us a general sense of wellbeing and will, with time improve all aspects of our lives. And an overall general sense of well-being is a welcome change for many people.

      So while it may not be easy to focus on feeling good about finances while we are unable to pay the latest bill, if we can focus on other stuff that is going well in our lives, we will generate a general sense of well-being, which our bodies and minds will thank us for.

      Have a great day Hannie.
      I wish you all the best 🙂

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I love this article. What we tell ourselves is so important. If we keep telling our conscious mind who we want to become, then eventually it will move into our subconscious mind and we will start to believe it. If we keep telling our conscious mind negative things, then we will start to believe it as it goes into our subconscious mind.

    So, telling ourselves and thinking positive thoughts on a daily basis is so important. We need to know who we want to become, what is our life vision and we need to work towards it every single day.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom.

      It’s so true that what we tell ourselves on a regular basis is the energy that attracts our life conditions to us. This is why we should always do our best to focus on positive outcomes, love, abundance, happiness, and freedom instead of the stuff that we do not want in our lives.
      Having a vision of how we want our lives to be in the future, and playing it over and over in our minds, with the appropriate thoughts and feeling is the best way to ensure that our dreams do become our realities.

      I wish you all the best with your imagining and visualizations and trust that you will achieve the future that you desire.
      Cheers mate,

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