What is the purpose of my life? And where do I find solutions to my problems?

So, here we are, in a physical body, on planet Earth. What! How did this happen?

If you are anything like me, you will have been asking plenty of questions to try to figure out what is going on.

Why am I here? Is there any purpose to my life? Can I really be here as a result of a freak accident of nature?

I canceled the last question pretty much immediately. Why?

Because….. Do you know how awesomely amazing you are? Do you have any understanding of how incredibly complex you are? That is just you! Now try to begin to understand the complexity of the environment in which we exist………

Just looking up into the clear sky at night blows my mind as I realize that there are trillions and trillions of stars out there, all with the potential of having life-supporting planets orbiting them. The possibilities for life are astronomical, and all of this works like clockwork according to fixed universal laws! Incredible isn’t it?

What’s my role in all of this? Why am I here?

We each have a body that is made up of trillions and trillions of cells, and our inner cosmos just seems to be a reflection of the greater outer cosmos (as above, so below!) Each cell is a super complex factory constantly engaged in numerous biological and electrical interactions that regulate our health without our conscious knowledge of what is going on.

It’s fortunate that we don’t have to be involved in this process, and it frees us up so we can focus our mental energy on other more important things, like; What’s for dinner tonight, or who’s going to win the next football/basketball/ netball/ hockey game, or I think that guy likes me, but if I marry him we would move to another city and I wouldn’t get to see much of my mum anymore, etc….

I’m joking, but I think you know what I mean.

We actually get to focus our minds on creating our lives the way we want them to be. So then, everyone reading this has the life they desire, right?

What, no, not exactly! Why is that?

We have each been gifted a truly incredible body (which I hope you are looking after to the best of your ability) and we have enormous brains which are creating our life experience according to our most consistent and most focused thoughts. This is The Law of Attraction at work in our life!

So if you are not yet living the life of your dreams, there is a disconnect somewhere in your thoughts, (which through your subconscious beliefs are creating your reality) between what you want and what you are manifesting for yourself. You might want to reflect on that for a while!

purpose of my life-man-looking-at-starsOur journey here is to learn how to connect all the pieces of the puzzle, which is our life, in a way so that we come to understand ‘our-self.’ And it is only when we come to understand ourselves that we can learn to manifest the lives that we desire.

In other words, we are here to learn how to become a ‘human being, a powerful creator, instead of just existing as a mindless ‘human doing’ who is caught up and controlled by the many daily dramas that life presents to us.

It becomes a lot easier to understand this once we realize that:

  • We are not our bodies!
  • We are not our minds/thoughts!
  • And we are definitely not our emotions!

If I am not this physical, mental, and emotional being, then what am I?

We are an infinite soul, a spark of awareness, a drop in the ocean of ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, and as such we chose to ‘wear’ this body, have thoughts, and express feelings at this time on this little remote blue planet, just for the fun of it. Our souls came here to experience a physical reality which allows us the opportunity to play and learn!

Reprogram.Me free wealth creation hypnosis audio track.Our physical, mental, and emotional aspects are just things we have been taught to identify ourselves with. They are tools we use to enhance this experience we are currently having, and they enable us to learn and grow so that we can add to the knowledge of what it is to be a human being.

We are born and reborn into different situations according to our soul’s desires for growth. We are always in the perfect place at the perfect time to learn the lessons we need, so that we can continue our journey of self-discovery. This journey will one day culminate in the realization that everything is connected,’ and that WE ARE ONE with the universal consciousness, or ‘ALL is ONE.’

How does knowing this help me solve my problems?

By realizing that life is a game, we can totally immerse ourselves in our current experience to become the best player possible. In this way, we can get the most benefit out of the experience of being a human being.

Unfortunately, for most of humanity, being alive is not all smooth sailing. It certainly comes with its challenges as well as rewards. It is the act of being a human, who cannot remember that life is a game, which causes us to experience varying degrees of pain and discomfort. And this is OK. Don’t get hung up on this, because it is all part of the play! (More about this soon so keep reading.)

In our minds, we can come up with numerous plausible reasons why we are currently not living the life of our dreams. Most people will tell you about all the external things in their lives that are preventing them from achieving health, wealth, happiness, and all the other dreams they have. They are busy spending their energy looking outside of The Law of Attraction works for you at all times.themselves for the cause of their suffering.

However, it is when WE are out of tune with OUR SOUL’s DESIRES, not learning the lessons being presented to US, that life is more of a struggle, more uncomfortable, and of a lower vibrational frequency. The results of this include disharmony, dissatisfaction, and dis-ease for US, not for anyone else.

Therefore, it is a waste of our time and energy to look elsewhere or blame another person or circumstances for our problems, as the answers to all of OUR problems reside within OURSELVES. Our life is our personal experience, not anyone else’s!

Life is a journey: We come into this world knowing nothing and then are given the tools to build the life of our dreams

If we are alive, we still have something to learn to add to our understanding of what it is to be human. We are here because we are currently incomplete as our experience base, and therefore wisdom, is still limited. Life is designed to be this way, so we can experience the act of learning and growing up to become whole again by having more and more experiences.

Our greatest assets are our minds and if we use them in a productive, supportive way, we can achieve enormous progress toward understanding our-self (self-realization) in this lifetime.

It is the steps we take each day along our path that are important. We are, by design, involved in an intentional progression of learning so that our true nature as an infinite soul is not revealed to our ego-self too early in the play of life.

Many religions and books talk about our ‘fall from Grace,’ (the loss of memory of our spiritual nature and the creation of this limited self-identity,) as a mistake that happened because we disobeyed God. They also view this separation from ‘The Creator’ as our punishment.

Quantum manifestation Code Reviews-Manifest the life of your dreams buttonHowever, life with all of its ups and downs IS the adventure that our souls desire. While we are on Earth we are able to assume a physical form, whilst temporarily forgetting our true nature, so that we can become totally consumed in an exciting adventure by living in the moment.

Being alive with limited memories of our soul-SELF is therefore not a punishment, but a holiday away from the Oneness that is all of creation, and but a very brief scene in a never-ending eternal play.

If we are able to release the need to arrive at the destination, and instead can learn to enjoy the act of being human here and now, we will have a much happier and much more rewarding life experience.

However, until we arrive at this understanding we will continue to experience dis-harmony in our lives.

‘A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion,

does not act as if it is real, so escapes the suffering.’


So, what is the solution to my problems? How do I heal my pain?

Our ‘problems’ can be attributed to having thoughts about what we perceive to be happening, believing these thoughts, and then following up with more thoughts that reinforce the problem. These thoughts when repeated often become part of our BELIEFS and establish themselves as part of our subconscious programs.

These programs automatically ‘take over’ when we are not consciously engaging in the thought process. So, in effect, we program ourselves to behave in ways that are consistent with our own ‘perception of reality’ which includes our problems, and this is why we keep having similar problems over and over again!

Just because we believe we have problems does not mean that our problems are ‘real.’ It just means they are something we have given a lot of focus on and chosen to believe at this point in time.

And if we believe that our current experience is all that is available, we will continue to be trapped inside a box to live a limited version of reality. However, the truth is that so much more is available outside of the box of what we believe. We need to realize that there are always many other options available to us….. if we just changed our thoughts, is it possible that our problems could just go away?

The Spirit Whispering programOutside of the limited box of physical reality are the energetic fields that are the source of all physical matter. It is this energy IS responsible for creating all matter, including this reality that we perceive we are existing in. It is in these fields that we will find the answers we are searching for.

Our soul currently resides in this energy field and is there to support and guide us to any degree we desire. We just need to learn how to hear the subtle directions/clues that are sent from our souls to guide our physical, mental, and emotional selves toward our soul’s desires for us.

This is the solution to our pain and discomfort. If we can follow the directions from our soul-SELF we will achieve inner peace. This means we need to consider the desires of our greater SELF rather than the wants of the ego-self. The ego-self is always changing as we grow and evolve, whereas the soul-self is a permanent aspect of the ever-present cosmic consciousness.

When we can tune our physical life with our soul’s desires, our ‘problems’ will cease to exist, (as we will come to understand that there are no problems.) We will finally be at peace and be content with all that happens. This happens because we lose our emotional attachment to the wants and needs emanating from our ego-self. Then we can remain here, at peace in this body, and play purely for the fun of the game of life.

As this happens, our ego will lose its stranglehold over our mind and our soul will become the director of our life. Here we find peace because we will no longer pass judgment on ourselves, others, or any events and circumstances in our lives. All events will be understood to be in the context of ‘the natural flow of life.’

Our true SELF will finally be revealed and we will begin ‘being’ the soul, rather than just considering that we may have one…… and then life is bliss.

What are your thoughts on the purpose of life? I would be happy to hear your ideas. Please share them below in the comments.

Shared with love and respect,


14 thoughts on “What is the purpose of my life? And where do I find solutions to my problems?

  1. Hello Andrew, Spot on here. I say “think, live and be outside the box” and we are home. Great post. Cheers Jill

  2. The mind is indeed very powerful. I know from experience it’s a tough job to learn to control your thoughts. But when you start to recognize the ones that are blocking you, then you will be able to work from there. It’s an ongoing learning process, but it will be of great help. It’s a shame most of us don’t even know about this. They lost the connection between mind and body. Just my thoughts… thanks!

    1. Hey Rob. Many thanks for your comments. I agree that it is a shame that most people are not taught how important it is to be aware of what they are thinking. All of us are able to improve our lives just by having better quality thoughts. It seems so simple, and yet it is the hardest thing to get people to understand. It is an ongoing process, and our purpose here is to learn to reconnect our mental, emotional, and physical aspects to our soul. This is how we solve all of our problems.
      Wishing you all the best on your journey,

  3. I wonder at your shortsightedness when you ponder the infinite. Maybe you have considered your conclusions for only a short period of time. After a few years of thoughtful discussion with those you respect, maybe your concepts may mature. Living not my ego life, Janice.

    1. Hi Janice. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I’m not sure of the point you are trying to make? My post is, of course, only my opinion and I do realize that we are all different in what we believe. My opinion is not something that I just made up out of thin air, but beliefs I have about the purpose of life. They are formed from many years of research, personal experience and discussions with those much wiser than myself.
      My beliefs have evolved from the time I first started searching for answers about 30 years ago, and culminate in what I am now writing in my posts. I do not rigidly hold onto the beliefs that I currently have and I am open to learning something more, something better or just something different. I would be interested in knowing what it is that you do not agree with, as maybe we can learn some more from each other. Kind regards,

  4. Hey Andrew,
    We are all here for a reason and we as individuals choose our own fates. I feel that each and every one of us are here to help each other. I’ve always believed that and when you stop to think about it, it makes sense.
    Each and every person who comes into our lives will make some sort of difference, good and bad. We learn lessons as we go along and hopefully follow the dreams and reaching the goals we have.
    Do you feel that each one of us has a specific in purpose in life and what should we do to accomplish that?

    1. Hi Rob. I believe as you do, that everything happens to us for a reason. The people in our lives are there for a reason. The reason is always so we can learn from and teach each other, and of course, have some fun 🙂
      Do I believe that we each have a specific purpose? I think the sound of this is good and it would make life easier if we were able to find and follow our purpose. However, nothing is fixed within this universe of infinite possibilities. I do believe we came into this life with some unresolved issues, that when sorted out, lead to us growing and developing personally and this can be considered to be a purpose while living, but not a specific purpose for living. I consider that we each have so much potential that we are capable of ‘turning our hand/mind’ to anything that we desire to do. So really what I am trying to say is: I believe that is it up to us to find out what we want to achieve in this life and then live with purpose to make our dreams come true. So follow your passion to find your purpose, and if you haven’t figured out what you are passionate about yet, just choose the next best thing on your list of what you want to achieve die! I hope this helps. Best wishes to you for a passionate life experience.

  5. Your article reminds me of many people who are caught up in the vicious cycle of “self-fulfilling prophecies”. They blame all the external factors for their current life but simply fail to understand that the problem is from within and they need to address that first. I look at so many people around and many a times feel sad for them as they are waiting for good things to happen and fail to realise that so many miracles happen everyday and they fail to see it as they just go through life. Thanks again for the wonderful article and look forward to reading more of your articles.

    1. Hi Rudolph. Many thanks for taking the time to read my article. I know what you mean, it can take a while for people to understand that to get what they want they actually need to actively work towards it. It’s unfortunate that they have never learned this, and instead waste many years, or their whole life just watching the good things in life pass them by, not knowing that they too can reach for and have these good things!. Thanks for sharing.

  6. After reading this very informative and enlightening article, the first thing that comes from your amazing article is this verse from the KJV “we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I think regardless of one’s belief system we can all agree on this point. Your article brought me great food for thought. Thank you so much for sharing it. Blessings,

    1. Hi Scarlett. Thanks for taking the time to read my article. I have to agree, with your wonderful quote. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. I cannot begin to think of a better design for a human being. I am happy that I was able to make you think about some stuff. Kind regards,

  7. Hi Andrew,
    Love this post it’s meaning full and to the point we are all amazing in our own unique and we are equally important in life no matter or curcumstance.

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