What you are thinking now is creating your future!

Are your thoughts creating a future that you will enjoy living?

Most people are so busy reacting to what is happening around them every day that they seldom stop to consider that there may be more to life. Their time is consumed by working to pay the bills, family and social commitments, etc. Hopefully, they get to enjoy a few hours to themselves in the evenings or weekends (if they are lucky.) Sometimes, life just seems to be an endless repetition of previous days, weeks, or even years.

When we end up living like this, reacting without thought or care, we often become stressed and depressed. We have forsaken many other possibilities and lose the ability to consciously make choices that would help us break the uninteresting cycle that our life has become.

It is a huge mistake to assume that what we can see now and what we currently have is all there is for us in this lifetime!

Within the world, here and now, is contained infinite variety, and many opportunities for joy, love, happiness, power, wisdom, and everything that we can dream of. It’s all just waiting to be accessed by us and brought into expression for us to enjoy in our everyday lives.

So, why are we not living our dream life now?

The content of our current life is made up of our past thoughts and emotions.

You have probably noticed that some people already possess all that they desire and live in peace, harmony, and abundance, while the majority of us still live in varying degrees of suffering or discordance. To understand why they get what they want, and we don’t, we must first know how all of us came to be living our current lives.

The biggest problem for humans now is that for ninety to ninety-five percent of the time, most of us are not consciously aware of our thoughts! This is vitally important because every thought that we think is creating the content of our lives! So, if we are not consciously using our thoughts to build our dream life, we are, by default, creating our life circumstances based on our old unconscious mental programs.

Since our unconscious programs are responsible for generating most of our thoughts (and therefore, most of the content of our lives), it is essential that we come to know the content of our deep-seated beliefs.

So, we need to ask ourselves, “How did we come to have the beliefs we currently have?”

Our mind is like a massive filing cabinet. Its main job is to store the information from the events and circumstances (in fact everything that we are exposed to) throughout our lives. This information can then be sorted and recalled when the mind determines necessary to give meaning to the things that we sense in our lives, (taste, touch, hear, see, and feel.)

How we then act or react to events is determined by which particular information is retrieved from those files. Therefore, our unconscious mind (remember 90 to 95% of what we think is unconscious) is a living record of the past and can only operate from something that is already known to it. This means that if we are living on autopilot (90 to 95% of the time), we can never react in new ways, learn anything new, or improve our lives.

Doing the same things (reacting from information already stored in our mind unconsciously) will return to us the same thoughts and feelings that we habitually use. Therefore, we can only manifest more of the same life that we are currently living while in autopilot mode.

This would be ok if the information stored in our minds was creating the life that we desire to be living. Unfortunately, for most of us, the information in our filing cabinet, more often than not, does not lead us to be living the life of our dreams.

Where did my programming, the thoughts that determine how I live my life, come from?

We are born into this world with an empty mind. We know nothing! Our filing cabinet is empty and eager to be filled up with information. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose what information to fill it with. While young, we are unable to discriminate between information that will benefit our future goals and what information will hinder us from achieving our dreams.

Our mind is not who we are. It is who we learned to be!

We can’t reason or think consciously until about seven years of age. For the first seven years of life, our minds are like super-absorbent sponges. We just suck up all information that stimulates our senses, (the good and the bad) and file it away for future reference without judgment (the unconscious mind cannot decide what is good or bad so it gives equal weight to all information.)

Information comes from our well-meaning parents, peers, schools, the TV, etc. and this is just a natural process of life. There is nothing wrong with this process. However, there may be something wrong with the information that we are exposed to, that we absorb, that becomes part of our deep-seated unconscious beliefs. This is the information that will continue to repeat itself throughout the rest of our lives when we are reacting in autopilot mode. Is it the best of all information available? (Is it even true?)

The information our impressionable young minds receive from the environment helps us to assimilate into that environment as we grow and develop into functional members of society. But is this who we are?


We are now nothing more than a product of the environment that we have been programmed in. It’s neither right nor wrong; it’s just the way things are. We are the way we are because of the information we were exposed to during the early years of our life. We were ‘programmed to be a certain way’ so we could fit in and conform to the beliefs of those who were programming us!

Did their beliefs (which they have passed on to you) result in them living the life of their dreams?

It is essential to realize that it does not need to be this way! We don’t have to continue to receive according to our current programmed beliefs.

All of our thoughts and feelings are responsible for our current life circumstances

Wealth creation is easy once you have reprogrammed your subconsciousWe are unique; however, we may have received similar programming to others. It is the files, stored in our minds that determine our life, (who we hang out with, our music and movie preferences, who we vote for, religion if any, etc.) This is why we can socialize with certain people, fit into community groups, and even societies, even though we will never see and understand the world exactly as anyone else does.


Each of these files, when retrieved, generates thoughts, which led to emotions, which give rise to actions and reactions. The way we specifically interact with the world returns to us the specific results or the life experience that we are currently living. This is The Law of Attraction, cause and effect, manifesting into the unique personal reality that we call OUR LIFE.


So, next question: Why is it that the information that makes up the majority of our subconscious thoughts (that we unconsciously return to again and again) doesn’t support our desire to live an extraordinary life?

Is the programming you received working for or against you?

The majority of those who programmed us had good intentions. They did the best they could. We need to remember that they were also programmed in the same way that we were, by others, who may or may not have been very smart.

No two people view the world in precisely the same way. We believe things to be right that other people do not. And conversely, seven billion other people may consider some things to be true that we disagree with, either slightly or actively, or somewhere in between. So, who is right? What is the truth?

New Life Frequencies gift Magnetic Wealth AttractionWe believe things to be true or false BECAUSE OF THE WAY WE WERE PROGRAMMED – NOT BECAUSE THE REALITY IS THAT THEY ARE TRUE OR FALSE OR GOOD OR BAD!

Truth is subjective and dependent on the way we think, which is a result of all previous information we have absorbed. If we were programmed by a family, community, or society that is not living a dream life, then it is more than likely that we are left feeling robbed of our potential. If we had been born into a different environment where everyone is happy, living a life filled with abundance, and the people are achieving success after success, then our potential life would have been very different from what we are currently living, BECAUSE WE WOULD HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED DIFFERENTLY!

However, I am not saying we should blame our circumstances for anything that we may feel we are lacking. Remember, we are all receiving according to the Law of Attraction, or according to the ‘causes’ we personally have unleashed into the world which have come back as ‘effects’ to give us the perfect life experience.

This perfect life contains everything that we need so that we can evolve ourselves to achieve our dreams. We are NOT and have never been, limited by our socioeconomic status, our education, our upbringing, or anything else. We are only ever limited by our beliefs, fears, doubts, emotional baggage, and the old programs we continue to revert to (when on autopilot) that sabotage our dreams.

For our life experience to change, WE MUST CHANGE OUR THOUGHTS!

Many people are living lives that contain experiences that they have not consciously or deliberately wanted. The content has been attracted into their experience by default due to their programmed beliefs. This means that we are receiving what we think about, whether we want it or not, and our unwanted recurring thoughts are attracting matching things into our lives. The Law of Attraction makes it so!

Socrates believed that the secret to life was to KNOW THYSELF. This requires that we become consciously aware of our minds, as our life is determined by what we think and believe. It’s the role of the conscious mind to be the gatekeeper, and be discriminating, to be able to choose which information we allow through to our unconscious mind.

Begin now to be more discerning about the information you expose yourself to so that your unconscious mind only receives information that will help you achieve your goals?

Our minds are extraordinary and can be directed in any direction that we choose, and this means that we can achieve any goals that we set for ourselves. The process of thinking is not the problem. It is what we are thinking about that separates us from achieving our goals and dreams.

However, once we realize that much of the current content of our lives is created by default as a result of our chronic unconscious thought patterns, we have the key to how we can improve our lives. All of our sufferings are a result of thoughts that generate suffering. Therefore, the solution to our problems is to train our minds to focus on the things that we want to attract into our lives. We just need to begin the process of ‘upgrading our thoughts’ to attract to us the experiences that we CONSCIOUSLY desire.

So, if you are regularly thinking thoughts that are manifesting results in your lives that you don’t want, begin the process of disciplining your mind. BEGIN IT NOW, because nothing is more important than the way you think and feel. Begin consciously choosing thoughts NOW that will manifest results in your life to make your future unforgettable. DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW!

This is how you begin to eliminate thoughts of the things you don’t want. This opens the door so you can eventually get what you do want, not because you deserve it, not because you earned it, but because it is a natural consequence of The Law of Attraction.

If we can remember that ALL THOUGHTS ARE RETURNING RESULTS THAT MATCH THOSE THOUGHTS INTO OUR LIVES, we may become more conscious about what we are thinking.

“By your thoughts, by your beliefs, by your imagination, by your will, you create, guide, and maintain your life.” Michael J Roads

Shared with the hope of making the world a better place one thought at a time, with much love and respect for all souls who choose to play the game of life,


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