What’s Holding Me Back From Living Life To The Fullest? (And What Can I Do To Begin Living A Better Life?)

Our education is holding us back from living a great life!

It seems that many people know or at least feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with the world today.

Many of us are seeking answers to a ‘knowing’ that there is much more to life than we are currently living, that our experience should be one of ‘heaven on earth.’ However, the daily reality often involves struggle, hardships, and frustrations, and disappointments.

An ever-increasing number of people are unhappy, unhealthy, depressed, anxious, and even fearful. And, more and more people now feel the need to seek professional help for psychiatric issues as well as consuming more prescription medicines than ever before?

So what is it that is holding us back from living life to the fullest?

We are told we are the most advanced and the most highly educated people in the known history of the world (I disagree with this- subject for a future post.) so it doesn’t make sense that many of us are struggling just to get by. Mass education kills our individuality

And it makes even less sense when the highest educated amongst us, the ones we elect to positions of power to improve our lives, are more focused on running the opposition down, creating more wars, bailing out their buddies, and pretending they know what’s best for the rest of us- to the point that they use force against us to ‘get their way’ if we don’t agree with them. Does this seem like the behavior of ‘intelligent’ beings?

So, we are educated on mass, (by those who know best) with a seemingly global agenda to create conformity (which restricts our individuality). We then end up living our lives within the bounds that our ‘democratically elected officials’ (please excuse my laughter) and educators deem necessary FOR OUR OWN GOOD.

And, herein lies the crux of our problems…. WE ARE NO LONGER FREE TO LIVE OUR LIVES AS WE WISH TO- unless we wish to be living according to society’s endless rules, regulations, and restrictions, etc.

And then, we wonder why we are not happy, exuberant, and filled with vital life-affirming energy when we wake up each morning?

Our souls are free, but our minds are programmed to conform, therefore our lives are severely limited and THIS RESULTS IN INTERNAL CONFLICT WITHIN US!

We are actually very privileged to be living in these bodies and to be running around on this beautiful blue planet, which is filled with so many opportunities for joy, and so much to experience and explore.

In all of time and space (both of which are vast beyond our ability to understand), WE ARE HERE AND NOW! Everything outside of this moment is beyond our control, so of primary importance to us should be: HOW AM I FEELING NOW? Am I living my daily life in such a way that I am excited when I wake up each morning because of the possibilities that this day holds?

Steal the genius of anyone with The Raikov EffectOr, are we waking up thinking, oh, another day of going to work to do something that I don’t really enjoy so I can get a salary to pay the endless bills, and hopefully, I will have enough left at the end of the week for a few hours of fun with my mates?

As I said: We are conflicted within as our eternal soul is yearning for something that we as a limited conscious ‘human doing’ are not delivering. Our soul is playing this ‘human game’ with the purpose of becoming ‘experience-rich’ and we are too hung up conforming to our limiting mind programs that we are not exploring our unlimited potential.

When we have done something a thousand times already, our soul is going, so what? Nothing new here, and begins giving us hints that perhaps it’s time to find fun and excitement in other ways, in different places, or with different people, anything please, but not more of the same!

I don’t mean we have to give up our current lives to become happier, but if we can just add some new experiences into the mix occasionally we will be surprised at how much better this will make us feel.

Because, if we are not spending our time doing things that promote personal growth and development, that contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and all beings, or expand our understanding of what it is to be powerful creators, we have strayed from our intended path. We are, in fact, just allowing ‘others’ who influence us to define the limits of our experience for us!

And this is why we are not feeling happy and fulfilled.

How did we lose control of our lives, and why are we allowing this to continue?

It seems that many of us are yet to connect with the larger and wiser part of ‘ourselves.’ I am, of course, referring to the soul aspect of self. It is always there for us, just waiting quietly for us to become aware of its existence?

Is your life out of control?This is the aspect of our ‘SELF’ that contains ALL the answers we are seeking that is the remedy to ALL of our ‘problems.’ And once we reconnect to our ‘natural state of being,’ we will realize that yes, we can create heaven on earth, here and now.

Our natural state of being is what we experienced when young before we were programmed to behave and fit in to become a useful and productive member of society. We were born to explore, to be adventurous, to squeal in delight at the wonders of nature, and to always seek out and learn new things, and those of us who still behave like that today are living wonderful and joy-filled lives. Unfortunately, these people, the ones who are exuberant with life, now seem to be few and far between.

What happened to us collectively as a species that we lost the ability to be free-spirited and enthusiastic with just being alive?

Do you ever remember making a conscious decision to change from this fun-loving, carefree youth to become someone who is burdened with too many responsibilities, a mortgage, a 50 hour a week work schedule, taxes to pay, not enough ‘me time’ to do the things you love? Did you ever consciously want to be transformed into this worried, stressed, tired, and unhealthy person?

Maybe we just followed along and were unaware of what was happening to us?

There is much more to us than the limited reality that most of us are intent on living each and every day.

If you knew, with certainty, that you are much more powerful than you currently believe you are and could experience so much more in this life than you currently are, would you be interested in exploring this potential?

I know, I know, I ask a lot of questions in my posts, and it’s for a good reason. That reason being, questions make us think, and thinking, hopefully, encourages us to learn new things (about ourselves and the environment that we live in) and new information leads to personal growth. And personal growth is where the fun and adventure happens!

So, what happened to us that we decided to stop growing and instead ‘knuckle down’ to live mediocre lives of conformity and often struggle?
Manifestation is easy once you know how to do it!It seems that our potential for learning and joy was unbounded……. until….. WE BEGAN TO BE ‘EDUCATED!’

From the moment we were born, we were subjected to other people’s ideas, attitudes, and beliefs of how the world works and what our place in it is going to be. It took years, but eventually, because of repetition, those ideas became our core beliefs.

This ‘education’ may have been ‘good or bad’ and was filled with ideas, beliefs, and attitudes of others (not ours), and we absorbed it regardless if that information was true or not, supported our quest for a great life, or hindered our potential development.

And as a result of our ‘education,’ our options became surely and radically restricted. We became defined by what we learned and because those educating us can only tell us what they know, have learned, and believe to be true, this is what we learned. And this really is only a very small slice of all information and experiences that are available to us, however, it does define the upper limits of what we are capable of achieving!

Our education is purposefully designed to fit within what is commonly referred to as the consensus reality.

A main theme within this reality is that we were programmed to believe that to have a good life it is essential that we get a good job so we can make money to pay for all the things we want, and this is the road to ‘true happiness.’ Awesome, sign me up!

Ohhhh, been there, done that for too many years now, and still trying to cross another hurdle before I finally get my reward and feel satisfied with life. Oppps, one more hurdle, and then another on the horizon, then surely, I will be unconditionally happy? After all, I did what my teachers taught me, I’m following the program that is universally accepted by most societies worldwide.

I followed the rules, I brought all the things that happy people were advertising on TV (well they looked happy with the new phone, watch, clothes, car, trip, shoes, best cleaning product ever,) so I believed that having all these things would have made me happy too?

Maybe fitting in and consuming all this stuff to try to feel good about life is not all it cracked up to be? So what is the answer to: How to live life to the fullest?

I feel like there is a greater purpose to life than doing the same as everyone else.

The biggest lie we have been fed is that we have choice. We are conditioned/brainwashed to believe that we have been making our own decisions, however, this is nothing but an illusion. The only choices we have had available to us were the limited options we have been programmed with, and these choices all fit within, and perpetuate, the existing consensus reality.

Sure, we could choose which school to send our kids to, what career path we would take, who we would marry, how many kids to have, what school to send them to, guide them choose a career that is hopefully a step up from ours, help them get into debt buying their first house, condition their kids (our grandkids) for a life of pretty much the same stuff, and so many choices for dinner tonight!

We are living in a very small box of possibilitiesI’m not saying that this is not a good life as there are great moments to be had throughout all of this, and overall, life is pretty good for most people. However, I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT WE HAVE BASICALLY BEEN PROGRAMMED TO LIVE WITHIN A BOX AND THIS BOX (OUR LIVES) ARE PRETTY SMALL COMPARED TO WHAT WE CAN EXPERIENCE WHEN WE STEP OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

So, even with a great job, great spouse, awesome kids, heaps of money in the bank….. life can sometimes leave us wanting for more. What’s missing? CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR REALITY!

It’s not difficult, it just requires us to be more consciously considerate about the choices we are making.

In order to be happy, to feel fulfilled, and satisfied with our lives, we need to continue to evolve ourselves, we need to keep growing in experience, and we need to make choices that bring more fun and excitement into our daily lives.

Growing ourselves is as much about unlearning the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes we hold that no longer support the ideal person that we wish to become, as it is about seeking new experiences and information that will consciously help turn us into the happy and successful people we wish to become.

We benefit greatly when we let go of all the limiting mind programs that haunt and restrict our daily lives so that we can naturally expand in consciousness and come to realize more of our true nature and unlimited potential.

As a species, we have been brainwashed into believing that we are small and that our lives are unimportant, but nothing could be further from the truth. We have been purposefully programmed out of our natural state for far too long now, and NOW IT’S TIME THAT WE WAKE UP, AS INDIVIDUALS AND AS A SPECIES.


Shared with the hope of making the world a better place one soul at a time.

With love and respect for all beings who are choosing to play this game of life, may your experience be awesome!


6 thoughts on “What’s Holding Me Back From Living Life To The Fullest? (And What Can I Do To Begin Living A Better Life?)

  1. This is so interesting and reminds me of a book I read about 12 years ago ‘Mach II With Your Hair On Fire’ by Richard Bliss-Brooke that said ‘we’ve been asleep at the wheel our whole adult life’ which really spoke to me because I could see it was true. Now I am wide awake but still working on my old programming and reminding myself that I am just as worthy and capable of success as anyone else! (I still see that the majority of people as still sound asleep and many have no desire to wake up to their potential.)

    In any case, it started my journey of personal development and I can say that I am enjoying the journey which is fortunate because the feeling you get when you achieve a goal is fleeting and it was never about the destination at all. It’s about who we become in the process.

    Keep up the great work.



    1. Hi Jean. The book you have mentioned, ‘Mach II With Your Hair On Fire’ has a great title, and sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

      I think we will be working on our old programming until we pass over because so many of us received sub-standard beliefs and ideas from our peers.
      However, I’ve found it easier to just focus on the stuff I wish to create. This brings me happiness instead of being dragged down by the bad habits and memories of the past.
      I think you have summed up the journey of personal development nicely by saying, “it’s about who we become in the process.”
      Awesome, and many thanks for sharing.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this article. It might be really an eye-opener for some people. I resonate with everything you wrote. It reminds me of the conversation I had with my good friend not long time ago. We discussed happiness and what brings more happiness. Is it a new car, apartment, phone, or a new dress? She said, that it makes her happy when she got herself something new. But for how long, right? I answered: ‘Is it gonna make you smile and feel good when you remembered when you got your new car last summer or is it gonna be your memories?’

    1. Hi 🙂
      Any happiness that comes from outside of us is short-term, and therefore we are always on the search for something to give us the ‘next fix.’
      True and lasting happiness is a state of being and it is something we can cultivate over time with awareness. It takes an intelligent, self-aware person to understand this and to give up the material comforts and pleasures, and to go in search of inner happiness.
      It sounds like you are someone who has discovered this secret.

      I wish you well on your journey and hope you create many, many, wonderful memories 🙂

  3. Hi, Andrew,
    Very nice ideas that can be incorporated into real life. I also have experienced problems in my life. Every one who joins the rat race ultimately gets stressed, has psychiatric problems or other metal deceases. I can’t see that this problem will ever stop. Your complete explanation is suitable for every field including school, work, and business. I appreciate your understanding of the real situation. Thanks you so much.

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to comment.
      It’s very sad that it now seems to be an acceptable part of life that we get stressed out about so many things. This is not considered healthy, so why do we buy into it and allow it to continue?

      I believe there needs to be a major overhaul in the way we think about and carry out working. The reality now is that robots can do many of the jobs that are currently done by people. This would allow people to pursue more of the activities they are interested in, and the levels of stress within the people would be radically reduced.

      Thanks for sharing.
      Cheers, Andrew

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