Why am I alive: Is there some grand purpose to my life?

Life life for the fun of it!

Why are we here on this beautiful Earth at this time in history?

Is there a purpose in my life?

And what should I be doing with my time?

Such big questions. However, have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, life is not meant to be understood? Maybe we can just experience life for what it is- a series of events that continue to occur. Stuff is happening, has always been happening, and will continue to happen, whether you and I are here to witness it, participate in it, or not!

Do you know what that means for you as a participant in this life?

Wise people have been asking big questions throughout history and some even give us their answers. A best-fit collection of answers allude to another question. ‘What if we are here just to experience what life in this physical reality is like?’

What would that mean for you, and how would it change how you are living your life on a daily basis?

Well, most importantly, it means that you can just relax with the knowledge that you don’t need to figure anything out! The world, life, and stuff will continue to happen regardless of what you think about it and do about it. So why not just let go of any need you have to control events and stop trying to figure out what it all means. And while you are at it, let go of all of your desires to understand why you are here, what you should be doing, and if you are doing it right.

Now…. we can just relax and start living our life, from this moment on, with a new sense of freedom, free from worry about the ‘bigger picture.’ Learning to be present, to be mindful, at the moment will bring our full attention to ALL the details like feeding the kids, exercising correctly, putting the right type of fuel in our car, etc. These things are necessary for us to participate on a functional level within a society that has certain rules and expectations from its members. So they are important on a continuing basis and are therefore deserving of our attention.

What does it mean to be here ‘just for the experience of being alive?’

One of lifes experiencesI can only answer for myself. And my answer is: Because I am here, I will always try to live my life as if it is an adventure for my soul. This Earth is a playground where my soul has chosen, at this point in time, to come and play the ‘human doing game.’ The purpose of this game is to further experience what it means to be alive in a physical body with limited awareness of my true origins, (my spiritual self.)

We have been gifted these amazing bodies that are incredibly complex, (and so remarkable in design), a mind that is beyond comprehension, and feelings….. Ahhh, the feelings!

If you are reading this, you cannot deny that you believe yourself to be a human being. Human beings have choices available to them that the other animals, plants, rocks, and gases do not have. We have the ability to think and make choices. I choose to focus my energy on having a great life experience now and setting up my future so that it continues to be an awesome adventure.

I see my life being filled with stories that I can be proud of when they are passed on down the line. This is not to satisfy my ego, but to satisfy my soul’s desire for adventure, fun, love, learning, and continuing growth. I, for one, am living and intend to continue living my life on an upward spiral, where the learning and variety of experiences continue to happen until the day I leave this mortal body. With my last breath, I wish to be heard saying, ‘man that was truly a life worth living!’

I do realize that not everyone has the same ideas about life as I do. Some of the alternatives I see around me include people living in misery, poverty, war, sadness, despair, loneliness…. Well, you get the picture. The range of life experiences is huge, and goes from ‘completely satisfied with life’ to ‘wow, I just want to get this over with!’

So, my fellow adventurer, where do you fit into the scale above? Number one being ‘my life sucks, just end it now’ to number ten which is ‘I love my life and I cannot wait to come back for another adventure in a new skinsuit.’

I think that if you are here reading this blog, then you already have an established level of awareness to know that we can all squeeze more out of life than we are currently allowing for ourselves. That’s what you are here to learn, right?

happiness is a choice!What have I got to be excited about?

The universe will constantly surprise you if you let it! It is filled with unimaginable stuff to amaze our senses. We just need to look at our own physical bodies, (the overcoat our soul is wearing while having this physical adventure) to be awestruck by the complexity of life!

Then look to nature and be amazed by the variety of life within the plant and animal kingdoms! If you are not yet amazed, think about how our planet has been a well-balanced self-sustaining environment for countless species for the past four billion-plus years.

Look up into the sky and comprehend the innumerable stars that inhabit an endless space, where scientists have now decided that planets are the norm rather than the exception around each of those stars. Imagine the possibility of life that exists!

However, putting the enormous scale of stuff to amaze us aside, we can return our attention to the stuff that is right in front of us, here and now. There are so many opportunities for all of us to be overwhelmed by life’s events, sensations, and feelings at any given time.

People are amazing, nature is amazing, and the opportunities for learning through the internet are amazing, etc. However, our ability to be inspired, amazed, and excited by any of it is up to us! It comes down to how we view life, and how we interpret the endless possibilities that we are gifted with for experience and continued personal growth and development.

Are you choosing to grow and enjoy life, or have you given up and are content settling for a mundane life where every day is more or less a repeat of the previous day, week, month, or years?

Think positive to attract positive resultsBut my life is hard: Bad stuff keeps happening to me!

I know that it’s hard to put a positive spin on every bad thing that can happen to us or others. There are people out there in the world doing stuff right now that I consider to be not at all good! And no matter how positively I try to think about all the negative stuff happening in the world, it still continues to happen.

However, my life is positive and fulfilling, because I choose to look at the events that are happening to me in a positive way. For example, recently I was stuck in an airport for 8 hours while the engines on the plane I was meant to be on were being ‘fixed.’

My choices were:
  • Freak out because the plane I was getting on had engine problems, (not a good sign).
  • Be annoyed that I would be arriving eight hours late and would miss meetings that were scheduled!
  • Be annoyed that I had to sit in an uncomfortable airport for eight hours with not much to do.

Looking around at the other passengers who were stuck with me showed how others were dealing with this unforeseen event. The reactions ranged from some people being visibly annoyed and even angry to the other extreme where some people were relaxed and made the best of the situation by reading, working, or chatting to others.

So, what did I choose to do? Relax of course!

Why? Because I knew that this event was beyond my control. There was nothing that I could do about it. But where I did have power is in my ability to consciously choose how I would think, and therefore feel about the situation. Looking at those that chose to be upset and angry was all I needed to do to remind me that this reaction is of no benefit to anyone, and is actually detrimental to those who choose it….. and anyone else who gets in their way.

I can do it!Why are they not able to understand this? Because they are not consciously thinking about the situation. They are more often than not just mindlessly reacting. I don’t think that anyone, in their right mind (when consciously thinking) would choose to act in a negative way to most of the stuff that happens to us on a daily basis.

It helps us on our journey by realizing that while we are here, life is nothing but a continuous unfolding series of events. If we react unconsciously we will always be at the mercy of the events and it will seem as if we have no control over our lives and the way we are feeling at any given time. However, if we choose to become a conscious thinker, we will gain control over how we are feeling and reacting to events and can therefore focus our substantial energies towards ACTIVELY CREATING our future’s the way we desire it to be.
If we choose to accept that which is put before us and deal with it consciously in the most appropriate way, life becomes easier and we grow in potential as we overcome what we previously thought of as obstacles. Life then becomes fun as we realize that we have influence over the events that occur in our lives, but only if we choose to actively participate in creating our own exciting ‘life story.’

How do I get to have a more fulfilling life?

I’ve seen ‘shit happens’ written on tee shirts, and yes I do believe shit happens for those people as they are unconsciously inviting, through the Laws of Attraction, stuff into their lives that they are not happy about. If you choose to view life with this attitude, this is what you will attract into your life!

We all have the option to choose what we think about things, and it is our thoughts that determine how we end up feeling. So knowing this, why do so many people end up ‘feeling’ not good about stuff that is happening in their lives? It is, after all, just a choice they have made! Sacred Sound Healing System Mind Optimization gift

The problem is that more often than not, the ‘choice’ was not really a choice, but instead a programmed subconscious reaction to an event or situation that stemmed from their conditioned beliefs about life. What I mean by this is that most people, most of the time are not consciously aware of how and why they are reacting to stuff in a certain way. They have always had a certain response, no matter how illogical, and continue with the same or a similar response whether it is appropriate or not.

It’s that simple really. When we are not consciously aware of how we are thinking, we will be regurgitating old habits and patterns that we have been conditioned with from birth. These patterns of behaviors and responses, more often than not, do not serve our soul’s desire for a life filled with joy and abundance.

However, when we become aware of how we are thinking and feeling, we can consciously make changes to give ourselves a more positive experience at all times.

So, if you wish to have better life experiences, you need to step up and become consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions more often! Beginning now!

Did you just make a conscious effort to help yourself feel better by promising to become more conscious of your thoughts more of the time?

If not, why not? You are reading this blog to learn how to have more positive life experiences, right?

It has to start now. You know the sayings: ‘Tomorrow never comes’ and ‘Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.’

Actively participate in your lifeYou WILL improve your life when YOU choose to take action to make it happen….. Your life will not improve without your active participation!

The Law of Attraction requires you to be an active participant in the creation of the things you desire. Wishing for stuff to happen only attracts more wishing into your life, so you will be forever wishing for things to change. You will achieve everything that you desire when you, yourself can clearly see it and take action towards making it happen!

So, is there actually a purpose for my life?

Each one of us is currently living the life experience that we have shaped for ourselves. We have created this life by manifesting, through the Law of Attraction, that which we believe (consciously and subconsciously) combined with that which we spend most of our time thinking about. Unfortunately, for most people, it is their subconscious beliefs that have the most power in determining their reality as, according to researchers, 95% of the time, most people are actually unaware of their own thoughts.
We will only get more out of life by completely immersing ourselves to become more mindful of what we are doing in every moment of our lives. By doing this, the untold beauty and perfection in all that we are surrounded with begins to reveal itself to us.

Just ask, point and receive to manifest your desiresWE ARE THE MEANING AND PURPOSE OF OUR LIFE! With this in mind, we should choose to completely embrace our current life experience with focused awareness so that we can fulfill our soul’s desire for continued growth and expansion through experience in this physical body.

Shared with love and respect in the hope that some readers out there will be able to improve their lives by being aware that the choice to do so is theirs and theirs alone.



11 thoughts on “Why am I alive: Is there some grand purpose to my life?

  1. Hi, Andrew, something I’ve always felt among the masses of others is that they truly believe there is nothing more to life than getting a job, paying taxes, breeding, and dying. Sounds depressing if you ask me. Further, it’s the negativity of these people that breeds negativity in many of our positive souls, but such souls don’t possess such knowledge you and I possess.

    Life is an adventure. It’s a journey. It’s a wonderful thing. Those who believe that the fun ends when we “grow up,” “enter the real world,” or can no longer have fun when “life begins” are fooling themselves and these are the people I truly feel for. The fact that life is filled with fun and surprises and yes, we just have to allow the universe to show them to us and they will come. My mission in life is to help others find such positivity, find their purpose and fulfillment through leading by example. With time, we can help lead those into positivity.

    1. Hi. Congratulations to you Todd. It sounds like you have not fallen for the ‘Grow up and act your age’ line! There is no reason for people to lose their enthusiasm for life, but so many of them do. And as you have said, they think the ‘responsible thing to do is to get a job, pay taxes, breed, and die. Sounds pretty boring to me. We live on a planet that is truly amazing! Truly amazing!!!!! Why would anyone choose to live such a limited experience with their head buried in the sand? With you, and others like yourself leading by example, there is hope that those with whom you associate will wake up and see life for what it is…. A great big adventure filled with unimaginable fun, laughter, love, and joy. I wish you all the fun that you can handle my friend. Kind regards,

  2. Hi there! This is very important information. Thank you! Although, I do admit, I would have been freaking out for those eight hours and the whole flight! I don’t handle planes very well but will try my best to follow your advise. I have saved your website! Looking forward to future posts! Thanks again

    1. Hi Sandy. Thanks for your positive feedback regarding my site. I hope next time you fly you will remember that you have choices available and that one of them is to ‘not freak out!’ I wish you all the best. Kind regards,

  3. What a wonderful post! I love how you offer such inspiration and dialled in information about harnessing the good feels of just being alive! It is so amazing, our minds, our bodies, this Universe and our connectivity. This last year was my awakening and I totally understand now about how situations that you think are happening to you, are actually happening for you and once you realize the immense power and control you have to create your own reality, you really begin to learn how to focus the energy of your thoughts and emotions so that they are always working in your favour. Unlearning the misaligned beliefs takes some work, but we are so plastic in terms of how we can evolve that it is completely achievable. We have had it all wrong. There is no struggle and the world really works for you. The key is to know that and then act accordingly 🙂 Your post is a great way for people to broaden their life experience and I sincerely appreciate your take on life Andrew and I am always very inspired and grateful for the information that you distill! Thank you!

    1. Hi Rebecca. Many thanks for your supportive comments. It’s always good to know that my words can inspire and motivate others to improve their outlook and situation in life. You are so right when you say we are ‘so plastic.’ It is our choice to mold ourselves to whatever life we choose! Unfortunately, most people don’t utilize this knowledge and are just swept along by the events in life that they perceive are happening to them! This is the way of struggle, pain, dis-ease, and dis-satisfaction as we are always putting the blame for our circumstances elsewhere. By claiming ownership of our lives we can choose the direction that we wish to go in and make plans to have everything that we desire for ourselves in this lifetime. It all starts now, with the choices that we make.
      I am happy to hear that you are one of the few who understands this and is implementing this ability to ‘create’ for yourself the life that you desire.
      Shared with joy and respect,

  4. Many thanks Terry for your kind wishes and comments. I am choosing to live with joy, love, and abundance in my life. I wish you all the best for the coming new year my friend.
    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Great post! I often used to look at the sky and wonder what was beyond and why are we here. As I got older and into meditation and really searching for meaning I came to the conclusion that we all need a purpose or a meaning in life to survive.

    I figure we are all suffering. We all have issues but if we have a direction, a meaning or purpose then we have a reason to be here. Those who don’t become victims and blame everything bar themselves for where they are.

    With meaning we are growing and learning. Without it we are dying. I found my meaning and love this life. We all have choices. Thanks for a really thought provoking post. Love it, cheers,


    1. Hey Key. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my post. I have to agree that a life lived with purpose is a life filled with passion and it makes the day to day living so much rewarding for us. I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that you achieve all of the goals that you have set for yourself.
      Kind regards,

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