Why Are My Manifestations Not Working? (And How Can I Make Manifesting Work For Me)

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Because you are here, I assume you already know about, and use, The Law of Attraction. And now you want to know “Why are my manifestations not working?” And, more importantly, “How can I manifest my goals and desires into my life?”

Knowing about something like The Law of Attraction and being able to apply it are two different things. It’s the same with building a house. We can read all the relevant books, watch videos, and talk to others, but until we ‘correctly’ apply all the knowledge we have learned, it is meaningless.

So let’s discover why you are having problems and how you can get back on track to creating the dream life you desire. Because, after all, WE CAN ALL LIVE THE LIVES WE DESIRE, BUT FIRST WE JUST HAVE TO LEARN HOW.

Why Are My Manifestations Not Working?

We live in a universe that works on attraction. It is Universal Law that we get what we are a vibrational match to. So if we are not getting what we are wanting, then our vibrations do not match what we are desiring. TO GET WHAT WE WANT, WE NEED TO BECOME A VIBRATIONAL MATCH TO IT, AND THEN, BY LAW, IT WILL SHOW UP IN OUR LIVES.


There are only two reasons why your manifestations are not working.

1) You did not receive the correct information on how to manifest, or

2) You are not applying the information correctly into your life.

We can make up all sorts of other excuses, however, everything will come back to these two issues.

The first thing we need to understand is that in our attraction-based universe, we are already receiving into our lives that which matches our vibrations. The Law of attraction is working perfectly, without compromise, as it should be. It simply cannot be any other way!

Therefore, if we are not receiving what we want, we shouldn’t blame anything else or anyone else for our lack. This is because no one can ‘assert’ into our experience unless we let them. Remember, our universe is attraction-based, not assertion-based.

Instead of looking outside of ourselves for our answers, we need to look inside for why we are not yet living the lives of our dreams. So let’s explore the two reasons why your manifestations are not working.

1) Did we receive the correct information on how to manifest?

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Maybe we are not using The Law of Attraction correctly? How well do you understand The LOA? If you need to remind yourselves of how the LOA works, take a look at some of my previous posts: Law Of Attraction at Healthy Wealthy Happy and Wise.

It is when we feel the enthusiasm to do or have something that our energies line up, and then we are inspired to take action from this point. However, if we are not ’feeling it deeply,’ then don’t do it, because our effort will not get the results we anticipate. If we’re inspired, we will not procrastinate but have a single mined intention to manifest. And this is a very important aspect of manifesting.

The biggest problem people have with manifestation is that they ‘muddy their vision’ with their ‘existing reality.’ They allow their vision to be influenced, not only by what they want, but also by what everyone else thinks about it, and what the others want. However, know this: WHAT THEY THINK AND WANT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS AND WILL IN FACT HINDER, AND MAYBE EVEN PREVENT, YOU FROM GETTING WHAT YOU WANT!

Being influenced by the ideas and opinions of others, and by our existing conditions, means we are not able to be single-mindedly focused and therefore we will not be able to achieve the required heightened vibration to achieve our desires. Our vibration concerning what we want will instead be lowered because of the negative thoughts. This just serves to create confusion, discord, and misfortune, within our ‘asking.’ The Universal Mind recognizes our confusion, and since this is the vibration we are emitting, this is the reality we will manifest.

I know it’s not what we want, but it is what we are ‘vibrating.’ Therefore, what else can the Universal Mind Do? It has to give to us according to our vibration…….

“When the desire is born, right away you start counting yourselves a failure, because you’ve got this desire that hasn’t been satisfied. Know that you never get it done! And since you never get it done, it’s time to stop being unhappy about what’s undone, because most of it is undone! You are an eternal being. Most of it is undone. Instead of taking score about what’s been achieved — we want you to start feeling anticipation about what is still to arrive…” – Abraham Hicks

2) How can we correctly apply the knowledge of manifestation to achieve our goals and dreams?

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Fortunately, we live in a space/time reality where there is a ‘buffer zone’ of time between the thoughts we offer and when they are answered. Until we clean up our vibration to become genuinely loving individuals, our manifestations will not come quickly. And this pause is to our advantage because no one wants to have a thought like “I wish the kids were quiet,” only to never hear them again!

We need to offer a vibration that has no contradiction…. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions, need to be in alignment so that our desires are fulfilled. The time we have between a request/desire and its manifestation allows us to ‘clean-up’ and add to our wishes. The clearer and more pure we are in our intention the better the Universal Mind is able to answer to our satisfaction.

“We need to look at how we think, and with how much focus we think. How much stability is there in our thoughts will determine if the thought will become reality. We must not create any impediments to our thought processes with any negative thoughts.”Sadhguru

So, for our lives to unfold as we wish them to, we need to come into vibrational alignment with that which we wish to create. THAT IS ALL! There is no big secret to manifesting. There is no hard work required, and there is less and less time delay the more we practice. Because more practice creates a stronger and more focused mind.

It goes without saying that the more we practice, the higher we will raise our vibration in relationship to that which we desire. However, we can’t always spend our days only thinking about the things we want. But we can quicken our manifestations by spending all of our time having loving thoughts regardless of the tasks we are faced with.

Why it is important to feel love and appreciation throughout our daily lives.

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An attitude of gratitude and appreciation for all that exists will speed up our manifestations as well attract more good fortune and harmony into all areas of our lives. This is the power of the LOA in action. When we raise our vibrations we will attract better conditions, people, and circumstances into our lives!

But why just focus on what you want? You do know that everyone wins when we strive to make the world a better place?

Humanity has a collective vibration, and we play a part in that. Our beautiful planet also has a vibration, and as a collective, we interact and affect her vibration.

So, why not wake up each day with the intention of making a positive difference in our own lives, the lives of those we love, as well as our
communities, societies, and our planet. Creating a more joyful, peaceful, and loving world is as easy as starting our days with this simple thought in our minds:

Today, wherever I go, I will create a peaceful, loving, and joyful world.

To summarize: How Can I Make Manifesting Work For Me?

  • The first and foremost thing is that we need to be clear about what we want. If we do not know what we want, then the question of manifestation does not arise.
  • We have to think about, and then focus on with clarity, and stability, without contradiction, what we wish to attract. The amount of reverberance we can produce in alignment with our desires will determine the result. Is there a high enough vibration to make our desires a reality, or are our thoughts too weak and scattered and therefore just filled with ‘empty air?’
  • We do not have to think about how the manifestation will occur. This is just adding conditions and restrictions and confusion to our requests. Our job is to just let the ALL-KNOWING UNIVERSAL MIND do its job and deliver in the most appropriate way. Make your requests, and then get out of your own way!
  • We have to stop all thoughts and habits that contradict our desired outcomes. For example, if we want to become a multi-millionaire within the year, we cannot continue to go to the pub for a beer with the gang four times a week and complain about how bad things are. You must become inspired by your desire. Change your thoughts and habits and you will change your world!
  • If you lose the ‘good’ thoughts, don’t worry about it. Just pick it up and start again. Commit yourselves to this process of creating what you really care about, and our minds will become organized in this direction. Once our minds are on board, our thoughts and feelings (emotions) naturally align with our desires. And then our whole being will become organized in the same direction and resonate/vibrate with our desires. AND THIS IS WHEN WE BECOME THE CREATORS OF THE REALITY WE HAVE ALWAYS WANTED, AND IT ALL MANIFESTS FOR US.
“Every thought that you think is vibrating at a very personal frequency . . . and by the powerful Law of Attraction (the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn), that thought is now attracting another thought that is its Vibrational Match. And now, those combined thoughts are vibrating at a frequency that is higher than the thought that came before; and they will now, by the Law of Attraction, attract another and another and another, until eventually, the thoughts will be powerful enough to attract a “real life” situation or manifestation.” – Abraham Hicks
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Shared with love and respect for all souls who are enjoying the game of life,


4 thoughts on “Why Are My Manifestations Not Working? (And How Can I Make Manifesting Work For Me)

  1. It is so great to read your articles, Andrew!

    Yes, and it is true! Our vibrations are in line with other vibrations. If we feel love and respect, we will have a higher vibration.
    Raw food fans only eat raw organic food with high vibration and energy because eating it will heal them and energize their bodies. We can only live if we get enzymes from high vibrating plants, which are needed for our health. Cooked food has dead enzymes and nutrients.

    Everything has energy, and if we stay in our low-energy bodies, we will become ill. Low energy= illness! Our thought does influence our bodies! Our thoughts bring in life to our reality! I love this article! Thank you very much, Andrew! 🙂

    1. Many thanks for your contribution, Sylvia.

      Yes, it is true that we have different options or ways to raise our vibrations. One is through our mind and the other is through our physical bodies. However, the good news is that both are interconnected and when we affect one, the other will also be affected.

      Mind: Thinking empowering, uplifting thoughts will make us FEEL better, and our good feelings become our raised vibration. Meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and creative visualizations are all beneficial, as is just being an optimistic happy, and loving person.

      Body: Eating natural high-energy foods will directly affect our bodies’ energy levels and raise them. Exercise is also a beneficial way of raising our vibrations, and some exercises are better than others because of the mindset that is associated with them. Violent sports, where we are out to win at all costs is not so beneficial while a yoga practice that focuses on breath control and a connection to the divine is much more beneficial.

      As you have mentioned, everything is energy, and our awareness of this fact can help us focus on creating lives that are full of good vibrations,,,, then we will be sure to have wonderful, satisfying, and fulfilling lives.

      Have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. Your articles always help me stay focused on my path. When I saw the title of this article the first question I had in my mind was why some things I manifest (usually not so great ones) become reality at once or a week or a month later and the really wonderful things I manifest take forever or haven’t happened yet. I say “yet” because I believe that they are on their way.
    For example, though, if I think “I wish it would rain” or “we could use some rain” (I live in the desert) a day or two later it really rains! And it always baffles me when this happens.
    Then there are other things I have manifested for years and I haven’t seen results yet, but perhaps by manifesting I am paving the way to my goals. Who knows? It’s interesting to see that by asking you here in this comment I am finding my own answers 🙂
    How do you attract, though? I know it’s not only through words or thoughts. How can I combine manifesting with attracting?

    1. Hi Christine. Thanks for visiting my website again 🙂

      It’s great when you realize that you know the answers to your own questions, haha.

      The aspect of us that does the attracting is our vibration. It is only when we vibrate at the same frequency as the objects or outcomes we desire that we will ‘attract them to us’ or ‘manifest them into our lives.’ In reality, both outcomes are the same thing.

      So our vibration is ALL IMPORTANT! And what is our vibration made up of…… our emotional state of being at any given time. We can be feeling gratitude for all that we have (and attract or manifest more to be grateful for, or we can be in emotional states of depression, fear, anxiety, anger, hostility, etc. and attract/manifest more of the same into our experience.

      Our vibration (emotional state) is affected by what we are thinking and doing at all times. This is why, as we become more conscious of our ability to ‘create’ or ‘manifest’ that we should only ever be thinking thoughts and doing stuff that aligns with wellbeing for us and the planet as a whole. Any thoughts and actions that are not uplifting will be preventing us from achieving our goals and dreams.

      It’s great that you are manifesting some of the stuff that you are thinking about. It gives you an indication that manifesting is a process that is working for you.
      Don’t get hung up on the idea that you are doing something wrong because you haven’t yet received everything you have been asking for, because we are here to experience the journey of life. And the journey is a progression of learning….. There is no hurry to the finish line, so we need to learn to enjoy the journey. This is where the fun and excitement is, and the thrill of knowing that we can now do something that we couldn’t do before……. enjoy the ride!

      You are not doing anything wrong, and you, like all of us, are in the perfect place, in the perfect circumstances, to get you to the next level.

      I wish you well on your journey, with much love and respect for all souls,

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