Why Can’t My Life Be Normal?

Why Can't My Life Be Normal-many-faces-in-a-crowd

Normal, average, run-of-the-mill, ordinary…. Is this really who you aspire to become?

I get it… if you are feeling like you are left out or as if you don’t fit in, you’re not going to be enjoying your life much as it is. However, trying to fit in doesn’t always work out so great for the people who do it.

And this is why I advocate that you shouldn’t try to be anything different from who you already are. Instead, you should embrace your uniqueness and use it as the foundation to begin building the better life that you are wanting for yourself…..

…. this is the only true path to a happier life, and I’ll explain in this post why there is nothing wrong with who you are now, and more importantly, how you can get to where you want to be from where you currently are….. So, read on!

Why Can’t My Life Be Normal?

What’s considered normal varies between cultures, social statuses, religions, political affiliations, etc. And it’s impossible to fit in with all these different crowds at the same time. And even if you consider yourself normal when talking about sports with some people, you may find that you have nothing else in common with them. This is just life and it shows how unique you are…. and you are not the only one. All of us, at some time or another, find ourselves not fitting in with the people we are surrounded by.

What Do You Think Normal Is?

We get our ideas of ‘how life is supposed to be’ from the society we grow up in, from the surrounding people, from the TV programs we watch, from the social media content we consume, etc. And generally, all this content does, is show us an ideal version of how things could be.

In the movies, the hero always wins and everyone loves them. In social media, people always share the best snapshot of their day, maybe the only moment when they were happy. And the surrounding people are quite often only too happy to tell us what they think about our lives and why we are ‘doing it wrong!’

And you may have come to believe that this information represents the ‘idea life’ that you should conform to and if you do, you will then be happy and satisfied! And that the reason you currently are not happy and satisfied is that you are not living this so-called ‘normal life!’

However…. A snapshot of a wonderful event on social media does not show when the same person is crying alone in the room because they are lonely. Your peers telling you how you should be acting and what you should be doing to make your life better does not reflect the fact that they also have issues, disappointments, stress, and fears in their lives. And the movies…. well, that’s just a writer’s fantasy playing out on the big screen.

The Wealth Genome ButtonNormal is much simpler than that. It is what you and I and all the other people are already living…. It is us playing out our lives, dealing with the challenges, enjoying the fun times, and crying when our loved ones pass on. Your life is as it is, as is mine! And the beauty of it is that we don’t have to stay where we are if we don’t like it!

As humans, we are fortunate that we can learn to steer our lives in any direction we want.

But First, Maybe There Is Nothing Wrong With Who You Already Are?

If you don’t change anything about yourself, life is just going to keep giving you circumstances that are similar to what you already have. Why? Because we live in an Energetic Universe where strict Universal Laws govern all things.

The Laws are absolute and uncompromising. And the Law that you should become most aware of is the Law of Vibration, commonly called The Law of Attraction. Briefly, it states that you, as an energetic being, vibrate at specific frequencies concerning love, wealth, health, etc. and that your vibration attracts matching circumstances into your life.

And this is why you can’t change your life without first changing your vibration, or who you are at a fundamental level. And you know what? Changing who you are is not always easy. In fact, it’s rarely easy….. and it’s more often than not a lifelong journey that you will embark on.

Are you willing to go there? The rewards are phenomenal, but the road can oftentimes be scary, bumpy, and unsettling!

Like all journeys, this one begins with where you are now. It requires that you get to know who you are now, more intimately…. You have to know who you are and what you want because you cannot begin any journey from a place of not understanding who you are, where you want to go, and what steps you must take to get there!

Origins Reborn Law Of Attraction BannerAnd because The Law of Attraction works regardless of what you think and feel, it’s a really good idea to learn how it operates and how you can apply it in your life. The best place to begin is to practice loving who you are, here and now, even with all of your self-perceived faults.

Loving yourself becomes easier when you realize that it is your perceived faults that have given you the catalyst to change into something more than you already are…. and if you cannot love that, at least appreciate and accept it as a good thing…. for much better things are about to come your way!

Self-Reflection Is The Beginning Of A Journey To A Better You!

When you are getting all of your information from the surrounding environment (TV, social media, peers, religion, society, etc.) you are ignoring the most important and most powerful aspect of yourself. And it is in this other aspect, your internal world of thoughts and feelings, where you will find all the answers to your unhappiness, dissatisfaction, loneliness, fear, doubt, insecurities, etc.

The external world, outside of you is just the catalyst that provides stimulation for you to experience life. All the information you perceive with your senses is then ‘brought in’ and processed within your mind and body. And therefore your thoughts and feelings are a result of the stuff you are seeing, tasting, touching, hearing, smelling, and sensing.

And currently, if you are not happy with your life, it is because you are not exposing yourself to external content that is negatively influencing you. OR… you are processing the information you are exposed to with a bias toward negativity.

Either way, it is you that needs to change something about yourself before your life will begin to transform into the better life you desire. And this may mean hanging out with different people, changing your job into something you really like, exercising more so you feel better about yourself, etc.

Limitless Labs Review-Free DownloadYou will also benefit by consuming better quality books, videos, social media, etc. that are uplifting instead of dramas and horror movies. Anything that harms your well-being lowers your vibration which then attracts more unwanted crap into your life.

Learning to become more self-aware of your habitual thoughts and actions/reactions can help you break the negative subconscious patterns
that you are habitually doing that keeps you feeling down and out.

Meditation and mindfulness are currently the best tools available for you to learn more about yourself and how you are interacting with your environment. And this is very important because….

…. it is how you act and react in your life that determines the quality of your life…..

You may think that it is what other people are doing ‘to you’ that determines your happiness, normality, satisfaction, hurt, suffering, etc. However, it is not! Your life, according to the fixed laws of the universe is only ever about your thoughts, feelings, and actions…. You are a sovereign being and no one else has any power over you…..

…. and you will learn this, and how you can manage your own life to become the awesome experience you desire by becoming more self-aware by learning how to meditate and become more mindful.

Identifying How You Want Your Life To Be Is The First Step To Manifesting It!

Stress-no-more-banner-adSo, you are who you are now…. authentic and unique. And once you release the pressure to be what other people expect of you, you can actually focus on what it is that YOU want to do with your life.

This is itself is a breakthrough for you and already sets you apart from all the other sheep who cannot break free from the chains of expectation and conformity. Congratulations are in order…. Your life is about to get way better for you.

And part of the journey is that you need to understand that things are not always going to go your way…. especially in the beginning when you are transitioning from what you have always known and been doing, to making changes in your life.

However, this is NORMAL. All change requires that things are done differently, either in mind or in action. And change can be uncomfortable, uncertain, and scary, as well as extremely rewarding, fun, adventurous, and exciting.

So, why not begin by writing your future story…. The introduction begins with you learning who you are now at this moment. This means contemplating to become more aware of how you are acting and reacting in the environment in which you exist.

Next comes the bulk of your story…. Several chapters where things magically start falling into place for you, where things are working out in your favor more often, where your level of happiness and satisfaction rises, chapter after chapter.

And then towards the end, you find yourself in the relationship you’ve always wanted, in the house you’ve always wanted, with a family, the perfect job, friends, holidays, and health…. It’s all up to you… because it’s your story…. and it never ends while you are alive….

…. your story will forever evolve as your wants, desires, and circumstances change and evolve throughout your life…..

So, do yourself a favor and take some action now to begin creating your life the way you want it to become…. because universal law dictates that you are the only one who has the power to do this…. No one else can do it for you! Why? Because the nature of reality is that we live in a universe based on attraction, not assertion!

I know you can start making some changes in your life today that will not only make you feel better now but will also dramatically improve your future happiness and satisfaction…..

What’s it to be…. More of the same dissatisfaction, OR… the beginning of a new adventure….

Why not begin today to reprogram your subconscious mind to align with your goals and dreams? Reprogram.me can show you how.

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