Why Do I Get Vibes From Other People?

Why Do I Get Vibes From Other People-4-people-having-a-picnic

Being able to detect the ‘vibes’ other people are giving off is a gift. Although it may give you the creeps at times, it can also save you from unpleasant encounters, let you know when you ’match’ someone, and even prevent you from entering dangerous situations.

Our vibes are also called our intuition, gut feelings, instincts, or ‘acting on a hunch.’ And the more you understand what’s going on with the vibes you feel, the better you can successfully navigate your way through life.

Everyone is capable of feeling vibes, and most people have had direct experiences of intuitively feeling or ‘knowing’ things that were beyond the scope of their logical minds. However, it’s unfortunate that many people dismiss these feelings as ‘not real’ just because they can’t figure them out with their rational minds.

However, if we rely only on our logical conscious minds to guide us through life, we are missing out on a massive amount of superior information that can be used to make our lives better.

Why Do I Get Vibes From Other People?

You are getting vibes from other people because you can receive and interrupt the subtle energetic signals they are radiating into the environment. They are made up of many non-verbal cues that our subconscious mind is noticing that our conscious awareness may be missing. These signals tell us who they really are, how they feel about themselves, about us, and about life in general.

What Are The Vibes We Are Feeling?

We are complex bio-electrical beings, and as such, every cell in our body has energy. And our overall energy (often called our aura, chi, Prana, or vital life force) is made up of our general personality, (what we are thinking and how we are feeling the majority of the time.)

If we are predominantly negative, our energy will vibrate more slowly than that of an optimistic happy person. Our vibes are telling the story of how we are feeling…. and how we feel is a direct consequence of the predominant thoughts we are having. This invisible energetic information is then available for others to sense or unconsciously ‘read.’

Anyone with some level of self-awareness can be empathetic to this information… and either use it to their advantage or choose to ignore it. The amount of invisible information that is available to help us navigate the best path through life is huge as evidenced by modern scientific research.

In a paper, The Half-second Delay, produced by Kings College, London, Dylan Williams explains:

“There is an increasing body of evidence that only a minuscule proportion of the sensory data processed by the unconscious mind (capable of processing approximately 11 million bits per second) is referred to the conscious mind (capable of processing approximately 50 bits per second).”

And even more startling, according to Speed Reader,

“The subconscious mind can process 20 000 000 bits of info per second. The conscious mind can only process 40 bits of info/sec. So the subconscious mind can process 500 000 times more than what the conscious mind is able to…… only about 0.01% of all the brain’s activity is experienced consciously. In other words, it is as if roughly 10’000 cinema films are actually going on in the brain all at once, while we are only consciously aware of one of them.”

So it becomes obvious that subconsciously, we are aware of so much more that is happening within us and around us than our tiny (by comparison) but magnificent conscious minds can ever process.

NitroFocus brainwave MP3 banner adAnd since we cannot process everything that is happening around us all the time, our brains give us a condensed version of what’s important and transmits it to us as ‘feelings.’ So we are receiving vibes from others that accurately ‘sum them up’ for us.

Some people find it easy to sense the vibes of others. For me, it’s easy to immediately upon seeing someone new, to know if I can ‘sync’ with them or not. I used to think I was just being judgmental, but years of experience have taught me to trust my initial gut feelings.

I now understand that these feelings are my unconscious mind picking up on many multidimensional signals about people, places, and objects, within milliseconds and transmitting a summary of all the information to let me know if this situation is good for me or not.

The Best Way To Receive Large Amounts Of Information Is Through Our Feelings

So, we may feel flushed when meeting someone we intuitively resonate with, have the hair on the back of our neck stand us when we sense danger, or feel tingling or ‘goose bumps’ when we are seeing something inspirational.

These vibes (or feelings) and many more, are a summary of the vast amounts of information that our subconscious minds have interpreted that our much slower reasoning/logical minds cannot even comprehend….Limitless Labs Review-Free Download

Our subconscious is always taking a holistic view of everything that’s going on around us. This includes millions of bits of information every second. It then breaks it down (simplifies it) and gives us a ‘summary’ as a vibe or feeling to indicate if we are safe, or not, if someone is lying, afraid, genuine, trustworthy, etc.

Awesome…. This saves us from having to logically analyze all the information consciously, (which we couldn’t possibly do anyway!)

Therefore, the vibes we get from people, places, and things are based on so much more information than we can ever possibly process in our conscious minds. So much information so quickly…… and all for our safety, benefit, and well-being.

Why?… because your subconscious mind is on your side…. and that’s why we benefit when we learn to listen to the vibes we are receiving.

How Are We Affected By The Vibes Of Other People, Places, And Things?

We, and everyone else, are essentially complex bio-electrical beings. And as such, we are constantly sending ‘information’ into our environment as well as receiving vast amounts of information all the time.

Jacq Spence, in an article at lifesize.com, explains that:

Research shows that the vast majority of what we convey through our interactions with others is innate and instinctual, known as nonverbal communication. Nonverbal behavior like body movements and posture, facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, and tone of voice all contribute to how we communicate and understand each other.”

This means that we are constantly being exposed to the ‘information’ others are radiating. And even if we are not consciously aware of it, this information is being picked up and processed by our subconscious minds and it is affecting our subsequent thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It may all be very subtle (if we are in an environment that we resonate favorably with)…. or the vibrations we receive may cause us to think, feel, and act out of character (if the vibes are not in sync with ours.)

This means that if you are frequently hanging around with negative people, going to places that have a low vibe, or have objects around you that make you feel uncomfortable, your energy, your demeanor, and your vibe are being adversely affected…. Just don’t do it….

Rewrite History Review-delete-limiting-beliefs-gift….. it will be draining as if the people, places, events, and objects, are sucking the lifeblood out of you…. because that’s exactly what is happening…. Your energy is being robbed from you….

The alternative, if you value yourself and your happiness, is to seek out friends, places, events, and objects that radiate a vibration that lifts you up, that makes you feel great…. and the more you do this, the better your vibe and your life will become!

How Does Our Vibration Affect The Vibes We Are Getting From Other People?

There are times when our subconscious mind is not working in our best interests and it is when we are mentally and emotionally ‘not in a good space.’ It happens to all of us at times because realistically, we cannot be at 100% all the time. So, don’t worry about it…. it’s just life…

However, it does means that just as the vibes we receive from other people are a combination of their beliefs, desires, upbringing, and the things they have been doing before we met them, so too are our vibes a combination of many different aspects. And therefore, the way we are feeling will affect our ability to accurately perceive and interpret the vibrations that others are giving out.

For example, if we have spent all morning in an uncomfortable and scary situation, we are going to be more anxious when running into someone new. At another time, we may find this person to vibe in sync with us, but now, because of the stress we have just endured, our energy will be low and we cannot sync with them…. So we might miss out on making a good friend!

At another time, we may be ‘flying so high’ that we are blissed out on our own energy and are unable to sync with people who we normally hang out with….

How Do I Know What Vibration I Am Giving Off?

….. by the way you are feeling…

Our vibes are a collection of many different aspects. We have a vibe about our job, the people we work with, our family, the cat, money, exercise, essentially about everything and anything we do, see, feel, and hear… and it’s constantly in flux. How Can I Manifest Things I Want

If your thoughts about money are typically negative, lacking, wanting, wishing for more, etc. then your vibe about money is not so good… and this is the reality, through The Law Of Attraction, that will manifest into your life.

However, at the same time, you can be in a wonderful loving relationship. Your thoughts about love may be predominantly positive…. So this is what you will manifest as your reality.

So, if you want to know what vibe you are giving off about any aspect of your life, you just need to look at the circumstances you are living in relation to that topic and notice how you feel when you are thinking about it.

This is easy if you have developed a high level of self-awareness
as you will naturally be able to objectively assess how you are doing and how you are feeling. I say this because our energy/vibes are an accurate outward representation of our internal state of being.

If you are generally optimistic, positive, and happy, you are radiating ‘good vibes’ to all that is around you. If you are generally sad, pessimistic, angry, etc. you are negatively affecting the people and space around you…..

Remember, we all have off days and it’s important that you don’t beat yourself up because of it. However, what is important, is how long you choose to stay feeling ’off.’….. because it is something that you are choosing to do to yourself…..

Zen 12 Meditation Program Free Trial-woman-meditatingOnce you understand that your vibe and your energy affects all aspect of your life, you will naturally want to be in a high-vibe state
for more of the time… Why? Because it’s empowering, it’s health-promoting, friendly, loving, optimistic, success-creating, motivating, and it will attract to you all the good things you desire in life…… How do you get there?????

…. meditation is the best way ever to sort your vibration out…. If you don’t already meditate, try this gift from Inspire3 and begin raising your vibration today!

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