Why Do I Lose Awareness Of My Body When I Meditate?

Why Do I Lose Awareness Of My Body When I Meditate-woman-floating-in-light

Deep meditation can put you into a ‘superconscious state.’ All this means is that you go beyond your normal conscious waking state and are no longer consciously aware of your body, mind, and emotions. It is a state that is unpolluted by your ‘normal’ state of having thoughts, beliefs, judgments, fears, attachments, etc.

By losing awareness of your body identity, you are temporarily letting go of your memories, experiences, and desires. And since you are not dwelling on these things, when you once again regain conscious awareness, you feel deeply at peace, totally relaxed, and moved by the experience.

When in this superconscious state, not even time exists for you…. at least until you return to a conscious state and begin to identify with your ego once again…..

What Is Body Awareness During Meditation and How Can You Improve It?

Why Are You Having an ‘Out Of Body’ Experience During Meditation?

Losing awareness of your body, or having an out-of-body experience is something that you are needing to experience on your journey at this time, otherwise, you wouldn’t be experiencing it. Not everyone will lose awareness of their bodies while meditating, but if you are, rest assured that there is nothing to be worried about. It’s just what you need at this time in your evolution.

The lesson you are learning by having these experiences is going to be personal to you. However, they usually lead to an understanding that ‘you are not this body. This body is just a vehicle for the expanded part of you (soul) to have an adventure/experience in this physical realm.’

Bemoreom-banner-ad-easy-meditationFor most people, losing awareness of your body, or an out-of-body feeling is liberating and opens up a whole new level of awareness of ‘who am I’ and ‘what am I.’ And yet for a few, these experiences can be disconcerting and even strange.

However, I’ll say it again… these experiences are nothing to be concerned about. They are a valid part of your meditation journey, just as learning to sit with a straight spine is, or learning breath awareness, and many other steps along the path.

“Your skin does not separate you from the world. It’s a bridge through which the external world flows into you. And you flow into it.”Alan Watts

What Is Happening When You Lose Awareness Of Your Body And Mind During Meditation?

As a soul, we get to experience life in this third dimension in a body through our nervous system and brain. When our senses are triggered in any way, (when we see, feel, hear, taste, or smell anything) the messages are transmitted through our nerves and registered in our brains. And because of this, we come to identify that we are our body and that we are interacting with the environment.

However, during deep meditation, you can move into a superconscious state (your unrestricted soul state) that is normally beyond the ability of your body and mind to experience. And in this state, all the sensations that you are capable of receiving when you are in your body, mind, and emotional consciousness are not being registered.

banner ad for Midas ManifestationInstead, your superconscious state has taken you beyond the vibrational frequencies that the material third-dimensional reality exists in. And when you wake, you realize that what you are is something much greater than the physical/ego identity that you normally call ‘yourself.’

Yes, you will begin to feel the calling of the larger aspect of your eternal being, the greater aspect of your true nature, your eternal spirit. And you come to understand that ‘I am not this body or mind.’

What “I am” is using this body and mind to experience an emotional journey on planet earth at this time with other aspects of myself, all here for the same reason…. and we are doing it all just for the fun of it!

And when this body dies, the greater aspect of me will choose to do it again and again until I have learned all that I can from life in this dimension….. all for the growth and expansion of the ONE.

“Your real self, the real you, is everything there is… but concentrated and expressing itself at the point called your physical organism.” Alan Watts

However, we shouldn’t overthink these experiences as being overly important. They are just another step on the journey of a thousand steps. And if we begin to crave them, or try to force them to occur, we become attached to outcomes….. and it’s more important for us to just continue to follow the process of our meditation and let the appropriate outcomes happen to us when we are ready for them.

Are There Any Benefits To Losing Awareness Of Your Body While Meditating?

One of the benefits of losing awareness of your body is that you will no longer experience numbness and pain while sitting for extended periods. I say this lightheartedly, but it’s actually true.

Sacred Sound Healing System Mind Optimization giftYears ago, the times I would sit for 40 to 60 minutes and not lose bodily awareness were often challenging as my mind would be screaming at me to move. (It’s different now as I have developed greater suppleness and mental resilience through years of practice.)

However, many years ago, it was always a pleasant respite from the discomfort when I lost awareness of my body and mind. And coming back… wow, those are the times when I would experience the most profound peace and contentment ever imaginable.

Another advantage of experiencing a loss of awareness of your body or an out-of-body state is that your perception of a self loses its boundaries. That is to say, you become unbound from the outer limits of your physical body (your skin) and begin to understand that you are far ‘larger’ than you have been taught you are.

The end result of this is that you get to experience ‘unity consciousness’ or Oneness with all of creation, that which is manifest and un-manifest. In yoga, this state is Samadhi, and according to Yogapedia

“Samadhi is considered to be the state in which individual and universal consciousness unite. It is a blissful form of total meditative absorption, reached once the practitioner has moved through the preliminary steps on Patanjal’s eightfold path. The spiritual significance of Samadhi is profound, since it encompasses self-realization and symbolizes the ultimate connection with the Divine.”

So, You Are Losing Body Awareness When Meditating…. What Should You Do Now?

A feeling of detachment from the body during meditation is quite common and it is completely normal. It can be caused by a number of factors including greater relaxation, increased awareness, and a deepening of the meditative state.

Rewrite History-delete-limiting-beliefs-giftAs your awareness is shifted from your normal senses that get their sensory input from the outer world to your internal world, your mind begins to shut down and eventually stops registering physical sensations.

And it is then that you get to experience your ‘true Self,’ the soul aspect that has no form, no name, no age, size, shape, or religion…. and you are momentarily freed from the illusion that life on earth is real…. You are then free to play ‘the game of life’ as it was intended from the beginning…..

“This is the real secret of life— to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now— and instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” Work as Play ~The Essence of Alan Watts

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