Why Do I Vibrate During Meditation?

Vibrations eminating from meditating figure

To vibrate during meditation is not uncommon and it’s nothing to be concerned about. In fact, many long-term meditators have experienced vibrations (and sometimes still do) as well as a wide variety of other sensations during meditation.

Meditation, by its very nature, is a healing process for us, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s about enhancing our experience of life, and to do this, we need to clear any blocked and stagnant energy from our systems and allow our vibration to rise higher and higher.

Our concern or discomfort is brought about only because we are not used to feeling these types of sensations. However, you can rest assured that if you are experiencing vibrations, your intelligent body is only doing what is best for it.

It’s possible that we also experience vibrations and other sensations while we are not meditating. However, most of the time we may be too active to notice them. And it is only when we are in a relaxed meditative state that we get to notice and therefore experience these sensations.

Why Do I Vibrate During Meditation?

You may feel ‘uncommon’ vibrations and other sensations more easily when you are in a deeply relaxed state. Your unconscious intelligence and body’s innate wisdom are taking advantage of your calm state to heal you, mentally, emotionally, and physically, in many different subtle ways. Imbalances within our systems can be ‘worked on’ while we meditate to restore equanimity and harmony to our whole being and to raise our overall vibration.

Is it normal to experience intense vibrations during meditation?

During our ‘normal’ daily lives, we have many things to do. We are preoccupied with family, work, socializing, sports, paying the bills, shopping, eating, etc. There are tons of things to deal with in our outer environment. And this means our bodies, minds, and emotions are pulled in many different directions and don’t often get a chance to relax.

When practicing meditation, we are learning to become more aware of OUR-SELVES. And over time, we begin to develop a heightened sense of awareness centered on our bodies, minds, and emotions.

This means that when we become still during meditation, we are more easily able to notice any changes that occur within.

So really it’s not surprising that we begin to notice more things about OUR-SELVES…… and after all, this is part of why you are practicing meditating in the first place, isn’t it?

According to Rebecca Joy Stanborough, in her article at HealthLine, “What Is Vibrational Energy”,

“You are a living energy field. Your body is composed of energy-producing particles, each of which is in constant motion. So, like everything and everyone else in the universe, you are vibrating and creating energy.”

text review for Manifestation GodsSo, all the molecules in our bodies are always in a state of vibration. Each one of us has a typical rate of vibration that we have become so comfortable with that we don’t even notice it….. until it changes.

Meditation is a process where our minds relax and expand. This is a change from our normal busy constricted state….. Our bodies are closely connected to our minds, so they also relax and open up enabling any ‘imbalances’ to sort themselves out.

Intense or mild vibrations, twitching, hot or cold sensations, and hands floating during meditation are some of the sensations that we may experience as our body moves to adjust to an optimum state of well-being.

What should I do if my body is vibrating or twitching during meditation?

You should not be concerned about these sensations. They are a completely natural part of the process that your body goes through as it is adjusting itself to an improved state of well-being.

Any anxiety, fear, or attention to these sensations will only detract from your meditation goals. Accepting them as part of the process and continuing with your meditation is the most beneficial way to proceed. And your practice will improve by allowing these sensations to happen naturally, in their own good time…. allowing the old unwanted energy to clear out, instead of being stored in your body.

Anything you can do in your practice to help you relax more deeply is of benefit. Maybe meditating in the dark is better for you than in a light space? Perhaps a certain hand mudra will help you to focus your intention, or a specific chant or music track can induce you into deep relaxation, more quickly.

& Magic Energy Experiments banner adActivities apart from your meditation practice, such as deep breathing exercises, immersion in nature, Thai Chi, Yoga, Chi Gong, fun and laughter, etc. will also help your body and mind to smooth out your mental, emotional, and physical energies.

The process of clearing out our energy blocks is ongoing. Therefore it’s important to understand that the sensations we are experiencing now, will transform as they are worked on. This will allow the space to open up for other blocked stuff to come to the surface and be cleared.

The new sensations will be different from the previous ones. And as we become a clearer vessel for the universal life force to flow through us, the sensations we experience will become more and more subtle.

To sum up:

The smallest components of every cell in our bodies are made of energy that is constantly in motion. Every thought we have and action we take during the normal course of our days affects our energy.

Much of what we do can cause imbalances in our energy which can lead to ill health over time.

Any sensations we experience during meditation, including vibrations, are a way our intelligent bodies can facilitate the healing of our imbalanced energy.

We may be having these sensations also when we are not meditating. However, we may simply not be aware of them because of our busyness.

Unless the sensations are extreme, the best thing we can do is to continue with our meditation practice. Learn to trust that the inherent intelligence of your body knows what is best for us.

It’s best for us not to have any expectations for a certain outcome when meditating. Instead, we should know that once our energy imbalance has been corrected, the sensations will cease on their own.

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