Will My Diet Affect Meditation?

WillMy Diet Affect Meditation- Selection of nutritious food

Does diet affect meditation? You bet it does! We’ll discuss how and why, but first…… Food means different things to different people. Some choose to consume stuff that has been heavily processed. It’s then stuffed into layers of eye-catching packaging to trick us into believing it’s good for us.

Others, are a bit wiser and still remember what real food actually is. It is the stuff that is living, grown by sunlight, water, and good soil nutrition.

It’s not only logical to assume that ‘REAL FOOD’ is better for us than the alternatives, but it has also been proven time and time again in many different studies. As an introduction, check out this article, “How Your Eating Habits Affect Your Health” for more information. In it they state:

Poor nutrition can affect your health in many ways, not only can it lead to certain diseases but it can also affect your mental health, energy levels, complexion, and your overall well-being.”

So, let’s explore how our physical, mental, and emotional health is dependent on what we put into our mouths, and therefore, what impact our diet will have on our meditation practice.

Will My Diet Affect Meditation?

Our physical bodies are made up of the stuff we put into our mouths. Physically, we become what we consume. Choosing good nutrition not only leads to optimal physical health but also directly improves our mental and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, an optimal diet is essential to help us achieve the best from our spiritual practices.

Essentially, We Become A Compilation Of All That We Eat

Meditation is used as a practice by many to access higher states of awareness. But to reach these states, for our energy to flow with minimal restrictions, we need to have a clean vessel (physically, mentally, and emotionally).

Why? Because higher vibrational energies cannot reside in a polluted structure (physically, mentally, and emotionally.) Physical toxins and negative emotions are restrictive to free-flowing energies.

The old saying, “garbage in, garbage out,” rings true for our mental activity, emotional states, as well as our physical bodies. If we continually feed our bodies and minds with garbage, it will only ever result in a low vibrational experience for us.

By ‘low vibrations experience,’ I am referring to an unhealthy body and mind….. both of which give results on the lower end of the emotional spectrum. In other words, our lives are not living up to their potential, and we are living with more ‘suffering’ than we need to.

 We cannot expect to reach high energy states (better feelings and a healthy body) if our bodies and minds are always resonating at low vibrational frequencies.

Our ‘vibration’ is our state of being and it is constantly changing in relation to our experiences (including what we are eating and the content we are consuming with our minds.)

And this specifically means that YES, our diet does affect our ability to meditate….. Because all things that exist have vibration and the foods we choose to eat are no exception.

“Everything in life is vibration.” – Albert Einstein

What Should We Eat To Help Our Meditation Practice?

Things that are grown primarily by the energy of the sun are the best for us. These include organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. The purity of the sun’s rays, combined with healthy soil, and clean water, create the most natural and energy-rich foods. These support healthy functioning within us, body, mind, and soul.

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The further down the food chain we get from direct sun-produced food, the denser the vibration becomes. So while plants are the best for us and many other creatures, many of us still also eat the ‘other creatures’ that eat the plants and other animals that eat animals….

Each step down the food chain, from direct sun production, further reduces the energy/vitality we get from the food. This in turn increases the adverse effects these foods have on us in terms to the point where they may even become harmful to us and cause us ill-health.

On top of this, many people also consume a large amount of crap that you can’t even really call food! This includes numerous products that come from factories that have been distorted by processing, additives, flavors, colors, etc….

….. And to make matters worse, many of these processes introduce toxins into our bodies, which directly affect our physical, mental, and emotional health.

To Become More Spiritual, Do We Need To Stop Eating Meat?

Some people suggest we should all become vegetarian or vegan. They consider killing and eating animals to be cruel. And while this is certainly true most of the time, the harm is not just confined to the animals.

We too are harmed by the toxicity of anything we consume. Not just the meat, but also the negative emotions the animals felt due to the negative ways they were treated while alive and then at their death.

So, while eating meat may not seem like such a good idea from an energetic point of view, many of us are still at a point in our evolution where we benefit from eating some meat.

Our bodies and minds still vibrate at a level of consciousness so that we are better off consuming some items lower down on the food chain. And until our bodies and minds, through a purification process, raise their energies to be able to live on a purely plant-based diet, we should ‘listen to our intuition’ and consume what we need for our optimal health.

So, it becomes important to learn to use your intuition when selecting your food as well as in other aspects of your life.

I’m always amazed that some people are against cruelty to animals and yet they are happy to go out a murder a bunch of living vegetables…. All things contain the essence of God. And yes, plants are of a higher vibrational awareness than animals…. However, most of us are just too unevolved to recognize it!

As with all things, the intention behind our actions is vitally important. Therefore, the way we grow, kill, prepare, and consume our food makes a huge difference to how our body, mind, and emotions receive it, and therefore the energetic imprint it leaves on us!

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Some Other Things To Consider When Thinking About Will Diet Affect Meditation Are:

Having a healthy body and a healthy mind makes everything we do better, and this includes meditation. And being able to enter ‘the meditative state’ quickly and easily is an advantage and something we should strive to achieve.

So while it is important to choose our foods wisely to enhance our experiences, there are also some other important aspects of diet we should consider. They include:

How long before you meditate are you eating? If you meditate too soon after eating, more of your blood will be concentrated in your stomach for the process of digestion. This may make meditating uncomfortable.

Exipure Weight Loss ad– How big or heavy is the meal you have consumed? Heavy, stodgy foods require more energy and take longer to digest. Eating lighter foods that break down easily is a good idea…. at all times.

– Are you adequately hydrated? Our bodies are made up of more than 70% water. Proper functioning of all our systems can only occur if we are properly hydrated.

– Proper nutrition allows for better cognitive functioning. A good diet enables us to become more focused and aware of ‘OUR SELVES’ and our environment. We are also able to maintain better focus for longer periods.

Good nutrition aids in toxin removal from our bodies. Toxin removal is greatly enhanced through good nutrition allowing for ‘better’ thoughts, emotions, and bodily functioning. Having a healthier body and mind makes it easier to maintain good posture and focus while meditating.

– Meditating can help with weight loss. A study conducted at North Carolina State University concluded that a group practicing meditation lost seven times more weight than a group that was just dieting.

– Practitioners who follow ancient traditions, including Hinduism, survive on simple easily digestible foods. They believe what we eat has energy and emotions associated with it. Therefore, they don’t consume complex animals that have been inhumanely slaughtered. Instead, they survive on plants, seeds, fruits, nuts, etc. (simple food that has no emotional content.)

Fasting is also something they do regularly to cleanse and ‘fine tune’ their body and mind.  Check out this important video by Dr Eric Berg for more information on the many benefits of fasting.

Final Thoughts on “Can My Diet Affect Meditation?”

At this stage in our evolution, we have to eat to survive!

The quality of the stuff we consume affects us, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Better food choices will give us a better quality of life experience in all aspects of our lives, including the ability to meditate.

Using common sense and listening to your intuition when choosing your diet will lead to a better experience for you.

Eating with nutrition and enjoyment in mind will benefit you whereas eating out of habit, due to stress, or for ‘comfort’ can only ever lead to ill-health.

Choose wisely…. because the food you consume now becomes a part of you in a few short hours. Will what you have just eaten help you become physically, mentally, and emotionally better?….. Or, will it subtly degrade your life experience?

And what about the stuff you’re going to eat later…… how’s it going to affect your state of being?

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