Would It Really Be Good If We Received All That We Think Of?

What would happen if all your dreams came true?

Imagine if we woke up one day and the ‘Gods’ were in a good mood and decided to grant us everything that we asked for, immediately, here and now. Surely this would be the best day of our lives! Right?

Or maybe not! I Say maybe not because, believe it or not, we are very fortunate that not all of our thoughts manifest immediately as our reality.

Actually, we are already receiving according to ALL OF OUR THOUGHTS. Our thoughts are ENERGY and as such are always vibrating, which is information that the Universal Mind receives. The mind of ‘God’ replies by sending matching circumstances, events, and people (to match our vibrations) into our lives.

You’re probably thinking…. I’m getting stuff in my life that I haven’t asked for! OK, I know why this can seem frustrating, but bare with me…..

We are fortunate that there is a buffer, or time delay, between what we think and what we get. This delay is for our benefit because the majority of us are unable to powerfully focus our thoughts, words, and actions, in a single direction to produce a specific outcome. If we could focus powerfully enough on what we wanted,…. we would already have everything that we wanted! (Simple Law Of Attraction Stuff.)

Would It Really Be Good If We Received All That We Think Of?

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Why Don’t We Get Everything We Think About?

Have you ever taken the time to analyze all the thoughts that go through your mind on any single day? What would you discover? Are your energies (thoughts, words, and actions) concise, precise, organized, ordered, and consistent? Or are they scattered, confusing, conflicting, and often not even aligned with each other?

Unfortunately, for most of us, the latter is true. The majority of our thoughts, words, and actions, do not even align with the things that we really want to become our reality. Instead, they are mostly focused on the current reality, (which is how we created it and solidify its reality in the first place.)

According to recent studies, some psychologists suggest that on average we have about 6200 thoughts every day (Nature Communications.) Previous studies have estimated the number at between 12,000 and 60,000 (National science foundation 2005.) These estimates vary a lot, however, the actual number is not what is important here.

Rewrite History Review-delete-limiting-beliefs-giftOf prime importance to us is this: Up to ninety-five percent of the thoughts we have each day are subconscious and this means that we are not consciously aware of what these thoughts are, and we are not consciously directing them toward our desired outcomes. And therefore, we do not know what effect they are having on our lives and our ability to manifest our goals and dreams, (actually we do know what effect they are having…. as they have added together to create the life we are currently living.)

It’s a pretty grim realization that for ninety-five percent of the time we are not paying attention to the very mechanism (the thoughts playing out in our minds) that is responsible for the QUALITY and ALL THE CONTENT of our lives!

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”Lao Tzu

There’s More Bad News To Come!

Further investigation reveals that the bad news doesn’t end there, but that it gets even worse!……

While we are busy doing all our ‘stuff’ throughout the day and we are not consciously thinking about what we are doing or wanting to create, we are just going through the motions of life in autopilot mode…… And the fact that we are not conscious of what we are thinking means our subconscious mind has free reign over the thoughts that are playing through our minds….. the ones that are creating our current reality…….

This is not good news for the majority of us as studies have shown that MORE THAN SIXTY PERCENT OF THE AVERAGE PERSON’S THOUGHTS THAT ARE GENERATED FROM THEIR SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS ARE NEGATIVE!…….. (some studies suggest the figure is as high as eighty percent (National Science Foundation.))

Origins Reborn Secret e-book bannerSo….. because our subconscious thoughts are the predominant thoughts we are having, this negative content is what is making up the majority of our vibration…… and through The Law of Attraction (Vibration), this is the content we ARE receiving as conditions, events, and people, into our lives.

So now we can begin to understand why many people who are into positive thinking alone (in the belief that it is going to miraculously transform their lives) are having issues trying to manifest the things they want. Occasionally thinking a couple of awesome thoughts about how we would like to be abundant in all of the good things in life and having this manifest as our experience are two realities that are very far apart!

Anyway, that’s a different story and you can read more about it in my post: What is Conscious Living?

What Would It Be Like To Immediately Receive Everything We Thought Of?

I came across a story a while ago that went something like this:

There was a man, Mr. Joe Average. One day he was out for a walk, and although he was unaware of it, he accidentally walked into paradise. He became tired from all his walking and thought that he would like to rest awhile.

Mr. Average suddenly sees a large tree giving shade to a very comfortable patch of grass, so he goes over, lay down, and took a rest.

After some time, he woke up and feeling hungry he thought about some delicious food,….. and it appeared before him. Wow, a hungry man does not think this is strange, so he ate until he was full.

He then decided he was thirsty, so thought about what he would like to drink. It appeared, and he drank until he was satisfied.Our often repeated thoughts manafest results into our lives

With his needs satisfied, he just relaxed, and his mind began to wander…….

“Ohhhhh, I had these thoughts, and then what I wanted just appeared from nowhere. What is going on here? There must be ghosts around here!” And suddenly ghosts appeared.

“AHHHHH!!!! I hope the ghosts aren’t going to torture me.” And the ghosts tortured him……

“Oh, the pain…… I think I’m going to die”……….and he died!

Moral: Be careful what you wish for because thoughts add together to create your reality!

Are You Ready To Receive Everything You Think Of, Or Are You Having Second Thoughts?

Once we are evolved enough, or become empowered with the ability to consciously manifest our reality according to our thoughts, it is VERY IMPORTANT that our mental activities, our emotions, and our physical actions, are all aligned and directed towards beneficial outcomes for ourselves and ALL other beings. Because, as the man in the story discovered, if they are not, we will become self-destructive….. as well as a destructive force in the world.

How often have you thought, when you were over-tired, ‘I wish the kids would be quiet or go away.’

Once they’re gone, is it possible to ‘think’ them back? Or what about some crazy guy who thinks “all those people over there are bad, I wish they would all suffer horrible deaths!”

Now can you understand the benefit of having the ‘buffer time’ between what we’re thinking about and what we receive?

Manifesting is as easy as 1, 2, and 3It’s important to understand that we are not attracting stuff to ourselves by looking at stuff and shouting, “Yes, I want that.” We are making choices by giving our attention to things. We live in a vibrational reality, and when we give our attention to things we like, and things we don’t like, it is our attention to them both that causes activation of that vibration within us, and then The Law of Attraction brings more like it into our experience.

The most important thing to understand about life is this: WE DON’T NECESSARILY GET WHAT WE WANT, HOWEVER, WE ALWAYS RECEIVE ACCORDING TO OUR VIBRATION! And this is why I am very grateful that while we are still not able to control our minds that we do not receive according to every thought that passes through them!

The ‘Buffer Time’ Is Our Friend As It Means We Can Refine Our Thoughts Before They Materialize.

To briefly recap: We are not instantly receiving according to our thoughts because our energies (thoughts, words, and actions) are not properly aligned. Our thoughts are, more often than not, scattered, inconsistent, and mostly negative.

However, our minds are the most incredible things in existence……if we knew how to use them correctly, but it’s as if we have lost the instruction manual on how to create awesome lives for ourselves, as well as collectively as a species. Our incredible, beautiful, minds are self-conscious and yet at the same time, we are not aware of most of the things they are doing to support our lives (from regulating our heartbeat, controlling body temperature, digesting our food, etc.)

Even the tiny part we are aware of, the conscious mind, has waves of thoughts continually rising and subsiding over which most of us have very little control over.

Of these thoughts (6200 every day), the subconscious ones (up to 95% of total thoughts) are exactly the same thoughts we have had the previous day, the day before, last week, and the week before, and….. most of them are negative! This is why our lives are currently as they are. These repetitive negative thought patterns make up the main vibration that we are emitting, and this is what is attracting conditions into our lives to match.

Does This Mean That Our Dreams Will Never Come True?

Not at all! What it does is give us the information that we need so we can better understand the process of creating a better life.

Our thoughts will turn into reality when we are focused enoughHopefully, by now you understand that we receive ALL of the circumstances in our lives according to our vibration (our energies.) And if we can align all our energies (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually,) without exception, WE WILL RECEIVE ALL THAT WE DESIRE!

However…….. Life is not a destination, but a journey of personal growth and development, and we are here to enjoy the process of learning how to develop ourselves (to evolve.) Evolving is a process (it’s not a race, and there is no hurry) and it takes considerable wisdom to understand how to organize our minds from a compulsive state of activity (doing stuff reactively) to a conscious state so that our energies become more focused and consequently more potent.

Practically, for us here and now, this means that the first step is that we need to learn how to use our thoughts to focus on our goals and dreams. The intensity of focused thoughts builds momentum in specific directions to align with our preferred outcomes. And once sufficient focused momentum is built, emotions are created. And, it is the frequencies (vibration) of our emotions that attract the outcomes into our lives. Thoughts are the necessary beginning point, however, it is our emotions that do the attracting!

If we can understand this, we have the secret to achieving all that we desire for ourselves.

However, understanding and doing are two different things. If we are not currently living the truly amazing life that we dream of, it is simply because we are not yet aligning all of our energies ( creating the necessary ‘feeling’ vibrations) to match our desires.

We cannot operate outside of, or cheat, universal law. It is fixed and uncompromising. So if we want to receive according to our wishes, we need to start doing the work required to make sure our energies (thoughts, feelings, and actions) come into alignment with how we want our future reality to be. I say future reality because first, we have to become that which we desire, then, by universal law, it has to manifest for us.

What Can You Do NOW To Align Your Energy Toward Your Goals?

We can consider ourselves as being composed of four parts: we are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. All parts are interconnected and inseparable, and when we change an aspect of one, the others also change accordingly.

This means that we can approach our Personal Growth and Development from different aspects, and choose the one or ones that suit us best.

You can learn how to focus your mind as successful people do!Physical: Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, breathing techniques, and anything else that maintains a certain level of fitness and well-being will be of benefit.

Mental: meditation, mindfulness, visualizations, conscious living….. Anything to become more aware of our thoughts more of the time will help us to create thoughts that align with our overall goals and desires for a better life for ourselves.

Emotional: Conscious living… becoming aware of how we are feeling more of the time will allow us to choose thoughts that make us feel good…. Good feeling thoughts are ones that align with our goals, while if we are not feeling good, we are not presently tuned into our desired outcomes.

Spiritually: Become more aware that everything is energy. The people we associate with, the places we go, the music we listen to, and the movies we watch, all emit a vibration and our reaction to everything tells us about our vibration. Are we doing things that match the vibrations of our goals, or are we attracted to things that vibrate at a frequency that is less than the things we desire for ourselves?

And most important of all is HOW WE BREATHE. Our breath is the mechanism that connects all aspects of ourselves together. Conscious breathing allows our bodies to relax, our thoughts to slow down, and our emotions to balance and become pleasant. All these things when added together make us feel balanced, calm, and powerful. Check out the video below for more important information about how we can use our breath more efficiently to control our overall well-being and state of being.

I hope I’ve given you a few things to think about, and I hope you will think about them often because it is only through repetition that we build new habits that can take us to where we want to be…..

I am a big fan of, and use, sound vibration technologies as a medium to help me concentrate and stay focused on my goals and dreams. Maybe you would like to learn more about the awesome power of sound and vibrational healing here: What is cymatics, and does sound healing work?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below so that all who read this article will benefit from your experiences.

Shared will the dream of making the world a better place one soul at a time!

With much love and respect,


10 thoughts on “Would It Really Be Good If We Received All That We Think Of?

  1. The fact that your subconscious thoughts take up almost 95% of thoughts and then on top of that, a lot of that is negative, is a very serious thing?
    Thank you, for you have given me something to work on because negativity has no space in my life.

    1. Yes, it’s a very scary realization to think that most of the time we are not consciously aware of what we are thinking and how we are behaving in our own lives!
      With a little more effort, I am sure that most of us can actually create the lives that we desire for ourselves…… but it does require that we are a conscious participant in what we are thinking and doing.

      I wish you all the best,

  2. Hi Andrew
    I totally agree with you our thoughts attract either negative vibrations or positive ones. We attract what we put out into the universe. I’ve had days when the whole day went from bad to worse. In the end, I had to turn what was going on into happy thoughts, and when I did I received good things, like my new Apple MacBook Pro.

    1. Hi Yvonne. It sounds like that particular day turned out great for you.

      Whenever we desire anything, it’s really the good feelings that we are after. We feel great when we get a new computer, a new dress or car.
      According to the Law of Attraction, if we can prematurely create and maintain the good feelings that we are desiring, then our desires are guaranteed to materialize into our experience.

      Keep attracting the good things into your life by thinking the good vibe thoughts 🙂
      All the best,

  3. I enjoyed this post and always believed our thoughts are powerful. I try to be aware of any negative thoughts, dispelling them before they take root! Mindfulness is very powerful and can help calm the mind almost instantly. I’ve tried guided meditation and have a few programs, but seem to find mindful activities work better for me. I can certainly see how the four parts you described affect each other. For example, feeling low can affect you physically. Likewise, going outside for a brisk walk can lift your spirits and raise your vibration.
    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hi Kathy. Great!

      Do what works for you. If you have found that mindfulness is best, just keep doing more of it. The more often we are able to catch our negative thoughts and change them before they take root, the better our lives will become. Negative thinking just has no benefits what-so-ever for us, so we should never indulge in it.

      Intuitively, I think we all understand the inter-relationship between our thoughts, feelings, bodies, and souls. If we are stuck in a negative mindset and are having a hard time trying to think positively, it can really help us if we change the aspect we are focusing on. Most people know this because, as you say, going for a brisk walk outside (changing physical aspect) can really lift our spirits, emotions, and also change our mindset.

      These are things we learn with experience, and it really helps us when we are kind and loving to ourselves at all times, even when we slip up because it’s important to remember that life is a continuous journey of growth and development. This means that it is important for us to also experience and know what we don’t want because this helps us to clarify what it is that we actually do want for ourselves.

      I wish you all the best on your journey,

  4. Hi Andrew, for some reason I found this article a bit more negative than your other articles. Gloomy. Maybe that’s because of my subconscious thoughts and not being sure how they affect me, and – more important – the people around me.

    Yet, I am glad you end on a more positive note with great tips on what we can do in several areas of our life. 🙂

    BTW, I know your story with a slightly different ending. After eating and drinking the man wishes himself a house and a beautiful wife. When he has it, he thinks ‘o, no, this can’t be true, I never have so much luck’. It all disappears and he says ‘see, I thought so’. So he didn’t die 🙂

    Thanks, as always, you indeed gave food for thought!

    1. Hi Hannie 🙂

      Gloomy… maybe. However, I believe this is such an important topic that I really want to make people think about it. So that is why It comes across as being a little serious.

      I really like your ending to the story. I haven’t heard this one before. I know ending with death is a bit dramatic…. or maybe not. Because there are many many people that pass away ‘early’ with conditions that are exaggerated by their own beliefs.
      Two prominent examples of how much influence our thoughts have on our health are:
      1) One-third of all medical procedures and prescription drugs are placebos. This means that it is the ‘belief’ of the patient that cures themselves (as well as the belief of the patient that causes sickness or dis-ease. Our thoughts create the reality of the healing or the problem….. depending on what we are thinking.
      2) “More than 60 percent of U.S. cancer deaths are caused by smoking and diet.” This is a quote from Scientific American. Again, it is our thoughts that lead us to smoke or not, and decide which food we will consume and how much exercise we will do.
      If we are a smoker and we decide to quit, we are potentially prolonging our lives. This shows again how our thoughts do directly impact every aspect of our lives!

      “This year, more than 1 million Americans and more than 10 million people worldwide are expected to be diagnosed with cancer, a disease commonly believed to be preventable. Only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90–95% have their roots in the environment and lifestyle. The lifestyle factors include cigarette smoking, diet (fried foods, red meat), alcohol, sun exposure, environmental pollutants, infections, stress, obesity, and physical inactivity. US National Library of medicine.

      However, we can only make conscious choices when we are ‘awake’ or consciously aware of our environment and the role we are playing in it.
      It’s always good to choose life-affirming thoughts, don’t you think?

      With much love and respect, and happy new year (coming soon)

      1. Yes, I totally agree. Articles like yours on this website hopefully influence and inspire people enough to make a mind-shift. I know for sure that even thinking I am well on my way to living my ideal life, I get inspiration from your info 🙂

        Oh, and by the way, I read The Alchemist. Loved it. So I also read The Road to Santiago. Mwah, didn’t like it that much. But the result is I put walking that path on my bucket list. I have tried it about 10 years ago, but physically couldn’t. But who knows? The past is not the future. And where there is a will, there is a way!

        1. Hi Hannie. Thanks for your kind words regarding my articles 🙂

          I too have read The Road to Santiago. It was so long ago now that I cannot remember what I thought about the book.
          However, like you, I found the idea of walking the path intriguing. I would love to hear about how you get on if you get around to doing it again.

          The good thing is that there is no time limit, and we can all go at our own pace.
          I know from some blogs that I have read from people who have walked the trail, that it is the mental and emotional journeys that are the most rewarding.

          So true…. The Past is NOT the Future…. I love this attitude!

          Enjoy, enjoy, and then enjoy life some more, just for the fun of it 🙂

          With much respect,

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