Your life is a result of the programming you received when young.

So, Hows life? Are you getting what you want?

Generally, young children from all walks of life can get along even if they do not speak a common language. They will play and share as a natural way of being and have no reason to fear each other. Instinctively, as children, most of us wanted to have fun and we enjoyed learning about the world together.

Our children absorb all information from their environment, the good and the bad!I think most of us can remember a time in our past when we were more carefree and more tolerant than we are today. However, nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, as we grew up, we became less carefree and less tolerant than we once were.

So what’s changed to make our lives became more restricted, more fearful, and less fun than when we were children?

We are told to grow up and obey the ‘rules.’

As we grow, we learn and take on more and more beliefs specific to our culture and the immediate environment where we are raised. These beliefs can become ingrained so deeply within us that they become unconscious programs that run in the back of our mind, without our conscious awareness.

When young, we learned by watching and participating in the activities that occur within our immediate environment- initially with parents, siblings, and others who are close to our family. Other influences may then include teachers, friends, media, etc. It is to our advantage to copy the mental and emotional responses and behaviors of others, and participate with them so that we effectively become ‘socialized’ and are accepted by the others in our environment.

Socialization allows us to easily integrate because we share (have been programmed to accept) the beliefs and habits with others within this environment. This integration will be smooth for us if we unconsciously agree with the same sets of values, attitudes, ideas, and doctrine (concerning social, cultural, political, economic, religious, sporting, ecological issues, etc.) that are ‘approved of’ by the adults in our lives.

Children are conditioned to obey the rules so they can fit into societyThis process of socialization of children is a form of brainwashing considered necessary by the pears in our life so that we may ‘fit into’ and interact (without too much friction) with our family and society in general. We are taught to obey the family rules, rules at school, society’s standards, church rules, etc. so that we do not upset anyone else that may not approve if we do not conform to what is expected of us. In effect, we adopt and accept what is known as the ‘consensus reality’ view of life.

Then, as we grow up and become parents ourselves, we are expected to repeat the cycle and ‘program’ our children so that they too will become a ‘conforming member of society.’ By continuing this process, adults can relax in the knowledge that they will not be challenged and will not feel threatened by someone who behaves and acts differently from what they know and expect.

The process of socialization has been ongoing for ages, but is this the best way to raise our children?

It is the most dysfunctional and fearful parents that insist the strongest that their children conform to their beliefs, to become like them, so they are not threatened by what they do not yet know and understand. The last thing these parents want is for their children to think for themselves and challenge their assumption of ‘authority’ over their children.

Wealth creation is easy once you have reprogrammed your subconsciousThis is very unfortunate for the children and a very unproductive way for anyone to learn anything as it is based on the necessity to conform to be loved and accepted. The child will, therefore, naturally accept, consciously or unconsciously, the dogma of those closest to them regardless of the dogma having any truth, being relevant, or having any long-term benefits for the individual, family, society, or the planet as a whole.

The progression of socialization is, more often than not, a process based on fear where the child is endlessly terrorized into adopting the preferred dogma of the surrounding people. Children may be subtly or forcefully manipulated into complying with the wishes of the adults through varying degrees of mental, emotional, and physical abuse, or a combination of any or all of the above.

Of course, the parents do not always get their children to behave the way they want, but the children will still be affected, mentally, emotionally, and/or physically.

This conditioning, (the beliefs, attitudes, and ideas that the adults force upon their children), become the child’s fundamental programs, which can become unconsciously entrenched so deeply into the psyche of the child so that the individual may go through their whole life without being able to recognize the effects this early programming has in shaping the outcomes of their entire life. Because they are often deep and hidden, they are not easily accessible for reconsideration even when better information is made available that would if adopted, be to the advantage of the individual.

Our programming affects us for the rest of our lives.How does this affect me and my life?

If, as a child, we were programmed to believe that “we have to work hard to make money, and there is not enough for everyone,” this program, unless overwritten, will continue to form the basis for our individual’s beliefs about money for the rest of our life. So a child who has this belief (consciously or subconsciously) will struggle for their whole life just to get by. This is because they, like everyone else, attract to them what they believe to be ‘truth.’ We never attract to us what we occasionally wish for!

All of us are subject to the same universal laws and can only ever create for ourselves what we believe to be real, and it is our most common thoughts and feelings that reveal to us what we actually believe on a subconscious level.

So, we go through our lives playing out a set of programs that we were given by those closest to us when we were young and impressionable and reap the rewards/hardships that those programmed beliefs attract to us. It is the same for everyone, and we lead different lives accordingly to the programs/unconscious beliefs we hold that are attracting to us the results of our thoughts and actions/reactions.

If our parents and others around us were in an unhappy and dysfunctional relationship, then this becomes the model that we are likely to adopt in regard to our relationships and we will probably end up in a similar situation……. Unless we are able to change our unconscious beliefs about relationships to attract to us a different outcome.

It is our underlying deeply ingrained beliefs, ideas, and values that shape the way we interact with the world, and this creates the circumstances of our life.

Success and happiness come because that is what we are programmed for.It seems that most people do not question the belief system that is imposed upon them from birth. They willingly accept it, continue to live with it, and then pass it on to future generations. This is why, for example, wealthy families have children who grow up to become wealthy, and low-income families have children who generally remain in financial circumstances similar to their early life influencers. We are just reaping the results of the ‘belief systems’ that we were programmed with/adopted when we were young and impressionable!

This is just how it is and has been for many ages; however, it does not need to continue to be this way.

Instead, we could be asking ourselves if we want to live this life, here and now, a product/prisoner of our previous programming, or should we be looking for a better way so that we can make a better life for ourselves? After all, these programs and ideas we currently have were never our own but were given to us by others who were also following the programs they received from previous generations.

Wealthy people and poor people think differently about money. Why?

Happy people and unhappy people respond to and think differently about the same events/situations. Why?

Fearful people and confident people are thinking different thoughts and take different actions when facing the same situation. Why?

Why? Because we believe differently, that’s all. We were programmed to see things differently and to expect different lives for ourselves. And our programs are responsible for the beliefs we hold, which are responsible for up to 95% of the unconscious thoughts we have. Our thoughts then create our reality, as they determine what actions we take, what responses Free gifts to improve your life!we have, and how we feel at any given time. In other words……. Our thoughts add together to create the circumstances of our life!

Every thought you have ever had has led to another, and another, and another, which has culminated into the exact life you are living here and now!


Is it possible to change the circumstances of my life?

If you are currently not living the life of your dreams, it is because many of the beliefs you now hold onto are not helping you achieve your goals. So, maybe it’s time to question many of the things you believe to be real. Ideas that we have inherited from previous generations may be to our detriment. The world is forever changing in ways that previous generations could not imagine, so it’s time to update our beliefs to create what we desire!

Once we understand that our beliefs are only a collection of ideas that we were exposed to while growing up, we can empower ourselves by choosing to begin thinking differently so we can achieve the life we desire for ourselves. It is possible to re-program ourselves with ‘upgraded information’ to reflect the direction that we wish our individual lives and society as a collective to take.

Remember: Our programmed beliefs cause us to think and act/react in a certain way, which gives an equal and balanced result in our lives. To change the result, we just need to change the thoughts we have which will cause us to act/react differently, which will result in a different outcome for us.

What is the best way to create a better life for myself and those that I love?If you are not happy, its because your thoughts are unhappy thoughts!

If you desire to change some of the circumstances of your life, you need to look at the thoughts you are having in regard to love, finances, happiness, etc. and then change them to represent the outcome that you desire.

If you desire to be happy, you will never achieve it by thinking unhappy thoughts! Happy thoughts lead to a happy life. Most people know that you cannot wait to have a happy life to begin being happy. You have to have the ‘feeling’ of happiness now, in order to live a happy life! The feeling must come first, and you can actually choose to be happy right now! Try It! Choose to have some happy thoughts now!

The same is true for finances. You cannot have thoughts about lack/wanting more, fear, and stress regarding money and expect abundant money to just materialize into your life. Your thoughts of worry over money only lead to more thoughts of anxiety and lack, so this is what you will continue to receive.

To change your circumstances, you must appreciate all that you currently have and STOP thinking negatively about money or your lack of it. Appreciation and gratitude are a vibration that will attract more to appreciate and more to be grateful for into your life……. But only if you stop sabotaging yourself by continuing to think fearfully about your lack of money! for wealth creation
Learn how you can reprogram your subconscious mind to create an abundant future starting NOW!

Love……. You cannot attract love into your life if you do not love yourself! If you do not love yourself, for whatever reason, then you think that you are unworthy to be loved, so WHY WOULD ANYONE ELSE LOVE YOU? Your thoughts of unworthiness attract people into your life who reflect back to you what you think about yourself. Ouch!

Fall in love with yourself…… It’s not hard, and you are worthy of love! You are a magnificently created being here on this planet to have an incredible adventure…….. choose to make it so, and it will become so!

Then fall in love with everyone else, see them for what they truly are, magnificent beings, here playing the game of life, just for the fun and drama of the experience…… all actors in a play on the stage of life (this beautiful world that we all share).

Your future is YOUR choice, and it begins right NOW!

Make time to sit quietly and reflect on your life.Reprogram your mind for wealth

Are you happy?

Would you like some aspects of your life to be different than they currently are?

Maybe you desire better health, more wealth, more love, or more joy?

Any of these things and so much more are within your grasp….. it is possible to have all the things you desire…….

But first, you have to believe it and feel it with all of you being.

It is your thoughts and feelings that vibrate and send a signal to attract to you in exact accordance with the energy you are radiating. This is the natural, uncompromising, LAW OF ATTRACTION at work in every moment of our lives!

If you can focus on what you want more often, rather than letting your subconscious programming attract more of the same, then you will begin to see improvements in your life!

Be positive and believe in yourself; after all, you are an amazing being, and you are here for the experience of being alive in a physical body to enjoy the GAME OF LIFE.

Choose to enjoy more of your moments, each and every day, and your life will be forever changed for the better!

Shared with love and respect in the hope of making the world a better place, one soul at a time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Your life is a result of the programming you received when young.

  1. Hello there! This is another example of why I loathe the public school system. Also, I find myself being my parents even in ways I know they were dead wrong. Yes, we were poor. Still poor. Thankfully, our oldest son is making his way into a better success than his forebears. I can only hope and pray the cycle of stupidity ends. Thank you for this wonderful article!

    1. Hi Cathy. The public school system is designed to maintain the status quo. That is, a few will succeed, the majority will achieve mediocrity, and some will live a miserable life. It’s encouraging to know that your son is doing better than the previous generations. It is possible for us all to succeed and you must have contributed during his upbringing to help him break out of the cycle. if he can do it, so can you…… it’s just a matter of having the desire and proper focus and you too can improve your life’s circumstances.
      I wish you all the best,
      Kind regards, Andrew

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