Why Do You Hear A Ringing Sound In Your Ears When Meditating?

Why Do You Hear A Ringing Sound In Your Ears When Meditating

For more than 30 years now I have had various ringing sounds in my ears. People have tried to tell me it’s Tinnitus. And I know from experience that this is just the easy ‘go to’ answer to give to anyone who is experiencing sounds in their head that others can’t hear.

And yes, you may have tinnitus… However, there are also many other reasons why you may be experiencing noises in your head when you are meditating. So, let’s explore some of these other reasons you may be hearing sounds that no one else can.

Firstly, Are The Ringing Sounds In Your Ears Detrimental To Your Health?

Zen 12 meditation Free Trial PackI’ve heard of some people who claim to be ‘driven mad’ because of the constant ringing sounds in their ears. However, being driven mad or getting upset over things is more a matter of our temperament rather than the circumstances of our lives.

Many people have what can be considered ‘the most terrible of afflictions or circumstances,’ and yet they triumph over life… while others collapse due to any and all minor ‘problems.’ This means that the way you feel about and react to the ringing sounds in your ears has a far greater effect on your well-being than the sounds themselves.

Therefore, I suggest that instead of getting upset or annoyed by them, you reflect upon them with curiosity and an open mind… and the reason I say this will become more evident as you read on.

My Personal Experience May Help to Provide Some Context

It’s never a single sound that I hear. There’s always a mix of distinguishable sounds playing in my head. They are not the same in each ear, and often there is one that is much louder than the rest. The sounds come and go and change in pitch and volume all on their own accord. And at times, they can be extremely loud!

Do these sounds bother me? No, not really. Even though I am nearly always (at least mildly) aware that they are there, they don’t interfere with my ability to hear as well as anyone else can…. except in a couple of situations.

When in a field of noisy crickets, or under certain flocks of noisy birds, I sometimes cannot hear the music they are making because it resonates at the same frequency as one or more of the sounds already playing in my head. The two similar sounds just seem to blend into a single tone and I cannot distinguish between the two.

How Do I Cope With The Ringing Sound In My Ears When I Am Meditating?

Ringing-sound-in-your-ears-when-meditatingWith every event, circumstance, or person, who comes into our lives, we always have choices as to how we react. Yes, the power to respond to everything is our choice! And if we make a conscious choice to respond positively, we will effectively make our lives better…

… and that’s always what I choose to do… to try and turn any situation to my advantage, or at least, not use it as an excuse to make my life any worse.

I have had ringing sounds in my ears for more than 30 years now, not only while meditating, but almost constantly. It’s actually very rare to realize that ‘wow, there are no internal sounds in my head at the moment!’ And I have learned, with time, to accept these sounds, to put them aside, and focus my attention on whatever it is I am doing at the moment.

I learned early on that if I don’t give the ringing sounds my full attention, they will not have any power to upset me. This is true because our energy flows where our attention goes. Therefore, if we can flow our attention onto other things that are of benefit to us, we will not be giving any of our thought energy to something (the ringing sound as well as other things) that could potentially harm us.

What Are The Causes Of The Ringing Sounds in Your Ears When You Meditate?

If you only hear the sounds while meditating, it’s a sure sign that your meditations are having a positive effect on your life. This is because meditation is a practice designed to cultivate greater self-awareness.

If you have been practicing meditation regularly, you will naturally become less focused on your external environment. And this allows your body and mind to quiet down and become more settled. As a result, your practice deepens and your sensitivity to what is happening within your internal environment increases.

Therefore, you may begin to hear ‘meditation bells,’ ringing, hissing, buzzing, whirring, or other vibrations in your ears or the space within your head. The phenomena varies between people as does its duration and intensity.

Possible Reasons You May Be Hearing Sounds While Meditating Include:

Headspace-Sleep-Like-a-Legend-11) Tuning into the normal sounds that your body is always making that you are not typically aware of. These include the stress in your nervous system, the blood pumping through your body, the beating of your heart, etc.

2) All energy is information, and therefore sound is also ‘information.’ The sounds you are hearing may be a ‘download’ from your Higher Self or any number of Spirit Guides that are with you and are assisting with your current incarnation. And although you may not understand the messages on a conscious level, the information that you need is being given to you at a higher level…. It is being integrated into your whole being and will be available when you need it.

-3) Your DNA is receiving new information which will allow your body to ‘upgrade’ so it can hold and transmit the new higher frequencies that the Earth is transmitting at this time. This will help you to understand what your purpose for being here is and also how you can move forward into the future with more confidence to successfully fulfill your life’s purpose.

4) Your body’s energy centers are affected by meditation. Your chakras will naturally be tuning themselves to hold more energy as well as to align with each other. This is a normal process that occurs as we evolve ourselves to become more of what we can be. This will lead to increased self-awareness as well as the development of your spiritual ‘gifts.’

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5) Another possibility is that you are hearing the ‘Sound of the Spheres.’ All celestial bodies (stars, planets, etc.) resonate at unique frequencies. Our Earth resonates at a set of frequencies called the Schumann Resonance and these sounds are produced by electromagnetic waves in the lower ionosphere. These sounds range from 7.83 Hz (the Earth’s heartbeat) to 33.8 Hz (including thunder and lightning.)

When you reach a certain level of personal development, you may automatically tune into the frequencies of our Earth and even other stars, planets, and celestial bodies/beings. This may be a good indication that you are reaching the zenith of your earthly incarnations as you are pulling information together from many of your life experiences in this plane of reality to amalgamate everything you have learned thus far.

6) You may be more sensitive to the increasing levels of electromagnetic pollution that are invading all spaces on the planet. Many new technologies are emitting electromagnetic radiation that is strong enough to be ‘heard/experienced’ by sensitive people. So you may find that you only hear these sounds when you are close to cell phone towers, high-voltage power lines, or other sources of electromagnetic frequencies.

Should You Be Concerned Because You Hear Ringing Sounds In Your Head When Meditating?

As I mentioned, I have been hearing multiple sounds in my head for over 30 years already. Based on my experience and that of others I have talked to, if you have no physical damage to your being, then these sounds should be thought of as positive changes to your life experience.

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Many spiritual teachers refer to these sounds as some form of upgrade to your physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual bodies. They say it is a normal part of the ascension process and that there is nothing to fear from these sounds.

However, how we react to these sounds does have an impact on how well we integrate the information into our bodies and minds. Therefore, if we can view the noises we hear as beneficial instead of a nuisance or symptom of ill health, we will be able to integrate the upgraded information more rapidly into our psyche and more easily transform into the uniquely wonderful spiritual beings that we are.

So, don’t be concerned. Instead, just observe these sounds with a sense of wonder, without attachment, and let the new information being transmitted to you do what it is meant to do without you interfering with it in any way. This will make your ascension into the new world a smooth and enjoyable ride!

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