The BioEnergy Code Review: (How To Make This The Best Year Ever!)

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Yes, we all have issues that we would be better off without! And yes, there are hundreds of gurus and products that claim to ‘be the one’ that will magically cure us of all that is holding us….. then we will become free to achieve our goals and dreams. And now we have The BioEnergy Code…….

The problem is that they all sound too good to be true. But what if there was one product that worked at a fundamental level to clear our blockages at their core. If such a product existed, it would free us to live happier, healthier, and more abundant lives than we currently are.

And with that goal in mind, let’s check out The BioEnergy Code Review to see if it stacks up as a product that can help us transform our lives for the better.

The BioEnergy Code Review

None of us know which of our energy centers are blocked and how to best clear them. If we did, we would have done it already. Traumatic events, disappointments, hard times, etc. all deposit and trap negative energy in our bodies, minds, and emotions. This energy becomes stagnant and prevents us from living our ’best’ lives. The BioEnergy Code targets this negativity and ‘switches’ the energy so that instead of working against us, it will begin working for us. This will help to bring profound improvements to ALL areas of our lives.

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What is The BioEnergy Code Program?

As with any problem, we have options on how to deal with it. We can try and ignore it in the hopes that it will go away, put a band-aid on a gaping wound, or…. We can address the problem at the root cause……. and this is what the Bio Energy Code will do for you! You can view the Official Website HERE

Angela Carter put this program together so we can benefit from the profound life changes she realized are possible after learning how to integrate body, mind, and soul healing on a deep level. She recognized that ALL that was blocking her from achieving her goals and living her dream life wasn’t external to her and wasn’t based on her knowledge or abilities, but was actually something deep inside of her…..

….. and not visible because it is stored in cellular memory.

Yogi Meditating with highlighted ChakrasWith this in mind, The BioEnergy Code is a program that addresses the root cause of our suffering by clearing and rebalancing our bodies’ natural energy (chakras) system. It uses a core 30-minute soundtrack infused with the latest neurological brainwave programming technologies mixed with ancient techniques to act as a ‘switch’ that quickly and powerfully clears and aligns all of our BioEnergy (chakras.)

Our chakras are spinning vortices of energy that take in energy, store it, and release it so that we may live our lives. When it is blocked, because of trauma, pain, fear, disappointments, etc. it prevents us from manifesting our lives the way we want them to be. However, once cleared, our energy is available and we are empowered to manifest the things, conditions, and people into our lives that we want, rather than those that are unwanted.

Can BioEnergy Really Be Blocked in Our Cellular Memory?

Many of us, when chasing success, are often surprised that we seem to come across ‘resistance’ or are blocked on multiple fronts. Even when we know what we want and know what we need to do to get it, often we still cannot attain our goals and dreams. That’s because the stuff blocking us is not always visible or even rational, and so it is not readily evident what has been preventing us from succeeding.

Consider this simple experiment because it goes a long way to explaining one of the ways we are unconsciously ‘conditioned’ by our past (including previous generations) that prevents us from achieving our goals and dreams now. The now-famous ‘mice experiment’……… shows how fear is passed down through generations, even though the source of the fear has not been present for, in this case, five generations.

“Researchers took a group of mice and paired the scent of cherry blossoms with a mildly painful electric shock. Eventually, when they smelled cherry blossoms, the mice freaked out anticipating the shock. The researchers then tested their descendants. They found that even in the 6th generation, the scent of cherry blossoms would freak out mice who had no actual experience of the electric shock.”

In His Book “The Body Keeps the Score,” trauma therapist and researcher Bessel Van Der Kolk, describes how painful events, negative events, and trauma (like the above experiment) are ‘stored’ not only in our memories but also in our bodies’ cellular structure. And because of this, the trauma can be passed on to the next generation….

Did your previous generations suffer hardships, war, starvation, bankruptcy, fear, etc? If so, then they have passed some of that information to all of their dependents, including you. So when you are feeling blocked, and in some way ‘prevented’ from achieving your goals, some of the reason is the stored/blocked energies you are carrying within your bodies that you did not create or ask for!

The reality is that we are all suffering from stuff we have inherited from our parents and their parents, etc. And this is why we often don’t understand where our negativity has come from….. because often, we are negative about stuff seemingly without good reason to be….. (well, now you know why!)

It is generational in nature! So for us to be able to live better lives, we need to be able to clear the negative stuff that is not only in our minds and emotions but also stored within the cellular structure of our bodies. And this is what the BioEnergy Code can help you to do.

The BioEnergy Code Program Will Do Most of the Work for You!

For The BioEnergy Code to transform your lives for the better, all that is required is that you listen to the 30-minute audio track once a day. This ground-breaking audio is the only manifestation program based on foundational ancient chakra teachings combined with cutting-edge neuroscience that is designed to activate ‘The BioEnergy Switch’ that’s already inside of you.

The BioEnergy Code Review Free Meditation offerFortunately, with this program, we don’t need to spend years becoming expert meditators or even need to study the bodies’ 7-chakra energy system for it to work for us. The reality is that even if we did these things, we wouldn’t be in a better position to know which of our energies are blocked and how to clear them.

The uniquely designed audio of the BioEnergy Code is designed to balance your chakra system and get your energy working for you (as it naturally should) instead of working against you. No matter what level of understanding or expertise we are at, it will enable us to see results!

All you have to do is find a quiet space, get comfortable, and listen (preferably with earbuds or headphones) for 30 minutes every day. Then follow the prompts in the audio and the BioEnergy Switch will do the hard work for you.

How Does The BioEnergy Code Work?

Phase 1: “Welcome the Energy” puts our brains into an aligned, receptive, and meditative state. The two proprietary neuro-frequencies have been scientifically proven to help promote the proper alignment of our body’s BioEnergy. The core foundation of this phase is a guided meditation through all 7 major chakras.

Phase 2: “Foundational Energy.” Our Root Chakra is associated with safety and security and needs to be in balance and clear so we can thrive in life. Visualizations and affirmations are offered to achieve the needed balance and clearing.

The BioEnergy Code Review AuraPicture of persons aura fieldPhase 3: “Relational Energy” is associated with our Sacral Chakra. The guided visualizations and affirmations help create emotional intelligence and support deep and meaningful relationships while honoring our own wants, needs, and feelings.

Phase 4: “Personal Power” centers around our Solar Plexus Chakra, the source of our power and happiness. Clearing this chakra allows our ‘authentic self’ to emerge more powerfully than ever before.

Phase 5: “Heart Energy” centers around our heart, our center of love. Here we discover that we are not only loveable but also very loving. Our barriers to receiving and giving will dissolve away and we get to experience true love, probably for the first time…..

Phase 6: “Expression Energy” is all about our Throat Chakra. This phase helps us ‘release’ what others may think of us so we can speak our own divine truth.

Phase 7: “Intuition Energy” relates to our Third Eye Chakra and allows up to naturally open up to our abilities of intuition, insight, and wisdom.

Phase 8: “Oneness Energy” is located in our Crown Chakra. This energy reminds us that we are all part of the One Divine Source and seeks to remove the feelings of separation and loneliness by allowing us to experience The Divine in all things including ourselves.

Phase 9: “Power Extension” guides us to release the previous visualizations but also to hold onto the energy of our emotions. We get to return to life with a new sense of expansive peace and warming love. And our clear and activated energy centers will begin opening the path for our manifestation energy to flow freely. We will have become more whole and will know that we have the energetic power within us to manifest all that we desire.

What Else is Included With The BioEnergy Code Program?

Bonus 1: The BioEnergy Code Manual (valued at $47) This is a 154-page eBook that explains the science and traditions behind the 7 chakras and how they become blocked throughout our lives.

Bonus 2: This is a ‘cheat’ 5-minute session, (valued at $147) for when you really don’t have 30 minutes to sit down in silence and listen to the full 30-minute track. (Personally, I think that it’s when we don’t have time, that we will benefit most from ‘making the time’ to do the full session!)

Bonus 3: This PDF summary, The BioEnergy Code Decoded, (valued at $97) is for the visual learners out there to further help imprint the important information into our minds in another way. It’s a ‘cheat sheet’ for every BioEnergy zone explained.

Bonus 4: The Heart Energy Activator (valued at $147) is the most important bonus because the Heart is our most commonly blocked energy center, mostly due to FEAR…… This guided meditation utilizes the same frequencies as ‘The God Frequency’ at 432 Hz which are designed to clear away fear.

What are Some of the Benefits From Using The BioEnergy Code Program?

The BioEnergy Code Review BannerWe are all different, and we are all beginning from different stages along our journey. Some of us will have our third chakra blocked more, and others may need more healing on the second and fifth energy centers. And because we are all diverse, we will all achieve different results and benefits.

However, whatever it is that is limiting us, the balancing and cleansing properties we gain from listening to the BioEnergy Code for 30 minutes every day will eventually clear away the stuck energy and return our bodies and emotions to a balanced and natural state of being.

Some benefits I have experienced from BioEnergy work are:

– Previous limiting beliefs seem to dissolve away and are replaced by optimism for a brighter future,

– We don’t need to practice yoga or meditation for 20 years to experience the same benefits we can get from The BioEnergy Code, (although I still totally endorse both of these practices,)

– We don’t need to pay someone else to mess with our chakras on a regular basis to keep them ‘in tune.’ Instead, just listen to The BioEnergy Code once a day for a tune-up,

– I feel a deeper sense of connection to life, greater peace, and am more balanced,

– A sense of realizing that a better future is not only possible but inevitable,

– Negative energy dissolves away and is replaced by optimism and a greater sense of purpose,

– Insights and intuition becomes more predominate as our energy centers are cleared away with continued use,

– Deep love is seen as possible and a direct consequence of cleaning out the negativity from our energy centers.

The BioEnergy Code is Available Now at Only $37…The BioEnergy Code available for only $37

….. $37 to clear away the stuck and stagnant energy that has been holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams for a better life! That is the cost of 2 meals at a nice restaurant, or 6 coffees at Starbucks….. hardly too much to invest in something so life-changing…….

Picture of all the product included in The BioEnergy Code Program

The only question you have to ask yourself is ‘Are you ready to finally overcome the blocks that have been holding you back from living the better life that you know you deserve?’

Yes? No?….. Your growth, your happiness, your success, and your enjoyment of life will only improve when you do something different from what you have been doing that got you to where you are now!

If you want more of the same stuff, then you don’t need to do anything.

However, there is a better life awaiting all of us, just over the horizon…… but it begins with what you do today……

To make your future better, invest a little in yourself now, so that your future self will be eternally grateful that you did!…. You have to become the change you want to see in your world!

The BioEnergy Code comes with a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee, and you can get a refund, no questions asked if you feel The BioEnergy Code is not working for you. So what Have you got to lose…. (besides more time just getting by?)

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4 thoughts on “The BioEnergy Code Review: (How To Make This The Best Year Ever!)

  1. Hi Andrew,

    It’s sad to know that the trauma can pass down to the next generations of the family, and that’s why people need to learn how to remove the negative thoughts from the deepest of our minds. I love how powerful it is to achieve this goal by listening to 30 minutes of BioEnergy Code per day, which is efficient and time-saver. The price is reasonable, and I would love to try it as soon as possible.


    1. Hi Matt,

      It’s interesting that not only do we have to deal with our own stuff, but also generational stuff that is part of our cellular memories. And yes, it does mean that it’s more difficult to deal with…. especially because most of the time we are not even aware of its existence.

      We are fortunate to be living in these times when we can use technology as a partner in our healing. And the BioEnergy code is an awesome program that helps to rebalance and restore trauma within us that has been preventing us from living the awesome lives we desire for ourselves.
      The program costs peanuts compared to the relief and restoration that it provides. I wish everyone had access to The BioEnergy Code beginning at a young age, and then the world would be filled with happy and successful people instead of the many struggling and dysfunctional people we now have.

      Please, let us know how you get on with using this product. It’s always great to hear of another who breaks out of the prison that has been holding them back from the success and abundance they desire.

      I wish you a great day and a fantastic life!

  2. I remember studying chakras as part of a reiki course a few years ago. It’s really interesting to learn how much of our well-being is influenced by them. I was also fascinated to read about the experiment on mice as it just goes to show how real cellular memory is.

    The BioEnergy course sounds worthwhile especially as you don’t need to understand how chakras work.
    I’m sure most of us could find an extra half an hour each day. Listening to a guided meditation for unblocking chakras would definitely be beneficial in every area of life.
    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Yes, 30 minutes a day to significantly improve every aspect of our lives is not asking a lot. However, it does come down to individual choices. And it seems that most people are happy to continue to keep doing the same things, keep getting similar results, and to keep complaining about why their lives are not working out as they had hoped!
      The world is in the sad state it is currently in because not enough people are empowering themselves and taking responsibility for their own lives, our health, success, and overall wellbeing. Instead, we are letting others make decisions for us and telling us how we can and can’t live. When we are all ‘awake’ we will naturally live with integrity and compassion and the world will be a much better place to raise our kids.
      And the BioEnergy Code is a fantastic program that helps people regain the power that is their’s for the awakening!

      I wish you all the best on your journey

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