Zen 12 Meditation Reviews: Can You Get An Hours Meditation Benefits In 12 Minutes?

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Zen 12 meditation is unlike any traditional meditation practice. I used to try and sit on the floor for an hour and clear my mind of unwanted thoughts. However, most of the time I gave up because my bum ached, my legs cramped, and my lower back screamed in pain. And the mind chatter, WHOW, let’s not go there…..

However, I never gave up on the idea of establishing a regular meditation practice. I knew the huge number of benefits achieved when practiced regularly makes it well worthwhile. So I persevered and have had an established regular practice for many years now. I did it the regular way, the hard way!

Recently I came across Zen 12, a program that is “Next Generation Meditation’ to say the least. And I wanted to share with you in this Zen 12 meditation review why I think this program is great and how it can be of benefit to new meditators and experienced meditators alike.

Zen 12 Meditation Review

We can get the benefits of an hour’s meditation in a shorter time by using ‘Brainwave Entrainment Technology.’ These ‘new’ ways of meditating are based on scientific research and enable the practitioner to achieve deep meditative brainwave states quickly and with relative ease. Zen 12 is ideal for beginners as well as experienced meditators who wish to deepen their meditative experience.


What is The Zen 12 Meditation Program About?

Zen 12 is a series of audio tracks embedded with ‘Brainwave Entrainment Technology.’ This technology enables deep meditative and healing states to be reached relatively quickly and easily compared to traditional meditation techniques.

The program has 48 different audio tracks that can use anywhere and at any time. There are 12 levels in the program. Each level has a choice of 4 different audio tracks to choose from. They each have the same brainwave science embedded into them. You can try one or all of them: Relaxation Mix, Sounds of Nature, White Noise, and Guided Meditation Mix.

Brian tracy testominial for Zen 12The first 7 levels are all 12 minutes each. The later level progressively rises to 20 minutes each.

Each level is designed to be listened to for a month before moving on. Each successive level builds on the last and takes us into deeper meditative states. The results we achieve are accumulated and typically begin as soon as we start using the program. They include feeling deeply relaxed and at ease as stress, anxieties, and worries seem to melt away.

These audios work by replicating the brainwave patterns of expert meditators and tune our brainwave patterns to match. Therefore we are also able to achieve deep states quickly, and not waste 30 to 40 minutes trying to quieten our bodies and minds. That’s why we can achieve an hour’s great meditation’ in as little as 12 minutes.

Using traditional methods, it can take many years (or maybe never) before students can reach these deep levels of relaxation. However because Zen 12 is using brainwave entrainment technology, our minds are easily guided and it may seem the program is actually doing the meditating for us. This technology is the accumulation of over 100 years of research into the workings of our minds.

Zen 12 Is Currently The Best Way To Get Into A Deep Meditative State

The biggest problem for someone new to meditation is often establishing the habit of doing it regularly. Meditation can be done in classes with other people who are shuffling around, coughing, and generally distracting. There may be outside noises coming in as distractions, and we have to conform to a time structure that the class is run.

I don’t see many advantages of joining classes- except if the teacher is experienced, they can impart their wisdom to us. Classes didn’t work for me back in the nineties, and I only ever meditate in groups at yoga classes with other experienced practitioners now.

More than 20 years ago, I started meditating by myself after work. I would come home from work, shower, and then lie on my bed. I would close my eyes, relax, and just let my mind wander, unchallenged for about 20 to 30 minutes.

In the beginning, not every session was relaxing, however, some were VERY relaxing for me, mentally and physically. And these are the ones that spurred me on to continue meditating.Zen 12 3 step process explained

The trick was to learn how to change my beginner brainwave states which are typically in the high range of beta or gamma. They needed to be lowered to match the proficient meditator’s relaxed brainwave states of theta and delta waves. This took me many years and countless hours to achieve by myself!

With Zen 12, new practitioners can experience benefits after the first session! The specially encoded sounds guide our minds on a gentle path of progressive relaxation. This automatically reduces our stress levels and enhances our creativity and happiness. We basically become ‘set up’ for the remainder of our day, or an amazing night’s sleep. Our self-development journey suddenly becomes much easier.

What Are The Main Benefits of Using Zen 12 When Meditating?

The Zen 12 audio tracks made it very easy for me to achieve a deep state of meditation in a short time. The depth of meditation was also very profound. Often I lose all consciousness awareness, only to come back sometime after the session had ended. I now use a timer that allows me to become conscious again anytime I choose- if I really need to.

The benefits of meditation have been extensively studied by scientists for many years. Their studies tell us what any expert mediator already knows. A shortlist of the benefits of meditating includes:

  1. In just 12 minutes, you get the benefits of meditating for an hour.
  2. Increased levels of happiness (due to the release of serotonin in the brain)CD picture of Zen 12 product
  3. Less stress, anxiety, and worries.
  4. Increased ability to focus, stick with, and achieve goals.
  5. A greater sense of creativity (because of access to larger portions of the brain.)
  6. The ability to remain present in ‘this moment’ instead of having your mind wander all over the place.
  7. The feeling of peace and security develops as we intuitively understand that everything is alright.
  8. Improved mental, physical, and emotional health and overall well-being.

So, who doesn’t want these benefits, plus many more?

How Do You Get the Most From Using the Zen 12 Meditation Program?

The people who are the most successful are the ones who establish a routine and stick with it. This applies to business, sports, and also to meditation. Great success comes through a focus on and dedication to our goals.


If we can establish a dedicated place where we will sit or lay down and set aside a regular time each day to meditate, we are already halfway there. The good news is something that you beginners don’t know yet…. Meditation becomes easier and easier the more we do. Not only that, but it also becomes better and better to the point that we look forward to sitting down to meditate once, twice, or more times every day!

12 minutes a day, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night if repeated for some time WILL POSITIVELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIVES. And if it’s not possible in the mornings or evenings, just choose another time that you can commit to every day. It’s no big deal! Just be sure to do it.

EVERYONE HAS 12 MINUTES A DAY TO MEDITATE- IT’S SIMPLY THE BEST PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS ON THE PLANET! And the results we achieve naturally become part of our daily lives long after the meditation session has finished. We will remain calm, relaxed, focused, hyper-aware, intuitive, etc. which all add up to us being a better all-around person – Better for us, our families, friends, work colleagues, and the planet as a whole.

Maybe You’ve Tried Meditating Before And Weren’t Successful. Will Zen 12 work for You?

Many new meditators are put off by poor experiences with traditional meditation methods. Others don’t think they are achieving results, so they give up believing the practice doesn’t work, and still, others are constantly allowing themselves to be distracted.

Zen 12 3 step processThe biggest problem is normally that they did not establish a regular practice, and repeat it for a month. Sure, traditionally, one hour is a long time to sit still when our minds are busy with events of the past and future worries. And it takes a dedicated person to follow this arduous process long enough to begin recognizing the benefits gained by learning to focus our minds.

The simplicity of Zen 12 is that all you have to do is set aside 12 minutes, hit play on your selected MP3, sit back, relax, and be guided into a deep meditative state. And towards the end of the session, the audio will gradually ‘reset’ your brainwave patterns to a more awakened state so you can easily go about your day.

Overly analytical people sometimes don’t experience immediate benefits. Because initially, they may be wary of the process and the ‘strange isotone’ sounds of the audio tracks. However, this is temporary, and because Zen 12 is built on replicable science it delivers consistent results to everyone. So, if you initially have problems, don’t worry because your brain will become accustomed to the sounds and their benefits, and will then begin to crave them.

Level one is just the starter session, and while it is deep, it isn’t the deepest. Better results are accumulated the more we progress into the program.

What’s Included In The Zen 12 Meditation Program?

There are three levels of membership available. A beginners package for $67, an advanced package also for $67, and the premium package, which is discounted to $87.


Purchase Zen 12 buttonClick the green button to get the $50 discount voucher.

What Are Some of The Pros Of Using The Zen 12 Meditation Program?

  1. You achieve a deep meditative state much more quickly.
  2. The alpha brainwave state achieved allows you to learn quicker, relax more easily, and inspire your creativity.
  3. Lifetime support is offered by Inspire 3, the company behind Zen 12 Meditation.
  4. Online feedback for Inspire 3 and for the Zen 12 program is very positive.
  5. You do not need any experience in meditation to have the program work for you.
  6. There are four different levels of sound to choose from.
  7. The files are easily downloaded to your own device.
  8. You can listen as many times as you want each day.

Are There Any Cons To Zen 12?

  1. At the time of doing this review, there was no mobile app available.
  2. The more advanced levels go for up to 20 minutes at a time.
  3. Only the premium version has all 12 levels.

Final Thoughts

Brainwave entrainment provides a ‘cheat’ – a quick method of achieving those deeper meditation frequencies, without requiring years of extensive meditative practice.

By exposing the brain to stimuli (such as an MP3 audio file) containing a specific encoded frequency, the brain copies that frequency, and brings about that state of mind. Expose the brain to a frequency of 4Hz, for example, and over time, you’ll gently be taken down into a deep state of meditation. That’s exactly what happens with the Zen12 audio meditation program. (Excerpt from Inspire3- producers of Zen 12)

Why not begin upgrading your future today with the easiest self-development program currently on the market?  (p.s. you can get to trial the first month’s tracks for free by clicking HERE)

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10 thoughts on “Zen 12 Meditation Reviews: Can You Get An Hours Meditation Benefits In 12 Minutes?

  1. I’ve been hearing that meditation is really good for one’s being.
    I’ve tried it a couple of times but it didn’t work for me. My mind is full of distractions.
    Doing it by myself with a lack of knowledge about the process can be the reason why
    it didn’t work for me.

    Zen 12 program here looks convincing.
    From the way you explained it, I can tell that it is doable even for beginners. What I like about it is
    it uses audio rather than being silent.
    I think the audio will help my mind to focus on the sound rather than my thoughts.

    I would definitely check out the program!

    1. Hi Mina,

      Just give the free version a go. You have nothing to lose.
      I am however sure that it will give you a better meditation experience than you have had before And if you keep it up, you will soon be meditating like a pro.

      I wish you all the best,

  2. Hi Andrew, Very interesting.

    This is the first time hearing about Zen 12 but I can definitely relate to what you mean. 12 minutes a day should be doable for absolutely anyone. What do you need though a CD walkman?

    I haven’t used one of those for a while but seems like it could be a cool thing finding a nice quiet spot outside and meditating for 12 minutes. So am I right you can either pay $17 or $37 discount applied for either the beginner or advanced course?

    Seems like a good price for me but I think I would like to know more about how you actually listen to the audio.

    1. Hi Alex.
      The Zen 12 audios are best listened to with headphones or earbuds. So you can listen to the audio tracks on your phone, computer, or stereo. They are MP3 tracks. I don’t think anyone does CD’s anymore.
      Because the Zen !2 audio tracks are ‘isotones’ it is not necessary to listen to them with headphones or earbuds. However, I suggest it because these methods help to block out a lot of the distracting sounds that will come from the environment around us.

      Yes, definitely use the discount code to get the full package for only $37, and then follow through with the program for the full year. It will change your life,…. but only if you commit to doing it regularly. Remember the results are accumulative, so the more you stick with it, the better your progress will be.

      I wish you all the best,

  3. Thanks for sharing this post.

    Meditation has been a great part of my daily routine for the last five years or so. Thanks to this powerful practice, I have managed to change my life around completely and for the better, of course. However, I hardly practice Zen meditation so this program might actually be very good for me. I’m going to click the links, check it out, and claim the free mp3 before making any steps further.

    Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work with your website!

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Go for it! Trying the free version is a great idea.
      Although the name of the program is Zen, the program is not actually promoting a Zen method of meditation as practiced by Zen monks
      The Zen 12 program is beneficial because it combines ‘Brainwave Entrainment Technology’ into the soundtracks to induce a deeper state of meditation than a practitioner would normally be able to achieve by themselves. Isotones that match meditative states are embedded into the audios which help to change our brainwaves to match, therefore giving us a better experience.

      I wish you well with your free trial and know that you will not be disappointed with the results.

  4. This is very interesting.

    Embedding the sounds for your subliminal mind to tune into makes sense. I like that it can improve the time to practice your meditation to a more manageable timeshare from my day. I have a very full day and 12 minutes is a lot easier to fit in than an hour. I used to enjoy meditation years ago before life was so busy. Maybe this can restore that activity to me. I will look more into it.

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    1. You are welcome, Tim.

      I agree that 12 minutes is easily doable. And when you have more time or get into the routine of meditating (and come to crave the time out) then you can do longer sessions.
      The thing is, that we should never feel like we are forcing ourselves. This will just create feelings of dis-ease within us, and we will not be able to have a productive session.
      Meditation should be approached with ease and positive expectations for us to get the most out of it.

      I hope you are able to find what you are looking for.

      Cheers mate, Have a great day.

  5. Your article is excellent. The content is very deep but you have arranged it well. You have clearly explained the law of attraction, Meditation, and how we can change our lives with our thoughts. I believe this knowledge you provide is important for me to discuss with my friends. My thanks for this article you posted.

    Good Luck.


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