What’s The Best Way to Deal with Low-Vibrational People? 4 Strategies That Work!

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How you deal with low-vibrational people depends on where your vibration is at. If you are calling them low-vibe, it means that you consider you are at this moment to be in a higher vibrational state than them. How much higher your vibration is will determine the options you have available….

The reality is that vibrations are not just high or low, but that they range from really low, low, middle line, ok, high to very high, and everything in between. And, as you will know, your vibration is never constant, but always changing depending on how you are feeling throughout the day.

So, with this in mind, what’s the best way to deal with low-vibrational people in your life?

What’s The Best Way to Deal with Low-Frequency People in Your Life?

It’s best not to give your attention to people, places, events, and situations that resonate at a low-vibrational frequency. Why? Because what you give your attention to multiplies in your life. We live in a vibrational universe where The Law of Attraction works to bring more of the stuff you believe to be true, and are giving your attention to, into your experience. For your well-being, it is best to focus only on more of the stuff you actually want to become part of your life experience.

What Is Your Vibration and Why is it Always Changing?

Your energetic field is composed of a complex mix of vibrations that reflect who you are. It’s an indicator of how you are feeling at a given time concerning many different aspects of life.

You hold certain beliefs about love, money, health, freedom, the neighbors, the foods you eat, your abilities, etc. These beliefs lead to the majority of the thoughts you have, and these thoughts then cause you to feel a certain way.

Then your feelings result in your emotions… which is your ‘energy in motion’ or your vibration, (the energetic frequency your body is resonating at.)

However, that’s not the end of the story….. because as a living, breathing, experiencing being, you are constantly being exposed to a variety of sensory input that is causing you to think, then feel, and then express emotions….. And therefore, your vibration is in a constant state of change.

And this is the beauty of life…. it is dynamic! This means there is plenty of stuff going on all the time that either raises or lowers our vibration.

How Can I Manifest Things I Want

Yes, choice abounds. You can hang out with lower-vibrational people and allow their negativity to bring you down… or you can remove yourself from their presence and go somewhere, or talk to someone else, who is going to have a beneficial impact on your thoughts and emotions and therefore help to raise your vibration.

Is There Any Benefit To Being Around Low Vibrational People?

The first thing to understand is that everything that comes into your life is there for a reason…. You have attracted it to you because of something in your vibration.

Maybe there is an important lesson you need to learn, or maybe they are ready to learn something that you can teach them. And by ‘teach them,’ I don’t mean talking down to them in any way whatsoever….. because everyone has a right to live their lives as they choose to, just as you do!

A higher vibrational person is not better than a lower vibrational person… everything that is created is part of the ONE Energy…. However, here and now, we are all experiencing different aspects of the ‘Oneness’ so we can have a beneficial living experience.

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If we were all resonating at the same frequencies, there would be no value in participating in the ‘school of life.’ Why? Because we don’t learn as much from those that are the same as us compared to those who are different from us….. and being exposed to a variety of different stuff gives our soul what it craves…. learning and expansion.

However, here and now, if you want to reduce the impact low-vibrational people are having on your life, you can by changing your vibration so that they are not ‘attracted’ to you. Check out my post ‘What Are The Three Best ways To raise Your Vibration’ to learn how.

If You Have To Be Around Low Vibrational People, This Is How You Can Cope….

So, again I want to say…. Let everyone live their life in the way they want. Low-vibrational people are not your problem to fix! And you have no right to assert your will upon others unless they are genuinely asking for your help.

Any lack of tolerance, frustration, or judgment from you is in itself a form of ‘low-vibration’ thinking, and it will not serve your best interests. It’s far better to accept the world as it is because you can never ‘fix’ everything to make it perfect in your eyes.

Learning acceptance and tolerance are part of the journey to enlightenment, a state you will eventually reach, where you can live in the world as it is, without judgment, with a joy-filled heart…. Why? Because you know the playground of earth is serving its purpose perfectly in providing a range of experiences for all who choose to play the game of life.

However, until you reach enlightenment, you can cope with low-vibrational people in these ways….

1) Limit the amount of time you are around low-vibrational people and instead seek out people who resonate with ‘who you wish to become.’ It’s far easier to move on rather than try to ‘educate’ someone of low vibration… Yes, people do change, but their life is their life and it’s not for you to determine how they should live it.

2) Low-vibrational people are there because of all the circumstances of their life up until now…. just as you are an accumulation of all that you have been taught, seen, done, felt, and experienced. They are most likely ‘doing the best they can’ with the hand that life has dealt to them.

Understanding this allows you to be more tolerant and less judgmental of them, and more accepting. And if you are with them, you don’t need to get dragged into all their dramas and negativity…. Just be yourself, be positive, be upbeat, and who knows, they may learn from you that it’s possible to have a more positive attitude towards life!

The Law of Attraction quiz3) Your vibration is your choice. Therefore, when you feel compassion, love, acceptance, appreciation, etc. you are benefiting your personal and spiritual evolution. And feeling these higher-vibe emotions is a choice you can make in any circumstance, regardless of who you are with.

By making your vibration a priority, you will be uplifting not only yourself, but all who you interact with…. However, it’s up to them whether they choose to benefit from the high vibes you are resonating with or not.

4) Focus on your life and the things that you love about being alive. Doing so will attract more things for you to appreciate and enjoy…. And soon, as if by magic, you will stop manifesting lower-vibration stuff, including people, into your experience.

When you have sorted out and stabilized your own vibration, you will only manifest wanted stuff to you…. All the other stuff that now worries you and lowers your vibration will no longer have any place in your life.

What Should You Do Now?

– It’s important to know that all things are transitory, forever changing, and evolving. This means that the person who’s bringing you down now won’t always be there, won’t always be negative, and you won’t always be brought down by them…

Change the subject if you have to stay or move away if possible and do something that will pick you up! Things change when you change…. You always have many choices available.

– Stop worrying about other people and put your attention on the only person you have any control over…. And that person is you. This will take some practice at first, but it is well worth you making yourself a priority in your life!

CD picture of Zen 12 product– When you understand that the quality of your life is reflected by your vibration, you will begin to pay more attention to it…. because There Is Nothing More Important Than The Way You Feel in this life! Make your well-being your number one priority.

Begin a meditation practice (if you haven’t already.) Meditating will give you massive insights into your habitual thought patterns and the subsequent emotions (vibrations) they produce in you. Once realized, you can begin adjusting your subconscious habitual thoughts to better reflect the high-vibe person you wish to become.

– If you begin now to look for the good in all situations, your life will forever change for the better!

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