The Light Code review: How can we thrive in these uncertain times?

Raise your vibration to become a magnet for the things you want.

Before telling you specifically what The light Code is and how it works, I would like to share with you my experiences and why I think using this Manifestation Tool is important and almost necessary to overcome the constant stress and negativity we are exposed to daily.

What was my experience with The Light Code?

When I downloaded and listened to the first audio (The Root Chakra -12 minute morning session) I was struck by how unusual it was. I chose to listen to the “frequency only option” because it is the option that will help me achieve the fastest results in the quickest time. The sound frequencies weren’t disturbing, but they are not something that you would listen to for enjoyment. Luckily there are 3 listening options for each recording (frequency only, music only, and frequency and music combined) so we can choose which recording suits us.

The light code with bonus tracts brain entrainment systemI didn’t get The Light Code for enjoyment, so I am happy to sit through the frequency-only sessions knowing that it is the frequency that is upgrading my belief patterns (my vibrations) to reprogram me for abundance, health, and all the success I desire.

I wanted help to facilitate change in my life, and that is exactly what I got with The Light Code! And if you, like me, want to begin manifesting the life of your dreams, get rid of anxiety, increase positive emotions, create massive motivation for yourself, and balance and raise your vibration, then you will also benefit greatly by using The Light Code.

Another personal experience I’ll share is this:

I’ve had a lot on my plate over the last few days and was being pulled in many different directions. It became frustrating as I was unable to do what I wanted. When I did find some time for myself, I was unsettled, agitated, and unable to do a good job.

So I decided to listen to one of The Light Code Bonus audios to see what effect it would have on me. I choose one I hadn’t listened to before, ‘Blank Slate.’

The Light Code testimonial 1This recording is 20 minutes long, music with frequencies, and designed to: “It’s perfect for when you feel your mind is out of control, you’re slipping into negative momentum, and you need to change the pace and do something different to get back into positivity and to help negative momentum in your life come to a stop.” The instruction for listening is to “breathe in and out with the ‘gong’ sound.” Gong sound?????

A few minutes after lying down, the tingling began in my lower legs and then also around my forehead. Then I ‘disappeared,’ lost conscious awareness of my thoughts and body, only to come back after the track finished feeling deeply, deeply, relaxed, and peaceful. So much so that I did very little for the next few hours except enjoy the peaceful experience. (I know not to use this track the next time I want to be productive, haha!)

Why is a program like The Light Code necessary in today’s modern world?

New Life Frequencies gift Magnetic Wealth AttractionMaybe you are like me, and you believe that there is much more to life than what you are currently accomplishing. Do you know with your heart that it’s all there just waiting for you? But maybe until now, you have no idea what has been holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams for a life filled with love, abundance, freedom, and extraordinary health and wellbeing?

Come on people, we’ve got to wake up! Most of us have been struggling for far too long just to ‘get by’ in life without really exploring our potential. So, even though we live in the most technologically advanced and wealthy societies the world has ever seen, we are still missing out on our ‘fair share’ of the abundance and joy that should naturally be part of our daily experience. We are missing out because we don’t know how to step up and grab what is right in front of us.

If we keep living our lives in a similar way that we have been doing, nothing is going to change for us. To achieve better outcomes regarding love, finances, health, etc. we have to change what we are thinking about and what we are doing. This means that we need to change our predominant thought patterns…… And THE LIGHT CODE is an excellent tool that will reprogram us for the success that we deserve!

What’s currently preventing me from achieving my goals and dreams?

The truth is that we are all absolutely amazing creative and powerful beings who ARE LIMITING OURSELVES by conforming to the current consensus reality, which doesn’t allow us to THRIVE AS WE NATURALLY SHOULD! Instead, many of us are suffering from mental and emotional health issues and are devoid of any real purpose in our lives.

This situation, the current consensus reality, is forced upon us by the powerful globalists who control the media, finance, health, and weapons industries. They increase their power and profits by keeping the rest of us scared, anxious, angry, sick, and in conflict with each other.


The only way we can escape the mediocrity they enslave us with is to raise our vibrations, one by one. If we and others begin now, over time, collectively, the consciousness of humanity will rise above fear and violence to become loving, peaceful, and abundant. It is then that we will no longer struggle against life, but live in harmony and balance with others and with the earth herself.
The light Code testimonial 2

How do we get from here to there? We have to break free from our current limiting beliefs about ourselves and life in general. This is done by adding new information…. We change our beliefs by learning new information to support the life we wish to be creating for ourselves, instead of accepting the life that has been thrust upon us.

Information, like all things that exist, is energy, and all energy has a vibration. We all know this because we can feel good ‘vibes’ when we are in love, or bad ‘vibes’ when someone is angry and yelling at us. The higher the vibration of energy, the purer, more loving, more harmonious it is. So our solution to overcoming fear, scarcity, and control, is to raise our vibration so we can attract to us love, confidence, perfect health, and abundance.

Why do I need a program like The Light Code?

Fortunately, there are technologies available that help us boost our potential so we can achieve more of the things we want from life. Do you desire more financial and time freedom, loving relationships, greater mental, emotional, and physical health, more confidence, a greater connection to your unlimited creative power, and so much more……



the Life YOU Deserve…

The Light Code is one of several recent innovative products that are proven to stimulate and enhance our potential by creating new neural pathways in our minds. This program uses 432Hz frequencies to ‘entrain’ our brains to quickly achieve a manifestation mindset. Once achieved, the manifestation mindset allows us to consistently attract into our lives, events, people, and circumstances, to help bring our dreams and goals to fruition.

The light Code order linkThe frequency of 432Hz is important because it transmits powerful spiritual healing energy. This natural tone is found everywhere in nature and has been used by Sharman’s and holy men of traditional cultures throughout history as a tool of transcendence. It resonates naturally with our hearts and was used up until the late 1930s for music concerts and recordings.

However, there was a faction of the global elite (in the 1930s) who decided to use sound as a weapon against us and they used their power and influence to ensure that future recordings and broadcasts would be changed to 440HZ.

So today, the everyday sounds we hear from TV, the radio, YouTube, and all other mainstream corporate media are purposefully tuned to 440Hz, a frequency that causes, anxiety, emotional distress, and mass hysteria. It’s subtle, but over time our bodies and minds have become tuned to these negative frequencies, and this is what has manifested as our reality.

This unnatural standard tuning frequency of 440HZ smashed the tradition of music created by sacred natural 432Hz vibrations and overtones – and effectively declared war on the subconscious mind of all humanity. Our minds are purposefully being entrained with frequencies that create conflict, discord, disharmony, and disunity.

This is why, even though we have more comforts and time-saving gadgets, we are more stressed, more anxious, more physically sick, and require more medication just to function daily than ever before.

How can The Light Code raise my vibration so I can become more peaceful, confident, successful, and abundant?

The Light Code testimonial 3Luckily, brainwave entrainment technologies were developed as a way to stimulate our brains into entering a special hypnotic state by either using pulsing sound, light pulses, or electromagnetic fields. WE CAN USE THE 432Hz FREQUENCIES OF THE LIGHT CODE TO ‘ENTRAIN’ OUR BRAINS INTO FEELINGS OF CONNECTEDNESS, PEACE, WELLBEING, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, AND SUCCESS.

Many call 432Hz a ‘reality shifting frequency,’ as it makes human desires vibrate at a high frequency of positive emotion. So when a person meditates with the 432Hz frequency, they resonate with their greatest desires directly to the universal consciousness. And in life whatever WE focus on – whatever WE ‘resonate’ with – is what WE will see, and ‘manifest’ more of……

How do I use The Light Code?

Our lives cannot magically transform, like in the movies. This is because it is an impossibility for us to receive something that we are not yet a vibrational match to. Therefore, WE NEED PROGRAMS LIKE THE LIGHT CODE that will QUICKLY upgrade our vibration so that WE WILL BECOME A MAGNET TO THE THINGS THAT WE DESIRE!

Once we are reprogrammed, our bodies, minds, and spirits are moved closer to perfect harmony with the natural abundance frequencies of the universe. Then we will no longer have to ‘chase’ after our goals and desires because we will have become a ‘co-operative’ vibration to them. Then they will just naturally become part of who we are!

The Light Code is a series of audio tracks and is custom-designed to take us on a sequential journey of restoring ourselves, mentally, emotionally, and physically. By following the instruction, we can:

  • Free ourselves from the oppressive grip of crippling anxiety and crushing mental stress
  • Emotionally heal from the dark shadow of all past traumas, hurts, and pain
  • Achieve spiritual growth in its natural progression from the root chakra up to the opening of the mind’s 3rd eye, to the blessing of our celestial crown
  • Materially manifest all the earthly blessings this world has to offer our newly awakened soul
  • Achieve ever-increasing success, joyfulness, love, and spiritual connection with lovers, friends, and family…

The Light Code order formBy listening to the tracks for as little as twelve minutes a day we can quickly shift our frequencies to rise above the blockages that have been obstructing us from attracting our dreams to us.

The audio package consists of seven (twelve minute) chakra ‘frequency only’ tracks, each one uniquely calibrated to open our chakra energies. These tracks are potent. Also included are seven frequency and music, and seven music-only tracks. These audios make the transition to successful manifestation easier for those who do not wish to increase their vibration too quickly.

For best results, the 12-minute tracks should be listened to when waking first thing in the morning before the mind becomes too busy with thoughts.

These 21 tracks are also available in 60-minute versions for listening to last thing at night for those that want to further accelerate their spiritual progress and manifestation speed.

Each audio focuses on clearing & aligning a different energy center (chakra.) These entrainment audios harmonically rewire the pathways in the brain and nervous system from negative to positive through a scientifically proven process called neuroplasticity.

Like any skill, brainwave entrainment may take some practice to become attuned. But the more you do it, the easier, faster, and more powerful effects you’ll begin to experience.

For maximum benefits, it’s important to be open, calm, kind, and patient with yourself, and don’t force anything.

Instead, just allow your body and mind to gently adjust to the deep changes you will experience while going through the process.

10 bonus tracks are included with The Light Code package to further help your journey

The Light Code including bonus tracksThe Emerald Code audio will help unleash positive momentum into your life.

The Unicorn in The Secret Garden audio compels people to want to be in your presence and have your desires become magnetically attracted to you.

The Blank Slate audio will assist you in the face of great negative momentum, helping it come to a complete stop.

The Unconditional Love audio will help shift your vibration to be in resonance with love, so you continue to manifest great things instead of tripping over unwanted conditions.

The Harp of Relaxation audio eliminates any resistance within you and puts you in a state of total relaxation.

The Library of Emotions is FIVE special audio’s tuned to inspire powerful emotions within you including Happiness, Inspiration, Bliss, Appreciation, and Joy.

The Light Code program is like a complete psychic and spiritual renewal for body and mind…Are you ready for an ungraded life experience?

No one is going to give it to you….. You have to create it for yourself.

Why not begin your journey to spectacular achievement NOW!

Get your copy of The LIGHT CODE  from New Life Frequencies here for only $37.00 and begin using this simple 7-Step Method To Smash Anxiety, Increase Positive Emotions, And Create Massive Motivation to pave the way for a really great life, the life we all deserve!

The Light Code 100% money back guarantee

8 thoughts on “The Light Code review: How can we thrive in these uncertain times?

  1. Hey Andrew.

    Wow, thank you for bringing this product to your reader’s attention. It looks like an amazing opportunity. I couldn’t agree with you more, that humankind needs products like this one to get rid of the life filled with anxiety, fear, and anger.
    Exactly, the world leaders are using these fears to manipulate us through media and other channels. It is very sad, that it is happening. But that just ask from being stronger in this fight. I think that this program is a really great way for people to start with. It is inexpensive and easy to use.

    Would you recommend using it every day? Also on specific day time? Is there an action required after listening, or is it just to be listened to?
    Cheers, mate

    1. Hi Julius.
      Thanks for taking the time to read my review of The Light Code. It is an awesome product that will help people to evolve in these trying times, and as you say, it is not expensive.

      Yes, I have listened to each track in the mornings and the longer tracks at night for a week each. It is important to follow the correct sequence so that our chakras are balanced from the base up to the crown. So the program takes a week to complete. The bonus tracks I listened to during the days when I had free time, and I selected them according to how I was feeling and what I wanted to achieve.

      There is nothing we ‘need to do’ after listening to the tracks. They will work their magic in our subconscious minds by steadily upgrading our beliefs and vibration so that we will become more confident, successful, and able to attract the good things we desire into our lives. It is a process, and it does take time to undo the previous years of ‘bad programming’ that many of us are suffering from. So follow the process and you will enjoy seeing your life slowly transform into the life you wish to be living.

      I wish you all the best, my friend,

  2. You always come up with such interesting programs, Andrew, really interesting! Sometimes I know exactly what you are talking about. And sometimes it’s about a completely new matter like frequencies, of which I know absolutely nothing.

    You’re right, we do need tranquility and relaxation. There is too much division in the world going on at the moment. And on top of that the anxiety we can feel around the pandemic. We have a lot on our plate.

    And I also had to laugh about your remark you shouldn’t use the program when you want to be productive, because that was exactly the first thing I thought when I read that part of your article. 😀

    1. Hi Hannie. Thanks for your kind words. I’m happy that you like the content of my website. It means a lot.

      Yes, there is far too much division in the world1 I think it was Julius Ceasar who came up with the term ‘Divide and conquer.’ And this is what has been happening in our beautiful world for far too long now.
      People are encouraged to be divided on many issues like democrat or republican, Christian or Muslim, gay or straight or other, man or woman, wear a mask or don’t wear a mask, etc. This thinking causes separation, frustration, stress, and anxiety, and all of these feelings are ‘states of being’ that have a unique vibration or frequency. And we are purposefully being fed information from the mainstream media outlets that generate states of stress and anxiety within us. This keeps us fearful and makes us easier to control as we become more reliant on external forces (governments and authorities) to tell us how to live our lives, letting us know what we can and can’t do!

      We need to turn and become the master of our own lives if we wish to be happy and healthy again. And one tool that is proven to help us achieve a raised state of vibration in Brainwave Entrainment Technologies, like The Light Code.

      Yeah, I wasn’t productive after listening to the one track. I chose the wrong one at that time. There are other tracks in the program to induce a different vibration and would have given me the boost that I desired…… Life is a learning experience 🙂

      Have a great day Hannie, and as always, it’s great to hear from you 🙂
      With love and respect,

  3. This is so intriguing!
    I loved what you said about us becoming co-operative with our desires. I’d be interested to find out more about how the frequency can reprogram unconscious or limiting beliefs. I think what you say is so crucial, working beyond the conscious mind to give ourselves a vibrational boost is key. Brainwave entrainment technology is such a great brain hack to improve things for ourselves with minimal effort, and I haven’t used it in the past, so would be keen to try it and see how it works with regard to manifestation.

    With Christmas coming up I’ll definitely be considering these 😀

    1. Hey Natalie 🙂 Thanks for your comments.

      I find it interesting that we are conditioned/brainwashed into believing that life is a struggle. We are taught right from an early age that we have to compete for good grades at school, compete for the best jobs, we have to fight against those we do not share the same beliefs and values as us, and we even wage a continuous war against cancer!
      All this aggression and competition sucks the vital life force out of us and leaves us tired and depleted. What a way to live!!!!!! What are we thinking?
      Co-operation, on the other hand, is about being in harmony, about working together without struggle, and this builds us up, empowers us, and benefits our overall wellbeing and the wellbeing of others around us. This is the way to creating a better world for ourselves and those that we love.

      Frequencies, by themselves, do not change your actual thoughts. They work by changing your internal environment, your vibration, which elevates your state of being. So it is your feelings that are affected by the different vibrations we expose ourselves to. And when you are feeling happy, happy thoughts will naturally follow….
      However, we can be listening to a frequency of love, feel loving thoughts, and then choose to think about doom and gloom, and our predominant thoughts will override the beneficial audio frequencies. Just like, we could be looking at the most beautiful scenery in the world, and be thinking about how the boss told us off at work last year……. We are who we are because of the thoughts we think, and the thoughts we think create our life circumstances. The choice is always ours, but most of us are living a life based on our default thinking patterns, based on our past because we are not consciously choosing what to think.

      Brainwave entrainment tools like The Light Code will definitely work for us if we pay attention to the process and focus on the outcome we want to achieve. They will not work for us if we expect them to do the work for us! We need to be open and willing to receive the positive ‘life-affirming’ messages they are designed to stimulate within us for them to dramatically improve the quality of our lives.

      I wish you well on your journey, and encourage you to become consciously involved in creating your life 🙂
      With love and respect,

  4. It sounds very good as if you had a magic wand. Most of us do need a magic wand almost daily.
    To be honest, I mostly think that any kind of self-help technique, whether it comes as written material or as audio, helps only if you deeply believe it will. Although I’d like to be proven wrong.
    What still caught me here is that the benefit of the right frequency can resonate with me. I do not know whether today’s recordings are made deliberately so that they cause anxiety, or they got there by pure chance, but it might even be so.
    If 12 minutes of simple, plain listening can provide such calmness and stress-free state for the rest of the day, as it did for you, I’m certainly in for a try.
    Thanks for this great review, but, mostly for bringing this to my attention.

    1. Hi Kerryanne. I agree with you that it is our intention, or beliefs, that are the most powerful aspect of any self-help program. And it is no different with daily life…. It is our beliefs that are responsible for ALL the content of our lives. If our subconscious beliefs are that good things will always happen for us, then they will, and if we believe that a certain program will help us, then go ahead and use it, because it will help you.

      As I’ve repeated in some of my other articles, don’t waste you money to buy something in the hope that it will ‘cure you’ because our results are governed by our desire and commitment to change. If we commit ourselves, yes, using these tools will give us the extra confidence, the information, and awareness of what it is possible to achieve.

      What I see in the world around us is that most of us are just conforming to the ‘consensus reality’ and this means ‘what the herd mentality thinks is what we get. We are receiving according to the belief systems our the time we are living in…… However, we are all able to become the conscious creator of our own life circumstances by consciously and consistantly focusing on the things we want. The point I want to make here is that we are all conected to this reality and are receiving our life circumstances according to the natural laws that shape this reality. i.e. Our thoughts, feelings, health and wellbeing are influenced by forces in our environment, and this means that sound frequencies do affect our wellbeing. Sound has often been used as a weapon of war in the past and is still used by enforcement agancies worldwide to disperse crouds, etc.

      Brainwave entrainment tools do work, simply because ‘everything is frequency.’ And if we can entrain our frequency to positive, love, success, and abundance, this is what we will achieve in our lives! Those in power know it, and use frequency to control behaviour. Even supermarkets, restaurants, etc. use sound to generate certain moods in customers.

      There is a field of study called ‘Cymatics’ where scientific experiments visibly show the effect of vibration (sound frequencies) on different substrates, like water for example. A frequency of 432Hz produces a beautiful natural complex pattern, and a frequency of 440Hz produces a pattern that is messy and not well structured. This is very significant as our bodies are made up of more than 60% water.
      I’ll write an article on this soon, but for now you may like to check out this video for more information:

      Have a great day 🙂

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