Alex Maxwell Wealth DNA Code Review: (Is This Really An Easy Way To Create Wealth?)

Wealth creation has been elusive for most of the world’s population…. even though it is a goal that most of us aspire to. So what’s gone wrong? And can the Wealth DNA Code program finally help us achieve financial freedom and abundance?

Alex Maxwell claims that he has ‘cracked the code’ when it comes to creating wealth in our lives. He believes the secret is in our ‘inactive Wealth DNA’ and that research by NASA scientists has also proved this.

In this article, we’ll check out Alex’s claims that creating a life of freedom and abundance is as easy as ‘activating’ our own Wealth DNA.

Wealth DNA Code Reviews

Wealth DNA Code Review: At A Glance

Wealth DNA Code Purchase Button– Creator: Alex Maxwell

– Price: $39

– Product Website: Wealth DNA Code

– Product Type: Downloadable MP3s: Wealth DNA Code Audio Tracks and PDF items

– Do I recommend this product? Yes, I do. But surprisingly, not for the claims that Alex makes…. that he can activate within us specific ‘Wealth DNA’ that will then somehow ‘magically’ manifest wealth into our lives.

What is The Wealth DNA Code Program All About?

The core of the Wealth DNA Code consists of a uniquely engineered audio track. This track is designed to change our ‘unused’ DNA’s expression, which activates dormant genes, within every cell in our body.

The audio combines several specific frequencies, that when combined within a binaural soundtrack, have been identified to vibrate at the frequency to attract abundance.

Science suggests that we only use 8% of our DNA code, and they call the other 92% ‘Junk DNA.’ However, nature is not stupid! Nature does not put ‘junk’ into our magnificently created bodies…..

We, the majority of us, have just not activated our potential (the other 92% of DNA) that equates to success, abundance, joy, love, and the ability to thrive. It’s all there in our bodies, locked up within our dormant DNA…..

……. And if we can just access even another 1% of our potential…… we will create what looks like miracles (to others who don’t know better), but the reality is that it is our birthright to thrive.

We just need to wake up and realize that we have the potential to be so much greater than we currently are allowing ourselves to be…….

The Wealth DNA Code audio track is designed to positively ‘activate’ more of our potential by vibrationally ‘switching on’ some more of our dormant DNA…. as well as changing some of our current ‘negatively charged DNA’ to produce positive outcomes instead.

How do I use the Alex Maxwell Wealth DNA Code?

Wealth DNA Code Woman Holding CashThe best time to use The Wealth DNA Code Audio is when your mind is transitioning from deep sleep to waking or vice versa…. when we are going to bed at night or waking up first thing in the morning.

It is at these times that our minds and bodies are most receptive to receiving new information. The upgraded information in the audio track is then able to penetrate through the resting conscious mind and positively influence deeply into our subconscious minds.

And once the new information is embedded deep in your subconscious, it will transform your life…..

So, before you fall asleep or before you become fully conscious in the mornings, listen to the audio, it’s only 7 minutes of your time.

Using headphones or earbuds gives the best results as the track is a binaural composition (composed of different frequencies in each ear that when combined in the brain produced the desired vibration.)

…….and do it every day, twice a day, for maximum and lasting results…… do it this month, and next months as well….

Why do I suggest doing it more frequently than the program’s creators? Because we are talking about positively changing your life for the better FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE……. So, just do it! (Unless you’re not really serious about turning your dreams into reality!)

Why You Will Benefit From Using The Wealth DNA Code

Wealth DNA Code Review banner ad 1The ability to easily manifest wealth requires a combination of many beneficial character traits.

And if we were lucky when growing up, we would have lived in an environment where these beneficial ideas about wealth, health, abundance, and overall wellbeing were taught to us. They then become a natural part of the ‘environment’ that we exist within and are considered normal.

However, if you are researching Wealth creation Strategies, it’s likely that you, like the majority of us, do not fall into this category!

The majority of us grew up either poor or middle class and with a certain amount of struggle and hardship. Money was not abundant, and priority was always given to the necessities for life.

So, we got fed, had shelter, went to school, and had some money left for some holidays, toys, and other fun stuff. But, we never got to enjoy all the things we wanted….as a rich person does.

So, what’s the difference between them, (those who have an abundance) and us?

The wealthy, healthy, happy people, those that are thriving, emit a vibration that resonates in harmony with the natural Universal Energy of abundance.

And those of us who are struggling are vibrating signals that align with fear, lack, worry, regret, jealousy, anger, etc…..

So, yes, Alex Maxwell is right when he says that our DNA expression is responsible for the conditions we are attracting into our lives…. And his method of re-aligning our DNA to express more positive outcomes is correct, but I don’t believe there is a specific ‘Wealth DNA’ that needs to be turned on.

Instead, I believe there are multiple factors (DNA genes) for creating lasting and abundant wealth that we need to activate to easily attract all the good stuff we desire into our lives.

And the good news is, The Wealth DNA Code DOES activate an ‘Abundance Vibration’ within us that positively switches on the genes in our DNA that enable us to thrive. And that is why I positively endorse this program!

Will the Alex Maxwell Wealth DNA Code Program help me get rich?

Once the appropriate genes are activated within us, our traits of confidence, positivity, love, leadership, ambition, intelligence, innovation, reliability, courage, resilience, cleverness, creativity, proficiency, etc. come to the fore……

Our lives then become transformed….. This means that we will attract to us, and more easily recognize, opportunities for wealth creation and ALL OTHER POSITIVE ASPECTS OF LIVING!

More love, fun, joy, success, etc. in all aspects of our lives…. and who doesn’t want this!

Wealth DNA Code Reviews Banner ad 2

However….. I have to tell you that in my experience, LIFE IS A JOURNEY…. It’s a progression and you will not get everything at once all for just listening to a 7-minute audio track once a day for a month (as Alex Maxwell claims.)

YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS, if you use this tool and you have the right attitude and you take advantage of the new opportunities that are presented to you…. the ones that you have not recognized, or just been too afraid to pursue before.

You have to show the Universal that you are worthy of receiving the wealth and good things you have been wishing for…. And this means you must cultivate a mindset that is similar to that of all other successful people….. this means releasing your fear, doubt, jealousy, insecurities, etc.

…… The subliminal programming with The Wealth DNA Code will reprogram you for success….. but it will take a little time! Are you ready for the journey to the rest of your successful life????

Wealth DNA Code Purchase Button

Free Bonuses:

The creators of this program recognize that we are all different because we are all at different stages along our journey of wealth creation. And with this in mind, they have added some bonus materials for those of us who will benefit from more information that will allow us to enhance the process and speed it up for us.

Bonus 1: The Wealth Activator Code Review: 30-Day Planner (value $57)

This is a guide that will help you recognize and become comfortable with the changes you will go through for the first 30 days……

Be assured, that changes must happen for you to achieve different outcomes in your life than you are now. And some people are going to be uncomfortable with fundamentally changing who they are……

But….. You cannot live a different lifestyle, one of the rich, and continue with your ‘lacking’ mindset….. You will need to become aligned more and more with an abundance mindset…..

Bonus 2: Millionaires Seed Money (value $97)

This is a report that details how millionaires attract lump sums of money for investing in projects and businesses that create wealth for them. It’s all about the power of leveraging what you have to make more…. growing your wealth faster than the average person….

Bonus 3: 17 Traits of Wealth Titans (value $147)

Extremely wealthy people all have common traits that enable them to become wealthy and then hold on to their wealth. The sooner you can learn and integrate these traits into your life, the sooner you will also become wealthy……

This is a valuable complementary strategy to use in conjunction with the Wealth DNA Audio to fast-track your progress.

These three bonuses, (valued at #301) are yours FREE when you order the Wealth DNA Code TODAY for just $39

Still not sure if it’s for you? Alex is so confident that he offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 365 days….. a whole year to use the program and create your wealth…. and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can request ALL your money back! What’s there not to be confident about????

Begin your journey to creating your ideal wealthy successful future today…..

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