Hypnosis Live Review: (Life Changing Hypnosis From Inspire 3)

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I used to think hypnosis was for weird people, and not for me. That was until some friends of mine told me they were using Hypnosis Live by Inspire 3 as a way to improve their lives. And since I respected these friends, because of the positive changes I had seen them making in their lives, I decided to check it out for myself.

Not only did I try the Hypnosis Live program, (and still use some of their audio tracks today) but I also researched hypnosis, how it works, and why it can produce numerous positive changes in many aspects of our lives. My conclusions are that hypnosis is a powerful transformational tool when it is used properly. And many benefits can be gained from a well-structured hypnosis program.

Fortunately, the team at Inspire 3, who created Hypnosis Live, are experts in the field of Personal Growth and Development. And they have created this program, as well as other mind-enhancing and life-improving products, intending to help you and I realize more of our potential so we can have better lives.

Hypnosis Live by Inspire3

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So, let me share with you what my research has revealed about hypnosis, and why I believe hypnosis is a very useful, and even necessary, tool that we can use to easily improve many aspects of our lives.

Hypnosis Live by Inspire 3 User review

When we were young (until around seven), our minds operated in a theta brainwave state which enabled us to learn information quickly and easily. While in this ‘hypnotized state’ we learned the basics of life on earth from those closest to us. We were programmed with many of the beliefs we still hold today- NOT ALL OF THEM GOOD! Hypnosis Live uses Brain Entrainment techniques to replicate this ‘super learning’ state to break our bad habits and learn new healthy and better ways of living to improve our lives.

Why do I need Hypnosis to make my life better?

Hypnosis is not something new or something we should be afraid of. In fact, we were born in a sort of ‘hypnotic state’ which is the reason that we were able to learn so much so quickly while young. This means that, before seven, we were not yet consciously thinking for ourselves, but we’re like a sponge that absorbed ALL the information we were exposed to. The good and the bad.

Around the age of seven, our brains slowly slipped from the ‘super state’ of rapid-learning (theta brainwave state) into the beta brain wave state. The beta state is what causes us to repeat what we have previously learned……. including all the limiting beliefs and bad behaviors that we picked up from those who were responsible for our early life care.

Unfortunately, a lot of the information that became embedded in our subconscious minds was low quality, bad, or just outright detrimental to our positive growth and wellbeing. Some of these ideas became deeply ingrained beliefs that have been responsible for sabotaging our lives up until now. And unless we can change these limiting beliefs, they will continue to limit our potential.

Many of us lack confidence, feel we are undeserving of a good life, have a poor body image, indulge in self-destructive habits, etc….. the list goes on and on. These are just ideas we were often exposed to while young and impressionable and unfortunately some of them stuck to became our beliefs. And now our lives are built around these unsupportive beliefs….. not because they are true, but because we have accepted them as part of our unconscious belief system…..


To improve our lives, we need to change these ‘bad’ mind programs and replace them with ideas and beliefs that will allow us to live more of our potential. And the latest scientific consensus is that the best way to do this is by using hypnosis and repetition….. because it is with these methods that our magnificent brains are designed to learn best…. just like when we were young and amazing!


 Why do we need to reprogram our subconscious beliefs to make our lives better?

All the information in our brains is made up of what the people around us (when we were young and impressionable) thought about themselves, as well as information, habits, and beliefs we have formed in the subsequent years. And none of it is “absolutely true”….. unless we choose to believe it and then act out our lives according to these beliefs!

What we believe then becomes (through The Law of Attraction) a self-fulfilling prophecy and has manifested as the lives we are now living. We may have learned from our parents that: we have to work hard for money, that we will never be good enough, or that sickness is a part of life…. all of it is just information they programmed us with. And if we had different parents or lived in a different culture, we would have grown up with different beliefs.

So…. I say again…. None of these beliefs are absolute! For example, if it was true that it’s hard to become wealthy, then there would be no wealthy people in the world…. But we can see that just because we believe something, does not make it true for everyone. Truth is a subjective thing….. dependent upon what we believe is true! And we even change our ‘truths’ as we grow and learn throughout life.

Hypnosis Live is a re-programming tool we can use to begin to reprogram our lives today. We can begin reframing our outdated beliefs (truths) to better match what it is we wish to create for ourselves at this time. After all, we are now adults and have had time to experience different things in the world and time to decide what sort of life we wish to create for ourselves.

And because we are now adults, it’s time to take responsibility for our lives. So why not stop living your lives based on the beliefs that others programmed into you when young and start living according to your desires! And how do we do this?…..

………When we are conscious, we have very little ability to effectively change our beliefs as they are held in our subconscious minds. However, when we slow our active minds into a theta-wave state, (hypnosis) we again become able to easily accept new beneficial beliefs. And with repetition, our newly chosen beliefs WILL become the new driving force responsible for creating better futures for us.Free Hypnosis Live MP3 download link

However, we don’t want to change all of our subconscious beliefs. We have so much beneficial information also stored in our subconscious minds. We now know how to automatically ride a bike, recognize people, and do the dishes without having to consciously think about it. This information and so much more, allows us to live our lives without having to consciously think about doing tasks we already know how to do, and as such, is extremely beneficial.

Therefore, it is only the self-limiting beliefs that we wish to target with new and updated ideas. So, we need to choose wisely. And hypnosis Live makes it easy for us with their pre-made library of over 200 life-affirming audio hypnosis tracks to choose from.

Hypnosis Live is a tool that allows us to begin re-imagining ourselves living our perfect lives….. the ones where we are confident, happy, successful, healthy, etc…. all the things we have ever wanted to be….. So how does it work and what’s included?

What is included in the Hypnosis Live program library?

The site ‘superstore’ has over 200 instantly downloadable hypnosis MP3 sessions, covering everything from rocketing your brainpower to boosting your confidence. There’s something for everyone!

The hypnosis sessions are divided into categories – Adult (ie, ‘Libido Boost’), Emotions (ie, ‘Dissolve Anger’), Fear/Worry/Anxiety (ie, ‘Fear of Spiders’), Health (ie, ‘Stop Smoking’), Body Improvement (ie, ‘Improve Your Posture’), Mental Skills (ie, ‘Sharper Thinking’), Mindset (ie, ‘Self-Esteem Booster’), Self Growth (ie, ‘Positive Thinking’), and Personal Improvement (ie, ‘Overcome Stage Fright’).

Prices for each session start at $12.95 and go down to just $4.95 when buying multiple tracks. And every download comes with a 14-day guarantee.

The tracks are narrated by a soothing British female voice and all include an introduction to let you know what to expect. Then we are guided into a state of deep relaxation with gentle music and NLP cues to help reprogram our thinking patterns.

This is where the “real” hypnosis starts. It doesn’t involve just repeating positive affirmations over and over like I used to think. They use the most effective hypnosis techniques of telling gently hypnotic stories in a relaxed but conversational manner. This engages our imagination and helps to subtly rewrite our thinking patterns. And it’s possible, like me, that you might not even realize you’re under hypnosis.

I enjoy the flowing stories that guide me through the powerful NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) visualization exercises. It all feels very natural and easy. The sessions can last for up to 30 to 40 minutes depending on which track you have selected. And at the end, you will be guided back to a waking state again. Relaxing sounds are replaced with inspirational music, and I always come out of the sessions feeling bright, alert, and refreshed.

Hypnosis Live is so confident their products can help you improve your life that they are willing to give your first track for free.

Selection of MP3's from Hypnosis LiveChoose the area of your life that you wish to improve now, download the free MP3, listen every day for a week, and begin seeing immediate results!

Here are some of their most popular programs:

— MONEY: Get richer by adopting a multi-millionaire’s mindset

— MEMORY: Seriously boost your memory and brainpower

— WEIGHT LOSS: Program yourself to lose weight and get toned

— CONFIDENCE: Turbo-charge your confidence levels, quickly

— STOP SMOKING: Stop smoking forever, tried and tested route

— PHOBIAS: Instantly dissolve absolutely any fear or phobia

 Hypnosis Live will do MOST of the POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION work for you.

However, IT IS UP TO YOU to make the time and commitment to using the audio tracks as directed to get the best results in the quickest time possible!

Hypnosis Live is a series of audio tracks designed to bring about a deeply relaxed meditative state (theta brainwave state.) When we willingly enter this state of focused attention, we are open to new suggestions and therefore the possibilities for a better life become available to us. But, this is something we must desire and allow to happen because no one has the power to hypnotize us against our will or implant any information in our minds that we don’t want.

With repetitive use, the selected audio tracks will ‘fix’ the undesirable mind programs we now have and therefore, our lives will sometimes very quickly be transformed to reflect the new status of finances, health, relationships, etc. that we desire.

It’s important to understand that while we are in the theta brainwave state, we don’t need to try to achieve anything or learn anything. The super-learning will happen naturally as it did when we were kids. Our job is simply to make time to listen to the tracks and become as relaxed as possible.

So, what it to be? More of the same content that you already have in your life, or….. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR FUTURE AND BEGIN NOW TO SHAPE IT TO BE THE AWESOME EXPERIENCE YOU WANT IT TO BECOME?

Hypnosis Live free download link


8 thoughts on “Hypnosis Live Review: (Life Changing Hypnosis From Inspire 3)

  1. Hello Andrew,

    I can totally relate to your initial skepticism about hypnosis, but your experience with Hypnosis Live and the positive changes you’ve seen in your friends’ lives have certainly piqued my curiosity. It’s always reassuring to hear about real-life experiences, especially when they come from people we respect.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and insights regarding Hypnosis Live. Your perspective has definitely made me more open to exploring the potential benefits of hypnosis.

    1. Many thanks, Lisandra, for taking the time to read my article.

      I think real life experience is the best way to go as it’s becoming more difficult to discern the truth from fiction in so many areas in our lives today. Unfortunately, there is so much information available that is not reliable. Therefore, when those I know and trust tell me about their positive experiences with a product or service, I listen with interest.

      I am happy that my experience was able to help you in some way.
      I wish you all the best,

  2. The first 7 years of our lives are so crucial for absorbing the right information but many of us absorb damaging information that we carry around for the rest of our lives …
    I never believed that I could be hypnotized, but I have seen hypnosis on other people and it’s amazing what can be done with it.
    The prices of these tracks are very affordable and I would like to try them out.

    Can you choose any track you want with the free download?

    1. Hi Christine.
      Yes, the results achieved with hypnosis can be life-changing.
      However, we are all individuals and the benefits we will receive are entirely up to us.

      Like most people I wanted ‘quick fixes’ to certain areas of my life that we not as good as I wanted them to be. However, the quick fixes didn’t always come. Some things took a while, (I now live in a southeast Asian Beach Resort) and other things are still developing (my sustainable passive income is still growing).

      As I have said before, there is not a program out there that will change our lives for us. However, when we accept responsibility for our lives and implement tools, like the Hypnosis Live MP3s, we can undoubtedly steer ourselves into better futures. So, if you grab hold of all of the tools you can, and commit yourself to redesigning your life the way you want it to be, you will begin to notice desired results, and these results will become the inspiration for further self-development. It’s a fun cycle to be involved in once you realize that it is working for you.

      For the free download, there is a small selection of the most popular tracks to choose from. So, go with your gut instincts and choose the one that you feel is the most important for you at this time in your life….. (it may not be the one you think you want the most!)

      I wish you all the best,

  3. Hey Andrew,

    I have always been intrigued by hypnosis. I’ve seen it so many times on TV and in the movies but never read deeply about it so am glad to have your in-depth review about hypnosis. What is really intriguing is that that hypnosis may actually improve people’s lives – so be beyond just a temporary state.

    I was fascinated to learn that from the age of 7 our brains move from theta brain wave state to beta state. That makes sense that learning is slowed.
    Ok now I get it – we slow our active minds into a theta-wave state through hypnosis, then we can improve our lives by changing some of our beliefs, etc.
    I now understand how hypnosis can help “unlock” some of the limiting beliefs that so many of us have. So there is a great range of products to choose from in your post. I’ll bookmark this one and share it with others who I know can be helped by this – even myself.

    1. Most of the Hypnosis shown on TV and in the movies is not based on reality, just as most of the action shown is almost never happens in real life.

      But as I mentioned, hypnosis is a very valuable tool that many people use to create real beneficial and lasting changes in their lives. But as with all things, the amount of benefit we get and maintain is up to us. The more commitment we have means that we will attain results quicker and then we can just keep building on our initial progress and shape all aspects of our lives to be what we want them to become.

      If we commit to using the audios in Hypnosis Live it will give us the ability to make ‘changes on demand,’ and then life becomes a fun game that we play realizing that we can control how we react, how we act, and what we attract to us as ourlife circumstances. So, my suggestion is to choose a bundle of MP3s consisting of tracks that are similar and use them daily for at least a month. And after you are seeing some significant progress or betterment in your lives, then choose another track or bundle and work with the new ones. I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix too many different tracks at the same time, especially if you are new to the process…. not because they won’t work, but because your energies will become conflicted and split us and you won’t know where to focus. Therefore you may not be able to achieve measurable results and may give up thinking the program doesn’t work.

      I wish you all the best on your journey, and please, reach out if you want any more information,
      Have a great day,

  4. Hi,
    I feel every problem in life has a remedy.
    Maintaining a positive attitude and working hard is essential to living a satisfied and stress-free life. I never knew that stress and anxiety could be eased through hypnotherapy. I have never tried Hypnotherapy.

    As advised by you, Hypnotherapy may be the most effective practice for self-change. And now I will look into this with a new perspective.
    It seems that Hypnosis Live is quite affordable. Therefore I will give it a try at least as it is designed by master NLP and is an expert in conversational hypnosis.
    Can you just inform me How much time will it take to give desired results? Are there any side effects of Hypnotherapy?

    1. Hi Arun,
      I agree with you, that for every problem in life, there are solutions available. And most of the solutions involve us doing something differently than we have been doing before.

      Hypnosis Live is a very affordable way to upgrade our belief systems so that we can begin attracting better results into our lives, including better relationships, more wealth, improved self-image, and so many other beneficial results. The price of just one half-hour hypnosis session with a trained therapist is over $80 in my country… just one session!
      Once you purchase the MP3s from Hypnosis Live, they are yours to use again and again.

      How long does it take to achieve desired results? There is no single answer, unfortunately. Some people notice an immediate beneficial change in their attitude with regards to their goals, while for others, it will take days, weeks, or maybe even months. The difference is to be found in our individual willingness to fully embrace the program as well as the ‘distance’ we are away from what we want to achieve.
      By distance, I mean- do we believe we will achieve our goals, or are we just sort of hoping that they will magically come true for us if we think about them occasionally? If we are close, it will of course be easier and quicker…. and Hypnosis Live may just be the last factor we need to bring us success.

      Side effects: We cannot be hypnotized against our will, so if we are focused on what we are wanting to create, there will never be any negative side effects….. However reported positive side effects include more energy, more focus, and of course the achievement of goals and dreams.

      I wish you all the best, my friend,
      Have a great day,

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