How Can I Raise The Vibration In My House?

How Can I Raise The Vibration In My House-beautiful-homes-reflecting-in-the-ocean

Our homes should be a place we are really happy to return to, a sanctuary from the hectic lives we live. Just being there should be relaxing, calming, healing, and safe. However, this is often not the case. And unfortunately, too many of us are returning to homes which are resulting in more tension and stress rather than the peace and love we desire.

There is more than one issue involved when we are wondering “how can I raise the vibration of my house?” And we’ll get to the solutions in a moment. But first, it’s important to understand what we mean by the vibration of my house and why we should raise it.

How Can I Raise The Vibration In My House?

If you are not feeling comfortable or relaxed in your home, you will benefit by raising the vibration of your home. You can do this by implementing many free or inexpensive methods, or taking it to the next level with renovations or even moving house. However, the best method to improve the vibration of your house is to raise your own vibration, because your energy/vibration affects everyone you encounter and every space you enter.

What Is The Vibration Of My House?

Everything that exists vibrates. Without getting too scientific or into too much detail, everything that has substance is made up of tiny sub-atomic particles which are in constant motion. This includes every cell in our bodies, the foods we eat, the mountains, water, and our cell phone, etc… The speed at which these sub-atomic particles are moving is referred to as their rate of vibration.

Sound, light, color, and phone signals are also made of energy that is vibrating. And the different rates of vibration produce the different sounds, colors, and signals that we perceive with our senses.

So, why do we prefer some sounds, colors, and smells over others?

The rate at which something vibrates determines if it is pleasing to us or not. And the more pleasing something is, means that it is vibrating more ‘in sync,’ or in resonance, with our vibration. The worse we feel around someone, in a specific place, or about a particular object, means that our vibration is not in resonate with what we are perceiving.

And this is why we may say or think things like ‘I don’t like the vibe they are giving off,’ or ‘this place feels really creepy!’

How does this relate to your home?

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Your home is a collection of all the materials that have gone into its construction, the objects you have brought into it, the colors you have used, the sounds you have played within it, and the emotions (vibrations) of all the people who live there and have passed through. The area it is located in also has a vibration related to its history and nature.

So, when we talk about the vibration of our homes, it’s a complex mix of many different components. However, that does not mean it’s a complex issue to sort out. And the advantage is that we have available many different aspects we can work on to improve the vibration of our homes.

For example, we could work on planting pleasing gardens outside, change the color of the drapes, use natural oils and stains instead of toxic paints, add more windows to enhance the lighting and natural air flow, add some pleasing objects in strategic areas of our home, and ban negative people from visiting!

The options are many and varied. And it’s best to begin with the ‘worst,’ or most out-of-sync, aspects to get the fastest rate of improvement…. or, if these are big issues, like the replacement of doors and windows to make the house more in tune with the principles of Feng Shui, you could start with 5 to 10 of the smaller things that cost nothing or little money to resolve.

Why Do We Want To Raise The Vibration Of Our Homes?

The reason we are not feeling comfortable in our homes is that we are vibrating at a rate that is higher than our environment (our home) and we want to raise the vibration of our home so it more closely matches our vibration. Doing this will make us feel more at ease, more comfortable, relaxed, and happy when we are at home.

This involves removing or ‘upgrading’ the negative (lower) vibes and introducing more positive or higher vibrations.

A home with low vibes will be characterized as a place filled with misunderstanding, confusion, poor health, arguments, stress, and sadness. And when we are there, we feel drained of energy. This can lead to more mental, emotional, and physical stress and therefore can lead to ill health for those who live there.

Conversely, a home filled with good vibes is a happy home. It’s a great place to be and will be filled with fun, laughter, love, creativity, compassion, and understanding.

BioEnergy Code Banner- Live a satisfying lifeSo the benefits of raising the vibration of your home are enormous and they will impact every aspect of your life. Your home can become the place you most desire to be, where you are free to live in joy, raise a beautiful family, and express yourself freely…..

And when you go out from your home for your daily activities, you will already be in a great place, mentally, emotionally, and physically… and this has a positive effect on everyone you connect with and everywhere you go (even if you don’t notice it!)

Therefore, it’s worth spending some time learning how you can positively change the vibration of your surroundings and how you can also raise your own vibration.

What Are The Best Ways To Raise The Vibration Of My House?

First, I’ll give you a list of ways that are proven to raise the vibration of your home, and then I’ll discuss the most important factor…. which is YOU, what you give your attention to, and your intention.

The Best Ways To Raise The Vibration Of Your Home Can Include:

– Declutter your space to remove stale energy and make room for new energy to enter,

– Open the windows and doors more often to allow natural air and light to flow through and refresh all corners of your home,

– Add plenty of photos or objects that remind you of happy times and keep updating them with new objects when wonderful new memories are made,

– Regularly play ‘high vibe’ music that resonates at 432 Hz or 528 Hz. The positive reverberations will affect everything in your home and help to dispel any negativity. Healing prayers, Gregorian and yogic chanting, Kirtan, and religious hymns all resonate at high loving frequencies and will positively affect your space,

– Take time out and enjoy burning scented candles, the smell of incense and essential oils, playing with quartz crystals, using Tibetan singing bowls, the soft light from a Himalayan salt lamp, etc.

– Grow a herb garden and use them in your cooking. The energy will infuse your home with positive vibes. Also, fresh flowers always add to the pleasantness of any space,

– Cut down on the use of toxic cleaning products, pesticides, herbicides, paints, etc. Natural alternatives will reduce the amount of toxicity you are exposing your living environment to,

– Get rid of any objects that no longer represent the happier healthier you that you are wanting to become.

Add stuff that inspires you when you see, smell, hear, or touch it. This is about you feeling as good as you can for as much time as possible when you are in your home. So have comfortable pillows, rugs, warm colors, and great music playing that adds to your well-being instead of stuff around you that is uninspiring!

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– Feng Shui practices include ‘energy balancing.’ This means having something from all five element groups present in as many rooms as possible or just in the most important areas in or around your home.

So, you may have WOODEN floors, a METAL sculpture or metal sound bowl, a WATER fountain, EARTH in potted plants, a natural FIRE place, or any possible combinations of countless objects. It is also possible to represent the essential elements with the corresponding colors if actual objects are not possible or practical.

Why Is It That You Are The Most Important Factor Regarding The Vibration Of Your Home?


And your vibration is made up of the way you feel about what you are giving your attention to.

– When someone you don’t like comes into your house, how does it make you feel? Not good…. your vibration goes down and it negatively affects your environment, your house, and the space you live… not a good outcome!

– The neighbor’s cat comes over for a visit and you love cats but don’t have one of your own…. Your kids squeal in delight as they play with the cat…. How does it make you feel? You and the kids are happy (and so is the cat.) Therefore, the overall vibration of the environment is raised…. Fantastic!

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quiz– You change the color of the drapes to lighten and brighten up your living room…. Everyone likes them and the overall vibration of the room is improved. Your actions have consequences… so the attention you give to the details of your home will affect the home itself and all who live in it.

When we do things that positively affect us, we radiate that raised vibration and it positively affects the people and spaces around us. And this means that raising our vibration is the best way to positively influence our homes and the people we share them with.

You can read more about this in my post: What are the three best ways to raise your vibration?

To Sum Up:

It’s important to understand that because ALL THINGS HAVE VIBRATION, your home is a collection of many, many, different vibrations added together. So while fixing one or a few things will improve the overall feeling of a place, to get the best results, it’s best to fix as many things as possible that currently don’t resonate with you.

And this means paying attention to the colors, sounds, objects, visitors, etc…. all of which have a vibration that is affecting you either positively or negatively.

Wealth DNA Code-Find out more buttonObviously, we can’t all change everything we don’t like about our houses so that we are totally happy with them, so the next best thing to do is to change ourselves…. And by this I mean we can change the way we are relating to the stuff in our environment.

If we can begin to ‘see’ the good in everything in our environment and the people around us, we will raise our vibration… and this will in turn raise the vibrations of everything within our environment!

It’s a win-win for all life when we choose to raise our vibration!

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