Manifestation 3.0 Review: Is This Really a HIGHER LEVEL of Manifesting?

Manifestation 3.0 Review

For most of us, things just never easily fall into place. So we end up chasing the money, the relationship, the satisfaction, and the knowledge…… We work hard at trying to get the things we want that will make our lives better. And still, we may not get them! Hard work is not a guarantee of success!

However, for some people, things just seem to work out easily, as if by magic. No sooner do they express a desire to have something or achieve something, and boom, it’s done! Do they know something we don’t…. maybe something like the information Mary Lee has packed into her program, Manifestation 3.0?

There is definitely an art to getting the things we want. And yes, there are processes, which if followed, will enhance our ability to bring more of the good stuff we desire into our experience.

And Mary Lee, a Harvard-trained psychologist and brain coach to Olympic athletes, Hollywood stars, Navy Seals, and other high-level performers, thinks she has ‘cracked the code’ when it comes to making manifesting easy.

So let’s check out her Manifestation 3.0 Program to see if it is all that she claims.

Manifestation 3.0 Review

Most people are stuck reacting to life’s circumstances. They experience something and then habitually react to it. They are not in control of their lives and are stuck below Manifestation level 1. Few people have learned how to create/manifest the awesome lives they truly desire. Manifestation 3.0 can take you from the manifestation level you are currently on (or not yet on) and propel you to the next level to dramatically improve your life!

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Manifestation 3.0 at a glance:

Program Type: Specific audio files, using enhanced audio engineering technology, are used to restructure and enhance the brain’s Frontal Cortex. Once the ‘positive’ neural pathways are re-established and strengthened, manifesting becomes easier.

Program Creator: Mary Lee- Although she openly admits this is not her real name and wishes it to remain secret for undisclosed reasons.

Cost of Manifestation 3.0: $37 includes the full program and 3 special bonuses.

Where to Purchase Manifestation 3.0: Only available from the official website: Manifestation 3.0

Does it work? Yes, the technology has been proven to work. However, as with all things, individual results will vary. It’s up to you how much you listen to the soundtracks and how strong your desire to upgrade your life is.

Do I recommend Manifestation 3.0? Based on my experience, I do recommend it as a way of improving your life. Sound/Audio Technology/Vibration is the key to ALL manifestations, those we want and the unwanted. When we use the ‘right’ vibrations that correspond with our desires, we will get what we want! Both Einstein and Tesla knew these secrets many years ago.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ― Albert Einstein

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Is Manifestation 3.0 A ‘Fast Track’ To Successfully Creating The Life We Want?

I have been meditating as a way to restructure my brain for more than 25 years now. I love meditation and will never give it up because of the multiple benefits it brings to my life. And I recommend it to everyone interested in making positive changes to themselves and their life’s circumstances.

However, as a transformational tool, it requires regular commitment and perseverance. And, CHANGE DOES TAKE TIME (often years and years)….. and with our busy lives, and internal drive to have more and experience more NOW, most people are not willing to dedicate the time it takes to reap the benefits.

Manifestation 3.0 helps solve this problem for us!

It is a Nighttime Brain-Building Bedtime Routine that addresses the root cause of our inability to manifest the stuff we want. By listening to the specifically engineered audio tracks that are embedded with Brainwave Entrainment Technologies, the little-used positive neural pathways are stimulated and grown in the frontal cortex region of our brains.

This process of change and growth in our brains is called neuroplasticity. And this simply means that whichever neural pathways we are using more will strengthen over time……

….. So, just listening to the positive life-affirming audio tracks of manifestation 3.0 does this for you….. Strengthens your positive neural pathways…..You don’t need to do anything!

Listening to these tracks when you lay down to go to sleep each night will automatically put your brain into ‘a deep meditation mode.’ And it is in this mode that you are receptive to the new positive life-affirming programming that is embedded subliminally into the tracks.

The good news is that using the Manifestation 3.0 program works MUCH FASTER than meditation ever can….. and without any of the time and effort that it takes to learn to meditate like a monk.

The result for you is that whatever level of manifestation you’re currently on….. will be improved to a higher level……

And as with most things in life, the results are cumulative, meaning the more you use it, the better the results will be. So if you’re currently stuck and can’t manifest anything you want, using Manifestation 3.0 will upgrade you to level 1 manifestation ability. And as your skill and confidence grow, so will your manifestations get bigger, easier and better.

However, remember, it’s a journey you are on….. And from where you are now, it wouldn’t be a good thing if you were suddenly able to have every one of your thoughts become a reality. You can read more about why I say this in my article here: Would it really be a good thing if we received all that we dreamed of?

So, enjoy the journey, realizing it’s the small ‘wins’ along the path that make the Game of Life worthwhile.

How Will Manifestation 3.0 Make It Easier For Me To Get What I Want?

By training your brain to manifest the stuff you want, you are taking control over your future circumstances. Therefore, your ability to live the life of your dreams just gets better and easier.

The alternative to creating your life the way you want it to be is to continue to accept all the ‘random stuff’ that happens to you and around you. Yes… just keep REACTING as if you have no control over the stuff that happens to you!

However, science has finally caught up with and proven what spiritualists have been teaching for thousands of years….. that nothing happens by chance. That we are in fact responsible for creating our own reality….. Yes, even those of you who claim that if this was true, you would not have manifested the crappy life you are now living……

….. You believe you would have chosen a better life for yourself……

Really????? Think about it! How much time and effort (pure positive thought) have you put into creating the lives of your dreams? And how much time have you spent complaining about the life you currently have….. not enough money, unhealthy relationships, my job sucks, and I’m unhealthy, etc.

Psychologists tell us that 95% of the thoughts we have each day are ‘unconscious.’ This means that we only consciously choose 5% of our thoughts. They include what’s for dinner, did I turn my computer off, what does the new guy at work think of me, and does this new top go with my brown bag?

Also, within that 5% of consciously chosen thoughts are the occasional one directed towards ‘The Better Life’ you desire for yourself.

So…. Let’s be really generous and assume you spend 10% of that 5% thinking pure positive life improving thoughts….. That still only equates to 0.5% of your total thought output every day.

Hmmm, do you think 0.5% of your thoughts directed to what you want is enough to propel your life forward to great heights of wealth, passion, and optimal health?

Consider this….. Psychologists also tell us that up to 60% of our unconscious thoughts are ‘NEGATIVELY BIASED.’ By my calculation, that means that on any given day, the average person is having thoughts, over 50% of which DO NOT TAKE THEM TOWARDS THE THINGS THEY WANT TO MANIFEST…..


So yes, you did create the life you are living…. The Law of Attraction/Vibration has manifested circumstances into your life based on your vibration….. And your vibration is made up of the total of all the thoughts you have ever had….. the few good ones plus all the other ones that are not focused on the awesome life you want to be living!

Manifestation 3.0 is specifically engineered to encourage the growth of positive neural pathways in your frontal cortex (the part of your brain responsible for manifesting) so that you will have more thoughts that align with your desires and goals.

More positive thoughts about what you want make you vibrate in resonance with your desires. And then, by the Law of Attraction, your desires must become your new better future reality.

…… and it’s easy because you don’t have to learn anything new….


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What Bonuses Are Included If I Buy Manifestation 3.0 For $37 Today?

Bonus #1: Soundscapes for Stress (value $69, Today Free)

Stress is the major factor in our lives that contributes to us manifesting unwanted stuff instead of wanted stuff. Why? Because when we’re stressed, we think thoughts about our problems, not about creating, love, abundance, or health….

And what we are giving our attention to for the majority of the time is what we manifest more of. This is definitely not the stuff we want more of!

If you can conquer or control your stress, even a little, you will change your life for the better. And this audio track is engineered with healing nature sounds and subliminal messaging to automatically reduce your stress levels…. All you have to do is relax and listen, the more the better.

Bonus #2: Sleep Accelerator (value $49, Today Free)

Manifestation 3.0 Anxiety Tamer CD PictureThese tracks are engineered to automatically slow your brainwaves down into a delta brainwave state. This is when a night of deep and relaxing sleep is possible. And waking up relaxed and refreshed makes facing every day positively much easier. No more sleeping pills or depression medication required!

Bonus #3: Anxiety Tamer (value $49, Today Free)

Any changes in our lives, no matter how beneficial they will be, causes some anxiety. It’s because even though we are transforming our lives into something better, change is something new and unfamiliar.

These audio tracks are engineered to help make the transition into a better life more comfortable. Again, all you have to do is listen to the audio to reap the benefits of the anxiety-busting soundscapes.

It’s Time for You to Think About How Much Importance You Place on Your Future Happiness.

Many times every day, we have options available that could potentially change our lives, making them worse or better. However, most people continue to choose the ‘safe/known’ path. And this means that their lives continue along a predictable route where not much changes.

We have all heard stories about those few ‘special individuals’ who have managed to transform their lives for the better. How do you think they did it? By taking the safe familiar path????

No…. they did it by doing something different that stimulated change within them…… for whatever reason, they were able to begin manifesting at a higher level than previously….

Now, you have in front of you a program, Manifestation 3.0, which can stimulate that change within you, at very little cost, and with very little effort for you…..

The questions you need to ask yourself now are:

– How much do I value myself and the quality of my life?

– How much do I value my family and their future happiness?

– And am I serious about investing in my future abundance and success, or am I going to ‘put it off’ again?

My question to you is simple: Why not invest a little ($37) in yourself today to upgrade your manifestation level so you can begin living the BETTER LIFE you’ve been dreaming of, sooner rather than later?

To make it a no-brainer, Manifestation 3.0 is available today with 3 bonuses and a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if for some unknown reason, you don’t get anything out of it, you have the option to return it within 365 days for a full refund! Therefore, there is no risk to you……

To your better future….. beginning when you do something to make it begin!

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Why is this program different from others currently on the market?

Manifestation 3.0 is currently the only program focusing on developing the underutilized positive neural pathways in our brain’s frontal cortex. This is significant as this is the area that gives us our manifestation abilities.

What are the main advantages of choosing Manifestation 3.0?

– Levels of stress and anxiety will lessen

– Your manifesting ability will dramatically improve

– It’s very easy to use, requiring only minutes each day and it’s effective for almost everybody

– Improved sleep cycle leads to better focus and mood

– It’s not a fake ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but a proven way of developing your manifestation abilities

– The program consists of downloadable audio files, so you can take them anywhere with you and play them whenever you have a few spare moments to relax.

If I change my mind or am not happy with the results, can I get my money back?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full year to use the program, and if you are not satisfied, you can get a full 100% refund of all the money you paid.

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