What is the consensus view of reality: And how does accepting it limit our potential?

The collective consensus reality of ‘how the world is’ is a collection of ideas that have been established, built upon, refined, and subsequently enforced by those in power for thousands of years. This does not mean that their view of reality is correct, however, it is the current view that most of us accept and live by.

How has this consensus reality been maintained?

Current political systems continue to push ideas that reinforce the status quo. The main idea being that, as individuals, we are unable to look after ourselves and need continued ‘guidance’ from those who are wiser than us. Therefore our societies have been designed with the intention of social control through social engineering programs designed by those who sit at the top of the pyramid.

Those unelected individuals and groups who sit at the top setting the priorities for the rest of us include the military-industrial complexes, large transnational corporations, banking, and political entities, the six groups that own the Main Stream Media corporations, as well as various other elite think-tank groups. Their policies are organized and delivered to the mass public by the mainstream news, educational institutions, and entertainment agencies, all of who are told what agenda to follow by these groups who wield enormous influence due to the wealth they control.


Their programs are further reinforced through peer pressure by our friends and families and social groups that we may belong to. These rules/ideas are then enforced by our governments, military, police forces, and many other organizations that claim to have authority over us. In this way, the majority of individuals are discouraged from, or actively prevented from, pursuing original thoughts and challenging the prevailing control system.

Through the instruments of information sharing, public attention is constantly distracted away from issues of great importance and directed towards issues that serve to benefit the ruling elite. This is particularly evident at election times when the public is manipulated for long periods of time using ‘divide and conquer’ techniques.

The masses fight against each other for their perception of the lesser of two evil candidates, neither of which will, if elected, actually serve the interests of the voters that fought to give them power. It is sad that most of the masses get caught up in the theatrics of the circus being constantly forced upon them through the Mainstream corporate-owned media. Meanwhile, other important issues like the continued destruction of the environment by large corporations, for profit,  go unnoticed.


If we can understand that our thoughts and actions are largely directed by the desires of those claiming power over us, we can begin to understand why the world is not the loving, nurturing, and harmonious environment that it potentially could be. They have no intention of allowing the masses to wake up to how powerful we truly are because it will mean that they lose their ability to rule over us and continue to amass obscene amounts of wealth while over half of the world’s population live in poverty

There is a way out of this self-regulating self-limiting reality: You are the way!

As a species, we currently have the system that we deserve. Our collective consciousness has been buying into this version of reality for thousands of years now. So in a sense, everything is already perfect; everything is exactly as it should be, and it is impossible for it to be any other way.

The seasons, our lives, the Earth’s evolution, in fact, everything runs on cause and effect. The cause is always energy and the energetic effects in this physical universe are abundant and balanced precisely to the cause. This also applies to the system we live in with it’s limiting beliefs. We currently expend some of our energies supporting and maintaining this system because we have been taught that ‘this is how reality is.’

However, it does not have to be this way, and many individuals are beginning to realize this. People are beginning to wake up and can see beyond the restrictions of this consensus reality. These people are making changes to their personal reality which greatly expands the possibilities that life has available for them.

An important part of the puzzle to understanding the mind prison that we are all locked in is that the current system is not broken and therefore does not need fixing. It was designed this way on purpose to keep us dumbed down so that a select few can control the masses.

Time for change

Significant change will come about when the need for Government and control by others is addressed by each of us as individuals. A willingness to take control and accept responsibility for our own lives is all that is required to change the status quo. When we understand that the potential to be powerful creators of our own lives is a choice we can make, then we will no longer need anyone else to control every aspect of our lives. This is ‘growing up’ and becoming a powerful ‘human being’ instead of remaining a powerless ‘human doing.’

Change requires a new way of thinking: We are so much more than the limits we have accepted for ourselves!

If we drop an object, gravity will cause it to fall towards the earth. If we jump into a lake, we will get wet. If we step into the path of a speeding vehicle, we will get hit. These examples show obvious outcomes when certain actions are taken. These things are easy to understand because we can see and directly measure the consequences of these actions. However, the relationship of cause and effect does not stop with things outside of our vision or outside of what we currently understand.

The Cosmic Mind manifests as energy to make up the entire physical universe- which is subject to the laws of cause and effect. As we are part of this physical reality, any action we take, whether mental, verbal, or physical will result in an equal and balanced effect. Buddhists call this Karma and in The Bible, this relationship is referred to as an ‘an eye for an eye.’ More recently this concept has gained traction as ‘The Law of Attraction.’ It simply means that what we put out is what we will receive back.

It is our mental energy that creates the content of our lives, with the total sum of our thoughts resulting in the life that we are currently living. Most of us are living diminished lives due to the beliefs we have, most of which conform to the consensus reality. These beliefs may include that we are somehow undeserving or not currently good enough to have all the things we want. These types of beliefs create struggle and conflict for us, even though they are not true. We are, and we have always been good enough to receive the best of everything. However, most of humanity has not realized it yet.

Another limiting belief that is prevalent is that we cannot have a society that works without a top-heavy control system Free gifts to improve your life!that is intent on regulating nearly every aspect of our lives. I know that most people believe this because this is the current reality. However, it does not need to be this way.

Through education and programming, this control system teaches us to project most of our thought energy outwards, which prevents us from looking ‘within’ where the answers for a better life remain hidden. It is in their interest to design educational curriculums and guidelines that ensure the status quo will be instilled into future generations.

The power of our unconscious mind: Focused awareness is key to creating the new reality you want!

Our circumstances are a projection of our beliefs and so they reveal to us what we believe about life. What is inside of us is doing the projecting and it is here that we will find the tools to transform ourselves so that we can reach towards our full potential. Who we become tomorrow, (effect) is totally dependent on the thoughts, feelings, and actions, (cause) we are projecting today.

The energy vibrations of thoughts in an unfocused mind are spread out and take longer to manifest in the physical world due to their conflicting and irrational nature. However, if we constantly think the same thoughts, e.g. that we are fat and unattractive, then we will create this reality in our life. If we believe we never have enough money and constantly reinforce this with other thoughts like ’I can’t afford that’ or ‘I wish I was rich,’ then we will never have enough money! We do not attract that which we want, but that which we constantly dwell upon! (To understand this see my blog on the Law of Attraction here.)

The time our thoughts take to manifest physically in our life depends on the quality and quantity of thoughts that confirm our idea to our subconscious mind. Sometimes the effects can be almost immediate and at other times a lesson will take longer to reveal itself. It is in this way that seeds are planted, that over time will grow to reveal lessons that are tailor-made for us at exactly the right moment.

We cannot escape the results of our thoughts. But we can begin to change our regular thoughts so we do not manifest the negative consequences that we may have been accumulating. In this way, we can achieve changes in our character and circumstances, whether good or bad, by following a particular train of thought until the desired results become part of our subconscious programming.


No matter what thoughts we have dwelt upon in the past, we can always begin again. By focusing on thoughts of love, abundance, compassion, appreciation, and kindness now, we can begin to turn our life around, and the good news is that this energy affects all of creation. In this way, we can free ourselves and help to free our fellow players in this game of life from their self-created mind prisons. All natural uncompromising universal laws will support us one hundred percent!

How were we so convincingly deceived into believing we are not powerful?

We are born into a family that has a certain set of beliefs. These beliefs surround us as we are growing up and our young minds absorb many of the same ideas, accepting them, without question, to be ‘the way things are.’ We naturally accept that our parents and older relatives know what they are talking about, so we adopt their way of thinking as our basic programs. Most often we do not even consider that they may not be very wise and that they are simply repeating what has been passed on down through generations to them.

The current ‘consensus reality’ is only a set of agreed-upon concepts in the world, or within a culture or group, where the majority of individuals believe them to be real, usually based upon their common experiences. It is our habitual interpretations of the way the world is that we are dealing with, which is not actually reality itself. So even if the majority of people agree with certain beliefs, it does not mean these beliefs are real, it only confirms that these people are all sharing the same illusion.

Most of us go through our whole lives without ever considering that our basic programmed beliefs may be flawed and contain ‘malware and or viruses’ which are corrupting and limiting our potential. Our peers and educators, in general, have failed to teach us how to use our magnificent mind to its full potential, to see through the illusions that limit us.

The purpose of real and lasting education shouldn’t be to teach facts and figures, (which can be found anywhere with various forms of modern technology), but to reveal our own fundamental beliefs to ourselves. We would then have the ability to choose ‘who we want to be in this play of life’ by changing our programming to beliefs that will benefit us in all that we wish to experience. This is rare in modern society and instead, our minds are often distracted and confused with so much meaningless and trivial information.

The constant pursuit of self-knowledge allows us to unravel the limitations we exist with and will in time reveal an awareness of the unique gifts we each possess. These gifts can then be shared with all humanity at this time to assist in the evolution of man’s collective consciousness. This will, in turn, advance the consciousness of the Earth herself and all beings she supports.

Know thyself

“Man know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and God.”      Pythagoras.

If it is information that we seek, much can be found on any subject and we can become proficient in many things through diligent study.

Information, true or untrue, will only help us succeed in a physical reality that believes in good and bad, right and wrong. This further traps the mind in the realms of cause and effect, which is our soul’s temporary playground. If it is a transformation we are seeking, we should exercise our free will, (will free from limiting conditioned beliefs obtained from outside of our-SELF) to determine the outcome of our own future by transcending the current consensus reality.

It is to our advantage to become a beginner learner again. If we can leave behind everything that we ‘think we know’ we can begin to hear the voice of our intuition, the voice that speaks effortlessly from our spirit. This will take us on a journey of self-discovery, down an unknown road, and expose us moment by moment to the miracle that is all life and beyond.

We will come to recognize if we are operating from our mind or spirit, by our ability to be overwhelmed, with a sense of wonder at the profound beauty and love with which we are all constantly surrounded.

Shared with love and respect for all who choose to play the game of life!


16 thoughts on “What is the consensus view of reality: And how does accepting it limit our potential?

  1. Hi! I loved everything about your article. We live in a world where people have lost their ‘humanity’, where only image and power matter.
    They are easily coerced into believing what other people claim as the absolute truth, like money brings happiness, being slim and fit are criteria of beauty… It’s just so sad. There’s so much diversity in this world and it would be a shame to shut people off, all this creativity and uniqueness… Gone. Just a world of robots.
    I would love to read more of your content!
    Have a good day.

    1. Hi Nick. Thanks for your contribution to my article. I agree that a world of ‘robots’ where everyone looks and acts the same would be very boring! Diversity is the key to growth and expansion as we learn by being exposed to different ideas, situations, and experiences. Without diversity, there is no growth and with no potential to grow there is no reason for our soul to be here in these bodies playing ‘The Human Game!’
      Life can be fun, joy-filled, exciting, and wonderous, or it can be boring. It’s up to each of us to make choices every day and these choices determine the content and quality of our lives. Make good choices and life is good.
      I wish you all the best on your journey.
      Cheers, Andrew

  2. Ooh this was very interesting Andrew!

    I love all of the bits about living with an unconscious mind. It is so true how often we go through life not living in the moment, but just sort of existing. I wanted to recommend a book to you, that I think you may enjoy (if you haven’t already read it!) The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It does an excellent job at explaining and teaching how to live in the now, in the present. It has helped with my meditation practice a lot too.

    Thanks for the post, great share.


    1. Hi Ciara. Thanks for sharing the book recommendation. It is one I have already read, and yes it is an excellent book. It’s on my list to read again in the near future. Mindless living is not really living as there is no passion by just doing the same stuff over and over again. Mindfulness, or conscious living, is a whole different ball game. The more we practice our awareness of living now, the more it cements into our reality. I wish you well on your journey.
      Kind regards, Andrew

  3. What a thought provoking post you’ve got here. It is interesting to think about, having our view of reality shaped by external factors that can be a big driver of our thoughts (and consequently, our actions). Sometimes you need to go within yourself to develop self-awareness and break free of any limitations you may have imposed on yourself. I do also think we need to take responsibility for letting influences into our lives though – it’s great to have the discipline to simply not let things like the government/media/etc affect you and your worldview. This movie reminds me of The Matrix movie, which I saw recently – I’m glad your post is much more positive!

    I am also glad you mention abundance – the title of the book I’m reading right now by Peter Diamandis! I highly recommend checking out his content and work if you haven’t already. Nice post and thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Ben. Thanks for reading my post and sharing your thoughts. I will do a search on Peter Diamandis as I have not come across him before. Thanks for the recommendation. I agree with you that we need to take responsibility for the information that we consume that influences our lives. However, until we have reached a certain level of self-awareness, we remain unaware that this is even happening. Step by step, we can evolve ourselves to become the conscious creator of our own lives. I wish you well. Cheers,

  4. I really enjoy your energy in each post.

    It is nice that you are so knowledgeable on this topic and you really have some great ideas that get me thinking. I like it when I get into that state of mind of questioning myself on how I can do better and be a better me.

    You surely are passionate about this!


    1. Hi Kahlua. Yes, I am truly passionate about what I write. I love the feeling of being able to inspire others to live a more abundant life! Thinking, or self-reflection are really important tools for transformation. You will go far, I know it! With love and respect,

  5. This article is really beautiful and so poignant for me. I have recently delved into the book called “Mind to Matter” by Dawson Church after having read “Becoming Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza. I am an avid meditator and have learned about the energies in the body and the power of the mind after having to reprogram my subconscious beliefs and heal a complex post traumatic disorder which showed itself this last year as a result of surpressing 15 years of un repaired and unresolved childhood traumas. I am a childhood abuse survivor yet my upbringing was normalized because of my family’s station in society and the need to “keep up appearances.” I think life experience is your greatest teacher and having fielded a very difficult year of flashbacks and disassociative behaviours, not to mention grieving my inner child, I chose to really educate myself on the brain, the body and the physiological and neural effects living in a conditioned environment of imbalance has on a human being. All my knowledge gained confirmed for me further my awareness that the false power dynamics that exist in collective societal beliefs and practices. The societal constructs that exist today, after my “awakening” to my own power of which you speak of in your article, have me at a dissonance at times when dealing with the system i.e school, government, medical community. I have recognized a collective unconscious that is programmed to believe in very limited and disempowering perceptions of thought and that indeed, you are able to create your own experience through focus of thought and governance of your emotional guidance. Knowledge is power and self knowledge is self empowerment. I am very grateful to you and your investment in this content and I hope it will awaken a good many people for the greater good.

    1. Hi Rebecca. Many thanks for sharing your story and leaving such an insightful reply.
      The negative actions of others reveal to us how emotionally and mentally damaged they are. Unfortunatly, as you mentioned, all to often sections of society’s accept and justify gross behaviors from individuals that well-balanced emotionally mature people would consider totally unacceptable. All credit to you for having learned so much that you are able to empower yourself and move forward in a positive direction in your life.
      We are living in a time when many dark secrets are being brought to light, and I believe that within a few generations, because of awesome people like you who are seeking to understand the cause and effects of issues like abuse, that our societs will be transformed in many positive ways. Those that currently claim power over us will naturally disolve away as they become irrelavent in a society where individuals like yourself are waking up to their potential and begin assuming self-responsibility. Presently, the control system is struggling to hold on to it’s illusion of power over the people that they falsely claim to represent. This is because more and more individuals are realizing that they are the creators of their own lives and that we don’t need anyone else to tell us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it! We are living in a time of transition, and for those unwilling to change the consequences will be more pain and suffering. However, by embracing what you are learning, you are freeing yourself from the past and moving into a future where you will know only peace, love, and abundance. I wish you happiness, health and lots of joy on your journey. With love and respect,

  6. I learnt a lot from this article, it is truly amazing and I am so glad you are spreading this amazing message and have written it so well and easy to understand!
    I learnt about cause and effect and what you think about and focus on is what you receive. You have reminded me to do this and I love the quote, ‘We do not attract that which we want, but that which we constantly dwell upon!’
    Thank you for your article, great work!

    1. Many thanks for your comments, Danielle. I appreciate that you took the time to read my article and am happy that you received a positive message from it. Keep checking back for more great life-changing information. Kind regards,

  7. ABSOLUTELY!! Very inspirational article. What we put out is what we get back – and this applies to everything. We need to realise our own potential. We have very far to go, because our evolution is based on an individual level – and how it is that we perceive ourselves. We can no longer give in to the systems in place because they no longer serve us, and this is becoming more and more evident. It’s a foreseeable change that humanity will evolve to a point where we are all enlightened and living in harmony and abundance. Our current system will be referred to as “the primitive age”. Hahah…

    1. Hi K. Haha, yes I have to agree with you. In many ways, we are indeed ‘primitive.’ We lack compassion and empathy for other people, other species, and our home the earth! We have a long journey ahead of us before we can truly call ourselves civilized. However, I do believe that we are heading in the right direction, and I for one, am constantly inspired by the insightful comments I am receiving from you guys in relation to the information in my posts.
      Many thanks for sharing,

  8. Hey Andrew! I came in here just to have a glance on what you had to say and I ended up reading it much more than that and enjoying it, indeed. I loved when you mentioned the “divide and conquer techniques evident mostly on election times”, which is absolutely true. Thank you for this beautifully written, yet informative post.


    1. Hi Heku. I am happy that my content managed to grab your attention and compelled you to read more. I hope to see you back again soon. Kind regards,

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