Manifestation God’s Review: How You Can Make This Year Your Best Ever!

A God creating a world with thought energy

Statistics show that there are 1700 new millionaires created in just the United States EVERY DAY! This means that 1700 people have learned or done what is necessary to achieve their dreams, and if they have done it, so can YOU! Can The Manifestation God’s program help you? Let’s explore what it offers and answer that question, after all…..

….. wouldn’t you like to be the next new millionaire? Or be the next person to achieve their ideal relationship? Or to be the next person to become successful and recognized in your passion?…… What about achieving your other goals including health, happiness, freedom, etc. why shouldn’t it be you who is achieving your goals and dreams and living a better life?

Well, I’ here to tell you that IT CAN BE YOU.…. because learning how to manifest our goals and dreams is a skill that we can all learn.

It is something that we need to learn, because the unfortunate reality is that if you are not currently achieving your goals or living your dream life, then you are doing something wrong. And it’s more than likely you are just missing some important piece of information to add to the manifestation puzzle.

And this is why Mason Henderson, with the team from Manifestation Magic, has developed this upgraded program. They have created The Manifestation Gods Program to provide you with all the information you need so you can realize your dreams and live the awesome lives you desire.

Testominial from lottery winner $112 million

“No, I’m not into magic… It’s about your belief. What you believe in strongly will manifest, and does.” – Cynthia Stafford was able to use the power of manifestation to win $112 MILLION dollars in her state lottery.

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My Manifestation Gods Review

The team at Manifestation Gods understands that there is no luck in manifesting stuff, no fate, and no destiny…..

Instead, there is a proven and replicable formula to attract the stuff we desire. And it’s all to do with the vibrational signals that we are emitting (at all times, with every thought and feeling that we have) out into the universal mind.

Mega celebrities like Oprah and Jim Carrey have openly talked about their ability to manifest for years and attribute their successes to understanding and using the principles included in The Manifestation Gods Program.

It’s not magic, but a beautiful universal system that they’re using, that capitalizes on the fixed laws of our Universe….. and it never makes mistakes. So we will always get what we deserve (or what our vibrations are in tune with.)

“When you say you’re poor, it will circulate in your life… I started to sing it — I’M WEALTHY. The happy song, that’s my song.”

Link to free Manifestation Gods audio productAll successful people realize that to get what we want, we have to eliminate the negative thoughts we have about our goals and dreams. And it goes further than that…. we will become MUCH, MUCH, more successful and able to align with our goals and dreams when we eliminate ALL the negative energies from our lives.

This is because negative energy is not only sabotaging our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being, but also our body’s natural energy system, or chakras. And it is our chakras that connect us (our goals, dreams, and desires) to the Universal Mind.

Therefore, it’s important to stay away from negative people, places, and events as much as possible, and to do anything and everything to naturally raise our vibration. You can learn more about this in my post: What are the three best ways to raise your vibration?

Why is it important for you to learn the rules about manifestation?

Do you have everything in life that you want?

Are you currently healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise to the extent of your dreams, or is there still room for things to get better? (there’s always room for things to get better!)

Life is a journey that we get to experience by participating, and the more we throw ourselves into the experience, the better our lives become. So, if we can approach our goals and desires with eager anticipation, we are already halfway towards manifesting them.

This is because the positive energy we will generate and therefore radiate into the Universal Mind will be aligned with our desired results…. and this is all manifesting is…. holding onto our dreams with the eager anticipation that they are ours… even before they have physically materialized into our lives.

And once we learn how to do this with our smaller goals and dreams, we can then use the exact same techniques to manifest anything and everything that we want…. Including all the wealth, love, health, and success that we desire. And the good news is that learning to manifest is a skill that once attained, we will have for the rest of our lives.

“That which you put your strongest feeling into has to manifest. It has to. Good or bad. So why not manifest your best?”

Woman surrounded by money falling from the skyOne of the key points that successful people always make is that they are all passionate about their goals and dreams. And this is important because this passion creates the ‘vibration’ that is necessary to bring our desires into being.

It is our vibration that is doing the ‘asking’ of God/Universal Mind, and this Supreme Intelligence always returns to us according to our vibration…. Therefore, if you know what’s good for you, you will never again have any negative thoughts!

Instead, with the guidance of Manifestation Gods, you will learn to train your vibration to think of wealth, love, health, joy, excitement, success, abundance, and only the good things that life has to offer.…. And then as you train your vibration along these lines, these become the things that you begin to attract into your life experience.

Nikolai Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

This is a Universal Law, and it can’t be any other way. It’s like when you tune your radio to the frequency of 97 FM, that is exactly what you will get. It is impossible for you to hear, experience, or enjoy what is being broadcast on other frequencies, so you are stuck with the current reality that you are tuned into.

For us, this means that when we focus on our current reality, we are attracting more of the same content into our lives…. because it is this current frequency that we are continuing to broadcast into the Universal Mind. And what we think about is what we manifest as conditions in our lives.

To experience something better, we have to ‘retune’ our apparatus to higher frequencies/vibrations. Wealth, love, success, happiness, etc. all have specific frequencies, and if you’re not getting enough of any of them, then it’s time for you to adjust your dial…. And this is what the Manifestation Gods program will help us achieve….. better lives for ourselves….living in a higher vibrational feeling state!

What is The Manifestation Gods Program all about?

Link to purchase Manifestation God's programManifestation God’s is a downloadable MP3 program, consisting of five customized audio tracks, each of which is programmed to achieve a specific purpose. They are called ‘The Five Pillars of Plenty.’

All that is required from us is a little quiet time each day to play the MP3s. And we don’t even need to actively listen with our conscious attention, as the magic is happening on a deeper level- directly within our subconscious minds.

The unique sound engineering in the tracks (binaural beats, isochronic tones, positive reprogramming affirmations, and also mystic mantras) also clear blocked and stagnant energy from our chakra systems so we can begin feeling renewed and refreshed.

The purpose of the tracks is to make it easy to “burst open the doors of manifestation so we can claim all the abundance, success, freedom, wealth, love and happiness that we desire.” These tracks, in effect, allow us to reprogram our vibrations for success in a relatively short time instead of taking months or years to do so with meditations, visualizations, etc.

And once our vibration is aligned with our goals, it is just a matter of time before the physical manifestations begin showing up in our lives.

This means that we don’t have to study lots of manuscripts, pay heaps of money for lots of manifestation courses, or learn to meditate like a monk to achieve the results we desire. Because with Manifestation Gods, we can listen to the audio tracks as we are waking up in the morning, drift off to sleep at night, or even while doing simple tasks around the home.

What are ‘The Five Pillars of Plenty’ tracks?

The MP3 tracks have been engineered with the latest scientific technology as well as embedded with potent spiritual cues that the universe can hear and respond to so we can quickly and easily manifest our goals and dreams.

The specifically designed sounds are designed to directly influence our subconscious and open up our chakras so that they can directly interact with the unlimited abundance of the universe.

It is the symmetry of science and spirit that makes this program unique and such a powerful force for influencing our subconscious minds to achieve our goals and dreams.

The Five Pillars of Plenty tracks are:

Picture showing all the audio tracks available with the Manifestation God's program1) Picturing or visualization: A guided meditation that helps us focus on our goals and visualize them in our minds. This is the critical first step for any manifestation process to work. Our thoughts must begin to take form in our minds before they can become a reality.

2) Precision: As will all things in life, the more clearly we can envision what we want, the better the chance of it succeeding. As with driving a car, it’s impossible to reach a destination unless we know where we want to go….. If we have no fixed destination in mind, we are just wandering aimlessly. And this is never going to give us a satisfying life experience. I know this because this is how I lived my life for too many years! Achieving success requires that we have clear goals in mind!

3) Peace: This track contains specific binaural beats designed to encourage the opening of our chakras for empathy and creativity. This is because the creator of the program, Mason Henderson, believes that true success can only be achieved if we are also helping others to have better lives as well.

And I totally agree with him on this point. After all, who wants to be alone at the top?

Isn’t it better to be successful and surrounded by other successful people that we love?

4) Protection: The brainwave entrainment technologies use specific vibrations, embedded into this track, that help clean up any negative energy within our chakras as well as help to protect us from the negativity in our environment.

5) Patience: The final piece of the puzzle…. we need to settle into the journey of change trusting the process, and not get distracted from our goals. This audio track contains isochronic tones that open us up spiritually, and when combined with all the other audio tracks, helps to supercharge our root chakra, which is directly responsible for wealth manifestation.

Picture of the Manifestation God's illustrated guideManifestation God’s Bonuses include:

1) The Mastering Manifestation Illustrated Guide: This contains more in-depth material to support the Five Pillars of Plenty tracks. It consists of seven different experiments we can do to test out the manifestation principles as well as to strengthen our manifestation ability to generate wealth. Each experiment comes with its own accompanying audio track.

2) Quick Start Guide: This guide tells us how to get started and use the program to our maximum advantage. We learn how many times to listen to the tracks, when to listen to them, and when it’s time to move to the next audio track.

3) The Manifestation God’s Mobile App: We all have spare time during the day, on the bus, train, waiting for friends, etc. So why not use this time to ‘improve your future, NOW.’ All you need is your headphones and a smartphone….. (and who doesn’t have these available at all times?)

Manifestation God's buy now button $37

That’s lots of great value stuff for very little money… (the cost of a good meal out at a restaurant in exchange for changing your future for the better!)

However, before buying, I suggest that if you are not passionately committed to making a better life for yourself, then go and spend the money on a good meal. At least this will make you happy for a few hours……

OR, you could invest a little in yourself right now and improve your ability to manifest the lifestyle you want…… and then eat out every night for the rest of your life, if that’s what you want (and pay for your friend’s meals too.)

What’s it to be? More of the same lifestyle that you are currently living….. Or….. something better that matches your goals and dreams?????

Why not make yourself one of the next 1700 new daily millionaires sometime in the near future…. It’s your future…. and it’s being created by what you do today…..

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6 thoughts on “Manifestation God’s Review: How You Can Make This Year Your Best Ever!

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for showing us another program that could attract things that we want by positive thinking. I’ve learned the Law of Attraction for about 15 years, but I still need more practice. The Manifestation God’s MP3 program suits people’s busy daily schedule, and people like me can spare 5-10 minutes every day to reprogram our vibrations to the right track.

    As for the cost($37), it’s pretty affordable, so I love to try them. Do you know if they are providing free trials or a refund policy? It would be nice if you could help me with this. Thanks.


    1. Hi Matt,

      Yes Manifestation God’s is a great program for anyone who is wanting to ‘fast-track’ the manifestation process by giving their vibration a quick lift. And it is very affordable compared to many of the programs out there that are not as good.

      They do have a refund policy, which is a 60-day money-back guarantee.
      And you can get a free Wealth manifestation Audio’ from them by clicking here:

      I suggest you try it for yourself, and I know you’ll be back for more.
      I wish you all the best,

  2. Our thoughts are powerful.

    Even without conscious awareness, when one’s mind is overwhelmed with negative thoughts, it can lead to negative experiences that may end up becoming a reality. It is simply attracting bad vibe, and no one wants that.
    However, we can realign our minds, bodies, and spirits to positive thoughts and this is an energy that can attract similar energies to itself because “what we think about is what we manifest as conditions into our lives.”

    And it gets better.

    Having the right mindset, peace of mind, and positive boost of energy, will in turn influence your attitude and life and you’ll be able to better see and appreciate the positives and good that are happening already and get even more.

    Thank you for always sharing these very helpful contents Andrew, it was a good read.


    1. Hi Femi,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article.
      I’m happy that you got some benefit from it 🙂

      Have a great day mate,

  3. Great review!
    Thanks for sharing with us. We are indeed in control of our outcomes, but most people are not really aware of the fact. I like the idea behind this program and I really believe the things that are explained here! Belief is a key element to any successful manifestation.

    A person can have the clearest picture of his desires, but if he doesn’t believe in the reality of the outcome, the positive manifestation is not going to happen. That said, I share your belief that this program can help lots of people to reinforce and strengthen up their beliefs in themselves, their desires, and everything else they come in contact with.

    Thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Ivan.

      You mirror my thoughts…. maybe you can write for my website, haha.

      Desire and beliefs are necessary for anything we want to work out the way we want it to. Why don’t they teach this stuff at school?????
      Wouldn’t it be great and our lives so much better if we knew about this right from a very young age?
      I guess it’s up to us to keep spreading the word, and eventually, enough people will understand the elements necessary for manifesting great lives for themselves, and we will all live happier, healthier, and more abundant lives….. but for now, one person at a time will have to do!

      Thanks for sharing, mate.

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