Brain Salon Review: Can It Change Your State Of Mind So You Will Perform Better?

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We all have those times when nothing goes to plan, nothing flows easily, and we wish we had never got out of bed. It’s as if our brain has ‘slipped a gear’ and for some reason, we are unable to function anywhere near our best. And for some people, this is a more than common experience. Let’s explore if The Brain Salon can help us……

Brain Salon review product box……. because it just sucks knowing that we can perform way better and that we should be able to achieve the outcomes we desire. Whether it’s just getting the report finished, being able to cope with the kid’s high energy after the big game, or just being able to mentally, emotionally, and physically fully relax.

It happens that sometimes we’re just not at our best, and there are reasons why….. When we are not achieving the outcomes we want it’s often because our brains are in a ‘brainwave state’ different from the one that is necessary to achieve our goal. And we all know that no matter how much effort we put in, we won’t get to achieve our desired outcome!

In contrast to this, we have all also experienced when we were ‘in the flow.’ When things just seemed to magically fall into place, quickly and effortlessly. And it feels so good that we wish we were able to ‘be in the zone’ more often.

Well, the good news is that we can. And that is what The Brain Salon product from Inspire3 will help you do…. Get into the zone so that more of the things you want out of life, magically fall into place for you. However, as much as it may sound like magic, it’s not.…. It’s modern technology that is based on 100 years of proven scientific research and development.

What is Brain Salon and how will using it benefit you?

Brain Salon is a ‘Brainwave Entrainment’ product. The program is a series of 6 audio MP3s that have been scientifically engineered to alter our brainwave state. This allows us to consciously decide what state of mind we wish to be in at any given time. And, it’s easy….. all we have to do is listen to one of the 6 powerful audio tracts to switch our brains to the state we desire.

This means that when we have something important to do, we can ensure that we will be able to perform ‘at our best.’ All we need to do is slip on our headphones, (or insert our earbuds) and listen to the brainwave-altering sounds to achieve the state we desire.

When going for a job interview, would you want to switch on ‘razor-sharp focus?’ Need to add some flair to a project, why not ‘turbocharge your creativity’ by switching on your creative ‘brainwave state.’ An amazing night’s sleep can be achieved by entraining your brainwaves into ‘sleep mode’ 30 minutes before settling down for the night………. just some of the amazing benefits that can be achieved with brainwave entrainment technology.

Brain Salon Review Testimonial 1The potential for gaining an advantage over others is huge. However, better than that, WE are able to perform at our PEAK for more of the time. Using Brain Salon is like having a switch, a control panel, for our minds which means we never again need to make excuses for underperforming.

So if you are someone who has been missing out on the things you want because you are unable to ‘get your act together,’ Brain Salon is a program that will help your brain always be in the optimum state for what it is you are wanting to achieve.

How does the ‘Brainwave Entrainment Technology’ in Brain Salon work?

Our states of mind (agitated, calm, focused, etc.) all have different electrical signatures that have been measured and recorded. They are all unique brainwave patterns and they fluctuate as we go through our day’s activities.

Brain Salon Review brainwave pictureThe Brain Salon audio tracks are embedded with inaudible pulses combined with lavish natural sounds which recreate the specific brainwave signature we wish to recreate. The technologies used include binaural beats, isotones, and sound modulation to achieve maximum effect. And when we listen to these tracks, the ‘entrainment process’ ensures our brains move to recreate the same state within us, on demand.

This means that increased creativity, deep relaxation, super focus, raised energy, and improved moods are available to us any time we want them….. and it takes less than 30 minutes to achieve an improved state of mind, anywhere and anytime we want.

The Brain Salon program does not use hypnosis or subliminal messaging. Instead, it just uses your brain’s natural processes to great advantage by ensuring that you can be in the best brainwave state anytime you choose to achieve the best possible results at all times. It’s 100% safe and comes with a 2-month 100% money-back guarantee.

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What is included in the Brain Salon Program?

The main program consists of 6 powerful MP3 audio tracks, each 30 minutes long, and embedded with brainwave entrainment technology, to bring about specific desired states of mind.

1) Power Chill: This first track is a deeply relaxing, re-energizing session that induces states of being including feeling tranquil, recharged, and grounded. This is the track to listen to when you’re stressed out as it will certainly improve your mood and energy levels.

2) Creative Spark: To be used when we want to switch on our creative spark and recharge our imagination. This session fires up the creative neural pathways in our brains so that we will achieve more ideas, thoughts, concepts, and solutions to problems that we had not considered before.

3) Ultra Deep Sleep: We all need a good night’s sleep… because we can’t have a good day if we are tired and restless. And it is literally as easy as activating the appropriate brainwaves by listening to the entrainment tones that induce within us a state of restful deep sleep.

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4) High Energy Expresso: If you can’t shake off that sleepy feeling in the morning or during the day, use this track to switch your brainwaves into a higher productive mode and watch how easy it is to get things done! Forget the multiple cups of coffee that you’ll suffer for later……

……. a natural ‘pick me up’ without any harmful side effects wins every time!

5) Happy Pill: Our moods are dependent on our brainwaves. Happiness is something we can switch on by choice. Not feeling so good? Listen to this track and feel your stress and problems just melt away. Happier, brighter, and more energetic people have more fun, and this is why I use this track often….. I love having fun…..

6) Razor Sharp: Got a lot of work to get through, listen to this track before and during work, and your mind will remain focused on the task at hand. This allows you to get things finished quicker and better than previously…. all because of the intense concentration you can now achieve.

Also included in the Brain Salon package are lifetime support, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and the user manual. The PDF manual will guide you on how best to use the audio and give a technical overview of all the sessions.

Who will benefit from using Brain Salon?

Considering the extra stress that the majority of the world’s population has been put through in the last couple of years due to the coronavirus disaster, I will say, potentially everyone can benefit from using the Brain Salon program.

Brain Salon review testimonial 2I mean, who hasn’t been stressed out in some extra way just because of this one event? And then, there are all the normal daily pressures that we already had to contend with. Mental health issues, anxiety, and stress were already at all-time highs and sleeping disorders are going through the roof. So the Power Chill and the Ultra Deep Sleep tracks have the potential to benefit so many of us.

Then, who among us doesn’t want to be able to get into Super Productive and Super Creative modes when they would benefit us, our careers, and our enjoyment of daily life? Imagine being able to do a better job and being able to do it more quickly than ever before….. Awesome!

My favorite tracks are Happy Pill and Power Chill. Why? Because we all have so much going on in our lives these days that it is sometimes next to impossible to just switch off. These tracks help me to relax, and I listen to either of them before doing some yoga stretches…. And man, do I feel at ease, relaxed, super comfortable, and happy afterward. They really put a big smile on my face.

Being able to change our mental and emotional state of being at will is like having the technology of the Gods for our own personal use! The Brain Salon program will increase your confidence levels as you use it often to empower yourself for states of peak performance. Your entire quality of life will be affected in beneficial ways.

Try it for yourself, 60 days, risk-free.

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Just download the MP3 files and copy them onto your computer, iPhone, MP3 player, or wherever you want so that they will always be with you when you need them.

Pretty soon, you will realize that you no longer need to let your bad mood stop you from having fun. Or your distracted and fidgeting mind stops you from completing your work. Or the inability to get a good night’s sleep to ruin your whole day……

Knowing that your brainwaves are yours to ‘switch’ as you require is so empowering and so beneficial, that you will wonder how you even got on without this technology……

As you can probably tell, I am a huge fan of Brainwave Entrainment products and Inspire3 as a company. They produce some amazing products that really help to enhance the quality of our lives. And for that I am grateful. For reading this far, you can choose a gift from Inspire3 to download and try for yourself here:


Inspire3’s ‘flagship’ product is The Brain Evolution System which is a 6-month mind-enhancing meditation program designed to progressively build lasting results. (You can check out my review of The Brain Evolution System Here.) Whereas, The Brain Salon is a program designed to give immediate results that last only as long as we can maintain them. However the results are cumulative, meaning the more we use the tracks, the more quickly and easily we are ‘training’ our brains to switch into the states we desire.

Download your copy of The Brain Salon for one payment of ONLY $127 (or two monthly payments of $77) NOW and begin positively changing your life TODAY!

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