What Happens When You Become Enlightened? (And Why You Shouldn’t hurry!)

when you become enlightened- eyes immersed in the landscape

From accounts I’ve read, they say there is nothing ecstatic about when you become enlightened! Why? Because you enter into a state of being where you experience (are aware of) all that’s happening. Yes, this includes all human emotions and qualities….

….. the love and hate, desire and fear, good and bad, and wisdom and ignorance…… You get to live all of these things while continuing with your daily life (Yes, that’s right… you don’t get to sit on a fluffy white cloud in bliss for all eternity!)

Instead, you still tend to your family, maintain your house, work at your job to make money to pay for your food, etc.…. Just like the rest of us mere mortals!

So, what is it about enlightenment that is so appealing?

What Happens When You Become Enlightened?

Enlightenment does bring an end to suffering so we can live in bliss. Bliss is achieved because Enlightened Beings have released all attachment to wanting things to be a certain way. They no longer recognize good or bad, desired or undesired, and instead, they accept things as they are….. Being non-judgmental means they are not averse to anything anymore, and therefore, no longer suffer.

No more suffering…. sounds great, doesn’t it?….. So, how do we do it?

Can Meditating Help You Become Enlightened?

Enlightenment isn’t something that happens because of the amount of time that you have been meditating, doing good works, or saying your prayers. It is something that occurs when you achieve alignment with the ‘state of enlightenment’.….

…..By this, I mean it is a state of being we achieve when we have released all of our attachments and desires….. when we have stopped resisting things as they are and come to the realization that there is nothing to fix or make better…. that life just is, as it is…. and we are ok with that.

Life, with all its contrasts and diversity, is then able to flow through us, unrestricted by our ego’s false beliefs. And, yes, meditation is a process that can help us achieve this enlightened state of being.

How? It is through meditating that we learn the skills of being able to focus our minds and remain connected to the present moment. We learn that there is no end goal to achieve…. that it is all about being here and now, as we are, and as it is.

We get there by practicing. Every time we notice a random thought has entered our minds, we can return to our breath, our body, or our object of attention. In this way, we are strengthening our neural pathways for concentration.

This is the real benefit gained through meditation…. when we keep correcting our focus back to the present, instead of letting our minds randomly regurgitate the same endless crap over and over again, we are changing our future.

And as the years go by, we will find that we need to pull our minds back less and less because we are now able to BE IN MEDITATION more of the time. This is non-resistance, this is allowing, this is an enlightened moment…..

Our old ways of reacting to life will slowly give way to more and more enlightened moments. These moments are complete within themselves, complete bliss….. one moment, and then another, and another….

When You Become Enlightened- one hand in prayer mudra positionHow long it takes depends upon how long we resist the inevitable…. When we give up the struggle the truth of our always enlightened SELF reveals itself. And we come to a KNOWING that there is nothing better or different to seek…. that each present moment is the reward that we came here to experience…. however, it may be….

When we are sitting, we just sit…. When we are eating, we just eat….. And when we walk, we are aware that we are walking….. Living in the present moment is meditation, is self-awareness, and this is being fully open and awake to experience LIFE, unfiltered, as it is.

And although enlightenment is waking up to fully experience life, it is not the end of our journey….. it is, however, just another step along the path…. Seemingly a big step for us who are still unenlightened, but apparently not such a big deal for those that are self-realized.

I Want To Become Enlightened Quickly! Can It be done?

Whoa….. Just hold on a minute…. What’s the rush?????

If you’re meditating because you think you can become enlightened next week, next year, or in 30 years’ time, I’ve got some news for you. (I mention thirty years because I’ve been meditating for nearly THIRTY YEARS NOW…. And still not enlightened, and only a little crazy, hahaha.)

I’m not saying it’s not possible, but I’m putting out the idea that possibly, becoming enlightened shouldn’t be your goal.

Why’s that?…. I hear you ask…..

Because, if your goal was to be enlightened, your soul would have chosen to remain aware of your infinite spiritual self at all times.

Instead, your soul chose to descend into this third-dimensional reality/playground.


CD picture of Zen 12 productYes, you are growing in awareness as you go about your lives…. and meditation is a powerful tool that will accelerate your ascension back home..… back to your authentic spiritual nature.

However, please try to understand that when you get there, as an all-knowing, omnipresent, omnipotent entity, there is nothing for you to do!

You are everywhere, you know everything, and you have been there and there and there and here, and done this and that and everything that has ever been done….. And none of it blows your mind in any way shape or form… because you no longer have a limited mind to blow…..

You just are….. and then you think, well, this is all great and everything, but how about if I create a matrix in the third dimension, separate myself into different aspects, make up a few rules, forget “I AM” and go and play a game of contrasts for a few thousand lifetimes, or more?

And in the game, I will get to feel emotions, which is something I can’t do here in the higher dimensions….. I will go for the pleasure of experiencing the pain, sorrow, loss, fear, love, joy, anger, jealousy, and happiness……

…… WOW, wouldn’t that be fun? And here we are, doing exactly that…. And now you want to leave already?

The best meditators know that meditation is a tool that allows us to be REALLY, REALLY, PRESENT in the HERE and NOW. Because this is where we get to experience the game of life in ALL of its infinite beauty…..

…. So yes, meditate all you want, but not to achieve enlightenment…. Do it to enhance your current experience…… and never forget to go out and experience YOUR LIFE AS IT IS HAPPENING…. Because, after all, that is why you are here!

Final Thoughts

When You Become Enlightened- face with activated 3rd eyeWhile enlightenment is a noble pursuit, it’s not why you, as an infinite soul, chose to be here.

However, it is a state we will all naturally arrive at in our own good time…..

So, for now, as an eternal soul who has briefly forgotten your connection to the divine, you are manifested here, playing a game as a fun-loving creature…. WHO WANTS TO HAVE FUN!

And playing the game of life is fun…. if you don’t take yourself so seriously!

Then naturally, in your own good time, by not taking yourself seriously and immersing yourself in all the moments, you will easily begin remembering your true nature….and become enlightened!

However, think about this…… imagine what would happen if everyone wanted to become enlightened?

……. Who would create all the drama, the diversity, and the contrast

…. all the things that make this experience so unique and wonderful…..

…… all the things we need to make this experience the awesome journey THAT IT IS!

4 thoughts on “What Happens When You Become Enlightened? (And Why You Shouldn’t hurry!)

  1. When you become enlightened,
    You let go of your fears and doubts.
    You learn to trust in the universe,
    And all the good that will come your way.
    You become a beacon of light,
    Shining your love and wisdom out into the world.
    You know that everything is connected,
    And that by helping others, you help yourself.
    You are at peace with yourself and the world,
    And you know that you are truly blessed.

    Thank you for such an informative page!

    All the best,

    1. Hi Julia.
      Very well said!

      Knowing that everything is connected is so wonderful…. because instead of living in conflict, we come together and help each other, as you have said…
      The world does indeed become a better place 🙂

      Have a wonderful day, each and every day,

  2. Being enlightened does not mean that your accomplished, this means that you have found out something that you never knew before.
    What happens when you become enlightened will change some people you remember or come back to your true nature.
    You help us all the time we feel like you enlightened us about meditation and self awareness.
    Keep writing it’s helpful to us.


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