Life is Supposed to be Fun. Are You Enjoying Yourself Yet?

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Too few people are having a really great fun life experience. Unfortunately, many people on the planet are not even enjoying their journey. Why is that? What happened to us as a species that so many of us came to believe that life is hard?

One reason for this may be that we have built our societies around the consideration that social/economic success is the ultimate measure of a fulfilling life. In this regard, the human species is unique on earth. No other species in the animal or plant kingdom goes to ‘work for a living.’ It’s us humans alone that spend the majority of our waking hours concerned with making money to purchase the things we want and need.

Don’t get me wrong, I think working is OK as it has allowed us to thrive in many, many ways. Our progress and development in many fields are so exciting and interesting. We can look inside cells, build skyscrapers, and fly to the moon and back. These achievements and so many others are only possible because of the organization created within societies and because of the economic value we assign to people’s thoughts and labor.

However, with so much activity around us all the time, many people have lost sight of some reasons we are on the planet at this time. We are here to learn, grow, and have fun!  Yes, life is meant to be fun and it is if you can remember to add fun into your daily life! On the other hand, life can be hard, if you forget to make it fun!

Life is Supposed to be Fun. It’s a series of events that are happening for our entertainment!

Stuff happens every day. Life is a series of ups and downs, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. How we choose to think about, feel about, and then react to each event will determine if we are on the happy or not-so-happy side of the scale.

Imagine that your emotions are currently in a state of balanced neutrality. And, everything that we are exposed to from now on gives us the opportunity to have thoughts, feelings, and reactions. It is the way we think about, feel about, and react to stimuli that determine if our state of balanced neutrality tips to the upside, (positive) or tips to the downside, (negative). Simple, yes?

bemoreom-mediation-banner-adOK, so why do we get upset, sad, depressed, angry, or fearful? If the power is ours to either create an up-swing or down-swing in the way we feel, so why do we often punish ourselves by choosing to have negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings?

The answer lies in the way we have been conditioned to think. For much of each day, we are just reacting to the programs of our subconscious mind. The power of our subconscious mind to control our life is overwhelming: Unless we choose to take control of our thoughts and reactions consciously, our subconscious mind will have us thinking and reacting based on its past programming. This most often does not support us in the best possible way in the present moment!

Your Life Is Now…. It can only ever happen at this present moment!

We cannot affect or alter our past, no matter how hard we try. Our life is NOW, only at this moment. So why are we continuing to react based on the past programming that we unconsciously accepted when we were young?

If we, as individuals, can understand that the thoughts, feelings, and reactions we are having to various situations on a daily basis are not based on the current situation, we can then begin to think consciously to create better outcomes for ourselves. To do this we need to become more aware of our own thoughts, more often. Then if we catch ourselves thinking in a negative, or non-supportive way, we can quickly change our thought process to lead toward better outcomes.

Our thoughts create the substance of our lives: This means that if we want to know why our life is not working out the way we want it to, we only need to review the dominant thoughts we have had in the past. However, we have the power in the present moment to begin creating content that better matches the future we desire for ourselves. If we constantly and consistently focus our thoughts on how we want things to be, we will, through The Law of Attraction, soon be living the future we desire. Why not make it a future filled with lots of fun, laughter, joy, and abundance?

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Change your mind to change your life!

Yes, happy, fun, abundant thoughts create a happy, fun, and abundant life!

Your Life is waiting for you to Step Up and Take Control of Your Future

So, what are you going to do about it? If you do nothing, then your future is sure to look very similar to your present.

However, you have so many options available. Your life is waiting for you to think, feel, and react. If you can turn the majority of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the positive side of the scales, you will change your life for the better.Life is filled with opportunities for fun
Please, choose to be happy- for your sake! Remember, it’s just a matter of choosing happy thoughts to create happy feelings.

Sure stuff is always going to be happening, and some of it is going to not be so good. Maybe, instead of getting angry or upset, we could use laughter as a tool to cope. Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine, because really, at the end of the day, life goes on. Whether we choose to laugh or cry, whether we choose to love or hate, stuff is still going to be confronting us every day of our lives. However, it is within our power to choose how we react.

By choosing to laugh more of the time, we will begin living the best life we can. Being mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and reactions will give us much greater control of our lives and allow us to actively create the future that we desire.

Life is as simple OR as difficult as YOU make it!

Don’t get hung up by thinking too much about stuff. Feelings are actually more important than thoughts. If you happen to find yourself in any challenging situation, you will benefit greatly if you can learn to pause, close your eyes, and take several slow relaxed deep breaths before reacting. This will help to bring your attention to the current situation, and then you can react accordingly with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome.

Breathing deeply is important as it helps to engage our heart’s energy. It is from here that our feelings will lead us to make better decisions than if we reacted based on old habits, (the conditioning of our subconscious mind). By doing this, our life becomes easier as we are living in the present moment. Why make it more difficult than it needs to be?

So, what’s next… How Can You Have More Fun?

First, remember that life is a journey. By this, I mean that life is a series of events that continue to unfold around you at all times, with or without your permission or consent. This, we have no control over!

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quizHowever, we do have control over ourselves, but only if we choose it! It is we, and we alone, who determine how we react to these events. The events, of themselves, are neither good nor bad. It is our thoughts and beliefs that assign value to them. It is possible that any singular event can be viewed as good by some people and bad by others. The only difference is in what each of us as individuals believes.

Therefore, lighten up! Stop reacting based on old subconscious mind programs, and learn to become consciously present in this moment. From here choose positive ways to react to situations, and add some laughter for fun. Laugh at yourself, laugh at the situation, or just laugh because you can!

Your life will soon be filled with lots of fun.

I would love to hear how you deal with negative situations. Please leave your comments below and I’ll talk to you again soon.

18 thoughts on “Life is Supposed to be Fun. Are You Enjoying Yourself Yet?

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Fantastic article about not only the power of positive thinking but an approach to life itself. I really like the idea of allowing ourselves to respond to challenges by taking a few deep breaths and reacting from the heart in a relaxed way. Too often our past programming determines the response and we are left wondering why we get the same results. Live and laugh, life is too short to do otherwise!

    1. Hi Sanders. Many thanks for your comments. Yes, life is too short. So why waste it being anything by happy, excited, and fully involved in the experience of our own life! It even better when you realize that we are the creator of the content of our own life! More reason to celebrate….. but only if we are creating a good life!
      kind regards

  2. Everybody needs to visit this site! I most definitely think this is the number one most important thing to know and understand. Because everything you do is reflected from how you feel about life. And there’s so much fun to be had in it.
    I don’t understand how any person wakes up in the morning not knowing that a great day is at their finger tips. And reminding people of this is essential to making our world even better than it already is. Love the site Andrew keep up the good work. I’m excited to see what happens next with this website. It goes right along with the goals in my website. Health & Happiness

    1. Hi Doc. Many thanks for the encouraging comments. Yes, life is such a gift, and yet most people do not seem to understand this simple concept. They get too caught up in the act of surviving day by day to really appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds us at all times. I look forward to seeing you here again.
      Kind regards

  3. Life is definitely what you make of it. I totally agree with this. For years I suffered from depression and trust issues. Until I realized none of it was helping anything. Moving away from the negative thoughts made me feel so much better. I adopted a mindset of things happen for a reason. If I couldn’t fix something I didn’t like then I just accept it is happening for reason and move on. If I have control over it I change it and move on. No more dwelling for hours on how something should be or should have gone. It is freeing. I can live my life instead of trying to control everything. I have always hated the saying get a life. Everyone has one. Some people just need to focus on enjoying theirs rather than analyzing others.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I like that you took control of your life by realizing that you ‘don’t need to be in control of everything.’ You are so right when you say dwelling on stuff is a waste of time, and it is more liberating to just let it go and move on.
      Best wishes to you,

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article. Most of my friends and family know me as the optimistic one who always wants to stop and smell the roses so to speak.
    However, the best of us have times where optimism, fun, and enjoyment seem far off. This is the time we can read an article like this and get a shot of goodness.

  5. Thank you for this timely reminder! I’ve been going through some mental health issues that often leave me feeling bogged down and stressed, but you’ve reminded me that life is “just a series of events.” Yesterday doesn’t matter. Tomorrow isn’t here yet so why worry about it? Living in the moment is really the best advice for everyone, but especially for someone living with anxiety like myself. It really helps to change perspective and be more mindful of the present. Wonderful words, thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Rachel. Yes, live in the moment. Stop often, and take a slow, deep, relaxed breath and remember that the world is full of so much beauty and joy. The good part is, that we can access more of it for ourselves whenever we choose to. With time, it becomes easier to just tap into the ‘good stuff’ more often, and this will forever change your life for the better.
      Wishing you much love and joy in your daily life,

  6. This article I just love Andrew, life is absolutely meant to be fun. I agree 100% Unfortunately, so many people dismiss fun as being frivolous, I guess because they do think life is hard. But it is how you think of it. What’s your perception?

    For example, someone recently, I didn’t know well when I said I was divorced and had an 11-year-old son, they immediately felt sorry for me and said oh life is hard. I thought actually, no it’s not. I’m having the time of my life and sure, yes, at times it would be nice to have a partner but because I don’t many friends and family step up and fill the gaps until that situation changes. So I’m not interested in hanging around people that see my situation as hard, I certainly don’t. I have a great deal of independence and freedom which suits me right now.

    1. Hi Fleur, Thank you for the comments and information.
      Yes, it’s all about our perceptions. Other people are allowed to view life differently (maybe as hard) if they choose to, but it is really not in the best interests of a fun loving person to be hanging around with them. It’s great that you have a close community of loving, supportive, family and friends that you can enjoy the good things in life with.
      Keep smiling 🙂
      Kind regards

  7. You’re absolutely right in saying that life is a series of events and these events are answerable to the kind of reactions we dole out.

    As a matter of fact, we must all try to live up to the best of healthiness of thoughts that link to positive vibes. And this way, we can count more on the fact that we’re in the right track.

    Staying away from past bitterness and embracing the bright present can propel us more on living a Radiant life now and hereafter.
    Your article is full of thoughts and I look forward to reading more of your good stuff.

    Wishing you all the best of luck and progress.

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments. Yes, it is our future that we must focus on if we wish for a healthy wealthy happy and wise life….. but we are still responsible for creating it in the present. Our mind, our mental state is our most powerful ally if we can utilize it correctly. However, we must not forget to also look after our physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
      Kind regards

  8. Hey Andrew
    I certainly believe that you have graduated with distinctions from the University of life. Awesome post so true and yes it is our choice of how we want to be and how we want others to perceive the way we are. I always worried that I was the only one in the world who thought like this. Awesome…..

    1. Haha, you and me both Butch! Maybe the only two in the world to think like this…..
      No way! We are fortunate to be connecting over the internet like this and to be able to share our thoughts together and with many many other like-minded souls. It is highly unlikely that we would have run into each other in the real world.
      I look forward to staying in touch.
      Kind regards

  9. Thanks for the great insight Andrew! I have struggled with negative thought patterns and depression my whole adult life. I do have better moments but it’s always there on the background. I have tried forcing my self to thing positively but it just doesn’t stick. I’ve actually had best results by accepting it for what it is. Just negative thoughts. They can make me feel like crap but they can’t make decisions for me, so I just ignore them to the best of my ability and try to enjoy life. I just wanted to bring this up because there are clinically depressed people who can’t just decide to be happy. It’s like a curse really.

    Medication can help a little but they basically just flatten out your emotions. Therapy has not really helped me since the biggest reason for my negative thoughts is stress caused by the expectations of society and other individuals. In short I need to get out of the rat race. Some times on a holiday I feel happy and alive when there is no stress. The other thing that really helps is exercise, it gives a relief for couple hours. And nature. In nature I forget my problems even exist.

    I want to point out I have everything in order in my life, I’m fit, I have a stable relationship, friends and a job with good income. All this has changed nothing and I know there are A LOT people in much worse situations and feeling bad when everything is actually really well makes me feel just ungrateful and selfish.

    I like your site and will check out more of your content. Maybe there’s some helpful information to a grumpy old man like myself 🙂

    1. Hi Jukka, many thanks for the informative comment.
      We are all individuals, and so must approach our issues from a perspective that works best for us as an individual. I have never suffered from depression so will not pretend to know what you are going through. But I think you have found the best approach when you say, ‘I’ve actually had best results by accepting it for what it is. Just negative thoughts.’
      By becoming the witness to your thoughts you can say that you are not your thoughts. You are actually the spiritual being that is watching what is going on in this mind. You are right, they are just negative thoughts, and it is neither good or bad that the mind is having them. I would be interested to know if when you do become aware of you mind focusing on the negative, are you able to consciously switch it over to thinking about something different, like about how good it was last time you were immersed in nature.
      Wishing you all the best on your journey
      Kind regards

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