What Should I Do After Meditation? (10 Ways To Boost Your Progress)

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What you do immediately after meditation is going to affect how much you benefit from your session. And, unfortunately, it is easy to quickly undo the benefits you accumulated by meditating if you do the wrong things.

I say wrong things, knowing full well that there are no ‘wrong things’…. However, some things will take us away from our goals and some things will help us progress on our journey. And knowing the difference between the two can certainly help us retain the desirable results we achieved during our practice.

Little more than common sense is required to understand what practices and activities can help us and which ones will hinder our progress. So let’s break it down and discover what we should do after meditation to achieve the best results.

What Should I Do After Meditation?

Your session does not need to end after meditation. Long-term meditators are aware that meditation is used as a primer for whatever is to follow. The calmness and clarity we generate while meditating should be taken into whatever activities follow…. and the longer we can hold onto these effects, the more we benefit. In this way, we can stretch our meditation session out into more and more of our ‘normal’ daily lives.

Why Are Some Things Better to Do After Meditation Than Others?

Most of us enter into a meditation practice to enhance our lives in some way or another.

We want to reduce our levels of stress, quiet our busy minds, focus on manifesting our goals, and/or connect to the higher intelligence inherent within us.

When we meditate with these intentions, our energy begins to vibrate at higher frequencies. Naturally, this makes us feel better. And, with practice, we can learn to prolong this good feeling state for extended periods by choosing ‘good’ follow-up activities and practices.

After all, we want to consolidate the progress we have made during our session as much as possible. Because meditation isn’t just about the time spent sitting on the mat. It’s a practice we engage in to improve and develop our whole life experience.

With this in mind, we should avoid getting up abruptly and returning our minds to our ‘normal’ thoughts and activities. This means that we should avoid anything unrelated to the good energy we have built up during our meditation session.After Meditation- Thai meditating Buddha statue

Therefore, we should think about what activities can help us prolong the beneficial effects we created while meditating. The best things to do are usually things we can do alone, stuff that involves the natural world, and engages our creative selves.

Why is that?

Meditation is an activity that changes your energy. It clears away the stale negative energies and clears your chakras so higher vibrational energies can flow through you.

And these higher vibrational energies will remain with you until you revert to your old thoughts and habits. Your energy, with a little time, normally reverts back to what it was before your meditation session.

What Kind of Things are the Best to do After Meditation?

As already mentioned, meditation doesn’t need to finish when you open your eyes or leave your mat. Anything you do after that keeps your vibration high, your mind at peace, and helps you feel in control of your life, is going to be of benefit.

We all have different wants, live in diverse environments, and have dissimilar demands on our time. However, it’s good for us all to try to schedule some time following your meditation session with something that continues the momentum you have built up for as long as possible.

Some beneficial activities include:

1) If time is not an issue, just meditate for a little longer.

bemoreom-mediation-banner-adBuild upon the good feelings, the peace, the clarity, and the insights you have already gained. Because
the more you can feel these good feelings,
the easier they will become to achieve again and again.

If we teach our bodies and minds what it is like to feel good, often, feeling good will eventually become a habit…. And the good news is that this new healthy habit will overwrite some of the negative habits that we currently have.

And this means that our ‘go-to’ reaction outside of meditation will be to feel good more often.

2) If you are in a class with others, you’re pretty much at the mercy of what the teacher is saying to do.

Fortunately, most teachers will bring you back to full awareness slowly and gently. You will be guided to slowly begin moving the extremities of your body and then your limbs. You will then open your eyes, start taking deeper breaths, and slowly begin moving around the room.

Whether you talk to anyone afterward, and what you talk about is up to you. Personally, I would keep any conversation light, upbeat, and ‘pleasant.’ Because if you begin discussing your problems and the problems of the world, you will effectively disown all the good energy you just built up during your meditation session!

3) If you are meditating at home, alone, you will have more options available.

Brain Evolution System download buttonAnd really, anything that keeps the creative/right side of the brain engaged will be beneficial…..

So, no watching the evening news on TV, no drinking alcohol, no debating the rights and wrongs of anything, and don’t eat a heavy meal too soon after meditating! These activities will quickly deplete all the good vibes you just created. It’s far better to:

4) Pay attention to how your body is feeling, how you are breathing, and what thoughts are going through your mind.

5) Taking a walk, preferably in nature, or with a pet, is a great idea, as is engaging in any artistic/creative activity.

This may simply be writing in a journal, painting, listening to music, or playing an instrument.

6) Gentle body movements including yoga, mindful stretching, and dance are great ways to keep the body and mind connection going.

7) Reading an inspirational book, or watching something on YouTube that teaches you more about achieving your goals is fantastic.

8) The best time to set a positive intention is after meditation when your energy is high.

This can be as simple as affirming that you will carry this positive energy into the rest of your day or your sleep. And you can affirm that meditating was a great way to spend your time and that you look forward to doing it again tomorrow because of all the positive benefits you are receiving from your practice.

9) Take a moment to remember why you began meditating in the first place.

Appreciate yourself for taking time out to make your future life better. And know that even if this session wasn’t the best that it was still beneficial in helping you create the better future you desire.

10) Do some of the chores that need to be done….

Rewrite History Heal Pain and Trauma gift…but do them with mindful awareness. If your intention is often focused on maintaining a high vibration while doing tasks like cooking dinner, mowing the lawn, or walking the dog, you will raise your vibration.

And with time, your meditations will easily spread from your mat into more of your daily activities. So, the intense benefits you now receive from meditating will one day be your normal state of being…. And your meditations will be way better than they are now.

Final Thoughts

Many beginners meditate intending to fix their problems. They want to ‘feel better’ while they are meditating…. But after meditating, they go back to doing the same things that caused their problems in the first place.

This is not what experienced meditators do.

With experience, we learn that the benefits of meditating can be taken into the whole of our lives to make our lives better in every way.

And the best way is to add more awareness, or become more mindful, of each and everything that you do throughout your days…..therefore allowing your life to become your meditation practice!

2 thoughts on “What Should I Do After Meditation? (10 Ways To Boost Your Progress)

  1. Hi Andy, thanks for another great blog post on meditation and what to do after it.

    I love the idea from the beginning of your post that meditation is actually a primer for whatever we do during the day. That’s the way I am doing it and I really enjoy the whole day in “the right state”.

    I can understand that someone who is just beginning their meditation journey might feel overwhelmed by what to do after. I’d just say avoid some unhealthy habits, some you already mentioned like alcohol or watching TV, and then the benefits will show up.

    Great piece 👍

    1. Hey Julius,

      Meditating leaves me feeling so good, on so many levels, (not every time- I should add) that I can’t help but want to carry that feeling on for as long as possible throughout my day… And when I feel as if I may lose the plot, it’s a good time to take a short break and sit on my mat again.

      Doing this regularly (keeping your energy levels up) naturally makes us want to avoid the bad habits that we used to have…. and with time, our lives easily transform into ‘better lives.’ Other people seem to notice the changes in us more than we do ourselves. So this is great feedback to show the progress we are making on our journey.

      Thanks for sharing, mate,
      Have a great day,

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