Can NLP Hero Reprogram My Mind For Success? (My NLP Hero Review – How To Become A Super Hero)

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NLP Hero is an audio program designed with the intention of ‘hacking’ our minds and programming us for success in all aspects of our lives. You are reading this NLP Hero Review because you want to know if it is possible to reprogram your mind for success? The answer is definitely YES! By using this program, you can quickly learn how to easily reprogram your mind for success.

However, as with all self-improvement products on the market, the results we achieve are dependent on us. There is not a single product available that will do all of the necessary work for us. But, there are some, and this is one of the best available, that can help reprogram our minds so that we virtually become a ‘magnet to receive’ our goals and dreams.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Hero speaks directly to our minds in a language they understand. Because of this, our minds can be transformed quickly and easily and the results achieved are lasting. The program teaches us how we can achieve success by overcoming the mental, emotional, and physical blocks that have limited us up until now.

We can then become free to reprogram ourselves with new beneficial beliefs and behavioral patterns aligned with success. This means we can improve our career prospects, become more creative, have more control over our emotions, improve our relationships, gain better health, and earn more money!

Can NLP Hero Reprogram My Brain For Success?

This NLP Hero Review determines that, yes, it is possible to reprogram our brains for success. NLP is a series of scientifically sound techniques that are taught and used by very successful people. Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy are two famous promoters of NLP techniques for personal growth and self-development. They have both achieved phenomenal success for themselves and taught countless others how to achieve their goals and dreams.

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Who created the NLP Hero program?

The creators of NLP Hero, Inspire3, believe that ALL OF US can achieve our goals. We all have so much potential and are capable of so much more than we are currently achieving. So Inspire3 has created this program, as well as other mind-enhancing and life-improving products to help us realize more of our potential.

The concept of NLP was developed by two scientists at the University of California in Santa Cruz during the 1970s. Richard Bandler and John Grinder combined their respective knowledge in the fields of linguistics and psychology to formulate the rapid learning techniques now known as NLP.

Since then, their unique ‘brain hacking’ techniques have been widely adopted and practiced by psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, life coaches, and many others who wish to help others improve their lives.

Inspire3 has taken the best elements of NLP and created a format that is affordable and available to everyone. With this program, we can all learn to become the masters of our lives without having to visit expensive therapists. The audio program teaches us life-changing techniques that help us gain control over our thoughts, emotions, and therefore, our actions and reactions.

Some of the mental exercises can reprogram our minds to immediately address problems like anxiety, phobias, and learning disorders. They show us how to change our emotional state so we can operate with a level of self-awareness that achieves positive outcomes instead of someone who is always seeing problems. We effectively become transformed into better versions of ourselves.

How long will it take to see improvements in my life?

The extent to which we can improve our lives and achieve our goals is ultimately up to each one of us. And if we view life as a never-ending learning and growing experience, we will continue to develop ourselves, AND WE WILL BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE ALL OF OUR GOALS AND DREAMS!

NLP Hero free confidence booster audio sampleThe NLP Hero program is a very valuable tool that shows us how to reprogram our minds and unlock more of our potential. With it, we learn how to rid ourselves of negativity, conquer our fears, and transform the way we think, feel, and act. We will be taught how we can become the ultimate superhero of our lives.

The way we have been thinking to this point in time is responsible for our current life circumstances. With NLP Hero we will learn to reprogram our minds to think about wealth, love, success, happiness, abundance, fears, etc. in new ways that align with the desires we have for living a great life.

And the amount of time that we take to achieve results will depend on two major factors:

1) How motivated are we to transform our lives into something better? Obviously, the more time and effort, and focus we commit to learning and applying the NLP techniques, the sooner we will achieve significant results back in our lives.

2) What is the ‘distance’ between our current reality and the goals we have? As with most things, the further we are away from our destination, the longer the journey will take.

However, each time we commit to a session, we do have the potential to achieve results. And by results, I mean significant and lasting positive changes in our lives.

What is included in the NLP Hero Package?

The Main Package Consists of 10 NLP Audio Sessions: Most of the sessions have an NLP technique embedded within the audios. They teach specific exercises to help us change the way we think and perceive things. Their purpose is to make us realize that we have power over our minds and therefore we can create our lives to be the way we want.

Picture of Brian Tracy and his testimonial for NLP HeroWhat we focus our mental energies on determines how we feel and how we act and react to life’s circumstances. And it is our previous thoughts and actions that have resulted in our current life circumstances. If we wish our circumstances to improve, we need to learn how to focus the energy of our minds toward creating the positive outcomes we desire. And this is what you will learn with NLP Hero.

When we begin applying the NLP Hero techniques and start seeing the positive results appearing in our lives, we begin to feel more confident, happy, and powerful. And this is what the journey of life is all about…. It’s not the destination that is important, but ALL the steps along the way…. If we can enjoy the journey, we will end up saying ‘That was a life well worth living!’

One of the aims of any personal growth is to overcome our self-defeating thoughts and habits. And NLP Hero is a program that continues to build upon itself to progressively change us into happier, healthier and more self-aware conscious creators of our lives.

The more conscious of our abilities we become, the more we can accept responsibility for our lives- for every thought, emotion, and action. And with this awareness, we will begin to direct our energy only into projects, people, and events that align with our goals and dreams for a better life.

How does NLP Hero change me to make my life better?

Program your body to lose weight audio giftWith regular use of the NLP Hero audio program, we will become more competent, improve our mental processes, and achieve greater clarity. And as our cognitive abilities and critical skills improve, we naturally become more active in creating a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. We will have more energy, improve our relationships, become more abundant, be happier, more confident, and more focused on achieving our goals.

The NLP Hero audio tracks range from 13 to 20 minutes in duration. Only one track should be used each day. It can be used multiple times, and also for many days or weeks on end to really embed the lessons deeply into our subconscious minds. Our desire to truly learn and understand the techniques as taught in the audios directly reflects the success we will achieve.

The premise of NLP is that there is always a way to achieve our goals and dreams. And the only reason we are not currently doing so is that we lack motivation or we haven’t yet learned how. Motivation is something that we have to deal with personally and is a necessary precursor to success.

IF YOU ARE SUFFICIENTLY MOTIVATED YOU WILL BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL BY USING NLP HERO. And your success will further motivate you to continue to achieve more and more…….

You can learn how to achieve your goals and dreams with the proven techniques taught in these 10 audio tracks!

1) – The Basics: This session is about discovering the basics of NLP and learning the tools that will help us create a better future for ourselves.

2) – Modelling: This is all about building greater confidence, copying and adapting the skills of others, and short-circuiting the learning curve for quick results. We learn from experts how to improve any skill in any field we want.

3) – Mirroring and Matching: This is about building our personalities so we can form an instant rapport with, and influence others for our mutual benefit.

4) – Anchoring: This session teaches us how to create a strong foundation that we can always rely on to get us through any difficulties we may face.

5) – Collapsing Anchors: This session helps us clear the blockages that are holding us back from achieving our dreams. It’s about dissolving our fears, phobias, and anxieties.

Without our fears, we become free to pursue our dreams unhindered by our pasts!

6) – Swish Patterns: For me, this is the most important session. It’s about installing and then stabilizing the newly created beneficial positive thoughts and habits that align with our goals and desires.

7) – Reframing: Also another very important session. Many of us have negative memories of our past that are preventing us from being happy and successful now. This session helps to ‘re-frame’ our negative memories so we can release the burdensome thoughts and habits. Only then can we be assured of creating a better future for ourselves.

8) – Sub-modalities: The focus of this session is to develop new ways of thinking, see things from a new perspective, and formulate beneficial beliefs. The emphasis is to positively change our minds and therefore positively change our lives.NLP Hero Testimonial from Chris Cade

9) – Pattern Interrupts: We learn How to break bad habits and instantly command anyone’s attention. This is all about influencing people and ensuring that they behave positively towards us.

10) – State Management: This is about using a secret body hack to instantly change the way we are feeling. Our feelings influence what we are thinking and this, in turn, determines how we act and react. Therefore learning to manage our feelings is a key ingredient to all success.

Also included in the package are:

A ‘cheat sheet’ library of all the main sessions: These cheat sheets provide quick and easy access to the important information within the audio sessions for quick reference. They are a great visual tool that adds to the audio tools.

Lifetime support, 24/7 via email.

A full advanced NLP certificate: (Personally, this does not interest me, but I know it is a valuable resource for some.)

A one-year money-back guarantee: If you are not totally happy with NLP Hero within a year you can receive a full money-back refund.

Exclusive bonus vouchers and more.

Picture of complete NLP Hero package

Act now and get a $200 discount!

That’s only $47 for the LIFE-CHANGING NLP Hero package!

Other benefits of Using this program include:

  • Learn to copy/mirror the success of others
  • Increase the rate at which you can learn
  • Improve relationships and social situations in general
  • Release fear and anxiety to remain peaceful and in control even in challenging situations
  • Let go of bad feelings from the past and move on with your lives
  • Remove failure from your vocabulary and see everything for what it is – a learning experience
  • Face your fears and go through them with confidence
  • Program yourselves for a better future where you have realized your greatest dreams
  • Embrace new experiences with excitement and anticipation of success
  • Become happy, content, and in general, satisfied with all aspects of your lives

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10 thoughts on “Can NLP Hero Reprogram My Mind For Success? (My NLP Hero Review – How To Become A Super Hero)

  1. Thank you for a great review.
    I have followed Brain Tracy for a very long time and using his methods have actually made me more successful and I do agree with you that the time frame it can work for each person is different according to motivations etc.

    1. Yes, we are all individuals with different knowledge, understanding, motivations, etc. So the time taken to achieve results is going to vary. However, if we remain motivated and focused on achieving our goals, we will achieve them. And because life is a journey and not a destination, we should enjoy all the steps along the way to achieving our goals.

      Our minds are our greatest asset and learning new skills, including NLP techniques, will help us to achieve better and more in all areas of our lives. And who doesn’t want to enjoy and experience more of the wonderful things that life has to offer?????

      I wish you all the best, mate

  2. Thanks for sharing your review of NLP Hero.

    I’m very interested in this program and would like to learn more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I learned a bit about this technique from Tony Robbins, but I never took time to dive into the subject deeply. Well, this program might change that. I’m sure that I already practice some of the teachings from this program (unconsciously). However, it would be great to learn what NLP is and how to use it to “hack” my own brain even more!

    I’m a big fan of these techniques because, so far, “brainwashing” myself has shown great results! Thanks again for sharing this review. I’ll bookmark the page so that I can come back to it when I’m ready to try out this program.


    1. Hi, Ivan.

      Great! NLP Hero is a very comprehensive program. And with the many techniques taught, there are sure to be some that we like to use more than others and that will return better results than others. So this program is a win-win for us. Lots of proven techniques to reprogram ourselves for abundance, confidence, success, health….. you name it, and it’s all achievable.

      Once we have practiced and can apply the techniques to our own lives, we can approach all situations and all of our goals with a greater level of confidence, and then we are assured of more success.

      I wish you all the best mate,

  3. Hi Andrew,

    What a great article!
    I follow your site and each text is better than the previous one. I knew about the power of thought and visualization but I did not know that there are specific methods by which the brain can be influenced. Wow! Imagine a world without fear, depression, a world of happy and successful people. How wonderful that sounds! And now with the Super Hero program, it has become a reality.

    I have to recommend this to my friend who is struggling with depression and negative thoughts. Because of that, she is in a blockade, nothing in her life is going well. The price is not expensive at all for the results obtained. It’s worth it. The great thing is lifetime support and one-year-money-back-guarantee.

    Thank you and keep writing such inspiring texts!
    All the best,

    1. Welcome back, Danijela.

      Thanks for the positive comments 🙂
      I used to believe in struggle, hardship, lack, disease, fear, etc…… and then I started to learn the really important stuff….. That is, WE HAVE MUCH MORE CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES AND CIRCUMSTANCES THAN WE ARE LED TO BELIEVE.

      Most people consider that life is just happening to them. And so they keep reacting to the things that are happening, mostly in learned and predictable ways.
      However, 30 years of study, learning, and applying, has taught me that we do not have to think, act, and react in any specific ways at all……

      We are actually powerful creators and we have the ability to create our lives to be any way we want them to be. Therefore, I no longer live with fears, doubts, insecurities, hardships, disease, or lack. My mindset is one of happiness, health, abundance, and success, and because our thoughts create our reality, my current reality now reflects these new beliefs. And the good news is that the story doesn’t end there. Because as I attain goals, I then have a new perspective to ‘imagine’ from…. and I imagine more and better things for myself. In this way, my current reality keeps evolving and getting better and better as the days go by 🙂

      Yes, we are the creators of our own reality, and your friend has not yet discovered this. If she is able to open her closed mind just a little and try some of the self-improvement techniques as taught in NLP Hero, she will progressively become aware that she has the ability to change her life circumstances in a positive way. Soon, with practice, she will be able to live a happy and satisfying life!

      “Imagine a world without fear, depression, a world of happy and successful people.” Yes this is what I imagine and create for myself. However, I cannot create it for others, as they are responsible for their own lives…. However, we can show the way to a better life, and The tools provided in NLP hero are very beneficial in helping us get there!

      The price is so cheap for the positive life-changing tools that are taught!
      I wish you and your friend all the success you desire 🙂

      Have an awesome day,

  4. Thank you very much, Andrew, for this review!

    It sounds very significant the way you have described it. I know such programs, and they are perfect, helping us to reprogram our minds. This is essential for all of us, I believe! Most people will experience significant benefits from the programs. I know that the solfeggio frequencies are helping very much, healing, and setting our mind and heart on happiness and welfare in every aspect of life. I tried it!
    However, I prefer to meditate in silence, just let my thoughts passing. It is very energizing and also a great tool to reprogram, and above all, to detox our minds. But I believe we all would profit very much from the series.
    Many people are hurt and have allowed a negative manifestation in their lives, resulting from fear, anger, guilt, and doubts that keep them from reaching welfare and love.
    In my work as a nurse, I have met so many people who have been chronically ill due to a very deep-felt insult in their life. It made them very ill! This is so sad! I believe that these people should indeed purchase this program. 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks for your valuable input.
      I also do most of my meditations in silence. However, it’s been a journey of meditating for over 20 years.
      For anyone beginning or not so experienced, the instructions provided in courses like NLP Hero can be invaluable. If I had tools like this available when I began my meditation and self-development journey, I would have progressed 10 times faster than I did….. I can only imagine where I would be now……

      NLP Hero uses proven techniques to help us develop our potential….. so there is none of the trial and error stuff that I went through.
      With the program, you learn what works, and you are taught how to apply it immediately into your life so that you can start receiving positive results. What could be easier and better than that?

      It’s sad to realize that so many people are in pain or dis-eased because of ‘wrongful’ thinking patterns. People are poisoning themselves, mentally, emotionally, and physically, because they cannot let go of past bad experiences, etc. And yes, one aspect of this program will teach them how they can release their past and therefore become free to begin creating a better future for themselves.

      Many thanks for sharing,
      With much love and respect to all souls playing the game of life,

  5. This is really interesting.

    I can see a lot of ways this can help someone progress in life by teaching how to overcome negative thoughts and behaviors.

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