Can Conscious Thinking Create A Better Future? (Use Your Thoughts To Make Life More Meaningful And Fun)

Our thoughts create our lives

Every event, everything, and every condition in our lives are a result of thoughts we have had. Our thoughts are the beginning point of the lives we create for ourselves. What we achieve is directly related to the amount of attention we can focus on the things we want- and the exclusion of thoughts that do not support our desires.

The more supportive thoughts we have means that our ideas/desires can grow and develop to a point when they will take possession of our will. And when we are possessed with the idea of achieving or attaining our goals, the creative power of our minds will naturally take control. This is great…..

This is what we want, this is the ‘turning point,’ because, every activity of our body and mind will naturally become directed to shape more thoughts and actions related to our goals. And once this happens, there is no going back and our goals and desires will eventually manifest in tangible form.

So, how do we get from where we are now, to become one of the gifted few who can manifest the awesome lives that most people only ever get to dream of?

Can Conscious Thinking Create A Better Future?

By unconsciously reacting, we can only ever repeat stuff that is already programmed into our subconscious mind. This means we will repeat our past mistakes and attract similar circumstances to those we already have. To create a better future, we have to become conscious thinkers and change our mindsets to match the better lives we wish to be living. You Can Make Your Life More Meaningful And Fun Just By Changing What You Are Thinking About!


Our Unconscious Mind is a Map of Our Past and It Cannot Help Us Create a Better Future

Psychologists tell us that for up to ninety-five percent of each day, we are just going through the motions of living. We are unconsciously sleepwalking through our days without paying much attention to what is going on. Our consciousness is not engaged and we are living in ‘autopilot’ mode. And this is ok if we want our lives to continue as they are. However, if we desire to change some aspects of our lives we need to consciously regain control of our thoughts…..

The problem with being in autopilot mode most of the time is that it doesn’t allow for anything original or new to happen. Our subconscious mind can only direct us to react to situations, events, and people in ways we already know and have done many times before. This is because our subconscious mind cannot think or reason independently. That is not its purpose……

Reprogram your mind for wealthOur subconscious mind is running our daily lives for the majority of the time and it can only direct our lives according to the information that it is programmed with. Therefore, it stands to reason that we will continue to receive lives that look pretty similar to what we are already living. The exception to this continuity is the limited times that we are consciously directing our thoughts toward our goals and dreams. This is when we can have a positive effect on our future circumstances.

However, progress will be slow unless we can find ways to become consumed by our desires. We need to find ways to focus more of our conscious creative energies on the lives we wish to create for ourselves. And this also necessitates that we spend a lot less time thinking about things that are not aligned with our goals and dreams.

Life Presents Us With Many Opportunities To Achieve Our Dreams. Are You Taking Advantage Of Them?

Opportunities to step outside of the box and overcome our fears are presented to us every day. And yet, how often do we take advantage of the life-expanding opportunities they could provide?

These are important questions because we are here to evolve, grow, expand, and above all else, we are here to live fantastic lives! We cannot live wonderful, fulfilling, and fantastic lives when we are existing on auto-pilot mode for ninety-five percent of each day! Because, when our conscious mind is not engaged, we’re not fully present, we are just mindlessly reacting in habitual ways……

When we are on autopilot, our thoughts, feelings, and actions are motivated by our past experiences that are stored in our subconscious minds. And when our unconscious mind is in control of our thoughts and actions, we cannot create anything new. We just get more of the same content into our lives…… this is just the way our wonderful brains work, and we cannot change this!

The Law of Attraction quizSo, if you’re living in auto-pilot mode most of the time, like most people, don’t expect your life to suddenly give you everything you want. It just can’t happen like that! The Law of Attraction can only provide more of the same stuff that matches our unconscious thoughts and beliefs…… Yes, this means that your life will continue pretty much the same as it is now!

If you understand this, you will know how to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones! You do it by becoming consciously present more of the time and by focusing with passion on the amazing lives that we want to be living! It’s only when we are consciously aware that we can see and take advantage of new opportunities.

Your Subconscious Mind is Directing Your Life According to the Beliefs You Have Developed Through Your Life.

Our subconscious minds are not able to think or reason independently. They are programmed from all the information that they are exposed to. And since it is WE who are exposing OURSELVES to various information all day and every day, WE are responsible for the content in our subconscious! This is the information that forms our beliefs and then is guiding (in control of) ninety-five percent of our lives.

Our beliefs have not suddenly appeared from out of nowhere. They are the results of accumulated information that we have allowed into our minds. It stands to reason then, that if we are not happy with our lives, we need to be better ‘gatekeepers’ to the information that we let into our subconscious.

Can conscious thinking create a better future-woman-with-bright-ideaOur beliefs have developed over time and our lives have become a direct reflection of the beliefs we hold. For example, if we are continually exposed to poverty and lack as a way of life when we are young, we are almost certain to adopt this as our mindset, and it will then become our future life experience…… unless we can change our beliefs!

And fortunately for us, WE CAN CHANGE OUR BELIEFS! This is why we have a conscious mind. This is the active aspect of the mind, the control panel of our lives. And this is our key to a better future. Because it is only when we are consciously aware that we can actively change our beliefs and personalities.

What Role Does Your Conscious Mind Play In Manifesting Your Goals and Dreams?

Our thoughts actively create our feelings and emotional state of being. When we are angry, people can sense it, and some, who are not a match to this vibration, will stay away. However, angry people will resonate with us and can be attracted to us. Conversely, when we are in love, we will radiate or glow with joy, enthusiasm, and appreciation…. There is no room for anger or fear near us, and life just seems to be magical.

This is important to understand because to receive/attract what we want, we need to become a vibrational match to it…. And to become a vibrational match, we need to think ONLY thoughts that align with our goals and dreams. We can achieve this by going and meditating in a cave for a year, without any distractions, and without having any contradictory thoughts, OR……

…….. We can begin making small lifestyle changes to positively impact our beliefs and responses to accurately reflect the reality we wish to create. The NEW changes we implement are like planting NEW seeds (ideas) into our subconscious minds. Here, if we continue to nourish them, they will germinate, take root, and grow into a new belief.

These new beliefs, with time, will become part of our unconscious ‘go-to’ responses when we are existing in auto-pilot mode. This is a very important concept to understand….. Because it means that our new beliefs, instead of guiding us to create lives with more of the same content, are now wired to direct us to achieve our goals and dreams. for wealth creation-banner
Why not begin today to reprogram your subconscious to align with your goals and dreams? can show you how.

Our subconscious minds can now be considered to be our faithful servants and are instrumental in directing us to places, people, and events that will enable us to achieve our desires.

To drive home the point: How Can Conscious Thinking Create a Better Life For You?

  • Our subconscious mind is active for up to ninety-five percent of our waking lives. It is therefore responsible for the majority of the content we attract to us and call ‘our life.’
  • Most of us have some or many limiting subconscious programs/beliefs that are preventing us from achieving our goals.
  • Beliefs are just an accumulation of information that we expose ourselves to daily. Our subconscious minds absorb all of it, the stuff we want equality with the stuff that we don’t want.
  • Our subconscious mind does not think or reason independently but is subservient to our conscious mind.
  • We can create new beneficial beliefs by exposing ourselves to information, ideas, and experiences that align with the ‘better lives’ we wish to create for ourselves.

The main emphasis here is that we need to become conscious/aware of ‘what portion of each day are we a vibrational match to that which we want to manifest into our lives?’

To get what we want, we need to spend MORE TIME FEELING the way we would once our dream has been realized. This means WE NEED TO BE FORWARD FEELING, RATHER THAN CURRENT THINKING!

Can conscious thinking create a better future-happy-womanFor me, this means that I need to be feeling happy, powerful, glad, satisfied, in love, appreciative, and grateful at all times because my dreams are centered around holistic well-being, joy, and abundance, instead of this model new car, that new job, or falling in love with a particular type of person.

However, we are all different, and we all have different goals, dreams, and desires. And it’s perfectly ok to want to manifest a pay rise, buy a new purse, or score the hot partner. Every one of our desires is valid and achievable because given enough time and practice, we can move any of our desires from our conscious mind into our subconscious, where they become the new beliefs that direct the content of our lives.

All we have to do to achieve our better futures is be in the FUTURE FEELING MODE (attracting mode) more of the time….. More than we are in the ‘life sucks mode, why can’t I get that mode, I don’t like myself mode! One attitude will get you what you want, and the other will keep you receiving as you already are…… Is it time for a change in attitude??????

Why Not Do What I Do To Feel Better?

I write this page and many others like it on my website. I do this with passion in the hopes that I can inspire others to take control of their lives, and learn to live in ways that bring them much abundance, joy, love, and satisfaction. But more than that, learning, researching, and writing are focusing my mind only on the good things….. so all the effort I put into creating this website is ‘positive focused.’ This ‘JOB’ is not only enjoyable and inspiring but is creating the better future I desire by raising my vibration…..

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6 thoughts on “Can Conscious Thinking Create A Better Future? (Use Your Thoughts To Make Life More Meaningful And Fun)

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I have to say I have really struggled to get through this post. The first time I tried to read I got to this paragraph

    “Psychologists tell us that for up to ninety-five percent of each day we are just going through the motions of living. We are unconsciously sleepwalking through our days without paying much attention to what is going on. Our consciousness is not engaged and we are living in ‘autopilot’ mode. And this is ok if we want our lives to continue as they are. However, if we desire to change some aspects of our lives, we need to consciously regain control of our thoughts….. ”

    I just stopped what I was doing started tidying up everything around me. It was quite helpful actually because I went away for the weekend as my cousin was having a party. I drunk enough to sink a whole fleet of ships and forgot all about my nice tidy flat – it was nice to come back to but not only this I tried to get through this again and decided to write a blog about the autopilot mind. It’s definitely something I want to practice more – having something like creating thoughts to help drive me towards what needs to be done. Long comment I know but sure you don’t mind – thanks for sharing.

    Best regards;


    1. Hi Alex,

      I know that most of us are shocked to learn that we are basically living our daily lives like automated robots. After all, we think we are grown adults and are leading our lives in a responsible way.

      However, most of the time, we are functioning without much conscious awareness devoted to what we are doing. We walk and drive, clean our teeth and shower pretty much in the same way we have done a thousand times before while thinking about other stuff, and we shovel food into our mouths while talking to others or watching the TV…. without giving the process of eating and digesting any thought.
      And because we are not paying attention to what we are doing, we are not able to affect change in our lives…. and this is why it is good to break our routines and do things differently… because it forces us to engage our brains and place our attention on what we are doing as well as we what we want to be doing and creating for our future selves.

      Our lives will become better, but only when we focus our attention on making them into the better version that we want them to be. And to achieve this, we need to ‘wake up’ for more of the time and be a deliberate thinker and creator.

      I wish you well on your journey,

  2. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring and uplifting post:)

    I’ve always considered myself an optimistic person and try to focus my thoughts on goals and desires. Having followed Bob Proctor in the past I’m aware of conditioning and how it affects our lives.

    Conscious thinking and reprograming your thoughts can certainly change things and attract abundance:)

    1. Hi 🙂

      Bob Proctor has a lot of great information to share. He’s been around for a long time now and has helped many people transform their lives for the better

      I always believe that for our own sake, it is better to think positively about anything and everything instead of thinking negatively…. After all, this is our lives we are talking about, and why would we choose to feel bad, sad, depressed, angry, etc, when we always have the option to feel better emotions?

      Sure, we can’t control the events and people in our lives, and often things don’t go as we planned or hoped…. but still, we must ask ourselves “who benefits when I feel negative emotions?” The answer is, of course, no one…. especially us. So, my desire is to feel as good as I can as often as I can because really it is the only sane thing to do. And this requires that we become consciously aware of our thoughts as often as we can.

      Have a great day, and thanks for sharing.

  3. This is an inspiring post – as are all your posts 🙂
    It is true that so many people say that life “sucks”, and well, yes, we deal with a lot of blows, but it ultimately depends on us to change the course of our stories. When you mentioned people who were raised in poverty and who grow up, believing that this is “the way their life should be”, causing them to remain in poverty for the rest of their lives, it struck a cord with me. Only people who want to change their story, their mindset, will leave that life of poverty.

    I have many goals, and I have achieved several of them already, which is always an amazing feeling. The bigger goals are taking me longer, some are taking me years, and when it takes that long I sometimes get a little discouraged, but when I feel like that I invite negative thoughts into my mind and it can be counter-productive … I don’t know how to keep it up when I have long-term goals and although I will not rest until I achieve them, how do I handle those days when negative thoughts creep up?

    1. Hi Christine.

      Changing our deep-seated beliefs can be very difficult, and many people don’t have what it takes. This is why their lives are pretty predictable and their circumstances never really differ much from the environment in which they grew up.
      It’s almost as if we need to ‘demand’ it of ourselves to make change possible. By demand it, I mean become focused on the outcomes we wish to achieve, become possessed by the idea of having it as our lifestyle, and by not taking no for an answer. If we can commit ourselves to this way of thinking and being, we are guaranteed to get what we desire….. but it is a commitment, a commitment that requires us to change who we are.
      We must become the future version of ourselves that we wish to be NOW, and then the Law of Attraction works to support who we are!
      We know this works because deep down we understand that we are currently receiving according to our programming/conditioning…… Change our programs and we will change our lives!

      You mention ‘long term goals.’ So in your mind, they are already ‘long-term.’ So why would you expect them to come sooner? You have a belief that they will take longer, that is all…. How hard would it be for you to change your belief? How willing are you to do what it takes (reprogram your mind to think thoughts that generate FEELINGS NOW that will attract your goal to you NOW?) This is the only question you need to contemplate.

      How to handle the days when negative thoughts come up?….
      We all have negative thoughts, in different amounts, related to different things, etc. So what? That’s just a function of our minds momentarily straying from our desires. A
      All I do is recognize the negativity when it arises, say thank you for reminding me of how I used to be, laugh it off, and bring my thoughts back into alignment with my goals and desires. Give it a go. Initially, you may have to do it a hundred times a day, but as you reprogram your mind towards the achievement of your goals, it does become easier and easier…..

      Remember, life is a journey, and as such, we are not here to get everything right immediately or to get everything we want right now….. To appreciate life more, we need to learn to enjoy the progressive learning and progressive achievement of our goals.
      So, enjoy the moments, and never ever think that you are doing something wrong, or that life is not working out for me….. because life is always working out for us according to our current beliefs….. Change your thoughts/vibration, and you will change your life.

      Enjoy 🙂

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