Why Do I Feel Energy In My Body?

Many people experience ‘unusual’ sensations in their bodies without being aware of the source of the sensation or apparent cause. These sensations are nothing to be concerned about and could be due to a number of reasons that include energetic, psychological, or physiological shifts.

The sensations you can experience vary widely and include tingling, buzzing, ringing sounds, vibrations, tension, feeling light or heavy, problems sleeping, feeling wired, patches of heat or cold, bliss, movement up and down the spine or in the front and crown of the head, etc….

The list is long, and the reason for that is that we are, at our core essence, energetic beings. This means that every particle of our being is made up of energy and all this energy is constantly in motion.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

Quote from The Kybalion authored by The Three Initiates

With this in mind, maybe instead of asking, “Why do I feel energy in my body?’ a better question to ask would be, “Why do I not feel, recognize and understand the energy in my body more often?”

However, let’s explore why you may be aware of energy movements in your body at this time.

Why Do I Feel Energy In My Body?

We are energetic beings and our energy changes according to what we are thinking, feeling, and doing. If we are ‘moderate’ or stable in the ways we think and act, then our energy will not change much. And this is why most people are not really aware of the energy in their bodies… it remains relatively stable. However, if you change something in a big enough way, you may become aware that your energy is moving differently through your body. And this is nothing to be concerned about. It’s just your body ‘retuning’ your energetic field to better match your new reality.

What Is The Energy You Feel In Your Body?

The energy that flows through us is called Qi (Chi) in Chinese, Prana, and Kundalini in Indian Traditional Medicine, or simply, our Life Force. And the changes in energy that occur are your bodies’ way of removing old energy and replacing it with different energy.

Quantum Manifestation Code Program banner adWhen you think and act in the same ways that you typically have in the past, the ways you are comfortable with, your energy will remain in a state that you are familiar with… therefore, you don’t tend to notice it.

It is only when our energy levels are shifted far enough from our normal baseline that we feel it as different sensations in our bodies.

If you are growing spiritually, the changes will always be beneficial, although not always pleasant. This is akin to you purging yourself of old patterns and gaining a higher level of self-awareness. And as with all change, the transition can be uncomfortable while you go through the process.

Growth occurs when you release old patterns of thoughts and behaviors that have not been serving your best interests. This often happens when you adopt new beliefs or patterns of behavior that more closely align with your highest good. The new vibrations (higher frequencies) of energy your body produces cause changes in your physical structure. And these changes are what you are experiencing.

The sensations are fine and you should just be aware of them without trying to influence them in any way whatsoever. Just adopt a neutral attitude and continue on with your life knowing that they are part of the natural transformation of your body and mind towards higher states of consciousness.

Energy Healing Has Been Practiced For Thousands Of Years In Various Forms.

Many different ancient and traditional healing systems recognize and work with the energy in our bodies.

Rewrite History Heal Pain and Trauma giftPerhaps the best known is Traditional Chinese Medicine which is a complete medical system that has been used to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses for more than 2000 years. TCM encompasses modalities such as acupuncture, tai chi, Chi Gong, and herbal products to maintain balance in the patients’ Qi (energy.) They believe that when the Qi of a person is out of balance, sickness can occur.

The Ancient Indian Traditional Medical System of Ayurveda (meaning Knowledge of Life) seeks to maintain total wellness in the body by balancing our energies to create harmony in our inner and outer worlds. Meditation and Yoga are two of the most common practices from the Indian continent used to harmonize the energy flow within our bodies in the west.

Shamanic healing is practiced in many cultures and is used to restore balance and harmony back to the patient through energy awareness.

Meditation And Breath-Work Are The Best Tools To Help Recognize And Positively Transform Your Energy.

Zen 12 Meditation bannerThe practice of meditation, as well as other disciplines that require you to focus your attention, will inevitably transform your energy. As the ceaseless mind chatter begins to quiet down, you come more into contact with your essential self, your energetic nature. That is you will recognize the more subtle dimensions of life…..

With repeated practice, your energy levels are raised bringing into awareness your habitual thought and reaction patterns. And with increased awareness, you have the opportunity for positive change. In effect, by meditating you are creating the conditions for any unresolved and unwanted tension and imbalances to correct themselves.

There are many forms of rhythmic deep breathing techniques that can be used to modify the bodies’ energy levels. Slow controlled breathing can induce deeper levels of relaxation (verywellmind.com) while quicker rhythmic exercises can dramatically increase the level of energy in your body (wimhofmethod).

It’s important to realize that big changes very rarely happen overnight, and neither do we want them to…. because it can be very painful…. Rather, life is a journey and once you are on the path of self-discovery, while you are alive, the journey will never end.

Feeling Energy In Your Body Is A Good Thing!

Your body is the feedback mechanism that lets you know how you are doing on the deepest levels. It gets its information directly from the environment that you are living in and relates this information to you in the form of sensations. These sensations then become ‘keys’ you can use to adjust your life in ways that better match your goals and dreams.

By recognizing and changing your limiting patterns of beliefs and habits, you can rearrange your energy to create a better life experience for yourself. You can learn to actively transform your stress and tension into ease and bliss.

When you feel any unusual sensations, it’s important not to become attached to them, but rather just experience them and allow them to work themselves out. Your body is incredibly intelligent and knows what it needs to do to balance itself out….

So, whether you feel pain or discomfort, or ease and bliss, just recognize it for what it is…. Your body lets you know that something has changed and that it is in the process of sorting it out for you.

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