7 Spiritual Quotes from Sadhguru to Make Your Life Better!

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The simple honesty with which Sadhguru dispenses timeless wisdom just cracks me up! And I am sure you will also learn much from these Spiritual Quotes from Sadhguru.

He is, without doubt, one of the most practical and endearing people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know (even though it is only through his books and countless online videos.)

Through his charitable organization, The Isha Foundation, Sadhguru has supported MANY people in their quest for greater self-awareness, personal transformation, and helped countless of us gain a deeper understanding of our place and purpose for being.

Because Sadhguru does not adhere to any strict religious system, his teachings are available for seekers from all denominations, and equally those without any spiritual inclination whatsoever. His wisdom is offered simply to help us all achieve better lives for ourselves and consequently for all life on our beautiful Mother Earth.

So, let’s see if we can enjoy some spiritual quotes from Sadhguru in the spirit in which they are delivered….. Jovial, direct, and with much love and respect.

7 Spiritual Quotes from Sadhguru to Make Your Life Better!

“Spiritual process is not about going to heaven someday. It is about knowing life in all its profoundness.”

Straight to the point! And that point is: We don’t pursue a better way of living, or becoming a better person, for the perceived rewards we will attain once we depart this earthly body….. We pursue becoming a better version of ourselves so that we may benefit more from the current experience we are having.

Rather than being physical places for reward or punishment, Heaven and Hell are internal ‘states of being.’ They are the manifestations of the total of our life’s achievements in terms of our mental and emotional maturity.

Therefore, the more evolved people become, the more they live in harmony within themselves and the environment. They naturally live in ways that benefit ALL life. And in contrast, people who are still conflicted within, and are at ‘war’ with their environment (family, work colleges, the dog next door, their computer operating system, and even themselves,) are living in varying degrees of hell on earth.

So, assuming we are wise enough to want to ‘upgrade’ our life experience, (because we all can) how do we come to live in a state closer to that resembling Heaven on Earth for more of the time?

“Spirituality has nothing to do with the atmosphere you live in. It’s about the atmosphere you create within yourself.”

There’s your answer, right there…. Short and sweet!

Because Heaven and Hell are ‘states of being,’ it means they are within us….. It also means that we can create our state to be whatever we want it to be. And we can see this in the people around us all the time.

Sure, we all have a unique set of circumstances, events, and people, happening within our environment, but even with so much individuality, many of us are living what could be considered very similar lives….. (nearly everyone is conforming to the ‘consensus reality’ most of the time.)

However, we still have the freedom to choose what we think about and how we act concerning our environment. And it is the choices we make that determine if we become happy or sad, angry or loving, and fearful or secure…..

As we become more ‘spiritually tuned in’ we will naturally elect to make more choices (through our thoughts, words, and actions) that will make our lives better, choices that take us closer and closer to existing in Heaven, right here and right now. Anything other than this could be considered some sort of madness! Why?…….

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“Being on the spiritual path means understanding that the source of your trouble and the source of your wellbeing are within you.”

This means that We are the cause of, and the solution, to all of our problems! However, it takes a certain amount of spiritual maturity to first be able to recognize this, and then it takes even more to be able to consistently act in ways that demonstrate we understand this truth.

All the time things happen around us that we have little or no control over. And when we understand that we can’t control everything, wise people give up the fight/struggle/angst against what exists outside of us, realizing that is beyond our ability to change.

However, there are many ways we can change conditions in our environment to make our lives more pleasant, more comfortable, and just better in every way. We can change our partner if we are not happy. We can buy a bigger house if our existing one is too small for our expanding family. And we can buy the latest iPhone because it’s what everyone else is doing.

However, if our happiness and pleasure are tied to external things, what happens when we lose them?

Woman meditating on a beach, promotion for Zen 12 meditation programMaybe the mortgage rate goes up so we can no longer afford the bigger house. Or we end up having similar problems with our new partner. Or, what if, Apple releases a new, bigger, brighter, shinier model 6 months later……. NO!!!!!! What happens to our equanimity then?

Do we lose the plot because things have changed in our external environment….. No, that would just be a silly and unenlightened way to react. Instead, just get over it!


“Most of your desires are not really about yourself. You picked them up from your social surroundings.”

Why do you think you need the latest iPhone (for example)? Because the ads from Apple told you that you are incomplete without one, that you will be more likable with one, and that your life will be improved in every way when you have one……. And you brought into these adverts…..

The reality is we were fine before Apple was even born as a company, and we can live fantastic lives without the latest and greatest of anything. The point here is that we are living our lives based on what other people want…… not what our soul self wants. And just why does Apple or anyone want you to buy their product????? FOR PROFITS! The shareholders and management all want to get paid bigger bonuses… that’s all.

In contrast to living our lives by conforming to what others want from us, the source of our wellbeing needs to be tied to our internal world….. our world of thoughts and feelings. Because this is the only domain that we have any control over.

Yes, I know you may not believe it yet because your thoughts are so ‘out of control!’ But you can, with practice, learn to cultivate a pleasant and joyful ‘inner state of being’ by learning to be still and listen to the voice of YOUR intuition, the only voice that ALWAYS has your best interests at heart.


“Spirituality means you don’t try to find explanations for your nonsense—you are willing to face it.”

Help, does Sadhguru mean that I have to be responsible for all that I think, feel, say, and do? Yes, he does……

Man standing on top of mountain banner for Midas ManifestationWith him, there is no of avoiding the fact that we each are responsible for the very conditions of our lives, the good, the bad, and everything in-between.

We live in a universe that works on ‘attraction,’ not assertion. And this means that no one else has any power over the state of our lives. So when people say to me “I need to go away for a weekend retreat to get away from all the crazy people in my life,” I think, yes great idea!…….

…….. Their outer world of conditions will have changed, and a more relaxed environment will give them a temporary sense of relief from their problems….. However, they are still taking themselves with them! So essentially, nothing has really changed.

The solution to living better lives is to look within ourselves so we can understand our problems Then after accepting responsibility for them, we can do the inner work that’s required to bring our being into a state of equanimity.

So, what’s a good way to begin this positive process of internal change?……..

“I learned to create a little more space between my thoughts and actions—actually between my feelings and reactions.”

Change requires that we do things differently than we have been doing before. And for us to be able to do this, we have to…… pause…… between what happens……… and our response. Pausing gives us time to engage our conscious minds in the process. And this allows us to ‘act’ instead of just mindlessly ‘reacting’ based on our deeply ingrained habitual responses.

There is a world of difference between mindlessly reacting based on some learned habits from our past (that may no longer even be relevant,) and acting with consciousness. Time/space/distance between something happening that requires a response from us, and us responding, allows us to more accurately assess what has actually happened (as opposed to a fleeting guess) and then deliver the most appropriate response…..hopefully one in which all parties benefit!

So, the best way to begin the process of positive internal change is to pause, take a breath, and think before you act at all times. You may be surprised (or horrified) by what this simple act reveals to you about the inner workings of your subconscious minds.

“The aim is to unshackle yourself from the limited identity you have forged, as a result of your own ignorance, and live the way the Creator made you—utterly blissful and infinitely responsible.”

What a fantastic quote to end this blog!

Spiritual Quotes from Sadhguru Meditating Buddha statue It is through our ignorance that we suffer. However, it’s not by our choice that we find ourselves in this situation of not knowing how to best live in this reality.

We have been conditioned how to think and behave by our peers, and they by theirs. Humanity has lived through countless generations of poor instructions being passed down, and the sum of this inferior information has resulted in the lives that our generations are living today.

However, that is no excuse for us living less than satisfying lives……. I say that because there have always been enlightened beings among us who have shone their light to show us a better way to live. And it comes down to the choices we make, whether we will listen to them and do our best to implement the wisdom they express into our own lives or not.

If you are here reading this, you are on the path, a path that you can no longer deny exists or turn away from. Because in your heart, you know that there is a better way to live….. and by necessity, you must work towards unshackling yourself from your limited ego identity so that you can live the way the creator made you- Utterly blissful and Infinitely Responsible!

Many thanks to Sadhguru for being the shining beacon that he is,

With much love and respect,


4 thoughts on “7 Spiritual Quotes from Sadhguru to Make Your Life Better!

  1. One of the quotes got me the most.
    “I learned to create a little more space between my thoughts and actions—actually between my feelings and reactions.”

    It’s just like you perfectly explained; there’s the place of reacting to events in our lives based on our previous habits and experiences, and there’s the much better place of acting from the place of consciousness. Learning to control our actions, and not just reacting to things.

    I think this is particularly something we struggle with, we subconsciously and reflexively react to things without taking time to pause, and try to determine what our next step should actually be.

    It’s a collection of great quotes. I’m grateful for this Andrew.


    1. Hi Femi,
      I’m happy you enjoyed the collection of Sadhguru quotes.

      He’s a wise man. And one thing I notice when I watch his videos is that he takes time to pause and consider his responses instead of just mindlessly reacting. I think our politicians could learn a lot from him 🙂

      I wish you a happy day, today and every day,

  2. Hi Andrew, I first came across Sadhguru last year I think it was. I knew he was a Yogi (a yoga teacher), I found it quite fascinating what he had to say about the cycles of the sun and meditation but I never knew he wasn’t religious. Probably a bit stereotypical I knew but I thought he was a Hindu. It is funny this, someone this spiritual not being of any particular religion. I like to think I’m kind of the same. Even though I’ll sit through a church service every once in a while I kind of think of it as a much bigger picture. For instance, Jesus to me by name is de-Zeus which is dark Jupiter (Saturn). There is a lot that people don’t know about the ancient history of this planet it’s crazy. I mean not that I really do but I have heard stories about Saturn’s relationship with ancient earth for instance. 666 is to do with this planet’s poles. A lot of symbolism is in today’s religion. I could go on but I won’t.

    So yes spiritualism and religion are definitely two different things. God is basically Good without an o – to me I think everyone should believe that a force of good exists but in terms of what Sadhguru teaches it does make me feel like a higher power exists. When he says that we can connect with the power of the sun during sunrise I wholeheartedly believe this to be true because I definitely feel this burst of energy at this time. I am yet to try meditation at this time but Sadhguru really does know his stuff. You say about enlightened ones walking amongst us to help us see the way he definitely fits that criteria – so great you could share this post. I definitely as usual have plenty to take away from this. I liked the analogy you shared about heaven and hell – I definitely from my own experience feel like this is true. For instance, prior to the beginning of lent, I was going through all sorts of grief but now I’ve stopped drinking and taking more responsibility for my actions I definitely feel like I’m in a better place. I just hope this is an experience I can grow from.

    thanks for sharing

    best regards;


    1. Hi Alex,

      I don’t profess to know what Sadhguru’s intimate thoughts are regarding spirituality and religion, (maybe I got it wrong, who’s knows!) However, to me he comes across as very non-biased and accepting of all philosophies…. as long as they are practical and aid in our understanding of who we are and our role in ‘this created universe.’
      I am not familiar with what he has said about the sun regarding meditation, so I will look that up.

      You are right about people not knowing much about history…. and who even knows if what we are taught is correct. I think a lot of it is not as history is always rewritten by the victors…. to make themselves look good and the losers look bad, regardless of what the truth is!

      Stopping drinking will definitely make anyone feel better…. it’s to be encouraged 🙂 Great job!

      I’m off to learn about the sun and meditation, Sadhguru style….
      Have a great day,

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