Does Drinking Alcohol Lower Your Vibration?

Does Alcohol lower Your Vibration-man-sitting-on-sidewalk-drinking-alone

Alcohol affects you in many ways, and they all negatively impact or lower your vibration. However, a blanket statement like this doesn’t work for everyone and in all circumstances…. and I’ll happily explain why I believe this to be true.

I do agree that many people are abusing alcohol and that yes, it is severely damaging their vibration. However, like all things in life, alcohol affects us all differently and of course, the negative effects also depend on what you are drinking and how much you are drinking.

The negative effects are wide-ranging and go from mild headaches and dehydration, all the way to a horrible death due to prolonged alcohol poisoning. Why? Because….

…. anything we consume that is full of toxins, (including alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, drugs, and many highly processed foods) is going to negatively impact our physical bodies as well as our mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

So what about you? Should you give up drinking alcohol because it is lowering your vibration?

Does Drinking Alcohol Lower Your Vibration?

Most alcohols contain a few or many toxic substances that negatively affect your body’s ability to function optimally. And the more you drink, the more you will lose control over all aspects of yourself. This means that your physical agility will diminish, your cognitive ability will decline, and your emotions will become less stable… therefore, you will have less focused energy to create the circumstances of your life as you want them to be. Instead, you will be a low-vibrational being who attracts low-vibrational circumstances (pain, distress, doubt, fear, anger, regret, disease, etc.) into your life.


Alcohol Affects Different People In Different Ways

I’m sure most of you can tell stories of times when you had a drink or two will friends, in a great setting, and finished the evening feeling uplifted and inspired. I’m also sure that most of you can recall times when you drank something to try and escape a sad mood, and the after-effects were not at all positive!

So, is alcohol ‘the problem,’ or is the alcohol just bringing out, or amplifying, the emotions you were already feeling? This is really important to understand…. because the vibration we take with us into anything and everything we do, and the intention we have for doing anything, is going to have a major impact on the outcomes we receive.

I just want to say here that I am not against people drinking alcohol (“let them who are without sin cast the first stone….”) and that I enjoy an occasional drink or two. Sometimes I may have a couple of small beers when with great friends. And if I don’t overdo it, the alcohol makes the conversation, laughter, and fun, flow freely. The dancing is also great (although many others would disagree ) Midas manifestation banner ad

However, we also do the same when in a coffee shop! The point I want to make is that when we do drink, we are not ‘using’ the alcohol to try and change who we are or to gain the courage to do things we wouldn’t normally do. We are already in a good vibrational state when we meet up, and because the state of happiness is contagious, we have a really great time.

But…. If you are drinking to avoid or to forget an unpleasant situation, thought, or possibility, because you are stressed, angry, or depressed, then the negative vibrational state you are already in is only going to get worse…. And you may end up doing or saying things you regret and waking up ‘not feeling so good!’ The more you drink in this way, the lower your vibration and your enthusiasm for life will become….

…. Is it the alcohol’s fault????

What Are Some Of The Medically Accepted Negative Effects Of Drinking Alcohol?

– Alcohol numbs your senses. This makes it more difficult to accurately assess what is happening in your immediate environment, impairing your judgment and therefore ability to act appropriately.

7 Day Mind Balancing Plan- ebook-is-lack-of-sleep-harming-your-health– Most alcoholic drinks have a depressing effect when consumed and they negatively affect your ability to have a great sleep. Sleep is meant to reenergize and heal us, mind, body, and soul, and when you don’t have a good night’s sleep, your ability to perform optimally is affected.

– For many people, alcohol will change their mood and lower their natural inhibitions. They may become sad, depressed, or even angry… and the consequences can wreak havoc on family members and friends.

– Physical coordination is lessened, your organs can sustain damage, and your nervous system will be affected negatively with prolonged use.

– Your body becomes depleted of the essential elements it needs for healthy functioning. These include minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

– Excessive alcohol use will cause you to feel fatigued, lower your immune system, and therefore make you more susceptible to illness and disease.

– You may experience memory loss or even ‘blackouts.’

– Some long-term effects of excessive drinking include a decrease in brain matter, high blood pressure, weight gain, an irregular heartbeat, and even strokes and cancer.

– Psychological effects can include depression, increased anxiety, and schizophrenia. However, it’s important to consider whether these are the ‘effects’ of drinking, or are the existing conditions that give someone an excuse to drink.

For a more comprehensive list, you can visit this article at Alcohol-effects-on-body.

If you are experiencing any of the above conditions, then maybe it’s a great time to consider drinking less as well as less often…. or giving up altogether, as alcohol will be lowering your vibration.

What Happens To Our Vibration When We Consume Excessive Alcohol?

As I have already mentioned, alcohol affects different people in different ways. Therefore, I’m a great fan of the saying ‘everything in moderation.’ So, while our vibration can be lifted up by the occasional drink with good friends, it can also be brought way down by excessive drinking or consuming toxic low-quality alcohol. Does Drinking Alcohol lower Your Vibration-Emotional Guidance Scale By Abraham Hicks

Having said that, our vibration is always in a constant state of flux. This means that because we are complex bio-electrical beings, everything we think, say, and do has an effect on our vibration. And therefore, alcohol may or may not be the biggest contributing factor to our low vibration.

If you are generally angry, fearful, full of doubt, critical, jealous, etc. your vibration is already going to be of a ‘lower quality’ on the vibrational scale. So, due to your underlying state of being, you may turn to alcohol to gain some relief from an already unsatisfying life. This is not a great idea!

Alcohol is never a way out of your suffering and will only add to your problems. Why?… because The Law of Vibration/Attraction ensures that we receive circumstances, people, and events into our lives that match our vibration…..

…. If you are angry, sad, depressed, etc. and are dwelling on these things, then you are vibrationally attracting more of the same to you…. It cannot be any other way…… Happy people don’t seek out angry people to be their friends, just as wealthy people don’t choose to hang out with poor people…. like attracts like!

If you are drinking a lot, will you be happy to attract a partner into your life that matches your current vibration… or do you value yourself more than that?

If alcohol is lowering your vibration you are going to attract more low-quality experiences into your life…. This means you are blocking or repelling, the best things that life has to offer, including wealth, love, success, etc…. Is this what you want?

All the low vibrational stuff you put into your body to ‘check out’ or numb your senses, is lowering your vibration and lowering the quality of your life experience…. and it all hinders your purpose for being here in this body at this time…. it limits your ability to grow spiritually.

Meditating figure showing the bodies energy chakras
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How? Your energetic body, (or aura) can become filled with holes. And this means that vital life force is unable to flow through your mental, emotional, and physical bodies as it is supposed to. Your chakras will not be able to balance and you will not function optimally.

Another very important consideration is that with holes in your ‘protective aura’ other disruptive entities/energies may be able to attach themselves to you and add further pain and suffering to your life.

And this is why all authentic spiritual traditions don’t support drinking alcohol for the temporary enjoyment that it brings. They consider the extraneous vibrations from alcohol to be a hindrance to spiritual growth and development. Instead, they advocate the quest for permanent divine happiness, acceptance, and bliss that can only come from within.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t like it when other people talk in ‘absolutes.’ In my experience, we are all quite diverse and unique and therefore there is never ‘one answer that fits all!’

We are from different cultures, socio-economic situations, religions, etc. This together with our unique upbringing will heavily influence our thoughts on alcohol and its role in our lives.

Having said that, I do consider that the most important thing to consider is ‘what your thoughts are about alcohol and how it affects you.’ Why? Because The Law Of Vibration states that it is our beliefs that create our reality, and this means that whatever you believe is bad for you will be bad for you.

It also means that if you believe having an occasional drink is not doing you any harm, then this will be your reality….

Therefore, you must become aware of your beliefs if you want to be proactive in creating a great life for yourself. Unfortunately, all too many people are not aware of how their deep-seated subconscious beliefs are negatively influencing their lives. Rewrite History Review-delete-limiting-beliefs-gift

Regarding alcohol, it is neither inherently good nor bad. It is how we use it that determines whether it will lower our vibration and by how much.

A good rule is if you are going to have a drink, do it in good company, and don’t beat yourself up about it… because every time you berate yourself, you are doing yourself more harm (lowering your vibration.)

The reality is that we, as eternal souls, are here to experience what it’s like to be human…. So be human, and if you are ready to raise your vibration you can check out my post What Are The Three Best Ways To Raise Your Vibration?

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog… have a great day

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