Midas Manifestation Review: A life Changing Product from Vincent Smith

Creating abundance is easy when you know how.

This Midas Manifestation review is to show you,  in my opinion, one of the best manifestation programs on the market today. This program will help you to transform your lives by making it possible to manifest your goals and dreams into reality.

I am still an active user of these audio programs because I know by using them I am transforming myself in ways that have a positive impact on my future. This program actively assists us to upgrade our vibration so that we can attract into our lives the things we want. Whether it be a new or improved relationship, better health, greater abundance, or general improvements….. all aspects of our lives can be improved.

The Midas Manifestation system is not the only great transformational tool currently on the market, but it does have something extra- A vast amount of written material that provides lots of information on how to practically manifest wealth. There is something for everyone- and the value for money that Vincent Smith has provided is exceptional.

Re tune your vibration to attract abundance with The Midas Manifestation Program

What is The Midas Manifestation System?

Midas Manifestation is an audio program that combines ancient knowledge with the relatively recent technologies of ‘Brainwave Entrainment audio tracks.’ These audios are engineered to transform us from our ‘current selves’ (including all our problems, issues, dramas, lacking mindset, fears, etc.) into our ‘ideal selves.’  The idea is self is confident, worthy, successful, loved, and living the life of our dreams.

After all, we are not born to struggle. We are here to live awesome lives filled with joy and abundance….. and some people already know how. They are the ones already having a truly wonderful life experience. And the truth is that we can all do the same….. We just need to learn how.

The current reality is that most of us have been trained, educated, and socialized to stay poor. Once we understand that our current circumstances are just a result of our early life programming and current belief patterns, we can then understand HOW WE CAN reprogram ourselves and break free from the limits that have been impressed upon us.

The Midas Manifestation System is a powerful key that will enable us to manifest wealth, health, love, and much more into our lives.

My Midas Manifestation Review: How Will This Program Help You?

The main focus of The Midas Manifestation program is to help free people from having to worry about money. Vincent Smith, (who is a linguist, cultural researcher, and self-proclaimed “seeker of knowledge”) tells us how he became very wealthy. He was fortunate to learn specific ways of wealth creation that have been kept secret by the elite classes down through the ages.

Happy man surounded by falling american money

Fortunately for us, he is generous and willing to share what he has learned and applied in his life so that we can also begin generating wealth. Then with the knowledge he provides, we can utilize our newfound wealth to work for us. The whole aim of the program is to free us from having to trade our time for dollars to pay our bills, while just managing to get by….. The desired result is that we will never again have to work at things we don’t enjoy!

Vincent shares a story about how he found an old manuscript hidden in a bookshop in Egypt which contains among other things, the secrets to manifesting wealth. This is a good story, and may or may not be how things actually happened. However, how Vincent came upon his wealth-building knowledge is not what’s important here.

What is important is that he is sharing genuine information, knowledge, and systems that have worked for him and have worked for others throughout history. This information will also work for us now….. but only if we commit ourselves to follow along with this easy-to-use program, use the resources he provides, and then apply the wisdom that he shares.

What is Different and Better about The Midas Manifestation System?

The BIG SECRET that Vincent uncovered in the ancient manuscripts is that the ancients used the POWER OF SOUND, not only as a healing tool but also as a personal transformational technology. It was known by many ancient advanced cultures, as well as modern science, that sound has the ability to amplify or distort the vibrational energy in our chakras. And as mentioned, currently most of us are ‘tuned’ to live mediocre lives of work and struggle, with some fun thrown in to keep us plodding along.


Their bodies are ‘tuned’ into the frequencies of abundance, love, health, etc. This means that THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO DELIVER TO THEM THE WELLBEING THAT THEIR ENERGY SYSTEMS (CHAKRAS) ARE RESONATING WITH.

The wealthy and successful are emitting signals into the universe that only allow abundance and success to come to them. We, the average people, are currently emitting signals into the universe that are unfocused and confusing, and we are receiving them according to our signals. SO, IF WE WANT TO RECEIVE BETTER CIRCUMSTANCES IN OUR LIVES, WE MUST CHANGE OUR VIBRATION.


Midas Manifstation love and soul's true purposeLife is that simple, we get what we deserve according to our vibration. This means that to get something different, we need to adjust our vibration….. send a new signal, an appropriate signal that will attract OUR desired results to us. And this is what the Midas Manifestation Program can do for us….. It can re-tune our chakras so that we will attract better circumstances into our lives.

There is so much value in this Midas Manifestation program. And as I said before, I am continuing to use it because I can feel the impact of the audio tracks each time I listen. They send waves of vibrations through my brain and body to re-tune my energy body (chakra system) to match my desires for greater health, wealth, more love, abundance, and joy.

Why Will The Midas Manifestation Effect Work For You?

In life, we have two types of people: Those who live by continually reacting to stuff that is happening outside of themselves, and those who can interact with life in a way to seemingly ‘magically’ manifest their goals and desires.

The first group, the reactors, just take ‘what life throws at them’ and accept this as their lot in life. They do not believe they are responsible for any of it! And they like to complain about how life is unfair and how they deserve something better…..

The second group is people who understand that every day we are faced with many choices. They know that it is the way we choose to respond to circumstances that either profit us or set us up for something we don’t want.

These people accept responsibility for their choices and see any setbacks as an opportunity to learn.

Slogan: I feel like making dreams come true.Every day those in this second group can make their lives a little better because they understand the natural laws of the universe. They work with these laws, (primarily The Law of Attraction) to achieve the things that are important to them. Time freedom, wealth, great health, awesome relationships, etc. all make for a great life. These things allow them to thrive in even the harshest of times and conditions.

The Midas Manifestation Effect helps turn people from the first group (the reactors, those currently not thriving) into people from the second group (the creators/attractors, or those having a really great life experience.) So, if you are currently not manifesting all the good things that you desire in your life, The Midas Manifestation program can help you now. It will hasten your ability to become the conscious creator of the life you desire to be living.

By using this program, your health with improve, your relationships will improve, and your financial status will improve. In other words, all the things that are important just get better and better when you use and apply the lessons from The Midas Manifestation Program.

The Midas Manifestation Package Includes:

The key elements in The Midas Manifestation Package are the soundtracks. They are encoded with ‘Brainwave Entrainment Technologies’ to retune our bodies’ natural energy system (chakras) for overall well-being. The five main tracks each focus on a different chakra and tune them in such a way as to dramatically supercharge our root chakra. This chakra is directly related to our wealth, success, and prosperity.

We can re tune our chakras for abundance using The Midas manifestation ProgramTrack 1: Manifest Destiny targets our third eye chakra to begin the process of re-tuning our brain to directly connect with universal consciousness. This first step is vital for the Midas Manifestation Effect to work properly and sacred 288 Hz frequencies are used to directly interact with our third eye chakra.

Track 2: Divine Willingness targets our crown chakra which is directly connected with our ability to receive abundance. Divine 216 Hz frequencies are used to directly stimulate our crown chakra.

Track 3: Anahata Bliss targets our heart chakra. This chakra is responsible for negative thought patterns that can prevent us from achieving wealth. Therefore, it must be re-tuned to accept positivity. 639 Hz frequencies are used to directly interact with our heart chakra.

Track 4: Manipura Consciousness targets our solar plexus chakra. When this chakra is correctly aligned with our other chakras, it raises our consciousness and this, in turn, amplifies all of our chakras. 528 Hz frequencies are used here.

Track 5: Midas Unleashed is the most important track as it focuses on our root chakra. This chakra is directly involved with our ability to generate wealth, success, well-being, and what some consider to be “luck.” 369 Hz frequencies are used to directly stimulate our solar plexus chakra.

How Does Re-Tuning The Vibration Of Your Chakras Help You Attract Your Ideal Life?

Everything that exists has a unique vibration. We all know that when we stand next to an angry person that the ‘vibes’ we feel are different from when we are standing next to a loving person. It’s also obvious that wealthy people emit a vibration of confidence, success, and freedom. Compare this feeling to a person living in lack, who vibrates at frequencies that feel trapped, insecure, fearful, and disappointed.

Abundance, love, success, and confidence are ‘vibrations.’ And because they are just vibrations, we can all achieve them. It is our chakras that are vibrating and sending signals into the universe. Our vibrations are telling the universe what to send back to us as our life circumstances….. We currently have everything in our lives according to our current vibrations…..


Albert Einstein knew this secret and is quoted as saying: “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

Nicola Tesla also famously said: If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

The Midas Manifestation System is a ‘shortcut’ program that will rapidly supercharge your chakras to change your vibration to one of overall well-being, success, and abundance!

Vincent Smith, the program’s creator says: I’ve put together everything I learned from that ancient book that I was able to test and verify for myself. I’ve used this information to generate millions of dollars, and you can bet that I would have never had a chance of earning that with my regular job. I’ve also helped countless others increase their wealth, their fame, and their success.”

The Midas Manifestation Effect will also work for ALL OF US if we follow the simple instructions. This means listening to the audio, as directed, for a short time each day, preferably with headphones or earplugs, for the best results. The results you will achieve are dependent on your willingness to listen. They will also multiply if you read and apply the information supplied in the bonus materials.

The Midas Manifestation Bonus Package Includes:

Maifest Your Destiny by using Midas ManifestationThe Midas Manifestation Quick Start Guide: The guide gives the necessary order and frequency of use of the audio tracks so that we can achieve maximum benefit from this course.

The Midas Manifestation How to Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality and Live A life of Limitless Abundance guide is a 118-page e-book that gives us very practical and easy-to-follow advice so we can learn how to change our mindset to ‘cooperate with’ the creative power of the universe and obtain all that we desire through the power of magnetism.

The Manifest Your Destiny guide is a 139-page e-book that reveals the secret behind ‘The Secret!’ This book reveals why so many people failed to attract all they desired after reading the book The Secret and then gives us the solution so that we can effectively put The Law of Attraction to work for us!

Other Bonuses Include:

The Money Manifestation audio track: To help you give meditate and improve your vibrations for money and eliminate negativity from life.

The Abundance and Clearing Blocks audio track: This is an additional seven audio tracks designed to clear negative blocks while enhancing our wealth and ability to attract love!

I’ve left the best part till last! The price for all of this is only $37. So for the price of a single meal, you can invest in your future to make it better than your today!

The Benefits of Using The Midas Manifestation Product Include:

  1. Generates Wealth: The program teaches a principle that the elite 0.001% of the population uses to alter their previously predetermined destiny. It promises to help you tap into the same universal principles so you can create unlimited wealth, health, and abundance in your life.
  2. Midas Manifestation for wealth attractionIt’s Easy to Use: The technique is presented as something that can be done almost instantly without requiring hours of dedicated practice or training. It suggests that anyone, regardless of age or background, can apply the method.
  3. Access Hidden Laws That You Have Not Have Access To: Midas Manifestation taps into previously hidden resources of the universe that most people are unaware of. These mystical and powerful forces can then be harnessed by you to help manifest your desires.
  4. Alignment of Your Consciousness with the Infinite Power of the Universe: There is scientific evidence emerging that suggests a direct tie between an individual’s consciousness and the all-knowing universe itself. The Midas Manifestation Product proposes that the universe may just be a projection of our collective consciousness and, therefore, that we can mold it to our will.
  5. Preparation for Uncertain Times: The Midas Manifestation homepage text mentions that the world is facing dangerous times, with economic devastation, global food shortages, and potential job loss. They claim that by using the program you will be preparing yourself for whatever happens in the future by overcoming your financial worries now.
  6. Ancient Wisdom and Secret Knowledge: The program draws on references to ancient civilizations, lost knowledge, and mystical concepts such as the Akashic records and chakras. It suggests that by accessing wisdom that the ancients knew about, we can unlock hidden potentials and transform their lives now.

Power of Sound and Frequencies: Midas Manifestation draws upon the power of sound and its effect on the chakras. It uses specific frequencies and tones to amplify and improve the vibrational energy of the chakras, and by using this knowledge, you will be able to magnetize your chakras and attract abundance.midas-manifestation-complete-package-vincent-smithmidas-manifestation-Review-Get Started Today Button

Are There Any Con’s To Using The Midas Manifestation Program?

  1. In my experience, it doesn’t matter which program is being advertised, Midas Manifestation included, it’s going to take longer than they claim to get the benefits they are promoting. So, I suggest using the program for three to 4 times longer than suggested so that you will guarantee to achieve better results.
  2. There are a lot of pretty crappy ‘rip-off’ programs on the market at the moment. Please be careful and make sure you do your research so you get the genuine product: Click here for the Official Website.

Why Do I Support The Midas Manifestation System For Personal Development?

Personally, I believe that this profound knowledge has always been available for all of us. However, we are only able to grasp the significance of it and utilize its life-transforming properties WHEN WE ARE READY. There is a saying that goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Vincent Smith is a really good teacher, and this package, Midas Manifestation, may just be the right thing for you at this right time. It’s possible that this may be the piece to the puzzle that you have been searching for, and yearning for, to propel you to the better future that you desire for yourself and those you love! Because why else would you be reading about Midas Manifestation now?

We all have a choice, to either continue on as we have been and continue to receive similar results that we have now, or we can change our future by making a positive investment in ourselves now!

Maybe it’s time FOR YOU to stop reacting to life and complaining about the things you regret you don’t have, and actually do something that YOUR FUTURE SELF will forever thank you for.

Are you ready? Then click on the image below for immediate access to Midas Manifestation and begin upgrading your life today!

This program is a must for anyone who is in any way disappointed that their lives are not turning out as they had hoped they would. Maybe you are struggling financially, or even getting by ok. However, wouldn’t you be happier if you no longer had to ‘work’ for money and always had more than you needed?

Let The Midas Manifestation Program help unlock abundance in your life.

Vincent Smith is so confident that this program will work for you, that he is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. Absolutely no questions asked.

To create an awesome future for yourself and your loved ones, get The Midas Manifestation Discount now.

Midas Manifestation for only $37

For the best results, it’s important to have an open mind, a willingness to learn new things, to remain positive about the future, and to have a clear intention about what it is that you want to create for yourselves!

I wish you all the best and encourage you to enjoy the journey along the path of creating awesome lives for yourselves.

18 thoughts on “Midas Manifestation Review: A life Changing Product from Vincent Smith

  1. Thank you very much for this.
    I have looked at this program before and I can say that I was hesitant about it because I usually do not like these manifestation-type programs.
    To be honest, I am only fascinated more about The Money Manifestation audio track as that is what I am currently working on (the financial aspect of things).
    Thank you for this review. It was helpful.

    1. Hi Thabo,

      Manifestation is something that applies to all aspects of our lives. The process is the same whether we want to manifest more money, or a better relationship, greater confidence, or just want to lose weight.
      Once we learn the process, we can achieve all of the above and so much more…. it’s all about the process and understanding how to use the universal laws to our benefit.

      As I often say in my posts, knowledge is important, but it is we who are the key ingredient as to whether manifesting will work for us….. Do we follow the correct process to achieve what we want? You can read more about that here in my latest post if you are interested: Why Are My Manifestations Not Working? (And How Can I Make Manifesting Work For Me)

      Have a great day mate,

  2. Hi Andrew,

    The Midas Manifestation sounds like a whole new world for me, although I’ve known ‘The Secret!’ and the law of attraction a long time ago. I believe I fall into the second group of people who take setbacks as opportunities to improve themselves and keep learning. By doing so, I’ve never felt raging or depressed anymore.

    The concept of vibrations that retune our bodies’ natural energy system (chakras) for overall wellbeing makes me intrigued to learn more. It’s so true there are different vibrations between the rich and the poor, so I guess this program is worth a try to make things better for every aspect of my life.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Matt.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my review.
      It’s good to be in the second group where you have a greater amount of choice in your life. This is where your thoughts and actions are chosen by you to purposefully create the results you desire in your life….. instead of just being someone who reacts according to old programming that is usually not in our best interests.

      Anything you can do to change your vibration to match what you desire is going to help you get there a lot quicker. Change does not happen immediately, as we have to retune our energy bodies so that they can hold the new desired vibrations for a period of time before our dreams will manifest….. But, rest assured that if we can change our vibrations, we will achieve all of our goals and dreams.

      This is a great program that has already helped so many people get what they want out of life, including me!

      I wish you all the best,

  3. The aligning of Chakras is a common practice in India, and our ancient sages did know a lot about how the body and mind respond to sound. In fact, the word “Om” hummed for an elongated period of a minute or so, itself has huge healing properties.
    I loved reading your article and comments from others and your replies thereon.


    1. Hi Aps.

      Yes, the ancient sages of India knew a lot more than they are given credit for.
      I love to practice yoga and consider it to be the best instruction manual for the overall health and wellbeing that humanity has. Yoga, when practiced in its entirety is a method for bringing all aspects of us, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, into alignment so that we become a ‘whole’ being, useful to ourselves and the evolution of creation.

      Chanting Om is a practice that can bring profound beneficial changes to our being, and I love it. Sound is vibration, and vibration is the substance of reality, the very substance we are wanting to change within ourselves to attract better circumstances into our lives!

      I wish you well on your journey,

    1. Hi Karen.

      This is what everyone really wants to know. Thanks for asking 🙂
      Some people will tell you that you could expect results immediately, or within 24 hours, or within a week……. and while this can be true for some of us, it is not what everyone experiences. And I’ll tell you why and be as honest as I can be based on what I currently understand about how and why manifestation works.

      Like all ‘self-development’ programs, their ability to work depends on “US.” We are the key and we alone determine how quickly they will work to positively improve our lives.

      What is it about us that will determine if these programs help us or not? It is our thoughts and our beliefs that support our ability to change.
      If we change one small aspect of our lives, for example, listening to a program like Midas Manifestation for 10 minutes a day for one week, and then for the rest of the time keep living our lives as we have been doing for the past ten years, we can’t really expect to see quick results. Our lives will slowly change, but not significantly enough for us to jump up and down with joy! We will benefit from the ‘extra’ positive programming that we were not getting before as some new neural connections are made in our brains….. but it’s not going to be enough to completely cancel out the existing mind programs that have manufactured for us our current lives we are living!

      Having said that, it is my belief and experience that Midas Manifestation, if used frequently, with positive intent (faith/belief/conviction) is able to completely transform your life so that you will achieve your goals and dreams.

      This program gives you all the tools you need….. but the tools are useless if you do not use them properly….. This does not mean that you have to work hard or learn a lot of new stuff to get everything you want. It just means you have to have belief in yourself, relax into the learning process (because most of the work is done with the subconscious mind), and enjoy the experience.

      It’s easy to use Midas Manifestation, and the more you use it and allow the audios to messages to penetrate into your subconscious mind, the more you will benefit. I have these audios, and others on for at least several hours each day. When I’m on the computer, cooking, doing the dishes, working out, going for a walk….. anytime I want, because I know that if I am being exposed to positive life improving stimuli for more time than negative crap, then my life is going to improve to be better than it was before…… and yes, my life is getting better and better….. financially, relationships, confidence, health…. all the things that are important to me are getting better and better.

      There is never any going back once you are on this path, and the journey never ends, because once we realize that we can achieve this goal, and then the next, we set more and better goals for ourselves…. My life is great, and I could not have done it without programs like Midas Manifestation.

      As for you, how quickly will the program work for you?
      How badly do you want to change? and how much time and positivity are you willing to invest in yourself so that you can get to live the life you currently only dream of?

      I know Midas Manifestation can transform your life…. What are you willing to do to help yourself? It’s up to you. You can do this……

      Please let me know if you want any more information.
      I wish you all the best on your journey…. knowing that when we manage to stay connected to our positive energy stream, we always win.

  4. Hi Andy,

    My Aunty would absolutely love this. She does manifesting every single morning and is into this kind of thing so much.

    I have shared this with her and I have encouraged her to comment and give her opinion too. If she has any questions or burning questions then I have advised to get in touch with you, if that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.
    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom.
      Yes, absolutely, please share this information with anyone you think may like it.

      The Midas Manifestation program is a great program at an extremely good price. I have benefited from using it and I know others will also benefit from the information and techniques that it shares.

      I wish you and your Aunty all the best,

  5. I have experienced positive outcomes since beginning my listening. Thank you for all the help you have given.

    1. Many thanks, my friend 🙂

      This is life-changing stuff, and I wish you all the success that you desire for yourself.
      Remember, the program is a great catalyst for changing the direction of your life, however, it is your desire and your persistence that are your greatest assets.
      Keep your attention focused on the awesome life that you want to create for yourself, and you will achieve it!
      Dreams do become reality.

      Have a great life, mate 🙂 and let me know if I can help in any other way,

  6. Hi Andrew
    I am still intrigued to know more about the ancient book he found in Egypt that revealed all this to him. I listened to a lecture on a book from ancient Egypt from a father, who was clearly a scribe, explaining to his son how good it was to aspire to be a scribe when he became an adult and not an artisan. I know not exactly deeply spiritual but interesting to hear how similar concerns about getting on in the world preoccupied people as they do today.
    I hope I can sign up to be in the second group of people. But I guess that is just up to me to make that happen.
    I am interested in the quality of the frequencies used. I would have thought that natural sounds like those made by singing bowls would be the best. I know that I myself find these to be the most pleasant and relaxing to listen to. But completely pure electronically generated sine waves really wouldn’t do it for me. I just don’t find them pleasing to the ear.
    btw – I have heard of 12 chakra models before, and the additional chakras are outside the physical body, well they are all in the energy body anyway. But the other model I remember had two of them positioned above and behind the shoulders corresponding to the locations of wing joints if we had wings.
    I also read your response to Natalie with interest. It is good to hear that you are having very positive experiences with this program.
    Thanks for this interesting and inspiring post
    Best regards

    1. Hi Andy. Thanks for your thoughtful contribution.

      I would also like to know what knowledge was given in the ancient book 🙂
      Yes, it’s interesting to note that history seems to be repeating cycles with the same or similar stuff happening over and over again. We as humans are seemingly always trying to overcome suppression, fear, lack, and ignorance, among a collection of other stuff.

      I agree with you that natural sounds, by definition, are probably the best for us in terms of healing trauma and realigning our energy bodies. We are born from the materials of our mother earth, and it just makes sense that everything we need for our wellbeing can be found naturally within her.
      However, humanity has come to believe that we are ‘above nature’ and somehow superior. We believe we know better than that which we are created from, and this has resulted in most people today being programmed to seek quick and easy solutions to problems apart from nature. Also, many of us don’t have easy access to quality natural environments that would support our overall wellbeing. Hence the necessity for alternatives.

      I love the sounds produced by singing bowls (not all of them) and agree that they definitly have a beneficial effect on our phyche.
      The binural sounds used in The Midas Manifestation, and other programs, have the advantage that they are sure to alter our brainwave state and easily and quickly move us into a deep meditative/receptive state or other desired state, depending on the frequencies used. You can read more basic information about the benefits here: https://www.healthline.com/health/binaural-beats#bottom-line

      Natural sounds vs. electronically produced sounds…. my preference is always for the natural over manufactured, whether it be food, clothing, environment, sights and sounds, etc. But at the end of the day, this is just a preference. The basis of all that exists is atoms vibrating. The same atoms that once were the earth (natural) make up our processed/manufactured products, and one day all will be returned back to the earth to be recycled over and over again. Same stuff, different vibration….. what’s good and whats bad???? This leads me to your next point…..

      I am really enjoying the sounds in The Midas Manifestation Program and believe that they are beneficial for my development. However, where does the benefit actually come from? Is it in the program itself, or is it from my belief in the program? I’m certain that it is a combination of both, because without a positive mindset, nothing will actually work for us. This is just The Law of Attraction at work in our lives. We will receive according to our beliefs.

      It’s true that I have also used other programs in the past, and that who I am now (just like every one of us) is a collection of all that we have ever been exposed to. So my ongoing desire to ‘evolve’ myself (learn more of the mystery of life so I can have a deeper and more meaningful experience) is the ‘attraction’ that is bringing all of the stuff that helps me reach my goals into my life. So it’s no coincidence that this program is here at the right time for me.

      Regarding the chakras, I think all indigenous cultures are aware of the energy fields responsible for creating physical reality. Some people talk about 7 or 8 chakras, others about 114, and some about 72,000 nadis or energy points. Maybe we could consider each of our trillions of cells as a seperate energy centre, or even each of our atoms????

      I don’t consider the actual number as being important. What is important is the ability of our whole system (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects) to achieve coherence or unity. This means bringing all of our energies into some sort of harmony and balance so that we can achieve an optimal life experience. Afterall, who wants to live a life of suffering when there are better alternatives available?

      Can The Midas Manfestation program help us achieve this? Yes it will help some of us dramitically improve our lives, but only when we are ready to do so!

      Hands up who want to improve some aspects of their lives….. Ha ha

      Thanks for sharing once again Andy.
      Have a great day mate 🙂

  7. Wow, I love how you explained that the different work for different chakras. I’m a big fan of working with the subconscious, I really think that’s where we get the most breakthrough, as it doesn’t matter what high vibration thoughts we’re thinking consciously, if our subconscious is in opposition, it won’t work!

    It sounds like this really deals with things at the source and I’d be so curious to try it. I love the science that you included here too. I’d love to know- do you experience an emotional shift or feel different at all after listening to the tracks? I’m a massive fan of brainwave entrainment technology and I’ve never seen it used to specifically as here so I’d love to know what changes you experience.

    I definitely aim to be in the 2nd group, although there are times when I catch myself in group 1. It’s an ongoing process, isn’t it? That’s why I think this sounds like such a great idea. I look forward to trying it in the future 🙂

    1. Hi Natalie,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post.
      Yes, for change to occur, we have to change our subconscious. This is because, according to research, most people are only consciously thinking for 5% of each day. The majority of thoughts that make up this 5% have to do with all aspects of our current lives, like what will I have for dinner, where are the kids, should I buy this one or that one, etc. And by focusing on our current lives, as they are, this just serves to further reinforce our current vibrations. Therefore, we will continue to receive more of the same content into our lives.

      The reason “The Secret” book and movie failed for most people was that its main focus was on ‘thinking positive.’ And while thinking positive is great and to be thoroughly encouraged, it’s impossible to effectively change the 95% of our unconscious thoughts that are mostly reinforcing our current situation. So even if we can think positively for the 5% of the time we are consciously aware, it is still not enough to undo the 95% of thoughts that we have that we are not consciously creating.

      Luckily, there are always solutions, and as life seeks to evolve, we become more aware of how we can further help ourselves
      Sound healing is not new, but the technologies, availability, and precision with which we can use it is unique to the time we are living in. We are very fortunate that programs like The Midas Manifestation are available to help us rapidly re-tune our frequencies to abundance and wellbeing. The effect of this is that our conscious and unconscious thoughts will automatically align with our new improved vibrations. There is no down-side to using a program like this!

      It’s good to know that you are in the second group… most of the time, Haha. This is great, and yes, as you say life is a journey, and the more we exercise our minds to conform to what we want to receive in life, the sooner we will receive it.

      My personal experience: When listening to the audio tracks, the results are not always the same. The difference is dependent on my state of mind when going into the meditation. My experiences will typically be one of three scenarios

      1) I will totally ‘zone out.’ When this happens I have no awareness of anything at all. I regain consciousness (usually about 20 or 30 minutes later) unbelievably with no perception of what was happening for me mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. I can only say that it is a really awesome feeling and the peacefulness, connection, and awareness I feel are wonderful…….. I look forward to these experiences, however, they are not the norm.

      2) I remain conscious and focused on the sounds and aware of my thoughts. The more at ease I am, the more relaxed and peaceful in body and mind, the better the experience is. My body will typically ‘vibrate’ in either just specific areas or as a whole. The more relaxed I am, the stronger the ‘allowing’ or accepting of the therapeutic properties that the music helps download into my subconscious mind and energy bodyAt times I can feel all the trillions of cells that make up my body resonating with higher vibrations as I think of love, joy, peace, happiness, success, and abundance, etc. This is my most common experience of meditating, however, the effect is not always intense. I always get up feeling great!

      3) I used to try to meditate when I wasn’t in a good space, mentally. I may have been frustrated for some reason or just not feeling 100%. In this case, I was rarely able to have a good meditation. So I’ve learned to change my energy first by doing some exercise, yoga stretching, and/or breathing exercises to prepare my body and mind for meditation. However, there are just some days that it doesn’t matter what I do, I cannot settle down for a good session. Having said that, using the audio tracks does make it a lot easier as if we can just remain relaxed for 10 minutes, the binaural beats are enough by themselves to alter our brainwaves to induce a productive state of meditation. And I know from experience, that it gets easier and I am able to go deeper into the meditations the more we do it!

      As for effects outside of meditation: Yes! Definitely, my perception has changed since I have been using programs like The Midas Meditation. I am happier, healthier, more positive, and my friends tell me I’m leaving the dream! I now live in a tropical paradise, am involved in a small business here, go to the beach everyday, enjoy the local yoga classes, and generally live to enjoy life.
      I discovered that Personal Growth and Development is a choice and years ago decided to upgrade my life experience to enjoy more of life…. and the good news is that we are all able to achieve our dreams……. it just requires that we make better choices each and every day.

      I hope this information helps, and I wish you a fantastic future 🙂
      With much love and respect,

  8. I’m so fortunate to be a part of the second group. I know it sounds narcissistic, but I’ve been feeling like I’m destined for greatness since the beginning.

    I’ve made quite an improvement throughout the past few years, and I’m finally realizing that everything that I’ve dreamt of years ago is starting to come to fruition.

    So blessed and grateful! Thanks for the lovely Midas Manifestation review. 🙂

    1. Awesome! This is what I like to hear…..
      People that are taking responsibility for their lives and happy with the results!
      There is nothing better than making changes to the way we think about and do things and then seeing how the results that we manifest into our lives are improved.
      All the small steps along the path of self-improvement add up to an amazing future for us.

      It’s great when we realize that, ‘hey I created this awesome experience because I took control of my life and decided to make it better than it was before.’
      And the good thing is that “the better it gets, the better it keeps getting.”

      Great to hear from you, and I know that you’ll have a wonderful day 🙂
      Cheers mate,

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