We cannot change the past, but we can create a better future.

Choose to make your future a happy one!

As we travel through life, we leave a ‘wake.’ The wake is our debris, our waste, our influence, our previous accomplishments, etc. In other words, the wake is all that we have done before this moment. It’s stuff that has already happened and therefore we have no ability to change it.

However, this fact does not prevent many of us from spending a great deal of time thinking about our wake. We spend endless hours wondering that if only we had acted differently, or they had said this or that, or maybe my life would be so much better if it hadn’t rained on Tuesday- 19th May 1986. I would have made that appointment and got the job I wanted and therefore avoided meeting the person I married only to suffer a bitter divorce 20 years later!

We sometimes go over history as if the mere act of thinking about it could somehow produce a different outcome…… Deep down we know that this can never be the case- but it doesn’t stop us thinking about it, talking about it, and reliving the feelings and emotions of events and circumstances that have left impressions on us.

Reliving the past just serves to keep that same old energy alive in our present vibration

Do you want the content of your “wake” to be responsible for your future? Because it will be if you keep reliving it, rehashing it, and regurgitating it.

However, we are fun-loving, adventurous beings, so what is the point of going over the same old ground that we have trodden before, especially if we didn’t really enjoy it the first time around.

Reminiscing about the past is only of benefit to us if it was amazing and we want to allow the feelings of love, joy, accomplishment, and success, to continue to make us feel good.

However if we are reliving the times we perceived ourselves as failures, not confident, weak, and in any way unsuccessful, it’s of no benefit to us to keep reliving these feelings. These thoughts just become the material that makes up our present reality and accumulates to cement themselves as habits that contribute to the way we will feel and behave in the future.

Nothing is more important than the way we feel!

It is our current feelings that are determining the quality of our current lives and as such, they are the best indicator of our likely future satisfaction. Happiness at this moment, and the next, and the next, and the next, all add together and will propel us forward into a future that is filled with happiness. And because we are happy we will become a magnet that attracts happiness to us. 

The Raikov Effect Free GiftTherefore, wouldn’t it pay if we become more aware of how we are feeling in this present moment and all our moments……… for our future selves sake?

Not only is it important to become aware of how we are feeling, but more important is being able to ‘manage, and therefore choose, how we are feeling.’

And we can choose! Many of us are not aware that we can choose our feelings. However, the reality is that we have been doing so, mostly by default, for the whole of our lives! I say this because how we are feeling at any given time is a direct result of the thoughts we are thinking AND IT IS WE WHO GET TO CHOOSE WHAT WE ARE THINKING! Other people don’t get to think our thoughts for us or tell us what to think.

They may try and tell us how to think, but ultimately it is up to us what thoughts pervade our minds.

So, because we have control of what we are thinking and we alone are responsible for our thoughts, the feelings we have concerning our thoughts, and therefore the quality of our lives is a choice (conscious or unconscious) we are making with every thought we are thinking.

This requires a dramatic shift in understanding for many people as they have never accepted responsibility for the way they are feeling at any given moment. They would rather blame circumstances, other people, and events that they believe are outside of their control for the negative and crappy stuff in their lives.

By not consciously accepting responsibility, their lives are a series of unconscious reactions to stuff that is happening ‘outside’ of them- reactions that are based on their programming/conditioning, reactions that occur without them actively thinking about it.

Why does it seem that it’s not always possible to choose my thoughts?

Society conditions us to care very much about, and respond directly to, what is happening ‘outside’ of us for much of our waking lives. So we, by default, spend much of our energy responding to stuff and circumstances that are external to us, stuff that we actually have very little control over.

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This can be very problematic for us as our thoughts and feelings are being dominated by stuff we cannot control…. In effect, OUR FEELINGS are being determined by whatever events and circumstances are happening outside of us that are catching our attention and therefore are driving our thought processes.

If the events we witness are not to our liking, they can conjure in us feeling of frustration, insecurity, and vulnerability. And even if our lives are mostly filled with stuff we are happy about, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that WE CANNOT CONTROL ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES, OTHER PEOPLE, AND EVENTS, ALL OF THE TIME!

We can influence some of the stuff for some of the time, but until we reach a state of ‘enlightenment,’ we are not the absolute creator of our world and everything in it….. We are more often than not an observer and then reactor to circumstances and events in the world around us. And once we comprehend this……… we can discover the major key that allows us to improve every aspect of our life experience!

Mindfulness is the key to creating awareness of how we are interpreting and then reacting to the stuff that is happening in our lives.

Most people are just not living in a ‘consciously aware’ mode for the majority of their waking lives. As a result, they end up with circumstances in their lives that match their unconscious thoughts and reactions, which match their programmed beliefs, but often is not matching their goals and dreams.

Midas manifestation bannerA better way to live is to first observe life and then consciously choose our thoughts (being mindful instead of mindlessly reacting), and in this way, we are able to decide how we will feel (control our vibration). This is critically important to understand because WHEN WE CONTROL OUR VIBRATION, WE ARE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH US!

It is only our vibration that is important to us. We don’t have to worry about anyone else’s vibration as it is none of our business. Other people’s lives are their journey and they are equally attracting into their lives (due to The Law of Attraction) results that match their unique vibrations. Other people actually have no dominating influence over us unless we allow what they think and do to affect our thoughts…… because,


The Law of Attraction is responding to everyone equally- whether we are aware of its existence or not. We are all receiving results into our lives to specifically match our vibrations. What could be fairer than The Law of Attraction returning events and circumstances into our lives to match the predominant thoughts and feelings that we are emitting into our environment? We all get what we deserve because it is what we have created! Awesome……..

This is great news for us as it means that ONCE WE GAIN CONTROL OVER OUR THOUGHTS, WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO PRODUCE AMAZING LIVES FOR OURSELVES. And knowing that our thoughts are our choice means we can no longer blame injustice, luck, fate, destiny, etc. for any of our circumstances. Blame will no longer have a place in our beliefs and instead will be replaced with an exuberance for life because we understand that WE ALONE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR FUTURE…… AND WE CAN CREATE IT ANY WAY WE WISH IT TO BE.

Good feeling thoughts result in great lives!

This means that today if we feel like it, we can choose different thoughts, we can walk a new route, take an unknown path, and try new things. We no longer need to be afraid of the unknown, condemnation, failure, or any other excuse we can imagine. We can ignore the opinions of others, especially if they have been holding us back, and instead follow our heart’s desires for us, which will always show us the best way to achieve our goals.

With the understanding that our thoughts create our feelings, we are given the power to modify any and all conditions in our lives into something better than it is now. There is nothing that we cannot improve upon- just like any painting that we create that we don’t like, we can paint over it again. Our minds are no different from the canvas.

Raised vibrations improve our livesOur lives will begin to change for the better once we adopt the attitude that If we are, at any time, thinking thoughts that are not serving our desires to be happy and successful, we can always choose to think better quality thoughts.

Better quality thoughts will result in better quality lives for us, and when our vibration raises accordingly, we will dominate our space so that others with lower vibration can no longer have influence over us. And it is then that we truly are the creators of our own lives!

Shared with love and respect for all souls who choose to play the game of life!


8 thoughts on “We cannot change the past, but we can create a better future.

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I learned some lessons here; yes, we find it difficult to let go of the past.
    I used to ruminate over past mistakes like I could change the situation.
    But over the years, I have learned that sound mental health is non-negotiable.
    I now focus on the present and future, using my experience as lessons to drive through the hurdles.

    1. Hi Muslimah.

      You are right. Sound mental health is non-negotiable if we want to live a good life.
      Congratulations on learning this and putting your focus where it belongs, the present and the future! This is where it will benefit you in creating a better life for yourself.

      It’s interesting how the ‘hurdles’ become smaller and lose their power over us as we learn more and overcome each obstacle. Life just seems to naturally become a journey and we can enjoy every aspect of it because we know that everything that is presented to us is for our benefit. It is up to us to see the growth potential in all situations and if we can approach everything with a positive attitude, we will grow and enjoy more of the moments of our lives.

      Thanks for sharing,

  2. Nothing is more important than the way we feel!

    This line came as a shock to me… a rude awakening, if I may call it. Not that I ain’t happy. But definitely, I could feel better. There are health issues and then there are emotional issues.

    Thank u for this lovely article. it sure made me think.


    1. Hi Aps.
      You are not alone when you say you have issues. It’s all part of being human!
      Understanding life is definitely a progression, or a learning curve. And, once we understand that feeling good is a prime determiner of the quality of our lives, we can make feeling good a priority. Doing things for fun that make us smile and laugh is not childish, as some people would suggest, but is a necessary component to maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. Happy people are healthy people!

      Choose your thoughts and actions with the intent of feeling good, and you will live a great life!
      I wish you all the best 🙂

  3. I loved watching your video on Letting go. It is amazing and so true. No one can move forward until they let go of the past.

    Your post is very informative and I have learned a great deal from reading it and learning about controlling my thoughts. Thank you for producing a wonderful post.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Yvonne.

      It’s surprising to me that not many people understand that our lives are only as good as the quality of thoughts that are dominant in our minds.
      If we can choose good thoughts for the majority of the time we are awake, then we will have good lives….. it’s up to us!

      Have a great day 🙂

  4. Hi Andrew, this article made me think back of ‘the old days’! It used to drive me mad when something had happened and my husband’s response was: it happened, too bad, nothing can be changed about it.

    Yet he was right of course. I wish I had learned sooner in life how to deal with grinding and repetitive thoughts but it took me quite some time.

    Nowadays I am much happier. I can’t say I have completely changed and never have musings about past events at all, yet I can say I am doing so much better. So I can wholeheartedly agree with your remarks in your article.

    It can have a great and positive impact on who wants to put this into practice.
    Thank you so much for that. 🙂

    1. Hi Hannie.
      We are all human, and we have memories for a reason. Memories can prevent us from making the same mistakes over and over again. So it’s not desirable to never think of the past!
      However, grinding over negative stuff that we can’t change is a complete waste of our time and energy. I’m happy to hear that you are much better at regulating your thoughts now than you were before.

      I wish you a great day, every day!

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