Can our thoughts affect our reality?

Thoughts are energy and can affect matter

Most of us see our thoughts as being an intimate part of us. We believe that our thoughts are ours, and ours alone. Therefore, we don’t have to share them with others if we don’t want to. And because they exist in our minds alone, we believe it’s ok to have thoughts that don’t align with what we are saying and doing, without consequences….. because we don’t think our thoughts affect our reality!

I’m going to ask you, for a moment, to consider a different scenario.

What if the opposite was true and our intimate thoughts are not the secret things we believed them to be?  And what if they are instead visible for all to see?

Thoughts are the creative substance for our livesWhat implications would this have on how we view the activities of our minds?

As we explore this further I hope to impress upon you the importance your thoughts have in creating the current circumstances of your lives. Maybe you will come to understand that OUR THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS ARE ACTUALLY ON DISPLAY FOR ALL TO SEE.

How?…. They become manifest as the conditions/results we attract into our lives (as a direct result of the beliefs we hold and thoughts we habitually think.)

So, let’s explore two questions.

Can our thoughts really affect our reality? And, Would this change the way you conducted yourself in the privacy of your own mind?

Am I able to control the circumstances of my life?

More and more people are becoming interested in ‘consciously shaping their personal realities.’ This desire is being driven on two separate fronts:

  •  Because of evidence provided by scientific research and experiments that conclude that we, as conscious beings, do have the ability to influence and control our minds, circumstances, environment, and therefore, our reality,
  •  From an innate sense of knowing that is developing within a rapidly growing number of people who intuitively understand that the Universal Law of Attraction is responsible for ALL of their current life circumstances.

What does science say?

Just ask, point and receive to manifest your desiresThe effects of the mind on matter have largely been left to ‘fringe’ science in the past. However, more than a thousand peer review studies have been published showing statistically significant results when studying the effects of human-focused intention on matter. Those studying the phenomena, the Parapsychologists, are left with no doubt that our mental activity, when focused can compel matter to act in desired ways. In other words, they believe that we have the ability to intentionally affect our reality.

Mainstream science however has been slower to acknowledge any relationship between thoughts (intentions) and circumstances, until relatively recently.

The Double Slit Experiment was one of the first and most significant experiments that made scientists sit up, take notice, and question the nature of our reality. The initial experiments were done by Thomas Young in 1801, and have been replicated and improved upon many times since.

In the experiments, photons (subatomic light particles) are fired from a laser through a barrier with two slits in it resulting in a pattern being formed on the screen behind the barrier. The experiments showed that the photons could either behave as particles or with wave-like properties, as evidenced by the differences in the patterns being projected onto the rear screen.

I won’t go into details here, but if you are interested, please watch this short five-minute video for an explanation of the experiment.

What determined if the photon was a particle or a wave? The observer did! The scientists discovered that the very act of observing a light particle could change its properties. It was the human intention and interaction that was proven to affect the ‘building blocks of our reality’ (sub-atomic particles, in this case, the photons.)

The standard Copenhagen interpretation of this experiment states: “the reason why photons sometimes seem like particles and sometimes like waves is that our experiments dictate what we see. In this view, photons are products of our experiments without independent reality…” Scientific American: What does the new double-slit experiment actually show.

The significance of this experiment for us is in learning that WE ARE AFFECTING THE RESULTS OF THE EXPERIMENTS BY OUR VERY PRESENCE AND OUR EXPECTATIONS. And the startling thing is, that we don’t even need to focus our intention on a specific outcome. It’s just our mere presence that affects the results, or the very substance that makes up all of reality.

Let’s look at other experiments that are easier to understand and that provide easier to observe results for a clearer explanation.

Dr Masaru Emoto water molecule bookDr. Masaru Emoto was a doctor of alternative medicine (before he passed away in 2014), and he proved with his famous water experiments that water crystals ‘change their expression’ to reflect their environment.

He published several books showing the results of experiments he conducted on water molecules. His books included Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, The True Power of Water, Love Thyself, and two children’s books, The Secret of Water, and The Message from Water- children’s version.

Dr. Emoto, using the same source of water, separated it into differently labeled containers. The labels were facing inwards and included positive words like thank you, love, wisdom, and negative words like I hate you, you disgust me, etc. Music was also used to convey intention into different water samples, including Mozart and ‘heavy death metal.’

The containers were left alone and after some time revisited. The molecules of water in the containers with ‘positive’ labels and those subject to quality music when frozen and photographed, were found to have formed beautiful, complex, and bright crystalline structures. Those subjected to ‘negative’ labels and ‘questionable music’ formed crystal structures that we unpleasant, incomplete, dull, and malformed.

Check out this interesting video to see how our thoughts, words, and intentions directly influence the ‘health’ of water.

What are the implications of these results for us?

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research, and the research of others, show that our thoughts, words, and intentions, directly affect the health of our water. This is very significant as our bodies are composed of approximately 70% water! So what we are thinking and feeling, even if it is not about us, is having a direct result on our own health and wellbeing.

So, now consider, “What beliefs do you have about yourself, and how could these beliefs be directly influencing your health?” Take a moment to think about it.

Our emotions affect the world around us.We all know that when we are feeling good, we are having thoughts that make us feel good. So if you are not feeling so good, it is because your thoughts and self-belief is not serving your best interests. It’s a good thing then, that we now know that we can improve our thoughts and intentions and our bodies will slowly adjust to accept the new reality created through our new improved intentions for ourselves.

Experiments with cooked rice:

There are many videos online from people, like you and me, who have decided to conduct their own experiments based on Dr. Emoto’s work. Freezing and photographing water molecules is not so easy, so cooked rice has become a popular medium to use. And because of this, YouTube is featuring hundreds of videos showing various people ‘loving and hating’ their rice jar samples.

It seems that most of the experimenters achieved results that agree with Dr. Emoto: results that show that as conscious humans, our thoughts, attitudes, and emotions, have the power to directly impact our environment.

The rice samples that had loving intentions and emotions directed towards them remained stable, even after two to three weeks, while samples that had negative intentions and emotions directed towards them became discolored and moldy.

However, results did vary, and some showed little or no difference in the rice samples. There are several possible reasons for this:Our intentions affect the world around us.

  • 1) I believe the results matched the intention of the experimenter. So in a way, these ‘so-called debunkers’ are actually proving that thought does affect reality- as they are actually receiving the results that they expected to get, just as the ‘pro-experimenters’ were.
  • 2) Different people show a considerable difference in their abilities to focus. While some people are skillful meditators, others may have the attention span of a goldfish! This will significantly affect the outcomes. Other factors to consider are the state of mind of the person, day-to-day variations, disturbances, etc. all of which add up to variable results due to uncontrollable human performance issues.

If you are interested, why not try this experiment for yourself to see how powerful your focused intention can be?

So what does this mean for you?

Remember at the beginning of this article I asked two questions, the first being: “Can our thoughts really affect our reality?”

What I have tried to show is a progression of experiments that lead up to an understanding that our thoughts do affect our physical reality.

First, we saw how our presence and intentions can affect subatomic particles, (double slit experiment). Then Dr. Emoto’s water experiments show us how our thoughts affect molecules of water, (of which we are mostly made,) and then, we can see the rice experiments that show how our focused intentions directly affect physical matter……

Our thoughts are important.This means that how we conduct ourselves, mentally, emotionally, and physically, is very important and has direct repercussions for our health and wellbeing as well as for the larger environment that we are part of.

We can all understand because of how we feel, how comforting words can heal us, and how insults can negatively influence us. However, until recently, we could not visually measure these impacts. The above experiments visually confirm to us that what we think and say matters. The use of uplifting, supportive, compassionate, and loving intentions, thoughts, and words heal us (body, mind, and soul) and our environment. And the opposite is also true.

The second question was: “Would this change the way you conducted yourself in the privacy of your own mind?”

What I have tried to show in this article is that, in reality, there are no private thoughts. At our very essence, we are energetic beings, and our ‘presence,’ is just a collection of vibrating energy.

And because EVERYTHING is energy vibrating and is intimately connected, it all affects and is being affected by all other energy. Therefore, our thoughts and intentions when repeated often enough and strong enough BECOME our physical reality which is visible for all to see.
So our deepest held beliefs about love, wealth, health, success, etc. that influence our environment and Attract to us the conditions of our lives.

“Men imagine that thought can be kept secret, but it cannot; it rapidly crystallizes into habit, and habit solidifies into circumstance.” James Allen

Maybe other people can’t read our thoughts, but by reading another person’s life circumstances (results of their vibration) we can know what a person’s deeply held beliefs are because all the circumstances in our lives have manifested due to our habitual thinking about them.

Uplevel your life today!So, thoughts are the creative power that determines how the building blocks of nature, the sub-atomic particles that make up our bodies and environment, behave. This directly creates our state of health and wellbeing and also has an effect on the greater environment of which we are an integral component…….

Knowing this, what effect do you think your habitual thoughts are having on your bodies and your environment? Are you adding to, or continuing to support current problems, or are you providing solutions by ‘thinking’ yourself into health, more abundance, greater freedom, and more fun?

Will knowing that thoughts and intentions can ‘create or destroy’ health affect the way you think in the future?

Next time, before you yell at the kids, maybe pause for a second and reflect on the consequences of this action. Your intention, words, and actions affect your kids in ways that either supports their development for a healthy, positive life experience or reduce the possibility of them living the life of their dreams. And it is the same for every thought we think and every action we take.

If we desire to create better lives for ourselves, those we love, and a better world for all life, the message from the above research is clear! First, we must love and accept ourselves, unconditionally, without contradiction. And by doing so, our environment will become a place because it will alter to match our improved ‘presence’ or state of being. We all have this ability to help make the world a better place…… just because we are in it!

James Allen’s book “As a Man Thinketh” opens with this verse:

“Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes, And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills, Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: — He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking-glass.

Sacred Sound One Sound to abundanceI think, deep down, most people, unfortunately, believe they are powerless to change their life circumstances or have any significant effect on their environment. Compared to the vastness of time and space, we believe we are but fleeting and tiny specks that come and go in the blink of an eye. So, how could we possibly influence the magnificence of creation?

However, the ‘physical’ is just an illusion, just the vibrational manifestation of the greater reality that we are ALL a vital aspect of.

We are spiritual/energetic beings playing a game of physical life to learn, grow, and evolve ourselves, and therefore, all that exists by our participation here in this game of life…… That’s all…..

The most significant contribution we can have is to live a life filled with joy, love, and laughter as this CREATES health, abundance and joy. So remember, have fun and enjoy as many of the moments of life as you can, because your positive thoughts, emotions, and intentions, are ALL adding to the upliftment of this whole experience for all souls who are playing the game of life.

Your thoughts and intentions do matter!

Shared with love and respect for all beings,


8 thoughts on “Can our thoughts affect our reality?

  1. This was fascinating! The experiment that was explained in the video was very interesting and left me with more questions than answers 😉 The experiment with water molecules is also fascinating. I kept on looking at the different molecules and how different emotions affected them. We really must learn to handle our thought patterns better, myself included. Although I am in general positive about everything and always ready to change a circumstance that I do not like, there are of course some moments of self-doubt. Thoughts are creative and when I get those negative thoughts, that’s exactly what I think. “Stop thinking that way, thoughts are creative, do you want to create that reality?”
    It is indeed very important to think before we speak to children. The damage we sometimes do with our words can often be irreparable or it can take years and even decades to get over the pain our parents have caused, a pain which has stopped adults from living their life fully.

    1. Hi Christine. Yes, the water molecule photographs are amazing.
      I think this is the sort of information that should be taught at school, to all children. If we realized the power that our thoughts, intentions, and words have on ourselves and our environment from an early age, maybe we all would have taken more care with our thoughts and also with the information that we allowed to enter into our minds.

      The earlier we begin the process of flooding our minds with positive and uplifting experiences, the better our lives will turn out. I still find it hard to imagine why so many people choose to subject themselves to violent movies, violent news, and violent games. the impact of all this violence is, of course, the degradation of their own wellbeing…..
      As Jesus is quoted as saying, “forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

      However, now we do have scientific proof that shows that we are all responsible for the state of the world. Luckily, many people are waking up and do know what is happening and are choosing to change themselves first, so that they may become a positive light for positive change in our world. It’s a big family, and growing bigger and brighter by the day 🙂

      Have a great day 🙂

  2. If I’m uplifted by a positive thought, or experience, I feel energized! I found this post very interesting, especially the water experiment. It really does show how the way we think affects our physical bodies. Thank you for sharing:)

    1. You are welcome Kathy. The water experiment is really interesting and the implications for our own health are profound.

      I hope you have a great day,

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I found this utterly fascinating.

    I was actually introduced to a Dr. Emoto-type experiment while I was at school, but weirdly enough, even after all these years the significance of this experiment has only really occurred to me know while reading this article.

    It amazes me how many things we do as children without realising the overall impact (or even the moral to the story).

    I recall my Chemistry teacher was a bit “out there” in terms of her teaching methods, but she was one of those teachers that you tend to always remember (and for the right reasons).

    We had two plants, both in the very early stages of their life, basically seedlings.

    Both plants were regularly fed and watered, but whenever we (or other students taking the same lesson) would be in the chemistry lab, one plant would be spoken to with love, and the other we would shout at, put down, and generally be horrible to.

    Obviously, this was hilarious for a bunch of 12-13 year olds, but over the course of a couple of months, one plant blossomed and went from strength-to-strength, the other withered and died.

    Both received the same amount of food and water during the entire experiment.

    I’ll leave you to work out which plant was which.

    From a more human and personal perspective, I’m sure you know by now, this is only something that I have come to realise in my own life (and in my own mind) over the past few years.

    Even though I have always been known as an extremely happy and jovial soul, I was typically quite negtaive to myself when left to my own devices.

    As I say, this is something that I have attempted to change over the past few years, and while I can still speak to myself in a negative manner, I now generally catch myself doing it and immediately look to change my thought patterns.

    I for one Andrew, am completely with you on this, and have come to realise that I am pretty much in charge of how I feel and act ALL the time, irrespective of outside influences.


    1. So, my friend…. You are telling me that you were taught this ‘secret’ about creating a wonderful life for yourself at the age of twelve…. and you didn’t get it???
      I don’t think you are the only one. I can’t remember being taught anything like this at school, but i did heart about Dr. Emoto more than ten years ago. Sometimes, it just takes awhile for the significance of the information to sink in, I mean, after all we have a life time of conditioning to overcome.

      As children, all we want to do is play, and if we were allowed to continue to play, instead of being forced to grow up, be responsible, pass exams, get a good job, etc. we would not have has the fun kicked out of us, and as a consequence we would have been a lot happier….. AND THIS WOULD HAVE MADE THE WORLD A HAPPIER PLACE TO BE IN…..

      However, today’s kids have it worse than we did. Not they are subjected to horrendous, violence every day on the TV, play video games where the aim is to kill as many of the enemy as possible, and have to compete more at schools, often learning crap that is not preparing them for the rapidly changing job market.

      I have to ask the question, why do we think it’s OK to have our kids connected to violent games, watching violence on TV, and spending hours on social media when a large amount of the information they are exposed to IS NOT HELPING THEM TO GROW INTO HEALTHY SECURE, CONFIDENT, AND SUCCESSFUL ADULTS?

      The water and rice experiments, and your plant experiment, prove that we are seriously letting ourselves and our children down by not talking to ourselves and them in ways that uplift and empower us.

      What is it going to take before we wake up to the fact that we are vibrational beings immersed in a vibrational reality, and what we do and say results in the quality of our experiences? It seems we have that ‘inbuilt negative bias’ that you have talked about before….. or have we just been programmed that way?

      I’m happy that the quality of your experience has been improving over the last few years, and wish you a happy and healthy life 🙂

      Cheers mate,

  4. Hey Andrew, marvelous article. It brought back the memories of 2 events. The first was a cartoon I saw in the 70s. It was of 2 people walking behind each other. The 1st one was thinking “thoughts are free” and the 2nd one chuckled to himself with headphones on “oh, really?”.
    This was in a time of suspicion between action groups and the police, a subject that would also capture your imagination, right?

    Your comment on my blog also evoked this memory, as you can imagine 🙂

    The other was from a job interview that I took. The candidate was full of self-pity and blaming others for his inability to find a job. Ending his complaining with the words “and you probably won’t give me a job either”.

    Which he was right about. Not only because he contributed little quality, but mainly because of the discussion I had with him the previous day about the time of the interview.

    The reason I remember that conversation so well is the feeling I had afterwards. Completely squeezed. And yet compassionate, because this was typically someone who was ruining his life with his thoughts and ideas.

    Thanks (again) for the inspiration!

    1. Hi, Hannie.
      Your two memories are great! Thanks for sharing 🙂
      So, has the time of suspicion between the action groups and the police finished, or is it still ongoing? haha…. I had to ask, because, well, I think you get it because you have read a few of my posts by now 🙂 I could begin to say many things about the worldwide roll-out of 5G and the surveillance state here, but best not to.

      I’m not sure what you mean by feeling completely ‘squeezed?’ is it that you really had no choice by to follow his expectations because he was a bad candidate?
      I understand the feelings of compassion, because I see similar situations even where I am now. I meet people everyday who are full-filling their own prophecy’s of bad luck, ill-health, and unhappiness…. and all because of the way they choose to think about themselves and their environment. Sometimes, I would like to give them a good shaking, and tell them that their lives will only change after they change themselves. But, you know, shaking them is not the right thing to do, (and neither is it legal!)

      So compassion becomes the tool of choice.
      Have a great day 🙂

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