What Happens When Your Vibration Is High?

What happens when your vibration is high-womans head surrounded by positive energy

Most people equate having a higher vibration to an increase in the quality of personal energy they are feeling. And this immediately tells us about the most important benefits we receive when we raise our vibration. That’s because increased energy is associated with, among other things, feeling better, lighter, and healthier, being more vibrant, radiating beauty, increased creativity, and improved perception of what is happening around you.

Having a raised vibration also has the positive effect of releasing you from problems associated with a low vibration including fear, anxiety, depression, and doubt. And the more you rise above these low-quality emotions, the less emotional, mental, and physical pain, and stress you will experience.

It’s a really good thing when the negative attributes of having a low vibration begin to be replaced with increasing quantities of love, peace, clarity, and joy. But perhaps the best thing is that more synchronicities begin showing up in your life.

How Long Does It Take To Raise Your Vibration?

Initially, when you begin raising your vibration, you will not experience significant changes in the physical world outside of you. The only noticeable changes will be in your mental and emotional states. You will notice the benefits of thinking and feeling better…. and this in itself is a great reason to continue to try to raise your vibration higher.

Manifestation Gods banner adOther people will begin to notice you acting and reacting a little differently than you did before. For example, you will be less reactive to situations that use to ‘trigger’ your negative habitual responses…

A reason for this is that you will understand that you have choices in all situations as to how you wish to react. And, because your higher vibration is important to you, you will react in ways that benefit your well-being and the well-being of those you are interacting with.

When you have been in a higher vibrational state for some time, you will begin to manifest (through The Law of Attraction) fewer people, circumstances, and events that are of a negative vibration…. and the less you react negatively to anything, the less negativity you will attract into your life.

Instead, you will naturally attract people, circumstances, and events that match your new vibration. This may include better job opportunities, improved health and relationships, more confidence and creative energy, and a better outlook on life in general.

How long it takes to see improvements in your reality, depends on how much time and effort you put into raising and maintaining a higher vibrational state. We are all unique and therefore, the time it takes will be different for everyone.

Does Raising Your Vibration Positively Affect Your Life?

When you raise your vibration, your state of being will change. Your moods will be much better and your perception of what is happening around you will be sharper. You will become more tolerant of others and more loving of nature, animals, and all things in general.

Origins Reborn Law Of Attraction BannerThis happens as a consequence of you slowly but surely realizing that everything that exists is energy and that all energy is connected….

Yes, we are energetic beings having energetic thoughts and emotions (energy in motion.) And all aspects of us and everything else that exists, when broken down to its purest form, is no different than us… everything is just energy vibrating at different frequencies.

If you are sensitive enough, you can feel the energy of the world around you. How many times have you or someone you know used the words ‘I feel a bad vibe here,’ or ‘I have a good gut feeling about that person.’ Yes, all of us on some level can already sense the energy of the people around us, the places we visit, and the events we are involved in.

There are huge benefits to becoming more aware of the energy around you. It enables you to protect yourself (and your energy) by staying away from people with lower energy, not visiting places that bring you down, and making decisions that will benefit you and your state of being instead of draining you of energy.

When you raise your vibration, it changes your frequency which has a positive influence on all the energy around you, including the people you hang out with and therefore the opportunities you can attract into your life.

Some Benefits Of Raising Your Vibration Include:

1) You will shift from attracting lower vibrational people, circumstances, and events to manifesting a ‘better’ overall life. So even though you are living in the same world, your vibration will just allow the better aspects of it into your life…. all the lower frequency stuff that you were attracting before becomes repelled by your new raised vibration.

Wealth DNA Code-Find out more button2) You will gain more clarity and become surer of yourself and your abilities. This means that you are better able to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities that have always been around you but were previously ‘beyond’ your vibrational frequency to see.

3) Mentally, emotionally, and physically you will have more energy, and it will renew easier and quicker than before. All aspects of your health will improve as fear and sickness give way to health and optimism.

4) You will make better choices based on maintaining a higher vibration…. This means you won’t indulge in toxic behaviors so often, if at all. Smoking, drinking alcohol, binge eating junk foods, laziness, and complaining are things that will become less and less important to you. Your focus will be on maintaining a healthy mind and body because you realize these are the vessels you have that allow you to make the most of this life experience.

5) You become more attractive to others because of your enthusiasm, confidence, and zest for life. A higher vibration leads to a ‘radiance’ or glow. People will want to be around you more to bask in your glow….. and you will easily attract others who have a similar vibration. This leads to better relationships and work opportunities.

The Best Ways To Raise Your Vibration Include:

Zen 12 Meditation banner1) Meditation and Mindfulness: Easier than you think! Check out my post Learn To Meditate: The 2 Biggest Secrets That Make It Easy! to learn how you can get started today.

2) Visualization exercises: Can Visualization Help You Achieve Your Goals?

3) Positive Affirmations and becoming more Consciously Awareness of your Thoughts throughout the day:
What Is Conscious Living?

4) Forgiveness of yourself for any perceived faults you think you may have and also of others for the faults you consider they have: What is Karma: Why it doesn’t pay to judge ourselves or others?

5) Cultivate the feeling of gratitude from deep within your heart as often as you can.

6) Create a morning routine that allows at least a few minutes to appreciate your life and your current situation:

How Can I Make My Life Better? (It Begins with the First 2 Minutes of Every Morning!)

7) Various types of energetic healing therapies exist to raise your vibration. These include exercise practices such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Yoga. Other healing modalities include Breathwork, Reiki, Bark Flower Essences, Acupuncture, Crystals, Chakra Cleansing, etc.

8) Hang out with others who vibrate at a higher level. You are a product of your environment because your environment is where you put your attention. And where your attention goes, your energy flows… Hanging out will ‘good people’ makes it easy to keep your vibration high, whereas lower vibrational people, places, and events will rob you of your vital energy.

9) When you watch inspirational movies, read great books, and do awesome and fun things, your vibe goes up! Do more things that are fun.

10) Know that your life is important, that you matter, and that you deserve to have a great life…. and then do things that align with these beliefs…. Everything you do has consequences for your vibration, so begin choosing thoughts and actions that raise it and keep it high by making decisions that benefit you all day long.

“Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.” Abraham Hicks

11) Spend time in nature, with animals, and with young children if possible. These things exist in a pure form, unhindered by the negative thoughts that humans acquire as they age. And it’s all the negative crap we are taught about ourselves and life that destroys our vibrations. What does it say in the Bible, Matthew 18:3?

“And he said: Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Being like little children is to be free of fear, doubt, and insecurities, free to explore, to try anything, and free to grow….

So again, spend time in nature to remind yourself of how awesome life is and to replenish your soul…. Stop worrying about all the things you don’t like that you can’t change (because you can’t change them. Also, stop worrying about the things you can change and just set about changing them with joy in your heart…. Because changing them is going to raise your vibration which will make your life better!

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